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Far Away Lands

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Summary: Xander goes through a portal and finds himself in a stranger place than he'd ever thought possible. Who knows what he'll find there.

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Cursum Perficio

A/N I have no claim on either BTVS or the Chronicles of Narnia. I would like to thank everyone that has taken the time to read and review my story; I appreciate the effort and the thought that went into them. The chapter title is Latin for "Here my journey ends".




Xander knew something was off when he woke up, but it took him a while to place it. That’s understandable considering he had woken up in the middle of a grassy field on a warm summer day. He tried to remember how he had gotten there, but the circuits just weren’t sparking. He stood and looked around, maybe recognizing where he was would help, but there were no reminders; nothing that sparked a memory. It was then that he realized that he seemed to be about seventeen years old and that he was seeing out of both eyes. To say he was freaked was an understatement of cataclysmic proportions. Completely stunned, he plopped back down into the grass and tried thinking. He was enough of a comic book geek to realize that there weren’t a lot of options that explained what was going on.

There was the whole transport to a different reality or that kind of thing. But that wouldn’t explain his second eye or his amnesia. There was the possibility of some kind or rogue scientist experimenting on him. That would explain the amnesia and the eye, but it wouldn’t explain waking up in a field in the middle of nowhere. There was the possibility that he’d just gone insane and all of this was some sort of phenomenally complicated hallucination, kind of like what Buffy had gone through when that creepy demon stuck her during the whole ‘Nerds of Doom’ situation. There was no real way to prove or disprove this one, so Xander just ignored it. And finally, there was the possibility that he was dead and that this was heaven. But then he would have expected to see Anya and Tara, Joyce and Jesse; not somewhere that looked like part of the set for the ‘Sound of Music’. While he was sitting, trying to work out what the heck was going on, his stomach rumbled, reminding him that he was hungry. Standing up, Xander was surprised to find some apple trees right at hand. Picking one, he started eating it as he wandered off in no particular direction. It was then that he noticed something else; it seemed as though he was being pulled one way. It wasn’t overt or anything, everything just seemed more right when he headed; here he looked around, North. For some reason north felt right. So he started wandering in that general direction, feeling no need to hurry or even to find a weapon of some sort. Xander realized there were other people or things in the woods around him; he just was indifferent to that fact.

He was walking on, eating whatever came to hand when he ran across the strangest thing. In a clearing was a door, just a door. It was standing there alone, there were no walls or foundations or anything that would suggest a structure had been there. As he walked around to the other side, he found something even stranger; a group of dwarfs were sitting there arguing and covered in food. As he stood there listening to what they were saying, it was clear that their perception of what was going on and where they were, was completely different from what he was experiencing. To Xander, this gave credence to the ‘I’m dead’ option, because he couldn’t imagine hallucinating something like what he was seeing. Shrugging, he turned and kept heading north. Xander just kept walking, he wasn’t sure if time was passing or not, and ultimately he didn’t care. The further north he went, the more compelled he felt to keep going in that direction. He had finally started to see other people, and other things; but he was never close enough to find out if they were talking animals or not. Ultimately he came to a hill, well it looked like a hill even though it was higher than most of the mountains that Xander had ever encountered. He called it a hill because it was covered in grass to the very top and there were trees and shrubs all the way up. Steadily he climbed. When he was about half way up, he turned and looked out over the country. From this perspective he finally realized where he was. There was Mount Pire and the River Schribble and far away, the pass into Archenland. He was in Narnia, or at least a version of Narnia. If this was Narnia, then there was the possibility that Lucy was here. He turned back and resumed his climb, hope filling his heart. He got to the top and was confronted by an enormous hedge, a hedge with a gate in it; a gate with an enormous garden behind it. The garden seemed to be just as big as the world it was sitting in.

Xander was walking towards the gate when he was stopped by a voice calling out, “be welcome in the Lion’s name”.

Xander looked around and at first he didn’t see the source of the voice, but he finally looked down and there was a mouse standing there; a mouse with a circlet on his head and a rapier at his hip. Remembering his Narnia manners, Xander went down on one knee and asked, “whom do I have the honor of addressing?”

“I am Reepicheep, and I bid you welcome in the Lion’s name.”

“I have heard tales of you, Sir Reepicheep. Queen Susan told me that you were the most valiant knight that she had ever known. It is an honor to meet you.”

“You are not unknown either Sir Alex, the first of the Narnian Masters at Arms. I would trade tales with you when time is convenient. However, there is someone waiting to meet you and one should never keep a Lady waiting.”

“No, you shouldn’t,” Xander said breathlessly. He stood up and went deeper into the garden. Xander probably would have thought the place preternaturally lovely, if he had actually been paying attention. But all of his focus was on searching for one thing. Suddenly he saw a flash of blond hair through some leaves and he hurried forward. Suddenly he was in a clear space, and there she was, sitting on the lip of a stone well talking with three others. It was Lucy, looking just as beautiful as she ever had. Xander froze there, just watching her; he could not recall anything so lovely. It was only after a few minutes, or hours, he wasn’t quite sure; when he noticed the women/girls with her. It was tough to tell their ages; they were like him, at times a teenager at times older; like their ages were constantly shifting. Xander recognized Susan as the one who was standing and laughing at the moment; but what floored him were the identities of the other two. One was Cordelia and the other was Anya. When he saw them all of the love that he had felt for them washed through him, and though it was powerful, it wasn’t as strong as what he felt for Lucy. He was reveling in the feeling of finding his love when she looked up. Their eyes locked and before he could even move his arms were filled with and ecstatic blond. Their lips met and for a small eternity their surrounding, as magnificent as they were, melted away and it was only the two of them. They finally pulled apart, seemingly by mutual accord and Xander smiled down at the girl in his arms, “I missed you,” he murmured.

“And I you,” she murmured back.

“Sorry you had to wait,” he said.

“I’m not,” Lucy replied with a grin. “It gave me a chance to hear some Xander stories.” She indicated the three smiling ladies and they all burst into laughter.

Xander just hung his head with a grin; even in the afterlife he was Murphy’s whipping boy.

Xander had talked with the three women for some time, old regrets being aired and dealt with on everyone’s part. Then, with Lucy in tow, he sought out Jesse, Joyce, Tara, Kendra and Jenny Calendar. Afterwards that they talked to Peter and Edmund, and Xander got to meet Tumnus and the Beavers. He could never be sure how long this all took because time seemed to not mean a lot where they were, but since he was with Lucy, he was sure that this was heaven. They were lying on their backs in a field, just watching the clouds scud by when Lucy said something unusual. “Do you know what my only regret is?”

“Well, I really wasn’t aware that you had any or I would have asked,” Xander replied. “So what is your regret?”

“That I didn’t get to have a full life with you, have children and grow old with you. I would have liked that.”

“Why don’t we?”

“You can’t have children here, and time doesn’t really pass so you can’t grow old together.”

“True, but you could if we left.”

“What,” Lucy exclaimed, sitting up. “Did you say we should leave here?”

“No,” Xander replied, sitting up as well. “But I can’t believe that you’re the first person to feel that way, so I’d have to think there’s some way we could go back. We would both be born into the same world, that kind of thing. There we could meet and fall in love like before, but we’d have the chance to do everything you wanted, grow old, have children, the works.”

“But what if we never met each other?”

“What if we didn’t, this place is eternity Luce. When we die again, where do you think we’d end up; and do you honestly think we wouldn’t find each other here, even if we didn’t find each other there?”

“I really hadn’t thought of it like that.” She looked at Xander, “do you really believe we’d find each other again?”

“I have no doubt. Seriously, do you think the love we have is just your garden variety love. I don’t know how I know this, but what we have is something deeper. My guess is that we’d find each other even if we didn’t want to, our souls would call out to each other.”

“Then what are we waiting for,” Lucy said with a smile and stood, pulling Xander up with her. Hand in hand they walked to the garden’s entrance; neither were surprised to find Aslan there.

“Is this what you want, young ones?”

“Yes Aslan,” they both replied. The Lion said nothing but padded around behind them. Xander turned and pulled Lucy into a kiss and as he did, the world faded.

Lady Liln looked out her window, her mind on only one thing. Liln didn’t know why she couldn’t take her mind off of Olvin, she’d only seen the man twice after all, but somehow he dominated her thoughts. The first time was a year ago, when he’d come to a tournament sponsored by her father, Baron Snyder. Neither the Baron, nor Lady Gwendylon, his wife; had cared for the young adventurer despite the prowess he displayed on the field of honor. But Liln had been smitten. He had left, but in leaving had begged a token of hers that he might carry the memory of her always. Many had asked before, Liln being such a great beauty; but until now, none had won her favor. In thanks, Olvin had left her a book, one that was full of tales of valor and bravery. It was Liln’s most prized possession.

Olvin had returned a year after he left and had asked for her hand from her father, the Baron. Liln would have said yes immediately if she could but it was not up to her and the Baron and his Lady did not like the man. The Baron knew that he could not outright refuse the offer from so renowned a knight, but there was a way that he could be rid of the troublesome lad. With a wicked gleam, he had told Olvin that in order to win his daughter’s hand, he must slay the two headed giant, Pire. This giant was wicked and had been terrorizing the countryside for years, Baron Snyder was sure that it would easily slay the young man. But Olvin had agreed without hesitation and with only a bow to Liln, had lept upon his charger and thundered away to do the task he had been given. Liln had no doubt that fair Olvin would succeed and was now just daydreaming until he returned for her and then they would grow old together.


A/N The idea for going back and having another life was from the film “What Dreams May Come”. The story of Liln and Olvin is mentioned in “The Horse and His Boy”.

The End

You have reached the end of "Far Away Lands". This story is complete.

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