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If We Ever Meet Again

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Summary: Green Arrow was captivated by the blonde who literally left him speechless.

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Smallville > Buffy-CenteredAwesomeGeekFR1523,3761245,21418 Sep 105 Oct 10No


Disclaimer: Smallville and all related characters are copyright Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, DC & The CW Network. Buffy the Vampire Slayer and all related characters are copyright Joss Whedon and ME. No infringement intended. I own nothing!
Notes: Thankies to Musesinspiration for her ninja beta skills! This is my first time pairing these two characters together but most of you know I've become Oliver Queen/Green Arrow obsessed. You can find more of my stuff on The Rooftop. All chapter titles will be Timbaland songs as they are the inspiration for this whole fic.

Made by Me!

Perched on the roof of an office building, Green Arrow let his gaze trace through the streets below. He watched as headlights appeared and disappeared on the horizon; how the harsh orange light of the street lights below created harsh contorting shadows each time someone passed by underneath. Things had been quiet so far and he was getting ready to call it a night, his plans for the next again afternoon were also playing on his mind; he had business to attend to. Glancing once more at the streets below he let out a deep breath and stepped away from the edge, turning on his heel he headed back to Watchtower.

He lifted his hand to his ear and pressed the earpiece in tightly to hear it over the wind; it never failed to surprise him how loudly the wind roared at this height, “I’m heading back, Watchtower.”

“I was wondering how long you were going to stay out there.” He heard the familiar voice of Watchtower respond.

He smiled and hopped over to an adjacent roof, heading back to base. He had made his way quickly across a couple of blocks when he was stopped by the sound of a commotion below. Peering over the edge he saw a blonde woman being attacked by five men.

His adrenaline kicked in immediately, “Fight in progress. I’m going in.” he reported.

Watchtower responded back immediately. “I’ve got your location. Be careful.”


He hopped down to a lower ledge and flipped backwards, landing on the fire escape of the building next to him. He slid down the first ladder and landed silently with his knees bent. Looking down he was momentarily stunned; the blond was fighting back. Now, he had seen people fight back before but this was different; her movements were fast and fluid. Too fast.

He started moving down towards the alleyway again. As he leapt to the platform below he saw the blonde swing her arm out at one of the attackers. He would have sworn that she was holding a scythe.

He kept moving down the fire escapes as quickly and as quietly as he could, never once taking his eyes off the woman in case she cruelly turned out to be no more than a dream.

“Are you guys seeing what I am?” He said in to his earpiece.

“That would be a yes. Who is she?” they answered.

“Forget who she is, lets work out what she is!” he demanded, entranced by the small blonde below. Landing silently on the last platform he stopped dead in his tracks; he could only watch in horror as the blonde swung out with her weapon and in one effortless swing, beheaded two of her attackers.

The beheading definitely surprised him; what really stunned him in to paralysis was the fact that the bodies, which should now be lying in a pile on the ground, burst into what he could only describe as dust.

“What… the…” he began. He had no idea how to continue with the thought. He paused. He had never seen anything like that before and he had seen some rather interesting things in his time… however, people turning to dust when they died? - That was a new one!

In the mere seconds that followed, the girl lunged forward and impaled another of her attackers. Turning swiftly and striking, she met the fourth with her boot in a powerful roundhouse kick. As the fifth attacker lunged for her sheswung the scythe upwards, cleaving him in two. Quickly, she turned back to the two wounded attackers. They scrambled to their feet and charged at her again; he couldn’t believe how aggressive they were. He blinked for no more than a second and as his eyes opened, he could only see dust. The cloud swirled wildly as the blonde passed through it; the particles were sent dancing as the traced their way to the ground.

She stood for a moment longer amongst the dust, watching as it fell to the ground, “You know, I’m not used to an audience when I’m patrolling.” She smiled and looked right at him.

He swiftly ducked out of the light and leaned back in to the shadows. His heart was racing and he could barely speak. He was baffled as to how she knew he was there. He knew that he hadn’t made any noise as he made his way down from the roof and she had never looked in his direction the entire time.

Deciding not to speak, he took a deep breath and leapt over the fire exit railing, landing behind her. His bow was already drawn and he had it poised and ready. He was honest enough to admit that he was incredibly intrigued by her, but he also wasn’t stupid enough to let that control his actions.

“Who are you?” he demanded. Seeing her up close he could see she was quite the beauty and surprisingly short. He figured she could make even Chloe feel tall. Despite thinking she was beautiful, he wasn’t fooled into thinking she wasn’t dangerous; he knew first hand that evil came in many guises.

“Wait a minute, You were spying on me… Don‘t I get to ask the questions?” She asked, one hand going to her black leather clad hip.

“I wasn’t spying. I was coming to help you." he attempted to explain.

His eyes widened as she laughed loudly. Seeing his confusion she spoke, “Sorry, its not you… it’s just been a while since someone tried to help me.”

Now he was more confused now than ever. Who is this woman?

“Well, I’d love to stick around here and chat but I have things to do, places to be.” she smiled, “You know the script.”

She turned her back on him and started walking out of the alleyway.

He wanted answers and he wasn‘t going to just let those answers walk away from him. He aimed a warning shot, planning to let it pass over her shoulder; just enough to make her stop walking away. He released the bow string and let the arrow fly. His breath caught in his throat as the girl spun and caught the arrow mid-flight. She looked at the arrow in her hand and scowled at him.

“Now that wasn’t very nice, was it?” she huffed.

“How… But you…?” He stuttered. He could barely get the words out. Nobody had ever stopped one of his arrows before; no one!

The blonde made her way back towards him. She held his arrow in one hand while carrying the scythe in the other and didn’t look too pleased with him. He backed up and she stopped moving.

“I’m not going to hurt you." she said, attempting to calm him. "I was just going to give you this back.” She held out her hand with the arrow in it.

He hesitated a moment, then reached out and took the arrow, “Uh, thanks.” When she turned and began to walk away again he called out, “I’m Green Arrow.”

She looked around briefly, “Buffy.” With that, she was gone from the alley.

He stood there speechless and felt like he was dreaming. Had all that really just happened?

“Green Arrow! Hey Ollie!” He heard down the ear piece.

“I can hear you. Please tell me you saw all of that,” he finally answered.

“Yeah we saw it. Look, you won‘t believe who you just met. I think you better come and see this.” Watchtower's voice was filled with excitement.

He looked at the entrance to the alleyway where Buffy had just left before glancing down at the arrow she had given back.

“I’m on my way.”
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