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Break Me...

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Forbidden Desires". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Sometimes, you just have to give it all up, in order to find what you're looking for... SLASH FIC

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CSI > CSI New YorkDennSedaiFR2121,168011,11019 Sep 1019 Sep 10No

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Chapter One

Rating: FRAO
Disclaimer: Buffy and company belong to Joss Whedon, CSI: New York is owned by CBS, Paramount, etc. I'm just borrowing them to play with, I don't own them...or they'd get a lot more fun times
Warning: Some angst and personal issues for the guys.
Author's Notes: *sighs and hangs head in shame* Yep, I've got many, many other fics languishing, but the muse suddenly bit on this one and well.... you writers know how the muses are . For you readers, it's simple. One ignores a muse only at risk of limb, sanity and life,as well as under the threat of said muse conspiring with the other muses you may have to all go on strike until you listen to them when they demand. *whimpers* This one, I shoved off to one side and now I'm reluctantly posting it. Since the muses are poking at it and trying to get it started again. It's pretty dark at points, but it's always consensual, even if it nibbles at the semi-con line at times through out the series.

"Fuck," Don whispered softly as he watched the younger man who was hanging from the chains, as the whip cracked down once more. He didn't know who the hell the kid was, but it was obvious that he had one hell of an endurance. The mask he was wearing on his head concealed his whole face except for eyes that held his own captive whenever he glanced at them. The dog tags that dangled from his neck clearly said he was in the armed forces, even if he didn't know what branch.

Letting out a groan as he saw the guys tongue dart out and lick at his lips, Don felt his own cock twitch yet again. Normally he wouldn't be caught dead in a club like this, but every once in a while he went to one. The need to blow off the stress and just let go over rode his caution.

Watching as the big beefy guy leaned in and whispered something to the sub on the stage, Don shivered as he imagined himself being up there, breaking that lovely boy and making him his own. Frowning ever so slightly as the boy's reply couldn't be heard and the Dom's expression darkened he wondered if something was seriously wrong.

Watching as the Dom slowly said something, his expression showing his temper off quite clearly, he nearly jumped as the Dom set the whip aside and spoke up in a loud voice over the general noise of the bar.

"My pet here is apparently not satisfied with my skills and has asked, if there's anyone else out there who thinks they might have what it takes to break him. Personally, I doubt it."

A soft buzz arose at those words as various eyes turned and considered the sub standing proud and defiant on the stage.

Clearing his throat Don slowly stood up, "I'll take up the challenge."

Smirking the beefy Dom on the stage let out a harsh bark of laughter. "I could break you in half pretty boy."

The sub on the stage however looked up at Don and licked his lips once again, before saying something softly, making the Dom on the stage frown and growl at the soft words.

"Fine, it seems my pet here, wants to see what you can do."

"Gladly," Don shot back with a smirk of his own at the others expression of rage and disgust. "If you'll excuse me a minute while I get my supplies?"

Walking up onto the stage a few minutes later with a small gym bag that held a few select toys that he'd picked out and brought with him for the evenings play, Don smiled as he listened to the soft steady sound of the sub's breathing and picked up on his relaxed body language.

Leaning in close to the sub's ear he spoke softly. "Limits and Safe Word Boy?"

The sub let out a soft growl at the last part before speaking up just as softly. "My limits are no kissing, no permanent marks or injuries, breath control, and nothing unsafe such as piss, scat, or blood, Sir. My safe word is 'Xander' or snapping my fingers three times."

Don just chuckled softly at that. "Much smarter than most I see. I personally don't care for an audience and I do have a private room if you'd like, but I'm up for the challenge either way."

Chuckling ever so softly the Sub smirked ever so slightly. "If you can break me and make me use my safe word, you can have me... I saw you watching and wanting me from the audience... think you can break me pretty boy?"

Growling softly at that, Don gently nipped at the boys earlobe, where it was ever so slightly exposed. "I can break anyone, if I want to beautiful. So when you use your safe word, how about I take you back to my place, since you like to show off in public. Then I'll teach you a few more private lessons of my own as well."

Shivering the sub considered that offer. "Break me and I'm yours for the night."
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