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This story is No. 2 in the series "Dark Dreams Series". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A wish can change the world... it just doesn't have to be the world you knew before.

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Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or any other of the characters in this story they belong to Joss Whedon and whoever else created the characters used in this story.
Pokemon belongs to Nintendo and the design of the Mon is GameFreaks.

Authors Note: W-I-S-H was meant to be a oneshot, unfortunately the plotbunnies were busy. After pointing out the problem at the end of the movie, they wouldn't let me alone until I started writing. W-I-S-H is now the first part of a series, this part is the second and as soon as I find the time ther will be a third part as well.

Simone of the Zordiak

As he neared the next town, he thought about how he'd gotten himself into this situation. The Powers that Be had wasted no time and had quickly cast him out of his home-dimension. It seemed that they had long since searched for an excuse to get rid of him and his prophecy breaking habits and now, that he was classified as an eldritch abomination himself, they had been quick to exile him from everything he'd ever known. Those petty bastards!

He had no idea how long he'd existed in the void, there was no time, no changes, but then, finally something had pulled him out... just to stuff him into a small, spheroid place. Angrily he'd bashed against the walls of his new prison, only for them to break, for him to unfold in a new reality and to realize that the sphere... had been an egg.

That had been a very long time ago.

Xander shook his head, trying to dispel the memories that were plaguing him. It was ironic that a wish dealing with creatures of an anime had ruined his life, only for him to become part of this strange world, that those anime had been based up on. Even if it was not the best of parts. For he was the nightmare bringer now, the thing that haunted the horrors of the darkest imagination.
And no one liked to have nightmares. Wherever he showed up, he was chased away, attacked, hunted, until he fled to somewhere else and then the circle started anew. It was always the same. But he couldn't shirk his duties, nightmares were necessary for the mental health of everybody. Also, prophetic dreams, most of the time, fell into his domain, for most of them were warnings of horrible things to come.

And this was why he was making his way to the new town that was being build. The architect was due to have some prophetic nightmares soon and while he could let the normal night terrors simply run their course, prophetic nightmares he had to oversee personally.


The architect was a genius. The town, the houses being build, they seemed to emit such a warm and welcoming aura. And the garden, it was breathtakingly beautiful, inviting the weary wanderer to rest. Unfortunately he was not the only being thinking like this and so the garden was already inhabited by lots of other creatures. Creatures that recognized him for what he was and attacked him. He was not at his best, yesterday had been the night of the full moon and his counterpart had a little 'discussion' with him, and so he'd collapsed under a tree after putting the last persistent attacker to sleep. Xander moaned as he settled down, everything was hurting, and the sun wasn't making it any easier, searing his sensitive eyes. He could feel something, someone stepping closer, but he didn't have any energy left to melt into the shadows, so the only thing he could hope for was that this was not another would-be-attacker.
Dimly he could see the silhouette of a small human in front of him. He moaned and tried to cover his head with his hand, humans were the worst, attacked the hardest, called him the most hateful of things... Someone was touching him, the tiny human, her hand, on him, without trying to hurt him. He couldn't believe it. When had been the last time someone had touched him outside of a battle? He couldn't remember. In front of his inner eye, his seemingly endless long life unfurled and he realized that the tiny girl-child was the first to touch him without the intend to harm him.

Her name was Alicia and she healed him.

She healed him from his sheer endless loneliness. With a smile and her graceful persona she invited him to stay in the garden and in her life. Even when she finally found out what he was, that he was responsible for all the nightmares she had in her life, she did not cast him out. It was the greatest and most precious gift he'd ever been given and he treasured every single moment of it. Hidden in the garden, he watched over her, saw her becoming a mother and then, later, a grandmother, listened as she taught a tiny slip of a girl how to play the leaf whistle and finally mourned her, when she was laid to rest after a long human life.

He would have continued like that, acting as a hidden guardian of her family line, but then the town was pulled into the crossfire of Palkia's and Dialga's fight. Angrily he noted as the shock waves of the battle started to wreck havoc in the garden. And of course, the fingers were pointed in his direction. Foolish humans, he was the nightmare giver, the only space he could fold was that of his own body, so that he could travel as a shadow, he'd no other space manipulating abilities. But that stupid man, trying to cut a dashing figure, had not even tried to find an explanation how he could be responsible for this mess. Being seen at the site of the newest carnage was not helping either, but there was this part of him that loved architecture and creating things with his own hands, a leftover from his life before, he simply had to inspect the damage himself. Of course they had seen him, he even had materialized into his real form, had tried to warn them (maybe his social forms were not as good as they once were, but with no social interactions he'd gotten rather rusty).
And that vain fop had ordered his creature to attack. Ha, as if that slow creature could hit him! He was fast, faster even in his shadow-form and so he'd flitted along on the ground until he was in the best position for a counter-attack. Unfortunately the creature was able to evade his counter, and the attack hit a 14 year old boy that had stood behind the large bulk of the creature.
He hadn't intended this, but he'd tried to use it, to give the child a warning of things to come. That had been a spectacular failure.

Then Palkia invaded the town to hide from his counterpart, pulling the town into a different dimension and trapping all the humans inside on a potential battlefield. He tried to chase him of, but was chased himself, as the people, rallied by the idiotic baron, thought him to be the culprit. Did none of then even stop to think? He was Darkrai, the Lord of Nightmares and what they had just witnessed was not part of his powers. Sure, he could duplicate the effects in a nightmare, but only there and none of them were asleep.

Eventually the teen with the Pikachu confronted him in an alley and it looked like the boy might even listen to what he had to say, but sadly, he was not given that chance. Once more the baron interfered, once more he was accused of being an evil monster. He was getting sick of this human and his endless repeats of accusations. The lumbering creature attacked again and this time he put it to sleep, hopefully getting a respite of the idiots attacks.
He had more important things to do. Palkia was somewhere here, but he must have bent space around him, to hide himself from their eyes. But wherever he was, he was deep in a healing trance, not sleeping, not dreaming, but it was enough to slowly track him down. And track him he did, straight to the Space-Time-Towers, Palkia had not even moved from the spot he'd entered the town at.

Xander speed up, bodily slamming himself into Palkia's sphere, distorting it enough for the dragon to become visible. He needed to get the dragon up and away from the town before his counterpart could find him here. That would be a disaster.
He charged up his strongest physical attack, letting the Dark Pulse slam into Palkia's sphere, rousing the dragon. When the dragon finally woke, he knew he was in deep trouble.
Rage was burning in Palkia's eyes like miniature suns and he knew the dragon would not listen to reasons or threats, it was deafened by its wrath. But somehow he had to get it away from here and fast or the town would suffer.

The attacks he used were strong, some of his strongest even, but Palkia simply shrugged them off. Sure, none of Palkias counter-attacks hit him, but, he was also not getting the dragon to leave. And then it got worse. Dialga announced his coming with a slew of burning projectiles raining down on both him and Palkia.

As soon as Dialga was there, the two dragons started their battle anew, not caring about the town they were slowly smashing into rubble or inhabitants they were bringing in danger.
Alicia's granddaughter, she screamed at the two to stop, but was nearly smashed under their bulk as they fell, still battling, towards the ground. A Dark Pulse drove them off, but it was not enough, they were still caught in their rage and they would not leave. Once more he tried to drive them off, tried to drag them into a long nightmarish sleep, but his attack bounced off as the two surrounded themselves with protective barriers. Then the two, both of them, attacked him and the force of the combined attacks was too much for him to withhold. He was falling, tumbling down out of control and finally crash-landing in the garden.

Pain, lots of it. That was the first thing he noticed when he regained consciousness. The second, more welcoming sensation was the gentle human hand touching him. Just like her grandmother, so kind and worried for him. He murmured her name, the name of the first human to be kind to him and she gently corrected him, assuming that he had confused them. The teen with the Pikachu was also there, apologizing for misunderstanding his action, the first to do so in this life. He could have said something, but right now there was no time for long speeches. Not as long as the two dragons were still rampaging through the city. Wordlessly he seeped into the ground, a formless shadow racing towards the fight, until the humans were far behind and could not try and interfere. It would be safer for them if they stayed in the garden and he could not, would not forgive himself if something was going to happen to Alicia's granddaughter.

But it seemed like the female was as stubborn as her grandmother, when he saw her balloon rising into the air by the Space-Time-Towers. He could see her, her scientist friend and two teens inside the gondola and the male teen was holding a music-disk. And he understood. The prophetic nightmares he'd seeded so long ago, they were bearing fruit right now. All he'd to do right now was to make sure they made it to the top. An endeavour that was not as easy as it looked like, since the battling dragons did not care about any humans that might accidentally got into their crossfire.
The balloon got damaged and the teens fell out, luckily landing on a platform that was open to the spiral staircase, for even he would not have been fast enough to catch them from his starting position. Dialga charged up his attack once more, and seeing that the attack would miss Palkia and hit the balloon, he did the most insane thing ever and stepped in to intercept the beam with his body.
It hurt, pain was blooming through his body and then he mercifully lost consciousness.

Awareness was coming slowly. There was water and somebody carrying him, placing him on solid ground, then her voice, so much like Alicia's. He listened in, as the humans tried to find a way out of this disaster, but knew, that all depended on two teenagers and their creatures. Then Palkia and Dialga charged up their most powerful attacks and he realized, that there was one last thing he could do.

It took a lot of willpower to rise up and fly between those two, even more to dip into his dwindling well of power to form a void-bubble around himself and stubbornness beyond everything to not drop it in pain when the attacks hit. He screamed, but continued to power the bubble, power it until he'd used up the last shred of energy he possessed. As he felt the bubble retreat back into himself, he could only hope that he'd bought the teens enough time to get the music-disk to the top. His eyes were closed and he only felt the double impact as Dialga and Palkia attacked him one last time. He had nothing, no energy left to counter or even protect himself and he knew, this was the end. And so he fell, for the last time, impacting on the tower-plaza and starting to bleed out. But as his life left him, he could feel more than hear, the first thrum of the towers music. They would be safe.
And then his mind faded into blackness and the pain was finally over.


The song of the towers managed to do the seemingly impossible and calmed the two fighting dragons. Dialga fled, without looking back and Palkia restored the town as best as he could before leaving as well. But Palkia was the dragon that governed Space, so it could only restore the town to its rightful place and undo the dissolved parts of it. It could not undo the damage caused by its battle with Dialga, for to do that, time had to be reversed and Dialga had already left. So when it left, it left behind smoking gaps where Hyperbeams had hit, houses, turned into rubble by strayed Draco Meteors or Aura Spheres and laying in a shallow crater in the tower-plaza, the empty shell of a Pokémon. Cyan eyes open and glassy, limbs twisted and his body in tatters, he looked like a discarded doll, broken beyond repair.

Nurse Joy came, but there was nothing she could do, only pronounce him dead.

It was Brock who finally, gently, lifted up the body and started walking towards the Pokémon Centre, Nurse Joy following in silence. There was nothing they could do to bring him back to life, but they all silently agreed that Darkrai deserved a proper burial.

None of them dreamed that night.


Four days later they laid him to rest in one of the small natural caves that Godey had integrated in to his garden. The surviving Pokémon of the garden had build a nest in the cave, donating soft fur and downy feathers to make it the softest, most comfortable nest ever.
Alice cried as they placed Darkrai into that nest. She was the last to leave, watched with tears in her eyes as the entrance was sealed with a large stone.
The stone would later be engraved with his name, date of death and, because Alice insisted, the notation for the Oración.

And still, none of them dreamed.


The people of Alamos Town started to repair the damage, rebuilding houses, replanting and repairing the damage to the garden, but somehow they knew it would never be the same as before.

Ash, Brock and Dawn had stayed for a while, helping as good as they could, but finally they had moved on, like all the other wandering trainers. And as they went on through the region of Sinnoh, they spread the tale of the Legendary, that sacrificed himself for the garden of Alamos.

And all this time, none of them had a single nightmare, but also, not a single dream.


The End

You have reached the end of "Alamos". This story is complete.

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