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Godly Emperor

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Godly Loves". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Gods clash, empires crumble and its all out war as two giants come together and Xander is drawn into the mess

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In the years that followed saw Pompey going against pirates and while it didn't go quite as he was liked, Rome loved him as the grain came. Then he turned his attention to Mithridates and saw much of the world in his pursuit of him. Did much good for Rome and gained large chunks of the East for the Empire then Mithridates took his own life. Pompey was becoming more loved and feared. More of a King and a God then a mere man. Apollo was amazed and proud of his brother and lover and 'rewarded' him for being the greatest of them all.

Upon his return to Rome, Pompey was given his third Triumph and promised his men land then dismissed them. Still the Senate was suspicious and sought to prevent his keeping his promise to his men. The Senate was reluctant to acknowledge his achievements. Something that was intolerable to the son of Gods. The destined one that was foretold before his birth to be great. In no way would such disrespect be tolerated in any way. Ares was all ready to kill them all while Strife wanted to 'play' with them. His Dads all wanted to do a variety of different things to them all but Pompey had another idea. A better plan.

The meeting of Gauis Julius Caesar and Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus was stuff of legends and it changed the world beyond anything ever had before. The magnetism between them was strong the moment they locked eyes upon each other and sizzled ever after.Begging to be ignited. That meeting would change the course of history as it would bring about the first Triumvirate. Crassus and Pompey had no trust for each other but could be of use to each other as could see Caesar. So they became one in destiny. Together they made Caesar a Consul and started a new 'friendship.' Pompey married Caesar's daughter, Julia and was as drawn to her as he was her father.

As time moved on, the Triumvirate was beginning to fray while Pompey was distracted by his new wife and building his theatre. Bringing true culture to Rome by giving it its first permanent theatre. Connecting it to a temple in honor of Aeneas, son of his sister Aphrodite-Venus and the Founder of Rome. Also an escapee of Troy. It was absolute glorious, an testament to Pompey's greatness. Pompey was also distracted by Apollo giving birth to twins, a boy and a girl once again. As all sons of Zeus could give birth. Well, the Godly ones.With hardly any mortal blood in them,they were God and Goddess. And were named Selena, Goddess
of Humanity and Justice and Solon, God of Vengeance and Redemption. All was well.

Sorrow soon followed though when Julia died giving birth to his child, unable to take bearing a Godly child. Caesar and Pompey grieved for her jointly though Caesar did not know that Apollo had managed to save the baby. Though Pompey had left his bed for Ares, Apollo still loved him and had no interest in seeing him grieved over much and while he would see Julia dead, he would not see his nephew dead. And thus Gnaeus Marcus Lucius Pompeius survived and people were made to forget who his mother was. Shortly after Crassus 'died' in Parthia, actually killed by Pompey and Caesar in front of all Rome thanks to Zena. The fight for
Rome had began.

Though without Julia in between them anymore, the raw sexual attraction was brewing strong, to distance himself from the one that
he felt could truly distract him, Caesar offered his great niece Octavia. Seeing the rejection and unwilling to allow that to do without punishment, Pompey refused and married Cornelia Scipio, the daughter of Caesar's greatest enemy. If Caesar would reject HIM then the time of their alliance was coming to an end. The years that followed was filled with tension as war began to brew. With every year Pompey took more and more power from Caesar. Ares stuck close to Pompey so that when the war came,he could ensure victory.

Before the war officially came though, Pompey wanted to experience one thing. Caesar's body. So he asked Ares to arrange it. Ares wasn't happy at the thought of sharing his lover-brother or anyone even daring to touch Pompey but for once in his life Ares cared about another's happiness over his own. So he tricked Caesar and with him chained up, Pompey enjoyed him greatly while Ares enjoyed Pompey's body. Shockingly Caesar enjoyed it to, both being dominated and finalllllly being with Pompey.Caesar had denied himself being with Pompey for feared that he would lose himself,lose everything. As Pompey was His, something he had known from the moment they met. Pompey was his...The three of them came together.

As Pompey and Caesar laid together, they knew that they didn't want this to be the end. For them to have only being together just once after years of wanting each other. So they came up with the idea of meeting each other in secret while in public still fighting. Though in both their thoughts they worried that they would not be able to kill the other.As they both reached for the other, they decided to face it when it was time.

A.N: When Xena is mentioned, its a fictional event. The rest is historically accurate

The End?

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You have reached the end of "Godly Emperor" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 16 Jan 11.

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