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The Muggle, the Witch and the Death Eaters.

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Summary: Cordelia and Ginny get into serious trouble when they discover something about Voldemort.

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Harry Potter > Cordelia-CenteredNorwegianneFR1541,474063,9804 Dec 0327 Oct 04No

The Muggle, the Witch and the Deatheaters.

DISCLAIMER: Cordelia Chase is the property of Fox (I think,) Ginny Weasley and the rest of the characters last seen in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix belongs to J. K. Rowling. The plot is from the movie High Heels and Low Lifes, or as it was so fittingly translated to Norwegian: Blackmail.

A/N: Just an idea that wouldn't leave my head. It's set in the future, Voldemort hasn't lost and the rest I'll figure out. Why Cordelia is in England? Well... use your imagination.

If you haven't seen High Heels... you should. To Mette, because she had three shots of tranqs. at the dentist, and none of them worked.


Ginny blinked rapidly a couple of times, trying to sort out her thoughts. Yesterday had been her birthday. She had been at work at St. Mungo's, and when she came home... She squinted at the clock before she rolled over.

There was another person in her bed.

She put one of her hands out, experimentally.

Another female person in her bed.

When she came home, Dean had been acting like a total dick. So, she had gone to the theatre.

Cordelia had been in a god-awful play.

Loads of nudity, though. Both female and male.

Afterwards, Cordy had taken her out for drinks to celebrate her birthday.

She recalled something about Dean's technical equipment, and a visit to the Ministry of Magic's Auror Department.

As soon as they had heard that Cordelia was American and relatively Muggle - well there hadn't been anyone who would listen to them.

There had been quite a ruckus there too, she vaguely recalled.

She pushed Cordelia with one of her elbows.

"Don't you need to go to one of your things?"

"'time is it?"



Faster than lightening, or hung over lightening anyway, Cordelia scrambled out of bed and found her jacket, purse and one shoe.

"Do you have anything of that sober-up potion that I got last time? Aha, there you are," she had found her missing shoe under the sofa.

"Yeah," Ginny rolled over in bed. It was nice and warm. "It's in the cabinet."

She could hear Cordelia take a sip of something.

"It's in the blue bottle, next to the Contraceptive potion in the red bottle."

Spitting sounds came from the bathroom.

"How well does the contraceptive potion work, anyway?" Cordelia asked. "Muggle methods have its failure rates."

"Well, it depends on who makes it, and who you ask," Ginny said. "Apparently Mum made her own during her last year of Hogwarts. Bill was born 5 months after they left it."

"Really, but you haven't had any accidents? Yikes," she looked at her wrist-watch. "I got to go. Talk to you later, bye."

Few minutes later Ginny Weasley was sound asleep.
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