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Godly Emperor

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Godly Loves". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Gods clash, empires crumble and its all out war as two giants come together and Xander is drawn into the mess

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NOTE: This chapter is rated FR13

Becoming Powerful

Growing up in Rome and on Olympus caused Pompey to have a very interesting grasp on reality. For he was neither human nor God. It caused a lot of issues but ones he didn't care about that much. After all, he got to live in Olympus and Rome and as far as he was concerned the two of them were the greatest places on the Earth. The only worthy places to be if one were special. Rome was the heart of the Empire of the world and nothing would ever change that. No matter what Apollo or the Fates said. He simply wouldn't believe otherwise. It was his destiny to bring forth a new Rome after all.

One day Pompey was playing with his toys, having escaped from his tutors, when he was interrupted by his Nanna, Nyx. She had a baby with her. Curious, Pompey approached and looked at the baby. Instantly he felt a connection to the baby and turned to Nyx. Who simply smiled at him and handed him the baby. "This is your great grandson, he will be born many years from now by one of your grandchildren. His name is Alexander in honor of Alexander the Great. He was being...Well, I decided that he should be raised by someone more suited to him. So how would you like a little brother, my darling one."

Pompey looked at the baby and smiled, already in love with him not to mention,"I don't have to be the littlest anymore."Nyx laughed in delight at such a reaction and went to tell her child that she had another child. And so Pompey and Alex grew up together as brothers and were quite happy with it. They knew that they were in fact great grandpa and great grandson but it didn't faze them at all. All of Pompey's parents loved Alex as well and cherished him, for he was of their line. Ares and Apollo found Alex amusing, Strife just loved him cause of all the chaos and mischief that followed him. Athena was constantly aggravated by him and Janos took a special interest in him and wouldn't tell anyone why.

All in all, having a brother who could always be there with him made Pompey very happy. Pompeia was only a sister after all, no matter how much he loved her. Alex was his brother in all ways that mattered. Though as he grew older and realized exactly why Alex had to be taken from his real parents made him furious. How dare anyone touch one of his after all. He promised himself that he would talk to them very....firmly when they were born. The only other thing that annoyed him about the situation was that he was told that he was still the youngest as Alex wasn't his actual sibling. Thus he was the youngest child of the Gods yet. Zeus not for much longer but Hades and Poseidon. Well, they didn't have mortal children as often. Godly even less, so he was stuck being the youngest.

Once he entered his teen years, Pompey began to spend more and more time studying and training. Preparing for his destiny. The Gods themselves helped, teaching them all they knew. Ares and Athena spent the most time with him, second to them being Apollo. Who took Pompey to his bed when he was fifteen. Upon learning of that, all Olympus shook as his parents tried to kill him. At seventeen, Pompey served under his father. Taking part in a few minor battles of no true importance.Alex joined him a year later. Then just after he turned nineteen his life changed forever.

For Gnaeus Pompeius Strabo was dead. Killed by a plague ravaging the land. Upon his death, Strife caused chaos on the mortal plane. Truly destroyed at the death of his most beloved son. Nothing could sooth away his grief and the mortals suffered for it. Cupid tried but his lover would not heed him and banished him from his presence. The other Gods tried to help but were just as banished so they turned their attentions to Pompey. Who didn't know quite how to react to his father's demise. What
to do or how to act.

When Strabo's body was dragged from its bier by the mob, Pompey had enough and retreated from Rome and went to Olympus with his family. The Gods embraced them all, comforted them to the best of their ability. Some time past before Pompey was ready to return and when he was he took Apollo with him. In the disguise of a mortal of course. And when Sulla came back to Rome, Pompey raised an army to help him. Earning him notice. To ensure a stronger tie, Sulla offered Pompey his stepdaughter,Aemilia. Pompey divorced his then wife,Antistia and married Aemilia. He didn't care who he was married to after all. Women were just something to own. They gave you children and prestige. They were nothing. Only his family were worth anything.

Soon after, Pompey went to war in Sicily and Africa and won the complete love of his men. Something that would never change. Pompey had been taught that a soldier's loyalty was worth more than anything else. For an army was power, just as his brother Alexander the Great had proved and Pompey meant to prove again. His men named him Imperator. Upon returning to Rome though, things changed.Sulla may have named him Magnus,the Great, but he also ordered him to disband his army and refused his demand of a Triumph. Pompey proceed to bring his army to the Gates of Rome to get his way. Which he did.

In Rome other things changed as well, as Nyx came and took Xander from his side. Simply saying that he was needed in his time but she promised that he could visit every summer. So with a heavy heart, Pompey and Alex had to say goodbye. It hurt both of them to do so but they did. Apollo tried to offer comfort to Pompey but he refused it and withdrew. Ares began to teach him more and more about war to distract him from being parted from his brother for the first time ever. It worked and the brothers grew closer than ever before.

The years that followed were busy for Pompey, he fought in many wars, got much from the Senate by force and annoyed Crassus by taking credit for Spartacus. The people loved him fiercely and the aristocracy feared him and his growing popularity. Not that Pompey much cared as the Senate and the nobles couldn't touch him as long as he had his army and the mobs love. The mob ruled Rome after all. More so in the years to come. The people viewed him as the most brilliant general Rome had ever seen and believed he was beloved of the Gods. He fought for the peoples rights against Sulla and his nobles.

Thus Pompey became the youngest Consul without being a Senator, a move that the nobles never forgave him for but could do nothing to stop. Crassus was forced to be his partner. Soon after that his life changed even more in ways he could not have predicted without Divine help.
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