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NaClO:Book One-Of Souls and Swords

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The Eye of the Beholder...". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: For Dawn, moving to Japan after her sisters death was supposed to be a fresh start, a break from all the weirdness. Little did she know...

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Anime > BleachJanusHeldonFR1824,404041,83814 Sep 1014 Sep 10No

Chapter 1- Battle of the Best

Chapter 1- Battle of the Best

Disclaimer: Seriously, I own neither BLEACH nor Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Authors Note: Was originally just going to have a chapter explaining where John disappeared to in MM, but then the idea kept expanding and before long I realized this was going to become a separate story. Then was going to wait till after MM to start this, but since a lot of characters from it won’t pop up in this till later, decided to ahead and get it started. Don’t know how often it will be updated yet though as MM is still the primary focus for now.


She was staring out the window, distracted again. But then her attention had been wandering a lot the past few days, and she still had that killer headache. The Red head rubbed her forehead as her thoughts suddenly turned to two of her classmates, Ichigo Kurosaki and Uryu Ishida. Before today they didn’t ever seem to know each other, but today they were both acting ‘odd’, or at least odder than usual, which was quite an accomplishment for those two.

“Hey Dawn! How’s it going?”

She jumped slightly, startled out of her thoughts by one of her new friends, Orihime Inoue. “Jeez Orihime, too loud” she said, a bit angrier than she intended too, as she rubbed her forehead.

“Oh, I’m sorry” Orihime said lowering her head and blushing, “Tatsuki told me about what happened the other day. But that was three days ago, is it still bothering you that badly?”

Tatsuki Arisawa. The first friend she had made since the move. She was also the first Slayer they had found since the move, which hadn’t surprised her nearly as much as it seemed to have surprised most of the other Slayers. And already being well versed in a couple of fighting styles she didn’t need to spend most of her time training. Which led to lots of time for her and Dawn to hang out, which in turn led to Dawn quickly becoming a part of their little group. Though the others didn’t seem to mind at all. Tatsuki had even started training Dawn, comparing it to when she had trained Orihime. Who, Dawn was surprised to learn, was as good as any trained black belt according to Tatsuki.

“Yeah, still bothering me, that reminds me. Willow, one of my house mates, wants me to invite you guys over to our place for dinner tonight, think you could tell Chad, Rukia, and Ichigo? And what’s up with him and Uryu, they seem kind of on edge.”

“Yes! I will make sure they know, as to those two… I’m not quite sure myself” she said happily, that was one thing that was difficult to adapt to with Orihime, she was always so happy. “But you can ask Uryu about it at the Handicraft Club meeting, It’ll be starting soon, and I’ve noticed how you stare at him sometimes.”

Now it was Dawn’s turn to blush “I don’t stare. I just… Its…” she hung her head and sighed in defeat “What can I say. He is kind of cute… okay, really cute. Downright hot, but what’s that matter?” she smiled at her friend “I see the way you stare at Ichigo.” she retorted.

“NO! No, no, no, no! It’s not like that at all.” Orihime said vehemently, turning beet red and waving her arms in front of her face, which held a look that was a mix of horror and amusement.

Dawn couldn’t help laughing, “Sure it’s not, anyway, tell the guys about the dinner then meet me in Handicrafts Club.” She stood and started moving towards the door, she didn’t see Uryu in the class so assumed he had already left while she was distracted. She smiled again when she got to the classroom where the meeting was and noticed that once again no one was sitting near him. So she sat in the seat to his left. “How’s it going Uryu?” She asked still smiling.

He lowered the book that he was reading enough to look at her. “I am fine, and yourself?” He asked, carefully maintaining a neutral tone. ‘What’s with this girl?’ He asked himself. ‘Why can’t she be like everyone else and ignore me? And when did her aura change like that?’ He could clearly see her aura, among other things, and while hers had always been different from everyone else’s now it was even more so.

“Um… I’m doing okay.” She said more than a little surprised. He usually didn’t respond, and had never responded that quickly. ‘Hmm, mine as well test my luck.’ She thought. “Actually, my house mates are wanting me to invite my friends over for dinner, and I know we might not exactly be best friends or anything, but I was thinking that-“

“Sure, I’ll come.” He said smiling. ‘If nothing else it should really irritate the hell out of Ichigo.’ That thought was the only thing making the smile on his face genuine. “When should I be there?”

“Oh, a-a-about 8 or so.” she stammered, trying to keep herself from blushing. ‘If I had known it would be that easy I would’ve done this way before now.’

“A few others will be there too, Orihime, Tatsuki, Rukia, Ichigo, Chad…” She trailed off as another student, whose name she couldn’t remember for the life of her right now, had walked up holding a slightly torn stuffed ‘thing’ that she couldn’t identify.

“Um, Mr. Ishida… Do you think you could fix this?” The girl asked, seeming like she was on the verge of tears. Without a single word Uryu took the plushy and got out his sewing kit. He tossed the plushy into the air and with what seemed like inhuman reflexes took out a needle and threaded it before catching it again. He then sewed it up in what could have only been a second or two. He then tossed the repaired plushy back to the girl. “W-wow, thanks Mr. Ishida!”

“No problem, it wasn’t a big deal or anything.” He said, smiling as he noticed Ichigo and Orihime watching him from the hallway.

‘This guy can’t be human.’ Dawn thought. ‘I’ve seen slayers that couldn’t move like that.’ She grabbed her head as it suddenly started throbbing again, but this pain was different. Something, though she couldn’t be sure what, had just crossed into their world.

“You okay Dawn?” he asked, genuinely concerned for her well being. They might not have been great friends but she was the closest thing to one he had.

“I’m fine.” She said forcing herself to smile. “Just a headache, I probably just need to head home.”

“Well, I’ll walk you home.” He said smiling. “I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself if something happened to you. And besides, I need to know where you live if I’m supposed to be coming over tonight.” Of course he would also be able to find her by tracking her spiritual energy, but randomly showing up over there might be a little creepy. “You sure you’re okay, you’re awful red, do you have a fever?” he reached towards her forehead.

“No no, I’m fine, let’s just get going.” She said hurriedly, trying to get her blushing under control as they left.

The walk home was uneventful, both of them remaining silent. “Are you really going to keep following us?” Uryu suddenly asked. At first Dawn wasn’t sure what was going on, but then Ichigo stepped out from behind a wall.

“Hmm, when did you notice I was following you guys? I’m not interrupting your date am I?” He asked smiling as they both stammered out protest to him calling it a date.

“I’ve noticed since you and Orihime were watching me in the Handicrafts Club.” Uryu said blushing.

“Ah, well then, that’s just amazing.” Ichigo responded with a slight bit of sarcasm.

“It’s not that hard to keep track of you, seeing as you’re always letting your spiritual energy run rampant.”

“Spiritual energy?” Dawn asked slightly confused.

“I’ll explain it to you later.” Uryu said, he then turned back to Ichigo “You also don’t seem to be able to detect others with high spiritual energy. As you’ve never noticed my existence before yesterday, and never even seemed to notice there’s something special about Dawn.”

“Oh, is there now?” Ichigo said smiling again.

“Not like that, I’m being serious Ichigo.” Uryu said with a hint of anger in his voice, Dawn remained silent, not sure if she should try to explain what was special about her to them, or how she would even try to go about explaining it.

“Further more I’ve been aware of your energy since you entered the school years ago, aware enough to notice the change when you became a Shinigami in the middle of may, and I know Rukia Kuchiki’s true identity as a Shinigami.”

“Um, what exactly is a Shinigami?” Dawn asked, but before anyone would answer what looked like white ribbons appeared around Uryu. “And what are those ribbon things?”

“They’re reiraku!” Ichigo said surprised. “You can see them?”

“Um Yeah, I can see the white ribbons waving around the air.” she said sarcastically, “And what’s with the other ones?” Uryu was getting more and more intrigued by the girl.

“What other ones?” Ichigo asked wondering what she was talking about. Suddenly Uryu’s hand shot forward, looking like it wrapped around something invisible in the air. A blood red ribbon suddenly appeared in his hand, Ichigo stared at it dumbfounded.

“What? You didn’t realize that a Shinigami’s reiraku was a different color?” Uryu asked snidely, he then turned to Dawn “And the Green ones are yours.” He said in a much nicer voice, he then turned back to Ichigo. “So, what do you say we determine who’s better right now? Or are you afraid of realizing how useless Shinigami’s really are?”

Ichigo snorted “Why do I always get dragged into this bullshit? I don’t know what your grudge with Shinigami’s is, but I don’t want any piece of it” he said.

“So, you’re just going to run away then?”

“I’m not going to be provoked. I have no reason to fight you.”

“Oh, that’s right. You’re only a temporary Shinigami anyway. I guess you can’t fight without Rukia’s permission.” Uryu said snidely.

“Excuse me!” Ichigo said unable to keep the anger out of his voice, he dropped his backpack and opened it, removing a small stuffed lion. “Fine then, let’s do this!”

“Hey! Ichigo! Bout time you let me out!” The lion suddenly cried out.

“Um, is that stuffed lion talking?” Dawn asked, wondering what exactly was going on. Ichigo suddenly reached into its mouth and pulled out a small green sphere, which he then popped into his mouth. Suddenly there was a second Ichigo standing beside him, wearing a black kimono. “Um, Where did the second Ichigo come from, and why is he here?” She asked, getting more confused by the minute.

“I promise you Dawn, when we are through here I will explain everything to you.” Uryu said giving her a small smile.

“Well then. Why don’t you explain the rules of this ‘duel’ so we can get started?” The black clad Ichigo said as the other one grabbed up the backpack and doll and ran over to Dawn.

“Hi! I’m Kon.” He said in a cheery voice.

“Okay… This place is officially weirder then the Hell Mouth.” Dawn said shaking her head.

None of them seemed to notice the man standing on top of a nearby building intently watching the group. “Well then… This should be interesting, what are you up to Urahara?”

“Me? Up to something? Whatever do you mean?” Urahara smiled his trademark smile as he approached the man.

“And what’s with that crazy outfit you’re wearing? What the hell have I missed?”

“Worry about that later John, Just watch the show for now.” He responded, as secretive as he had always been.

To Be Continued…
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