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Terror Nova

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Summary: Agent Gibbs is getting a headache. Not only does he have a dead sentry in a warehouse to deal with, but this Buffy Summers and Faith Lehane are severely trying his patience.

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Chapter Two

Ziva blinked. “Buffy?” she found herself saying in a tone of bemusement. “This is not a name that I have heard before.”

“Traditional California name, passed on through the generation,” the blonde civilian (Buffy! Really?!?) quipped with a blinding smile in Ziva’s direction.

She turned back to Gibbs in front of her, and looked at his increasingly stormy expression. “Hellooo?” she said, waving her hand in front of his face a couple of times of times before turning back to Ziva. “I think I broke him.”

Gibbs frowned even deeper than before if that was possible. “IWC? What the hell is that? Never heard of it,” he snarled.

“Yeah, get that a lot,” Buffy smirked. She pulled out her ID card again and flipped it open directly in front of Gibbs’s face. “But look! See the signature of the SecDef there? Totally not one of your standard stamped out sigs, he signed that one personal.”

“And what does IWC actually stand for, Miss Summers?”

She smirked again. “Oddly enough, if you don’t already know, then you’re not cleared to know, Grumps. And call me Buffy.”

She turned back to stare at the body of Seaman Balboa again. Gibbs caught McGee’s eye and made a hand gesture strongly suggesting that he really should stop snapping all those crime scene photos, and start looking up Miss Summers and this IWC.

McGee blinked once, twice, then jumped. “On it, boss,” he said and started playing with his PDA again.

Deciding a little rope wouldn’t go amiss, Gibbs joined Buffy besides the body. “What, exactly, does your agency cover, why do you think this is your jurisdiction, and how did you get here so fast, Buffy?”

“You ask a lot of question, Grumps,” Buffy said vaguely, studying the area around the dead seaman’s neck. “You get many gangs on PCP around here?”

“PCP?” asked Ziva, drifting over to also study the body. Gibbs watched Summers glance over her, assessing her quickly in an instant. Unlike most people though, Summers seemed to not under-estimate her at all. Interesting.

“Phencyclidine, also known as angel dust,” McGee piped up from over where he was still accessing his PDA, “Recreational drug, causes hallucinations in the user.”

“Ah. Thank you, McGee,” Ziva said, and snapped her own shot of the body and Buffy.

Buffy smiled, and stood up. “Angel dust...heh. Hadn’t heard that one before. He’d like that,” she said absently.

Gibbs growled. There was no other way to describe the noise he made. “What. Are you doing. On my case?” he managed to get out.

Behind him, he could hear the sounds of DiNozzo finally turning up with Ducky. Lt Commander Tucker reluctantly tore himself away from the Buffy and Gibbs show, and started indicating where Ducky should start setting up. “My word, Jethro,” he heard Ducky say, “What on earth do we have here?”

Buffy looked at Gibbs. “Seriously, Jethro? Jethro? And you’re giving me shit over Buffy? Hello? Stones and grass houses here?”

Tony DiNozzo drifted over next to where McGee was still standing. “I miss much, Probie?” he inquired quietly, “And who’s the hottie?”

Over by Gibbs, the blonde shot him a quick look and a wink. She couldn’t have heard him from over there, could she? Nah...

“Yo!” came another voice, cutting across the group. On top of the piled high crates, about five high and staring down at the group with an amused look on her face was another young woman. Brunette, about 5’5”, long hair down to her shoulders and wearing a leather jacket and what had to be the tightest leather trousers Tony had ever seen.

She jumped down. Even Gibbs blanched and jerked forward automatically, only to pull himself up abruptly when she landed on her feet like a cat, and then just stood up as if nothing had happened. “Extraordinary!” Gibbs heard Ducky breathe behind him.

She walked over to Buffy nonchalantly, as if nothing had happened. “Like we thought, B – completely cherry world. Background fields are all up in place, just never touched till we came along. We’re cool, any of our stuff is cool, but conversely...”

Buffy’s expression twisted. “Yeah. Could spread like wildfire.”

“Hey!” Gibbs yelled angrily. “I want some answers. This is my crime scene, my dead body.”

The brunette looked at the irate Gibbs, and licked her lips. “Oooo... me likee.”

“No, you don’t. He’s grumpy,” said Buffy absently, as if Gibbs wasn’t there in front of them. “Anyway, this is my partner, Faith...”

“Lehane,” said Tony DiNozzo, suddenly stonefaced. “Faith Lehane.”

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