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Summary: The apocalypse is here and there is nothing they can do except survive. Welcome to Zombieland!

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Rule #10

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters or anything else from BtVS or from Zombieland.

Timeline: This story begins during the summer between Season 6 and Season 7 of BtVS and is completely AU after.

AN: This is just a little idea I got from a challenge I read. This story is going to be told in a series of short scenes related to the Columbus' rules for surviving Zombieland and rules that I come up with. It'll be updated randomly as the scenes pop into my head. They will eventually meet up with characters from the movie.

Late at night after a quiet patrol, Buffy was flipping through TV channels. Xander lay on the floor gazing up at the ceiling counting each individual ceiling piece ‘One thousand one hundred and ten one...’ until he lost track of what number he was on only to start again. Dawn just gazed out the window.

“You know, life’s been boring lately, nothing’s happening,” Dawn commented.

Xander groaned, “Dawnie you know better than to tempt fate. It’s almost Tuesday.”

“It is technically Tuesday.”

“Exactly my point.”

Buffy ignored their conversation as she continued to flip through channels until one of the channels caught her interest.

“Hey Xander, do you recognize what movie this is?” Buffy asked.

Xander looked up to watch the newscast before stating, “Not sure looks familiar. The zombies seem to be the fast kind so probably one of the newer ones. Kinda lost track of that sorta thing. Gosh darn priorities, who knew living on a Hellmouth meant less time spent on fictional zombies.”

“I’m getting tired. I’m gonna go to bed,” Dawn said, before yawning loudly, “See ya in the morning.”

“G’night Dawnie,” Xander called out, “Hey Buffster, I’m gonna crash here tonight, that alright?”

“Xander you might as well stay with us for the rest of the summer. We’re all we have left,” Buffy replied.

“Thanks, I’m gonna go sleep. G’night.”

“Good night,” Buffy replied, turning back towards the television. Feeling tired, Buffy set the sleep timer on the TV. Flicking through a few more channels before returning to the newscast Buffy felt her consciousness drift.

“This could be the end of civilization as we know it! It is very important that all citizens stay in their homes for their own safety. It seems that the infection seems to spread...”

Rule #10: Be Careful on Tuesdays
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