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Borrowing the Cloak, I've Got My Own Dagger

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Summary: In which I take Harry Potter fanfiction cliches and apply them to the BtVS world. Ever wondered what the Buffy-equivalent of a Veela mate plot would be? How about a Severitus? Time-travel? Inheritance fic? Arranged Marriage? Here's your answer...

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Time Travel

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Mutant Enemy (grr, argh!) does.

A/N: This idea sprang from the darkest deepest recesses of my brain... enjoy! No, seriously -- there are a LOT of really strange Potter fandom cliches, and I intend to use them all. Not the Mary-Sue cliches (at least, probably not), but everything else is fair game. I intend to at least attempt to take these seriously, so these are likely to be a bit less humorous than my usual stuff. Each chapter will be a stand-alone, and will feature one of the many (MANY) cliches. I've got a list of about fifteen already, but this is sort of my version of a prompt-box -- something for me to work on when I'm stumped on my other stuff (like I am right now, damnit).

She was screaming, one long sustained shriek, when her mother burst into the room.

"What's wrong? What's wrong, sweetie?" Joyce asked frantically, hands coming up to hold her daughter's shoulder as she ran her eyes over the ten-year-old's body, looking for some sign of injury. Seeing the shock in Dawn's big blue eyes she enfolded her in her arms, rocking her daughter back and forth.

Dawn gasped for breath, shuddering and crying, completely overwhelmed.

The last thing she remembered was jumping. She didn't remember the fall, or… landing. She remembered Buffy's look of shock and the aborted speech. She remembered being kidnapped. She remembered the last five years on the Hellmouth. She remembered her mother's death.

But right now she was in her mother's arms, in her room… and there were dozens of boxes stacked against the walls in her line-of-sight. She could make out a poster tacked against the back of her half-open door, a poster that she had thrown away for being 'too kiddish' when she was twelve.

Dawn gulped for air, "M-mom?"

"Yes, honey? Did you have a nightmare?"

She leaned into the hand stroking her hair. "Y-yeah. I think I did."

"Oh, sweetie, I know this has been hard on you… this move has been hard for all of us."

"Y-yeah," Dawn nodded, brain working furiously even as her sobs and hiccups quieted. She didn't move to get up, instead she turned and wrapped her arms around her mother in the tightest grip she could manage. "Mom? I love you."

"I love you too, pum'kin-belly."

The Key smiled and snuggled further into her mother's hold. She'd jumped. She'd averted the apocalypse and apparently been sent back in time… to a time when she wasn't supposed to exist, but hey, she wasn't gonna look a gift "It's a Wonderful Life" type chance in the mouth. Maybe she could change things, maybe she could keep all the bad stuff from happening.


A/N2: This one is a good deal shorter than the rest will be, more a teaser of my intentions than anything else. If you have a particular Potter-cliche you would like to see me do, please let me know in a private review. Thanks much!
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