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Godly Emperor

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Godly Loves". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Gods clash, empires crumble and its all out war as two giants come together and Xander is drawn into the mess

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Television > Xena-Hercules > Xander-CenteredXanderLuvsAllFR732,789027,27720 Sep 1016 Jan 11No

The Beginning

Disclaimer: Don't own Hercules or Xena or Percy or BTVS

In a rare show of brotherly love, Zeus, Hades and Poseidon came 'together' with their lovers, the daughter of Nyx,Thaia and the son of Strife, God of Mischief, Chaos, Time and Mayhem,Pompeius Strabo. Out of love for their shared lovers and each other they came together repeatedly for months. Then Thaia told them she was pregnant and at that exact moment the Fates showed up.

"One God to rule them all, One Being to change an Empire, One being to unit them All." That was the Prophecy that they spoke and then disappeared. They would not appear again for many years and it left Olympus in chaos.No one knew what to do or if the child was a threat. Zeus remembered the Prophecy about Athena and her mother and his reaction to it. He had no desire to have yet another child bursting its way out of his head, Not to mention what his brothers would do to him and Nyx and Strife. Neither would be happy if he touched their grandchild and neither were beings he wanted to mess with.

Still , the Prophecy didn't exactly sound good. The three brothers began to fight as they tried to decide what to do, it wasn't stopped until Nyx arrived. Who simply looked at them, which caused all of them to shut up. Not wishing to anger her. Nyx moved to her daughter's side and touched her stomach. Feeling the tiny life growing in her daughter and smiled, quite happy he was finally coming. She turned toward the young-lings, aka the Three.

"Nothing shall touch this child or face my wrath. He is my Grandson and none may touch him save with my solemn permission. All shall heed that or suffer the consequences." With that she left the room, the country, the continent, the world to take her place in the sky. While the Gods tried to grasp all that had just happened in a few short hours. While Strabo took Thaia and went home. Leaving the Gods to their "issue" safe in the knowledge that his son was safe from his lovers. Strife came to his son's
villa once he was able to get away from his lover, Cupid.

Stife loved his son more than any other, his children were his life and he loved all of them but Strabo touched him deeply. Not just because he actually did love his mother, who he had left Cupid to be with for her entire life. She had meant a great deal to him. Lucilia had been one of a kind and he knew he would never meet another like her nor would he want to.

He had been alive since the day the Titans fell, the exact day. As his mother, Discord had been full with so much power thanks to the
discord energy in the air that it needed to go somewhere. So It created a child, a child of all the Gods and Titans. Chaos had also intervened and given the child some of his power. Thus making the child the God of Chaos. When the child was born, he was so powerful the Twelve became the Thirteen before he could even speak. Yet in all that time, Strife had only been in love twice.

Sure he had many lovers but only two he at all cared for, Cupid and Lucilia. So Strife was protective of Strabo and would allow no one to hurt him. Not even his family, he was with Nyx. No one would touch the child, no matter what the Fates said about him. The child would be born into this world and his son would be happy. As he figured it all out, he was actually startled by Apollo's arrival.

"hey, bro. Got much to tell you and yours. That grandchild of yours is in for one hell of a ride. Let me tell you." And so he did. Thus they learned of the future of Gnaeus Pompeius MAgnus. Pompey the Great.
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