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Phoenix Risings: Phantasmal Terrain

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Phoenixverse". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: (Complete) Sequel to Phoenix Risings. Xander finally comes face to face with his destiny. Now, that that's done, what will he say to Buffy. Chapter 7 up. (B/X, Sam/Daniel, Eric/Faith, Gabrielle/Joxer) Enjoy. R/R.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Pairing: BuffyJonathanFR18724,318068,6884 Dec 0329 Feb 04Yes

Chapter 7

Title: Phoenix Risings: Phantasmal Terrain
Rating: PG-13/R
Chapter Number: 7
Author: White Werewolf
Category: Buffy/Xander, Eric/Faith, Sam/Daniel (Maybe), Gabrielle/Joxer
Spoilers/Timeframe: All I know for sure it is after "Becoming Part 2."
Disclaimer: I don't own anything but the ideas and my computer.
Summery: After Buffy leaves Sunnydale, Xander decides to go looking for her. On the other side of the universe, Ninedinna wants the book she created...the Necronomicon Ex Mortis: the Book of the Dead.
Author Notes: This part is just a prologue to the Phoenix Risings Trilogy; whichs is in turn the starting fic to a huge series. This is the second part of the trilogy. It will be mainly focused on the Buffy/Xander relationship and it will be housing many crossovers.
Special Thanks: Danii, Tenhawk, Teri, Silent Bob Foley, and X-Lander

Crossovers Planned:
Buffy: the Vampire Slayer
Hercules: the Legendary Journeys
Evil Dead
Stargate SG-1
Xena: Warrior Princess
Boy Meets World

Cameo Crossovers will suddenly appear. Take a read, and see if you can spot one.

The door to the cabin burst open as Hercules walked in carrying an unconscious Xander Harris.

The demigod grunted, "C'mon, Xander. This is no time to take a nap." He then placed his young friend on the couch.

Hercules checked his pulse, and it was there.

Sighing, he said, "Rest well, my friend. But not too long, you have your ghost to stop."


His eyes widened, and he growled, "What the fuck are you talking about?"

"The spell," Lorne said with a pause, "the spell can only take place when the person who attacks the ghost is dead. Only a ghost can hurt a ghost. In this case anyway."

The former promised one glared at him, "Let me get this straight. In order for Xander to defeat this ghost, he's going to have to die. As in going to the great beyond?"

Lorne chuckled, "Not exactly. Xander will have three days before his ghost goes adios. Then he'll either go to the great beyond, get reincarnated as somebody else, or something else. It's all about choices. Another choice for him is, since it might be before his time, Xander will have the choice to go back to his body."

Ash looked down at his watch, "Lorne, I got to go. Meeting the others soon."

The demon nodded, "Talk to you later, Ashy Boy. Oh, and tell him after this, he's still in for a big adventure."

The clerk sighed, "You mean to tell me there's more after this ghost?"

The demon nodded, "Yeah. Sweetcheeks and Buffy will meet. But be prepared for something far more difficult then Casper."

Ash growled, "What else do we have to do?"

Lorne said simply, "I can't tell you that now. Go back to the cabin."

He would've objected, but Ash knew that his friends were in trouble. With a smile, the clerk said, "Catcha later, Lorne."

He then ran out of Caritas.


"Wesley, Faith! In here!"

The two entered the cabin to see Hercules and Xander in the living room.

Faith's eye's widened as she saw her best friend on the couch, "What the fuck happened to X?"

Hercules sighed, "Xander and I went to the diner and were about to talk to Buffy when the ghost threw him out of the diner. He attacked Xander and knocked him out."

The Slayer looked at her Watcher, "Tell me he's alright. Tell me he's going to wake up, make a lame ass joke, and stop this ghost problem!"

Wesley said calmly, "Let me check the book. Page 67 if I remember correctly."

She nodded, "That's what Fi said."

The Englishman flipped through the pages until he reached the destined. "Great," he muttered.

"What's the problem?" The demigod asked.

"It's in Italian. I'll have to translate."

Soon Xander's body started to convulse.

Faith yelled, "Hurry, Wes. Xander doesn't look too good."

Soon somebody appeared on top of Xander and wrapped his hands around the boy's neck. "Buffy is mine! Nobody is going to take her from me!"

Faith immediately grabbed her chackram and threw it at the ghost. "Get the fuck off of him!"

But the chackram went right through him.

The ghost chucked, "Nothing can hurt me."

Wesley smirked, "You're half right."

The actor turned to him, "How do we stop him?"

"The kid's going to have to die."

The ghost, Hercules, and Faith turned to see Ash running into the cabin. "What?" They asked in unison.

The Watcher nodded, "He's right. In order for Xander to stop him, he has to die, and read this spell."

The ghost's eyes widened, "Shit!"

He turned to his victim, and Xander's body stopped breathing. The teenager's body just stopped at that moment.

A bright light flashed in the room, and when it dissipated. Xander floated in mid-air with him saying, "Well now, this is new."

Soon the door burst open, and somebody whispered, "Oh God, I'm too late."

Xander looked at the visitor and whispered, "Buffy?"


Buffy just stared wide eyed at what was before her. Xander Harris. The man who became her best friend these past two years...

...laying on the couch...


She shook her head and tears started to glisten in her eyes.

Buffy had to know. "What happened?" She asked in a low voice.

But before she could answer, a bright light filled the room and Xander appeared levitating above the ground.

"What's happening to me?"

The ghost leaped from his body and tackled the spirit. "You son of a bitch! You leave Buffy alone!"

Wesley said, "Xander, you're a ghost."

Xanderr tried to struggle free, but couldn't. He said with a grunt. "You mean I'm dead?"

Hercules agreed, "It appears that way, Xander. Which is good."

He showed a confused look, "How is being dead good?"

Faith answered, "You can stop Buffy's ghost problem."

Buffy looked at the young woman, "Somebody tell me what the hell is happening!" She saw the ghost attacking Xander. "Get the fuck off my friend!"

The blond slayer leaped into action and tried to grab the ghost, but she fell right through and landed on her face. "Dammit! Somebody tell me what the fuck is going on!"

Wesley said, "Xander, repeat these words. Repeat them, and this ghost will be stopped."

Immediately, the ghost covered Xander's mouth, "I'll make sure you can't talk."

Ash said, "We'd help you fight this guy, Xander. But only a ghost can hurt a ghost."

Xander nodded and kneed the ghost in the groin. "You leave Buffy alone! Tell me the words, Wes."

"Fantasma di lo maledetto persona."

He grabbed hold of the ghost and pinned him on the ground. "Fantasma di lo maletetto persona."

"Lasciare questo mundo di gen."

The ghost flipped Xander over so that he was on the floor. "Don't you dare say another word!"

Xander grinned, "Lasciare questo mundo gen."

"Mi rilascio tu di questo mundo."

"No!" the ghost screamed as he pushed Xander across the face. "Stop this right now."

Xander chuckled, "Mi rilascio tu di questo mundo."

Wesley continued, "Tu potere attraversare da lo mundo di lo morto."

The ghost felt something happen in the center of his chest as Xander said the next statement. "Tu potere attraversare da lo mundo di lo morto."

"Tu ara alla fine non soffrire." You are finally free.

Xander smiled, "Tu ara alla fine non soffrire."

As soon as Xander said that, Wesley closed the book, and a loud voice filled the room, "This isn't over! I'll find a way to come back!." Then the ghost vanished leaving Xander alone.

Xander said in a whisper. "Is it over?"

Faith's watcher nodded, "It appears that way, Mr. Harris. Congradulations."

Buffy growled, "Somebody tell me what the hell just happened!"


"This way team." Said a voice as the rest of SG-25 exited the stargate.

The archeologist of the group said, "So this is P3X8492."

Colonel Steve Kavenox nodded, "Sure is, Richard."

Steve said to his second in command, "Major Greene. Move it. We're on a mission here."

"That is correct." Ryan Banks said.

Richard looked in front of him at the temple in front if of him. "Dr. Jackson would love this."

Lisa Greene nodded, "He'd definitely would. C'mon, we better move it."

Steve agreed, "Good statement, Major. Let's move out."

With that said, SG-25 headed into the temple not knowing what was in store for them.

"In here, Richard!"

Richard Parker nodded, "What is it, Lisa?"

Lisa pointed to the sarcophagus. "Who do you think is inside?"

Richard yelled, "Steve, Ryan! You might want to take a look at this!"


Buffy growled, "Somebody tell me what the hell just happened!"

Xander approached her, still in his phantasmal form, and stared at her. "Buffy?"

She looked up at him, raised her hand, and tried to caress his cheek. But her hand went right through. "You really are dead." Tears started to cascade down her cheeks.

Buffy then remembered something.

The blond glanced at Kevin Sorbo, "And when did you meet Kevin Sorbo?" she then saw Ash, "and the guy from S-Mart?" Buffy looked around the room, "When did you meet all these people, Xander. How did you meet them? And how is being dead a good thing?"

Xander chuckled, "I'll answer all your questions in a second, Buff." He turned to Wesley, "How do I get into my body?"

Ash replied, "According to Lorne. You have choices now, Kid. You can either go to heaven, get reincarnated, or go back to your body."

He nodded, "But how do I do that, Ash?"

The Englishman stated, "Well, from what I read in this book. All you have to do is go back to your body and dive in. The body should naturally take its soul back."

The boy said, "So all I have to do is dive into my body?"

He nodded, "That is correct, Xander. Then we'll explain everything to Ms. Summers."

Hercules nodded, "Good idea. I'd like to know how she found you're cabin, Ash."

Xander approached his body and looked down at it, "This is weird."

Buffy stood next to him, "Tell me about it, Xan. I've been through a lot too."

He turned back to her, "I mean, this is my body, and yet I'm not in it. I guess I finally had a out of body experience "

She chuckled, "I really missed you. When you're whole, we have a lot to talk about."

Xander nodded, "Yeah, we do." He then took a deep breath, "Here goes nothing."

Soon, the brunette jumped into his body. His body immediately grabbed onto its soul. Two eyes fluttered open. "Am I alive again?"

Hercules approached his young friend, "Welcome back, my friend. You did it, Xander. You found Buffy."

He chuckled, "More like she found me."

Buffy walked up to Xander and raised her hand to his cheek. She caressed it again, but this time, his rough skin yet smooth and soft was felt by her fingertips. "You're alive." She pulled him into a big hug. "You're alive. I missed you."

He returned the hug, "Missed you too, Buff."

"X, mind introducing us."

Xander chuckled, "Right." He withdrew himself from Buffy and said to her, "Buffy, this is Faith Williams. Another vampire slayer. Kevin Sorbo is next to you. Beside him, Who I believe you met, is Ash Williams. And the British guy with the book is Faith's watcher, Wesley Wyndam-Pryce. Everyone, this is my friend, Buffy Summers."

Buffy helped Xander up and stood next to him, "Hi. Xander, what's this about a ghost?"

The boy began his tale, "It all started when I saw you leaving Sunnydale. I found out you were going to LA, and decided to find you. I didn't want to see one of my best friends die especially after everything that happened."

Buffy Summers knew that he cared about her, and through the past three weeks, she grew to know Xander Harris more and more. He was her best friend now. Somebody she knew who would go at any means to find her.

"Xander, you can say it. I sent Angel to hell, and it hurt. But Los Angeles has been good to me. I got a job and a place to stay. Been working at Helen's Diner since then under the name, Anne Phillips. By the way, how did you find out about my name being Anne Phillips?"

Wesley grinned, "I believe I can answer that."

"Um, guys?"

They turned to face their friend.

Xander continued, "Do you mind if I take Buffy back to my apartment so we can talk? Just the two of us. I'll call you when we're caught up."

Ash grinned, "Not at all, Kid. Take all the time you need. Also know that according to Lorne, we still have something to stop. It looks like you two still have some stuff to do before we can go to Sunnydale."

"We?" Buffy asked.

Xander nodded, "I'll explain everything, Buffy. C'mon, let's get going."

With that said, the two friends left the cabin and headed for Xander's apartment.


"What do we got, Richard?" Steve asked him.

Richard replied, "Lisa found this sarcophagus."

Ryan approached the piece of alien technology. "Do you think we should open this?"

Lisa Greene walked up to her team. "We better be prepared for whatever might come out, Colonel."

Steve nodded, "Right you are, Major." He glanced at Richard. "Be careful."

Richard walked do the sarcophagus and went for the control panel. "How do you open these?"

The colonel joined the archeologist. "According to Teal'c. Do this." He then opened the sarcophagus and noticed a blond woman inside.

"Is she goa'uld, Colonel?" asked Major Lisa Greene.

The woman's eyes snapped open and she leapt out of the sarcophagus. "I'm not goa'uld." She grabbed Lisa's neck. "I'm something else." With a quick movement of the head, Lisa's neck broke.



That's it, people. This ends Phoenix Risings: Phantasmal Terrain. Next up is the final part of the Phoenix Risings Trilogy. Phoenix Risings: Necro-Gate.

Who is the blond woman? If she's not goa'uld, what is she?

I like to thank everyone who read this fic and I hope you enjoyed it.

I hope to start the sequel today.

I don't speak or know how to write Italian. I tried the best I could, and if I offend someone, I am sorry. These are what I was trying to translate into.

Fantasma di lo maledetto persona. -- Ghost of the cursed person

Lasciare questo mundo di gen.--Leave this world of flesh

Mi rilascio tu di questo mundo.--I release you of this world

Tu potere attraversare da lo mundo di lo morto. --You may crossover to the world of the dead.

Tu ara alla fine non soffrire.--You are finally free.


The End

You have reached the end of "Phoenix Risings: Phantasmal Terrain". This story is complete.

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