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From Sunnydale to Azeroth.

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Summary: Glory's portal sends Andrew to a land torn by war and now he has to pick a side. (Slash will be put in later.)

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: I don’t own either the World of Warcraft game or the Buffy series.

Time line: End of season 5 of Buffy and 1 year before the events of Cataclysm.

Chapter 1

Buffy and her friends were trying to stop Glory’s portals, but as Dawn was cut by one of Glory’s servants the portals were flung open and reality was about to come undone and Buffy Summers was about to make the ultimate sacrifice to save her friends and family by flinging herself off the tower.

Meanwhile Andrew was walking home, things were getting weird lately what with all the people going insane when something happened at the odd new construction place; the sky looked like it had shattered and he felt something sucking him in, his world went black as he lost consciousness while he fell backwards into the darkness.

Yasie was walking to the inn at Tristfal Glades when the sky burst apart and a young man came crashing through the underbrush; he was bleeding and covered in welts. She went to look and she gasped; he looked just like her brother before the plague took him.

“Heal,” she whispered, as the healing energy flowed through her hands into his body causing him to cough and his eyes opened.

“Where am I?” Andrew moaned out in pain, he looked at the woman and backed away nervously.

Yasie realized that her appearance would be a little unsettling to him, what with her face rotting and glowing yellow eyes. She sighed unhappily and said in common, “Hi, I’m Yasie, who are you?”

“Umm, Andrew,” he replied.

‘Hmm,’ Yasie thought, ‘Andrew?’ As she looked him over, ‘He wasn’t alliance that was pretty much obvious to me, he would’ve attacked me by now, he just looks lost and scared.’

“Please don’t hurt me,” Andrew pleaded, “I won’t do anything bad, I don’t even know where I am.”

“It’s alright,” Yasie said gently, “But you aren’t safe here as my people don’t care for humans much and I wouldn’t want you to get hurt,” ‘Or worse,’ she thought darkly, she knew what her people would do to this kid. She had to get him to Southshore as it would be closest Alliance settlement near here and they could teach him what he needed to know.

She summoned her skeletal steed and said, “Come with me Andrew, I shall protect you and guide you.”

Andrew took her hand and she lifted him onto her steed and rode away from the Forsaken and Brill, whispering, “Don’t worry, you’re going to be safe, I promise it.”

“Where am I?” Andrew asked confused, “This isn’t Sunnydale!!”

Yasie froze and muttered, “Sunnydale? Disgusting sounding name,” and rode faster to avoid the Horde Adventurers that usually wandered the area and rode past them and guards, she began to tell Andrew about how things worked.

“So,” Andrew said interrupting her, “Your race is at war with my race?”

“In a way yes,” Yasie said, “The Horde and Alliance hate each other, we’ve tried to make a peace treaty but it won’t happen as there’s way too much bad blood between the factions.”

Andrew still had no idea what happened; how did he get to this place? And why was he here? He probably just stepped into the middle of a war?

Yasie smiled slightly and said, “There are some who believe that it would be better for us to work for peace but they are fewer in number now.

As they rode Andrew noted that the place was ugly, it looked like something was killing the land or at least trying too

Yasie noticed the worgs after them and snarled, “Stupid dogs, probably thought they were going to get a meal,” she turned around and her yellow eyes glowed as she reached into the light and incinerated one of the worgs with holy fire and she looked at another one and cast Smite on it.

She smiled smugly as the worgs backed away, she looked at Andrew who looked at her with wide eyes and suddenly screamed, “That was so cool!! How did you do that?”

“Oh,” Yasie said, “I’m a Priest and those spells are old favourites of mine.”

“It’s so cool,” Andrew gushed, “I mean I know there’s magic but nothing like that, my brother used to summon demons.”

“Was he a Warlock?” Yasie asked, “Summoning demons is their best skill.”

“No,” Andrew said with a frown, “He called himself a summoner.”

‘Hmmm,’ Yasie thought with puzzlement, ‘So his people, whoever they are, have knowledge of magic but nothing like I wield. Who are their healers?’

“So Andrew,” Yasie said, “Do you have a trade yet?”

Andrew shook his head and she frowned, ‘Could I really just leave him alone with the Alliance? No,’ she thought, I’d have to find a way to help Andrew without him getting into trouble.”

“So when are we getting to Southshore?” Andrew asked curiously, “It’s getting late and it’s never good when it gets dark.”

Yasie smiled softly and said, “We’ll stop here for the nigh,“ as they stopped at an abandoned farm for the night, Andrew shivered a bit and Yasie smiled, “You won’t be alone, I promise.”

“But what happened here?” Andrew asked in a small voice, “It feels like something bad happened here.”

“It did Andrew,” Yasie said as she began to tell him the recent history of the Eastern Kingdoms and he looked ill as she told her personal story.

“I was a novice in the church of the Holy light when we received word that the Scourge had surrounded our town,” Yasie said, “My little brother came in, he always felt safe with me and he wanted to stay with me.”

Andrew sat there listening to her, horrified as she continued, “The battle was going well for us at first, thankfully a bunch of High Elf warriors and mages had been stuck with us, they were going to Quel’Thalas but got stuck with us, the poor bastards. They fought well but it was going to turn against us sooner or later,” Yasie said sadly.

“A member of the Lich King’s Cult of the Damned,” Yasie said with bitterness, “Had snuck in and placed plagued grain with our food supplies and by the time we realized what had happened it was too late; half of our people were infected and before we knew it we had to fight for ourselves on two fronts. I could feel the plague going through my body and I asked one of the High elves to send him anywhere, he agreed and sent him to somewhere and as he walked through the portal, the door splintered open and ghouls came pouring through.”

“I’m sorry,” Andrew said softly, still horrified by the story, “You don’t have to continue.”

She smiled softly and said, “It’s our pain that gives us strength and besides we were freed by the dark lady Sylvanas shortly after and we began to regain our power but we were not welcomed by our human or elven family or friends, we were treated as monsters.”

Yasie was about to continue her story when she saw Andrew asleep curled into a ball asleep, she whispered, “May the light protect you,” and placed a wool blanket on him and kept watch over him through the night.

Andrew was dreaming of being in that town, he wanted to go home as he missed his home and now he didn’t know where he was.

He was awoken to smell eggs cooking; he looked up and muttered, “Mama?” Until he realized he was in that same abandoned farm.

He saw Yasie cooking for him; she smiled at him and said, “Sorry Andrew, I’m not your mama.”

“Umm,” Andrew said, “I have a question?” at Yasie’s look he continued, “How do we know each other’s language?”

“Well, all Forsaken know Common?” Yasie said, “We were humans at one time but since we are members of the Horde we usually don’t speak it, we more often speak Orcish.”

Andrew ate the eggs and thanked her while Yasie looked at him with a bit of affection, he reminded her so much of her little brother it wasn’t even funny and, except for his hair colour, he could be twins.

“We should get going soon,” Yasie said, “We have a lot to do to prepare you for your trials in this world.”

She walked out and summoned her steed and they left, Andrew looked around and thought, ‘This place doesn’t look any better in daylight.’

“This was once a beautiful land Andrew,” Yasie said, “Lordamere Lake was popular for people to go swimming in and my family used to have meals in some of the glades of Silverpine. But the Plague and that bastard Arthas ruined everything.”

As they rode through the forest Andrew saw some creatures by the water and looked at them.

Yasie frowned and muttered, “Murlocs, lovely!!” As one of them noticed them and gurgled out a warning.

“What’s wrong with Murlocs?” Andrew asked, “They look kinda cute.”

“Yeah,” Yasie said, “Cute,” as they rode faster being chased by the tribe of Murlocs.

“Maybe their hungry,” Andrew said as he put his hand in one of Yasie’s bags and pulled a huge flank of bear meat and threw it to them.

The head Murloc was charging in as it suddenly got whacked in the head and fell down, it got up and looked at the bear meat and made a gurgling sound as it held the meat.

‘What the hell!!?’ Yasie thought, ‘Did that actually stop them?’ As she turned around and saw the Murlocs standing around the meat and poking at it, one of them looked at Andrew puzzled and walked over slowly and spoke in a broken language.

“You give meat,” it said, “You must take gift too,” as it gave Andrew a heavy bag made out of seaweed and it took the tribe back to the beach.

As they rode Andrew was looking in the bag for anything interesting, he pulled out some fish and made a face as he didn’t like fish that much. He found a really weird looking bottle full of a deep red liquid, a dagger made out of coral and a bunch of pearls.

Yasie looked at the pearls eagerly as they would fetch a good price; she had no idea that these Murlocs had so many valuables. She’d have to help Andrew put them for sale.

She stopped in front the entrance to the Hillsbrad Foothills and sighed, she could still drop him off in Southshore and the Murloc’s treasure could help him get a good start but he had no idea how the world works, hell it was a one in a million chance that his idea against the Murlocs worked.

“It will be hard Andrew,” Yasie said, “I’ll go with you to Southshore and they will call me monster and worse and they shall judge you for the company you keep.”

Andrew looked worried, he didn’t want his new guide to this world being killed and he was certain that he didn’t want to be judged, ‘But she’s being nice to me.’

They rode to the small town and Yasie said, “Andrew, are you prepared for what awaits us?” He nodded and they rode to Southshore.


Poll question: Do you want Andrew to be on the Horde or Alliance side or neutral? What class would you like him to be? Do you want any of the Scooby gang members to find their way to Azeroth? If so then who?

A/N: If I do put a pairing in this story for Andrew it is going to be slash. If you need any more info on World of Warcraft please check Wowwiki or the main World of Warcraft web site.

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