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The Eye of the Matter

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Settling down in Cleveland". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Ethan Rayne unleashes an ancient evil upon Cleveland's Hellmouth; Buffy and others have to stop it.

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DmitriFR733,911112,46720 Sep 1021 Sep 10Yes

The Eye of the Matter - part 3

The Eye of the Matter – part 3

Disclaimer: See Part 1

“And that’s that?” Xander said incredulously, as he looked at the zombies coming closer in a stumbling but steady way. “I got to say, the vampires are more impressive. Faster, too.”

“Xander, get into your position, damn it!” Buffy snapped. “Dawn, just get down!”

Something in Buffy’s voice caused Xander and Dawn to comply; the others were already in their positions: Faith – alongside Buffy – flanking the zombies, Kennedy covering Willow, Melusine... well, Melusine was apparently providing the aerial support or something.

The zombies, meanwhile, shambled their way forwards... and abruptly stopped, no longer ad-vancing with intent to attack. Instead, they seemed to have cleared the way... for a will-o’-the-wisp-like sphere that glimmered with a dim, cool light that shimmered in a somewhat hungry way.

“Now, Xander!” Willow suddenly said, as she sneaked a peak from behind Kennedy, who by now had her eyes covered with a bandanna (just as the other Slayers did). “It’s the in the middle!”

Abruptly, the sphere changed shape, becoming a long, snake-like creature instead and lashed at Willow, its front end elongating into toothy jaws. Blindfolded, Kennedy swung her battle-axe, catching the serpent with the flat side of the blade, flinging it backwards.

Now, the zombies began to shuffle forwards, when streams of viscous, acidic liquid that came from above began to strike them, breaking them apart. Willow sneaked a look in that direction – sure enough, Melusine’s monstrous pet was already there, its three pairs of eyes glittering in excitement.

The Boi-Tata sensed it as well, and began to stretch upwards, revealing its neck, or what passed for it in its case.

“Now, Xander!” Willow yelled again, and Xander whirled around and struck: a lasso snaked through the air, grabbing the Boi-Tata’s neck and pulling on it. The serpent whirled and struck...harmlessly, as Xander had turned with his eyeless side towards it, and his last eye closed shut.

As the fiery serpent struggled to land a blinding blow, Willow carefully pulled out a knife with an obsidian blade and began to chant. As she chanted, the blade began to glow white, a very different light from the Boi-Tata’s dim and cool one – and the Boi-Tata sensed it. The fiery serpent whirled around, ready to deal with the new threat, but Xander’s lasso held firm, preventing it from launching a counter-strike – and Willow finished her chant... and a blast of that hot, white light-energy struck the Boi-Tata in the chin. There was a flash of light...and the fiery serpent has gone.

“Now,” Buffy said firmly, “it’s Ethan’s time!”

* * *

“No need,” spoke Zabini suddenly spoke up, startling Buffy and others as he and Giles emerged from around the corner, dragging Ethan alongside them. “We cut him off at the run.”

Upon seeing Buffy and Dawn, Ethan blanched even more so than how he was before. “Look,” he said beseechingly, “can’t we sort things out peacefully?”

“Just pay the necromancer his money and it’ll be a start,” Buffy replied matter-of-factly.

“Thanks to you, your sister and friends, I’m funds-deficient at the moment,” Ethan snapped back.

“Then maybe I should take it out of your hide instead, then?” Zabini said equally matter-of-factly.

“No need,” Giles said flatly. “That, unfortunately, is against the council’s rules as well. There-fore, why don’t we go back – with him – and we’ll reimburse you for your financial loss instead?”

“How did you get here, anyways?” Kennedy belatedly asked, thinking of flying broomsticks for some reason.

“In my car,” Giles said coolly, clearly guessing her thoughts from her facial expression and not being amused. “Anyone else wants a lift?”

“Yes, please!” Dawn said quickly. “Can I have a ride with you? ‘Cause if Buffy’s driving... I don’t want to die!”

Buffy glared.

* * *

Without Buffy doing the driving, the Slayers van did take a longer amount of time getting from the warehouses to the council’s HQ; however, nobody was complaining particularly hard about that – it wasn’t only Dawn who didn’t want to die from Buffy’s ‘peculiar’ driving style. They were greeted by Xander, whose facial expression... conveyed mixed feelings.

“What’s wrong, Xan?” Dawn said, trying to be cheerful.

“Did you know that Ethan can teleport, or apparate, or whatever?” Xander replied in lieu of greeting. “Right before our noses too, as a matter of fact. Zabini is pissed, Giles is barely faring better, and Melusine... well, she’s actually more restrained about it, especially since her people got their eyes back and Wolfram & Hart got their fee’s worth already. Now, if you excuse us, I got to console her some more.”

“...Well,” said Buffy after a brief pause. “We stopped an ancient evil, Ethan Rayne escaped our clutches once more and Xander’s girlfriend isn’t human. Glad to see that everything is back to normal.”


The End

You have reached the end of "The Eye of the Matter". This story is complete.

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