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Slightly to the Left

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Summary: With Spike safely tied to a chair, Xander engages in a round of Taunt the Vampire. Things go farther than either expected. Slashy, smutty (m/m) goodness.

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Title: Tease
Author: xanzpet
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season Four
Genre: PWP
Pairing: Xander/Spike
Rating: FR-21
Warning(s): Language, explicit m/m slash.
Distribution: Please ask first. Please do not screencap this story, save it to hard drives, exchange with others, or translate into other languages without written consent.
Feedback: Con-crit is always welcome; flames are not. This is my first PWP, so please be gentle!
Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, lyrics, etc. are the property of their respective owners. Snippets of dialogue may be incorporated from the original canonical episode(s) and belong to their respective authors/creators. The original characters and plot are the property of the author(s). The author(s) is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended, nor should any be inferred. No profit is being made.

Summary: With Spike safely tied to a chair, Xander indulges in a round of Taunt the Vampire, but things go further than either intended.

A/N: I don't write porn very often because, frankly, I'm not that good at it, and whenever I attempt, the result is either cracky or angsty. I'm not sure which this is, but I think it's relatively decent. I don't write Spike very often, as I don't have much use for the character, but I thought he would work best in this situation, and I was surprised by how much I enjoyed writing him. Enjoy!


* * * * *

Xander stepped out of the shower and quickly dried himself off, grumbling about the state of his life, or lack thereof.

He threw on his bedclothes and angrily toweled his hair, annoyed by the curls which always kinked up right after completion of lathery goodness. He padded out into the basement proper, where a smirking Spike sat in wait.

Stupid vampire.

Stupid Giles for making him take care of the stupid vampire. Oh, Xander, we simply cannot leave Spike to his own devices. He might dust himself.

And where was the bad in that? Damned if he knew.

Hello, was this not the vampire who, along with his off-the-beam former unlife partner, had snacked on other students? Who was partly responsible for the death of Kendra? Who had tried to kill Buffy? Had threatened Joyce and tried to bite Willow? Had tried to kill them all?

Seriously, what the fuck was the problem here?

Well, he did help me stop Angelus, Buffy had said.

Well, big woo. Maybe they should throw him a parade! After all, look at all of the help Spike had been as of late. And how much was that costing Giles? If he were the Watcher, he’d submit an itemized bill to the Slayer. Maybe Anya could help him get one together.

So he figured it was okay if he tightened the ropes around Spike just a little more.

Stupid vampire.

If Spike hadn’t been forced upon him, he could have enjoying mind-shattering orgasms with his former demon-cum-nymphomaniac. It just wasn’t fair! He snapped the ropes unnecessarily, pleased when Spike involuntarily grimaced. Was he going to let it bother him? Hell no! It wasn’t as if he was cutting off any blood flow, right? Vampires were just blood bags made of dead meat.


“See here, whelp! What are you ew-ing about?"

“Your state of deadness.”

“Oh, well, that’s all right, then. Cheers, mate.”

“I’m not your mate, Spike," he grunted. "I’m your enemy. I’m your arch-nemesis. I’m your biggest nightmare.”

“No, mate," the vampire shook his head. "Having to wear your clothes was my biggest nightmare. Thanks for helping me work through that pain. I am now free of all of my greatest fears." He beamed. "You’re like Freddy Krueger for demons!”

“I hate you.”

“Well, then, I’m doing my job, right?”

“You’re such an asshole.”

“I’m a vampire, love. Goes with the territory. Evil here. Big bad.”

“Yes, you look so big and bad tied to a chair in my basement." Xander snorted. "More like one of those whining bimbos bound to the railroad tracks waiting for the hero to charge in and save the day.”

“Hey now! Who are you calling a bimbo? And you're no one’s hero.”

“Aren’t you, though? A bimbo?," Xander asked, his brow furrowed. "You were pretty much Dru’s lackey, right?" He shuddered. "God only knows what you and Angelus got up to."

Spike smirked. “Wouldn’t you like to know?” He paused as his eyes became hazy. “Yeah, I think you would at that. Shall I tell you, pet? Shall I tell you how naughty Angelus used to bend me over tombstones and plow into me as Drusilla clapped merrily and held tea parties for her dolls?”

“Ugh!," Xander screeched, pulling a face. "Where’s that bleach you use on what passes for your hair? I need to soak my eyeballs. They’ve been seared by badness!”

“This is my natural color!”

He rolled his eyes. “Sure, Spike. You and Marilyn Monroe.”

“Great tits on that one.” Spike leaned in a little closer. “I’ll tell you a secret. Those funbags weren’t real, you know. A lil nip n’plump, if you get my meaning." He nodded. "One of the first, she was.”

Xander sighed.

“Hey, I’m serious, here!," Spike insisted. "No need to lie about tits, is there?" He shook his head. "Don’t understand why lads today don’t get all offended if a bint’s boobs aren’t biodegradable. In my time, even the suggestion of stuffing was déclassé, but not now, oh no! Men don’t care if the center of a bird’s breast is filled with a foreign substance, yet they throw a guy out of baseball for corking his bat! Where’s the justice in that, I ask you?”

Xander blinked and shook his head to clear it. He must be being punished for something. Probably for lying to Buffy that one time about Willow and the curse. Yeah, that was is it. The universe was pissed at him, so they saddled him with an even more annoying vampire as penance. Karma was a real bitch.

He grunted. “There. That should do it,” he said, finishing the last knot.

“Are you sure?,” the vampire drawled. “I mean, the nylon’s barely cutting into my skin. You know, it’s a good thing I don’t have an allergy, or else I’d sue.” He glanced dismissively at Xander, dressed in a wifebeater and a pair of sweatpants. “Guess it don’t matter much, anyway. You’d be safe. Told you before, you’re just not biteable.”

“I am incredibly biteable!,” barked the affronted boy. “You have no idea how many demons want to make with the Xan Love! You’d be lucky to sink those tartar-covered fangs into something this ripe and juicy!”


The boy shrugged. “Must be the nicotine, then, but they’re looking a little yellow.”

Spike whimpered and Xander really liked the sound of that, of the Big Bad at his mercy. He suddenly remembered Buffy snickering about how she had teased Spike while the demon was chained up in Giles’ tub. Now he could understand why. The vampire was tied up in front of him, forced to listen to whatever he said, and there was nothing Spike could do. Even if he were free, he couldn’t bite anyone.

Well, this was interesting, wasn’t it? If he couldn’t play with Anya tonight, he’d have a good time torturing Spike.

He should start by making a list of all the ways in which both Angel and Angelus were superior vampires, and then ask Spike to weigh in and justify his shortcomings. Or, he could fantasize out loud about what sex with Drusilla might be like. She was pretty hot for a vamp, and even she had fallen under that kooky love spell of Amy’s. Hell, she had saved him from Angelus!

Oh, that was something for the list: Angelus was a much better dresser.

Spike watched the boy’s eyes cloud and could tell he was up to something. He didn’t much care for that at all. Xander Harris was too annoying when they were in a crowd, let alone when it was just the two of them.

He narrowed his eyes and cocked a brow. “What are you thinking?”

“Oh, nothing, really," Xander tinkled. "Just picturing what it would be like to sink my dick into Drusilla. Hey, do girl vampires get wet, or do you use demon KY or something? Ever tried that warming gel? Does it work for you, or are vamps just always cold?”

Spike sputtered. “Now you listen to me, whelp! If you think...”

“Did you and Angelus share her? I’m betting she liked him better. He was her daddy, after all, right? That’s kinda kinky." He nodded. "Did she call him that as he cored her ass? Did you call him that? What did he call you? Sonny Boy?"

He cocked his head. "You must have had threesomes, I’m sure. Was Dru always in the middle, or was it you? Cuz, somehow, I don’t see Angelus spreading his cheeks for you. And where did Darla fit into all of it? She was a total bitch. I bet she used you for stud and then kicked you out of the bed like a dog.”

Spike began frothing at the mouth.

“I guess I can talk to you about this stuff,” Xander shrugged. “I mean, you could tell Buffy, but she’d never believe you. Even if she did, what do I care? She doesn’t want to think about you and Angel knocking the Doc Martens. Hey, why do you wear those anyway? They’re a little out of style. This whole 70s thing you’ve got going on? It’s so over. Good thing Angel now has Cordy to give him fashion tips. Maybe she can break up his black on black obsession. That was a good song. Did you ever hear it? By Heart? Hey, did you ever go to Studio 54?”

Spike frowned and cocked his head, trying to keep with the prattle. It was a little dizzying. A little too much like talking with Dru.

“I’ll tell you a secret, Spike,” he whispered. “I wondered what it would be like to do it with Angel. So, just between us boys, how was it? Or did you only have sex with Angelus?" He ran a hand through his still-damp hair. "He was pretty hot, too. All bad and stuff. That night he came to the hospital and got in my face? We both kept licking our lips." Xander took the opportunity to lick his lips once more. "Do you think that meant anything? Because those leather pants of his...they fit really well. How big was he?”

Spike’s mouth fell open.

“I bet he’s huge. I mean, he’s so tall. Always looming, like a vulture. The beady eyes really make that look work for him." He frowned. "You know, I never really understood it. Angel’s hot in that catwalk kind of way, but his eyes are too close together, and he’s not much for the banter. Sometimes I thought he might have been a little, you know," he dropped his voice, "slow, like he was riding the short bus through unlife."

A host of other questions occurred to him. "Does getting turned affect your intelligence? Do you become smarter or dumber? I mean, I guess he’s smart in that esoteric way. He was always reading stuff like Camus and Sartre. Why, I can’t imagine. Maybe that’s part of his punishment? But he just doesn’t seem to get people, if you know what I mean.”

Spike’s lips twitched. Xander strolled over and straddled him, and he groaned with the extra weight.

“Is this too close?”

“A bit, yeah,” he barked.

“Good. As I was saying, Angel...”

Spike zoned out on the babble, all the while knowing this was a mistake, as it would afford the brat to lob unchecked slurs which were no doubt inferior to his own volleys. Right then, all he could think about was that Xander Harris was sitting atop him, quite languidly, almost as if such an action was natural and familiar, and though Xander was taller and heavier, it was a comfortable and welcome weight.

He was further distracted by the heat of the boy’s body. He had always known Xander to be a hothead, but the boy’s entire being was almost volcanic, and Spike reveled in it, silently commanding his dead limbs to absorb every morsel. He suddenly realized that he was using Xander Harris, White Knight, as an electric blanket, and he snickered.

“What’s so funny, Clorox?,” the boy snarled.

“Huh? Oh, nothing. You were saying something about the great pouf?”

“Right.” Xander took the opportunity to settle himself into a more amenable position, and Spike quivered as he felt a toned, meaty thigh brush up against something quite personal. “I just don’t understand why...”

Spike was now wishing the boy would either get off him completely or bear down for a ride, because it was only a matter of moments before Xander became aware that not everything about vampires was dead. And then, Xander did move and just as immediately stilled.

“What’s that?”

The vampire said nothing, peeking up from beneath his lashes at the boy, who’s own eyes appeared completely blank, but a slight upturn of one corner of his mouth indicated awareness, an awareness which suggested this entire situation had been engineered to contrive precisely this response. What a cheeky little bugger. Well, two could play that game.

“Problem, Xander?,” he purred, drawing out the name.

The boy looked down and smirked. “Maybe. For you.”

“And how is that, pet?”

Xander leaned closer. “You know, Spike, if you ever tell anyone I said this, I’ll deny it, but you’re much prettier than Angel.”

“I know," he nodded. "Wait. What?”

“You’ve got a better body, too. Always thought that was kinda weird. I mean, you were supposedly a poet, right? Who knew Victorian poets were so cut?” He wormed his fingers under Spike’s t-shirt and began stroking the vampire’s abdominal muscles. “Nice,” he sighed. “I wish I could get a stomach like that, but I like Twinkies too much.”

“Yours is a spot of all right.”


Spike nodded and suddenly felt the need to breathe. He began panting shallowly, his tongue trapping Xander’s scent on his taste buds: musk, some papaya nonsense from the shampoo, fresh laundry, and Ivory soap. It was a nice smell, kind of like a spring wind. Very Xander.

“Does that feel good?,” the boy whispered, continuing his deft strokes.

“Yeah, s'nice.”

“I should stop. We shouldn’t do this.”

“I won’t tell!"

Xander frowned and stared into the blue eyes. “You wouldn’t, would you? Why?”

“I dunno.”

“I suppose that’s as good an answer as any.” He leaned over and took one of Spike’s hands in his own. “I like your hands. Your fingers are long and...elegant.” He paused. “Why is your skin so soft? I like it. And you’re nice and cool.” He scooted forward a little and pressed his chest against that of Spike, causing both of them to shiver and moan.

“Xan...der?,” Spike panted, his voice an embarrassing plaintive whine.


“What’s...I mean, what is this?”

“Who cares?”

“Right. Good point, that.”

Xander reached up and began stroking Spike’s hair. “Mmm, soft. Thought it would be all stiff and gross. I’ve seen all the gel you put in it, but it’s soft. That’s so weird. Is it a vampy thing?”

“I take good care of my hair.”

“You do.” He leaned over and rested his head on top of Spike’s, his warm breath tickling the follicles, causing Spike to shake slightly. “Cold?”

“Not anymore,” the vampire answered in a strangled voice.

Xander placed a soft, dry kiss on Spike’s temple. “So you’re warm, then?”

“Nice and toasty.”

“That’s good,” he murmured, trailing his lips down behind Spike’s ear and worrying the patch of sensitive skin located just behind it. “You taste good, like smoke and leather.” Spike whimpered, causing Xander to chuckle, warm puffs of air caressing the shell of the vampire’s outer ear. “You like that?”

“Ah! Gluh?”

“See? I do some things very well, Spike,” Xander purred, before he began nibbling on the ear, intermittently tracing it with his tongue.

“ do at that, w-whelp.”

The boy drew back just enough to stare again into Spike’s eyes, before dipping his head forward and pressing a gentle kiss to the vampire’s lips. Spike’s eyes instantly closed as his sigh was smothered. Tasting Xander was very different than smelling him. There were all of the scents, but added now were the emotions: lust, longing, hate, fear, and desire. A heady mix which caused Spike’s brain to fuzz. His eyes fluttered and he realized that Xander hadn’t closed his own eyes, his gaze still boring into him as if in critical study, assessing how every ministration affected the vampire.

Spike suddenly gleaned why Anya called the boy a Viking. If he was this attentive to the details, he couldn’t imagine what Xander was like when it came time to fuck. Excited at the thought, he was helpless to stop the growl which erupted from his mouth. Xander broke the kiss and his brow furrowed, trying to figure out what had happened. Spike bit his lip to keep the pouting look off his face, wanting that delicious mouth right back where it was mere moments ago. But behind the questioning gaze, there was something else, something which Spike frantically tried to interpret. An offer? A suggestion? He couldn’t take it anymore.

“Please,” he gasped. “Please, Xan. Anything. I’ll take anything.”

In lieu of a response, Xander slowly rolled his hips, providing the vampire’s now dripping erection with much beloved friction.

“Like that?,” the boy chirped.

“Yeah, just like that, pet.”

“No nice talk,” Xander chided. “That’s not who we are. That’s not what this is.”

Spike understood and sharply nodded. “Then piss or get off the pot, whelp.”

“Much better,” the boy grinned, as he again rolled his hips, this time even slower, dragging his ass across Spike’s thighs. He reached around and up behind the vampire, grabbing a fistful of hair and yanking hard.

Spike startled and growled harder, pleased when he saw a feral look in the boy’s eyes, smelling the excitement begin to suppress the doubt and fear. His gaze traveled down to Xander’s mouth, lips darkly pink and kiss-swollen, the even, white teeth chewing the lower lip. He struggled in vain against the ropes, but managed to work his hands up until they rested atop Xander’s thighs. He dug his fingers in and began kneading the muscle, smug with satisfaction when the boy gasped, threw back his head, and groaned his appreciation.

“I could make you feel so good, Xan,” he whispered, “if only you would untie me.”

Xander opened his eyes, and Spike almost came at seeing how black they had become, the pupils blown and all the color leeched from the irises.

“But I like you all tied up and helpless,” Xander smiled, giving Spike’s hair another yank. “Nothing to stop me from doing whatever I want to you.”

The vampire began vibrating. “Kinky little boy, aren’t you? Naughty, naughty. Whatever would the Slayer say?”

At once, the boy stilled.

“Sorry! Sorry! Forget the Slayer, pet!”

The boy grimaced and swung a leg over and stood, angrily stalking away.

“Xander, please!,” Spike begged. “I’m sorry, okay?”

Xander angrily opened and then slammed shut a dresser drawer before stomping back over. He once against sat in Spike’s lap, positioning himself so that the vampire’s cock was all but poised at his entrance.

He smirked. “That’s what you’d like to do, isn’t it?”

Spike opened his mouth to answer, and Xander took the opportunity to shove a sock in it.

“The only way I can get you to shut up is to do it myself.”

Spike’s eyes widened before he released a slur of invectives, all of which were beautifully muffled.

“As I was saying, this is what you’d like to do, isn’t it?,” Xander continued, as he once again began rolling his hips, shamelessly writhing in Spike’s lap. “Wouldn’t you like me to untie you, to unzip your jeans, to free your cock? Wouldn’t you like to be inside me, Spike?" He leaned forward and grasped the vampire's chin in his hand. "No one ever has. You could be the first.”

Spike began frenetically nodding.

“I’ve thought about it." He smiled. "Oh, not necessarily with you, but I bet you’re good. I’ve thought about it with other guys. Angel, of course, and Riley. Even Giles, because beneath all that tweed, you just know he’s a freak.”

He leaned closer, his lips mere inches from the vampire's own.

“Would you hurt me, Spike? I mean, I know you want to, but if I came to you willingly, asking you and only you to take me that way, would you be gentle? Could you be gentle?”

Suddenly, he turned pensive. “See, that’s what I like; I like to be wanted. I’d need to know that I was the only one you were thinking about. Could you do that for me? Could you come inside of me knowing that you were the only thing on my mind, knowing that I had chosen you above everyone else? That I put you first?”

Spike had stopped nodding and looked into Xander’s eyes, his gaze searing.

“I think you understand,” the boy whispered, dropping his head, “what it’s like to be the afterthought, to be the last resort. To be tolerated.” He sighed, bit his lip, and looked away.

Spike desperately wanted to reach up and touch Xander’s face, to communicate with touch that, yes, he understood, that he knew exactly what the boy felt, what he had been put through, that it wasn’t fair, that they were as good as everyone else. That they mattered.

“I really wish I could trust you,” Xander quietly said. “I wish things were different.” He exhaled. “But they’re not, and this is all we have.” He raised his gaze. “I’m going to take the sock out now, but I don’t want to talk anymore, okay? I just want to hear you. That really turns me on, to know that what I’m about to do you will get us both off.”

At Spike's slow nod, he removed the obstruction.

“I wanna fuck you."

The boy groaned and shifted his weight, bringing his cock against Spike’s, causing them both to hiss and shut their eyes.

“Yeah, tell me how you’re gonna fuck me, Spike.”

Spike arched his back in search of more friction. “Out on patrol one night, that’s when I’d do it. Take you by surprise, right? Even though I know you want it, want my big cock deep inside you.”

Xander’s head dipped forward as he rested his forehead against he vampire’s. “That’s good. More.”

“Gonna do this nice and slow, aren’t we love? Gonna do this right for both of us.”

He arched again, thrusting his cock against the boy's. He looked down and licked his lips hungrily at what the boy had, wanting to touch it, to possess it, to feel its heavy weight on his tongue. He wanted to possess all of him, burying himself so deep inside the boy, Xander could never break free.

“Somewhere secluded, but not totally out of the way, fully possible someone might meander by and catch me balls deep in That tight little ass.”


“That’s good, pet. I want you be as loud as you want, right? No one home, just me and you. Not gonna tell anyone, gonna keep this a secret between you and me, aren’t we? Dirty little secret.”

“Dirty,” Xander repeated, his voice slurred.

Spike chuckled. “You’re a dirty boy, aren’t you? Thinking about vampires and Watchers fucking your little virgin hole." He leaned up and nipped Xander's chin. "I’m gonna be the first, though, aren’t I? And after you realize what I can do to you, how I can make your body scream and sing for more, I’ll be the only one you’ll ever want that way.”

He nudged his crotch forward a little more, delighting at how the boy choked at the contact, automatically jutting out his hips for more.

“Big Bad taking you whenever and wherever I want, maybe even in front of your little gang of misbegotten White Hats, eh?" He threw his head back and cackled. "What do you think about that, Xan? Me bending you over the arm of the Watcher’s couch and fucking your ass in plain sight of all of them. Letting them hear you beg for it, letting them hear me whimper at how good you are. That’s so naughty, isn’t it? It's wrong.”

Xander shouted his agreement, nothing more than a series of glottal stops.

Spike tried his best to roll his hips, just enough so that their cocks again dragged against each other, the front of Xander’s pants now damp with sweat and pre-come, their combined scents driving him wild, making him want to do nothing but flip the boy on his stomach and drive into the pliant, lush flesh splayed so provocatively before him.

“Gotta slow down, sweet,” he panted. “Don’t wanna rush this. Don’t want it to be over too soon. We got time. I’m gonna make it good for you, Xan. Promise." And before he could think better of his next words, they spilled out. "Not gonna hide you in a broom closet, not gonna toss you out in your underwear, not gonna demand you make me come simply because you can.”

Xander stopped moving and blinked down at him.

“Gonna make it good for you,” he repeated, whispering. “Show you how much I want you. Gonna tell everyone just how much.”

As he spoke the words, he wondered how much of them were true and how much they were simply about knowing what Xander wanted to hear. And how the hell did he know all that, anyway? He supposed it didn’t matter much.

Xander shuddered and leaned forward, draping himself over Spike, pressing his neck up against the vampire’s mouth, almost as if in submission, though Spike wasn’t sure if the gesture was unconscious or if the boy just wanted more contact.

Tentatively, he reached out with his tongue and licked at the fiery skin, the nibble causing him to shudder in response as scent and taste and heat enveloped his senses. And that’s when he realized he didn’t care; all he wanted right then was the boy, and he’d take him any way Xander was willing to offer.

“Beautiful,” he whispered, dismayed to hear the answering choked sob.

Spike thought about how often he had wanted Angelus or Drusilla just to take a moment and look at him, to really look at him, and see him for what he was and wanting it all anyway. He and Xander were so much alike; too much alike. Perhaps that had been the problem all along.

“S’okay, brat,” he murmured. “You can cry. Not gonna tell, I promised. Cry, scream, anything you want. Just us.”

Xander nodded and his soft hair tickled at Spike’s nose. The vampire inhaled with glee and a rumbling purr reverberated in his chest. The boy pulled back and Spike determined that, were it possible, Xander had just become even more turned on. Eyes now glowing yellow, he repeated the purr, marveling as Xander shuddered spastically.

So responsive was his boy, so vulnerable to aural and tactile sensation. It was lovely and utterly charming. What he wouldn’t give to be free to use his fingertips to trace every patch of dusky skin, to map it out and commit to memory.

“Please,” Xander moaned. “Please, Spike.”

He vampire moaned in tandem, enraptured by the aching, wanton need in his boy’s voice. “Yeah, love. The first time I fuck you, gonna be nice and gentle. While we’re on patrol, right? That’s what we agreed.”

Xander muttered something unintelligible and began writhing again.

“Yeah, someplace dirty, where you never know who might be lurking about. An alley, perhaps? Courtyard of the Watcher’s apartment?" He shook his head. "No. Not patrol. Not yet."

His eyes lighted. "Ah, I think that booth at that club you lot frequent. The Bronze. You know the booth I’m talking about, the one right near the stage? The velvet one? Yeah, that’s where it’ll be the first time. During one of the Wolf’s concerts.”

Xander growled.

“That’s what I like to hear, pet. I want you to growl for me, just for me. Gonna tear them straight from your throat," he promised. "Here’s how it’ll go: you’re at the club with the Slayer and the witch, waiting for the music to start. Just as they begin, I sneak in. Lights come down, I creep up to the booth. The Slayer and Red are so into the music, they don’t see me. You’re not sure what I’m about to do, so you try to move, get closer to your friend, and when you shift, that’s when I strike. Jeans already undone, my cock hard soon as I catch sight of you, you shift, and I slide right under that delectable ass of yours.”

“Yes," he hissed. "Oh, Christ, fuck me!”

“Shh, it’s all right, pet. Gonna fuck you good and proper. Now, I want you to listen to your Spike and sit up a mo’.”

Xander complied, panting, shaking, eyes a silent plea, skin flushed so dark it was almost purple, and it took everything inside of Spike not to come.

“Need you trust me just a bit, okay? I want you to untie just one hand." He shook his head. "I’m not gonna try anything, pet, promise. Just one hand. Not gonna touch myself or you.”

Suspicion momentarily clouded Xander’s eyes, causing Spike to deflate fractionally, but the boy’s curiosity got the better of him and he obeyed. Oddly, once it was done, he mourned for the restraints.

“Suck on my fingers, love. Get ‘em nice and wet for Spike.”

Xander grabbed his wrist and considered the hand before him. He licked his lips and brought Spike’s finger to his mouth, tentatively swiping at the index finger. Spike shivered, and Xander slipped the finger in his mouth. Spike gasped at the wet heat, the tight suction, grimacing when it evaporated just before his boy slipped another finger into his mouth.

“Oh yeah,” Spike grunted, rubbing their cocks together once more. “You know what you’re doing, don’t you, love? You know what’s gonna happen.”

Xander nodded as he continued sucking on the fingers, mouthing them greedily.

“Such a good boy you are, pet," he sighed, closing his eyes. "Now, we’re in that booth, and while my fingers are in that hot little mouth, I’m using my other hand to pull down my jeans just a bit more, because when I sit you on my cock, I wanna feel as much of your skin on mine as I can. I feel the velvet under my ass; so soft, it’s so soft, Xan, but not as soft as your skin. Can’t wait to feel your skin."

His eyes snapped open. "You’ve made me so hard, my cock’s already dribbling, just waiting to get it’s chance at you. I wrap my hand around it, spreading the pre-come about, so I can just slide right into you like butter.”

Xander bucked and then clamped his thighs around Spike’s legs, trying to stave off his orgasm. The vampire winced at the force of the grip but began to enjoy it just the same.

“You’re stronger than they give you credit for, I think." He grinned maniacally before his face lost all trace of mirth. "Wanna feel those legs gripped just like that around my waist as I burrow into you, leaving bruises on my hips," he snarled. He blinked. "Where were we? Yeah," he nodded, "stroking myself, getting ready, and then I reach forward and around and untie those cargo pants you like to wear. Good invention, those. Easy access. I reach in and feel your cock, so hard it aches, and I purr, knowing it’s me who’s made you that hard.”

And then he purred and Xander screamed, choking on the fingers.

“Easy, pet. I wriggle those pants down your hips and take a moment to admire the swell of your ass, thinking about how good it’s gonna feel for both of us once I’m inside. I push on your shoulder, pushing you up and forward just a little bit, and I slide underneath you. Not in you yet, but that sweet ass is sitting on my thigh, just waiting for it. Take my fingers out of your mouth, and slowly begin pushing one deep inside you.”

Xander spat out the fingers and stood. Spike, horrified, tried to figure out what he had done wrong, only to marvel in appreciation when the boy shimmied out of his sweatpants and returned to his position, again taking Spike’s hand in his own. He looked at the vampire speculatively, and Spike slowly nodded. Xander parted his thighs, and brought Spike’s hand around and down beneath their joined legs.

“Please, Spike?”

“Yeah. Oh, fuck yeah,” he groaned, as his finger sought entrance. As his knuckle breached the first ring of muscle, they both shouted their appreciation. “You okay?,” he softly asked.

Xander nodded, eyes lidded and feverish. “Burns. You make me burn, Spike.”

The vampire’s mouth fell open as his eyes rolled back in his head. He felt as if he was being immolated, for nothing had ever been like this. The slick heat, the tightness, the aching need. Sweet Christ, why was this only happening now? He should’ve taken the boy the night Angel had offered him. They could have had years of this! He pushed in further, crooking his finger in search of that which he knew would drive his sweet boy absolutely wild.

“Oh, fuck."

“Yeah,” Spike panted, now undulating his hips, having to make do with the friction provided by his jeans. “Shit, yeah," he grunted. You’re so fuckin' tight, Xan. Squeeze my finger, pet," he cooed. "Come on, now. Clamp down on it.”

Xander obeyed, and they both grunted at the sensation. “More, Spike. I need more.”

“Yeah, me too, love.” He added a second, and howled as Xander began fucking himself on his fingers. “That’s good, isn’t it? See how good your Spike can make you feel? All for you, Xan.”


“Say my name,” he snapped, his eyes glowing yellow. “Shout it just like that. Tell me how much you love it.”

“Love it,” the boy gasped, before lolling his head and shouting the name again as he began setting a brutal pace. “Love you inside me, Spike.” He raised a hand and cupped the cheek of the vampire, who leaned into the caress. “My Spike. Mine.”


Oh, shit. Had he really just said that?

“Tell me...finish it...please!”

“Sure, pet," Spike gasped, "whatever you need. We’re in the booth, and I’m working my fingers inside you, making you squirm and blush so pretty, your eyes wide and crazy, darting around, trying to make sure no one’s watching, not really caring if they are, because right then, all that exists is us and my waiting cock.”

Xander whimpered and Spike had never heard anything so alluring.

“Gonna lift you up and sit you right down on my big cock. Just a little at first, don’t wanna hurt you. Let you feel it, feel the burn, get used to it, until you start craving it, begging for it. I’m nibbling at your neck. You’re so delicious, Xan. My good, naughty boy, making his vampire fuck him in the club.”

Xander began speeding up, his thrusting hips driving his cock up against Spike’s, who groaned.

“Oh yeah, just like that. Take your shirt off, Xan. Take it off now.”

The boy raced to comply, reaching up and all but tearing it from his body. Spike stared as the blood pooled near the surface of Xander’s skin. So hot, sweat beading all over, making him almost glow in the dim lights of the basement. His heaving chest, the shallow gasps, the feeling of that tight ass around his fingers, was becoming more than Spike could stand.

“I push down on your shoulders,” Spike panted, “and make you take all of me at once, deep inside. Establish a nice, slow rhythm, in time with the music. I think by now the Wolf has caught onto us. He’s looking down at us with one of those inscrutable gazes of his, but it just makes me slow down even more, because I’m gonna make it last. Gonna give you everything I got and take everything you have.”


“Me too, pet, me too.”

Xander couldn’t take it anymore. He reached down and undid Spike’s fly and carelessly pulled out the vampire’s aching cock. The hot fingers clamped around him finally did him in, and Spike’s balls drew up, his thighs quivering, as he began to spurt forth. Just as quickly, Xander gripped him around the base of his shaft, holding it off.

“Please! Please, Xander! I have to come!”

Xander said nothing as he inched forward and brought his cock flush with Spike’s, holding both in his hand as he began to pump them together, Spike’s fingers still pushing up into him.

“Oh, fuck yeah!,” the vampire roared, his fingers sliding out of Xander.

The bellow sent them both over the edge, as they exploded across Xander’s chest, both breathing, raggedly, trying to gulp air into their lungs, patently avoiding the eyes of the other. As the seconds became minutes, words became hands, and Xander wrapped his arms and legs around Spike and buried his face in the vampire’s neck. For his part, Spike was torn at wanting to fling the boy off of him while simultaneously drawing him in closer.

“Sorry,” Xander whispered.

He couldn’t help but laugh. “You never need to apologize for that, love. It was bloody brilliant.”

Xander pulled back and looked hesitantly into his eyes. “Yeah?”

The hope in his voice was brittle and heartbreaking.

“Yeah,” Spike quietly replied, nodding his head just so. He saw the boy’s head moving in and braced himself, welcoming the kiss he now knew would be both tender and fierce.

Both were startled and let loose sharp shrieks when the sound of thunderous applause cracked across the room.

They looked at each other before turning and craning their necks toward the source, and saw Anya, her head thrust between the rungs of the staircase railing, hands on either side of her, gripping the wooden slats so fiercely, her knuckles had turned white.

“Do it again!”
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