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NaClO:Book One-Of Souls and Swords

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The Eye of the Beholder...". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: For Dawn, moving to Japan after her sisters death was supposed to be a fresh start, a break from all the weirdness. Little did she know...

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Anime > BleachJanusHeldonFR1824,404041,83814 Sep 1014 Sep 10No

Chapter 2- A Hard Right Uppercut

Chapter 2- A Hard Right Uppercut

Disclaimer: Seriously, I own neither BLEACH nor Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Authors Note: Ok, so, to set a few things straight, this fic is set after season 7, but ignores season 8, as Buffy has died after the events of season 7. How will be explained later.


“So, Kon was it?” Dawn asked the Ichigo standing beside her.

“Yes.” He responded with a smile. ‘This one’s cute too Ichigo, lucky bastard, always surrounded by hot chicks.’ He thought to himself as he moved a little closer to her.

“Who or what are you and what the hell is going on here?” Dawn demanded.

“Well.” Kon rubbed the back of his head “How to explain this simply… Ichigo is a Shinigami.”

“What is-” She started to ask.

“Please don’t interrupt me.” Kon said shortly. “As I was saying, He’s a Shinigami, or rather, his soul is. That-” he said pointing at the black clad Ichigo “Is Ichigo’s soul. In order to remove it from his body there are a couple of things he could do. But the easiest and probably best solution is to use me. I’m what’s known as a ‘Modified Soul’ or ‘Mod Soul’ for short.”

“You’re that little green pill Ichigo took?” She asked slowly catching on.

“Yep, very good, now you-” He was suddenly cut off as Uryu pulled a small object out of his pocket and started talking.

“This is Hollow bait.” He said flatly. “I usually use a more concentrated version of it that last for at least 24 hours. But since we have plans for later already.” He smiled and winked at Dawn “I figure I’ll use the weaker version, it should only last two or three hours.”

“Wait! What! You’re going to summon Hollows to the town? Don’t you know how dangerous that is?” Ichigo screamed, scared by this development.

“Oh please, if you’re any sort of decent Shinigami this won’t be dangerous at all.”

“What’s a Hollow?” Dawn asked Kon.

“Well… When people die, sometimes a spirit is left behind. Most of them are like most people. They are simple, benign, nonthreatening souls, not causing problems for anyone and not a threat to anyone or anything. However, if the spirit is left in the world of the living long enough, gets mad enough, or was evil enough, they become twisted, evil spirits that feed on the souls of the living. Those are Hollows, part of a Shinigami’s duties is the disposal of Hollows from the Living World.” He was more than mildly worried, he had heard Urahara describing these things before and the sheer number of Hollows summoned could be a problem.

“Don’t worry, no one will be hurt, I’ll kill every hollow myself.” Uryu said cockily.

“No!” Ichigo said grabbing him by the collar of his shirt “We can’t take that kind of risk.”

Uryu suddenly shattered the small object. “Well, no use worrying about it now.” Ichigo let him go and started looking around as a horrible noise filled the air, a noise Dawn would recognize anywhere, dimensional barriers being torn apart.

A dark hole suddenly appeared in the sky, two giant claws coming out of it quickly followed by a monstrous head. The mouth opened issuing a loud roar and Dawn was unsure of how people weren’t noticing this. Then, before the creature could do anything else, a bright blue streak shot towards it, slamming into its open mouth and destroying it.

Dawn turned towards Uryu and saw that he seemed to be holding what looked like a blue bow made of pure energy. “Whoa!” She managed to say. “What is that?”

“This? This is my Kojaku. A bow made of s-” He was cut off by the sudden blow to his face from Ichigo.

“You dumb bastard! Get rid of them!” He practically screamed.

“What?” Uryu asked, rubbing his jaw.

“Undo whatever this hollow bait is. Get rid of them.” He responded, his voice sounding more menacing than usual.

“There is no undoing it, the town will shortly be filled with hollows, beating me up isn’t going to fix the situation.” He said with a small smile. “So you better hurry up and start killing them, or have you forgotten?”

“Forgotten? Forgotten what?”

“Hollows tend to prefer people with higher than average spiritual energy.” Uryu stated flatly.

“Oh no, I’ve got to find Yuzu and Karin!” He exclaimed before turning and running back down the alley.

“Hey! Ichigo stop! Wait for me!” Kon yelled out as he followed him.

Uryu shook his head, sighing. “I guess he still hasn’t noticed that his family isn’t the only ones with high spiritual energy.” He shook his head sadly. “I guess I’ll just have to kill all the Hollows.”

His eyes widened as one suddenly appeared behind Dawn. Before he could react she had spun around raising her right hand, muttering the incantation Willow had taught her. A large fireball exploded from her palm, crashing into the creatures face with an explosion, as the creature fell to the ground its body simply dissolved. She turned and smiled at Uryu, noting the priceless expression on his face. “What, Mr. ‘I can read everyone’s energy oh so well’. You had to know I wasn’t just some defenseless little girl.” She said laughing at him.

‘What is she?’ Uryu pondered. ‘And where could she have learned that?’


“Alright Will, table is set and Tatsuki’s done with training for tonight so-” He stopped as he stepped into the kitchen, noticing the body of some sort of giant creature disappearing as Willow stood over it with her hands glowing.

“Xander!” She screamed suddenly her eyes widening. He barely had time to turn around and notice that a similar creature had appeared behind him with its arm raised for attack when a small katana blade shot through the bottom of its face. Before the creature could react to this the blade sliced upward cleanly cutting its head in two. As its body vanished a smiling Andrew was standing behind it.

“You see that!?” he asked, proudly brandishing his katana. “I’m totally a fucking ninja!” He swung the sword again, barely missing Xander as he cut through another creature. “Ninja 2, Pirate 0.” he said with a smile.

“Andrew, Give me that sword before you hurt yourself, or more importantly before you hurt me.” Xander demanded, smiling at his friend.

“Pftt, get your own, It’s not like this house is lacking in weaponry.” He responded, he jumped slightly as a red beam suddenly whizzed by his head and took out another creature that had appeared on the stairs.

“Come on boys, focus.” Willow said, wondering what in the world these creatures were and what could be causing this.


“Damn it!” Ichigo cried out, cutting through another Hollow. “Where could she be?” He could only assume that she had gone somewhere else for practice today, or that they had finished early. Either way his sister wasn’t here.

He looked to the sky as he heard the roar of more hollows, seeing several appear and disappear in flashes of various color in the distance. He noticed what looked like a small black hole in the sky, with several Hollows in it waiting to pour out into the world. And he didn’t know what was worse. The fact that the hole was there, ‘or’ he thought to himself as he slew another Hollow ‘the fact that every time we kill another one it seems to get a little bigger.’ He shook his head trying to clear his thoughts as he took off running again.

‘Damn it sis, where are you?’ He wondered as he continued slicing his way through the appearing army of hollows.


‘Damn, didn’t think there would be this many.’ Uryu thought to himself as he took out three more Hollows in a single shot.

“You sure this was a good idea?” Dawn asked “Willow will kill us if we’re late for this dinner.” A beam from each hand took out the half dozen hollows that had appeared around her.

“Don’t worry, I promise we’ll be done by dinnertime.” he responded smiling at her. She looked away blushing.
She had wanted to spend time with him, but not quite like this.

Her thoughts turned darker as they both noticed the small hole in the sky about the same time. ‘This isn’t good, if the boundaries keep weakening like this there’s no telling what might come through.’ she thought.

“That doesn’t look good.” Uryu said as he stood next to Dawn.

“Way to understate our obvious impending doom.” She responded sarcastically.


‘Damn it, this is not good.’ Chad thought to himself as he kept running through the street. It was just his luck. They had ended band practice early on account of the dinner he had to go to tonight and as they were walking home him and his band mates had been attacked by ‘whatever that is.’ He thought to himself as he continued dodging the attacks of a creature he could barely see.

His main concern was getting it away from people, so leading it to the park seemed like a good idea. But as he approached it he could see a group of kids there, one of which seemed to be leaving the group, as he got a little closer he could make out who it was. There was no mistaking that face and that red cap. “Ichigo’s sister?” he said slightly surprised.

“You’re one of my brother’s friends? Hey, I recognize you, the guy with the parakeet. Chad wasn’t it? What are you doing here?” instead of answering he dove at her and wrapped his arms around her, protecting her as the ground behind him exploded into a cloud of dust. “What is that thing?” she asked, getting a clear look at the creature as the dust settled.

“You can see it?” Chad asked surprised.

“Of course I can see it! Who wouldn’t be able to see that monster?” she asked, offended by the question. “Look out behind you!” she suddenly cried out. He grabbed her and leapt away, again barely missing an attack that left a small crater in the ground as it sent up more dust. ‘Where did it go?’ He wondered, looking at where the attack had landed.

“Where are you looking?!” the child demanded from his back. “It’s to your right! Look out!” He started running again, wondering how long he could keep up dodging an enemy he couldn’t quite see. “Don’t tell me you can’t see the thing?” she demanded of him.

“Only as a blur.” He admitted.

“So, you pretty much can’t see it.” She said sighing. “Guess it can’t be helped, I’ll just have to see it for you.”

“No way!” he responded. “It’s too dangerous.”

“Please, this isn’t the first time I’ve encountered one of these things.” She replied as her thoughts drifted to the creature that attacked their house the night her sister got hurt, and her brother had appeared with that giant sword.

“To the left!” she screamed suddenly and he dodged again, this time able to make out the creatures arm and hand. He punched the hand, leaving a small dent of his own and slightly injuring the creature, which roared and knocked him to the ground.

She groaned as she climbed out of his arms, he had managed to protect her from the attack but was now unconscious and bleeding. “Mister!” she said shaking him. “Chad! Come on, get up!”

“Hey, Karin, what’s going on? And what’s with the bleeding guy? Did you beat him up?” Her friends had come over to check on her.

“Don’t worry about that! Get out of here, run!” She screamed at them, but it was too late. The creature was already behind them and about to attack. As Chad opened his eyes he could see her tackling her friend, trying to knock him out of the way of the attack.

He could clearly see the creature now, could see it looming over the group of children. ‘I will.’ He thought to himself, pushing himself off the ground causing the group of kids to disperse in fear. ‘I will…protect.’ He pushed himself to his feet. Standing between the creature and the girl as he remembered what his grandfather had once told him.

‘I will protect them!’ As the creature swung its fist he swung his. As they connected there was a blinding flash and the creature’s arm exploded. As the dust and blood cleared she got a good look at his arm. It wasn’t a normal arm anymore. It seemed to be covered with some sort of armor now.

‘What is that!’ she wondered.

Without a word Chad rushed at the creature. As it reached for him with its other hand he closed the armored hand into a fist and swung it. Again there was a blinding flash, when it cleared the creature was in two halves that were disappearing.

“Wow, I didn’t know you could do that!” Karin said smiling. Chad smiled back, then fell to the ground exhausted. “Chad!” She cried out running over to him.

“I’ll be fine. Just give me a minute to rest.” He said smiling. He grunted as she playfully kicked his shoulder.

“You idiot! You could have been killed!” she yelled at him.

“Yeah. But I couldn’t let you get hurt. Ichigo would never forgive me.” He replied as he lay on his back, wondering where Ichigo was.


“Well now. That was an interesting development.” John said, smiling at Urahara. “I assume that’s why you called
me here?”

“Well, last time we met you said you were looking for your family. And I should keep an eye out for youngsters with ‘special talents’.” He replied.

“Well, thank you.” He said smiling. “But that’s not necessary anymore. I found them. So as unique as that boy is he’s not part of my family.” Though he was curious as to how he had developed those powers.

‘Perhaps it’s the girl’ Said a familiar voice. ‘She is The Key after all. Who knows what that kind of energy can do to people.’

‘That is true.’ He thought back as he turned to leave.

“You’re not going already are you?” Urahara asked playfully. “The shows just begun, you should at least see how everything develops.”

“Oh don’t worry. I’m sure I’ll be back.” He said, tracing a familiar pattern in the air and smiling as the portal opened to take him back to the other world. “I can feel it in my bones, and hopefully by then I’ll have the others with me.” He stepped through and turned to Urahara when he was on the other side. “I’m sure until then you’ll keep a close eye on those kids. I’m betting they’re important to your plan.”

“Plan? Me? Oh you give me too much credit.” he said. Laughing as he pulled out the fan he carried with him and covered his mouth. “I’m just looking out for a friend.”

“Sure you are.” John said with a snort as the portal closed.

‘And don’t sell yourself short.’ Urahara thought as he turned back to the events unfolding in the town. ‘You’re being factored into the plan too.”

To Be Continued…

The End?

You have reached the end of "NaClO:Book One-Of Souls and Swords" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 14 Sep 10.

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