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The Muggle, the Witch and the Death Eaters.

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Summary: Cordelia and Ginny get into serious trouble when they discover something about Voldemort.

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Harry Potter > Cordelia-CenteredNorwegianneFR1541,474063,9804 Dec 0327 Oct 04No


Cordelia Chase, of Sunnydale, California, now of London, England was not having a good day so far. First she’d woken up late, and hung over. Then she had imbibed in her best friend’s contraceptive potion. She was pretty sure, judging by the taste, that the point of the potion was to encourage girls to not have sex.

If she had to drink that every day to not get pregnant… she would probably just give up on the sex.

Then her television commercial had gone straight to hell.

She was sure that any girl she had ever mocked in her life was mocking her now.

She had wandered into the Leaky Cauldron, and Tom had mixed her a Bloody Mary, with DragonVodka instead of the original. Cordelia could learn to appreciate this, so much more effective to drown her sorrows in, and no little green demon in sight either.

Tom had on the Wizard’s Wireless in the background. It mostly played music, but every hour at 11 minutes past the half hour it had a brief news report.

“A very little known branch of Gringotts was broken into last night, sources at the department of Magical enforcement informed WWN this morning. there are no comments from Gringotts and the Auror in charge of the case, Neville Longbottom, has informed us that he has got some excellent clues, but nevertheless asks that anyone who might have seen anything contact the department.”

Cordelia’s eyes widened. She looked down at her hand. The numbers were there. She vaguely remembered having written them down last night. When they had listened to the conversations at Dean’s equipment.

She flung a few coins at the counter for Tom, as she drained her glass and grinned at the few customers of the pub. “Got to go, see you later. I’ve got a girl to see.”
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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking