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Driving Me Crazy

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Summary: Dom is in Oxnard, looking for a distraction.

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Restaking Claims

Disclaimer: Don't own or claim rights to Buffy or TFATF

A/N: Thanks to Havocseeker, LadyFoxFire, MissyRory, and tosca for recommending my story.

A/N2: Final chapter, people. Hope you enjoyed the ride :D


Dom scowled at Angel when he finally pulled up outside the apartment complex. “You drive like a pussy,” he greeted.

“Says the man who drives like Spike reputedly does, for Heaven's sake,” Wesley muttered. Louder, he added, “I'm going back with you, Cordelia. I don't care how upset you are with Angel, I'm doing it.”

Angel blinked. “Oh. I guess I forgot to mention that Dom is a street racer.”

“And I'm sure that, at the time, it would have meant nothing to me. Regardless, I am going back to LA with you two,” Wesley decided.

Dom simply grinned and shook his head. “So we getting my boy now?”

“We're not getting anyone,” Angel announced. “We're just going to talk.”

Dom straightened up and took a step towards the other man.

Cordelia stepped between them. “Gods, people. Can we step back with the testosterone already?” she demanded.

Dom looked at her narrowly, then smirked. “Can see why the boy liked you.”

“Oh, please,” she sniffed. “I chose him, not the other way around.”

“Know why you did that, too,” Dom leered.

Cordelia snorted. “Just who do you think taught him to kiss? And you're welcome,” she nodded regally.

“Yes, well, if we can finish this 'Xander is a hottie' conversation, can we move on to Giles' apartment?” Angel muttered irritably as he stalked off. Then he stopped and turned to Wesley. “Do you think I've been spending too much time listening to Cordelia?”

“I'd answer that,” Wesley began, “but I prefer to live.”

Unaccountably relaxed by that little … scene, Dom followed the others into the complex. The period of relaxation was short-lived, however, when they found that the other man wasn't home.

“Where next?” Angel asked his co-workers.

“Buffy's place,” Cordelia answered firmly. “They might be having a dinner there. It's Summer holidays for the college girls, now.”

That decided, they returned to their cars, Wesley scuttling to the back seat of Angel's convertible rather than enduring another ride with Dom, and drove around to the Summers' residence. The only car in the drive way was a red convertible, and Dom noted that none of the others seemed to recognise it. It was a shiny Beemer, and Dom immediately classified it as a mid-life-crisis car.

Wesley coughed, and said, tentatively, “Ms Summers may be entertaining a guest.”

“Well, of course she's entertaining, Wes,” Cordelia replied. “She might also know where they are if they aren't here. We'll only be a minute,” she dismissed. “Unless, of course the Wicked Bitch of the West is here. I have a considerable bone to pick with her,” she glowered. With that, she strode up the path to the porch, and knocked on the front door.

The door was answered by Giles, who looked at them, startled. “Angel,” he greeted, “is there anything wrong?”

“Maybe,” Angel grunted. “Is everyone here?”

“Oh, yes. Except for Willow and Tara. Um... May I know who these other people are?”

“This is Dom,” Cordelia answered with a sparkling smile. “He's Xander's boyfriend.”

Giles looked at them man, and stilled, remembering Xander's hesitant descriptions. He stepped forward onto the porch and closed the door behind him. “Perhaps it would be better if we discussed this out here before going inside,” he suggested mildly.

Cordelia narrowed her eyes at him. “What did they do, Giles,” she demanded in a low tone.

Giles removed his glasses, and began to clean them. “I do not exactly know, Cordelia. All I know is that all Xander remembers is washing dishes in Oxnard for nine months.”

Dom closed his eyes, and felt his guts disappear. His boy didn't remember him. How...

“What the hell did that bitch do to him,” Cordelia hissed. “I hope you don't need her alive to fix this, because I'm going to claw her eyes out, feed them to her, then I'm going to do things to her that would make Angelus proud.”

“Stand in line, princess,” Dom growled.

Cordelia turned and glared at him. “It's queen, not princess. Remember that.” She then turned back to Giles. “What did she do!”

“I don't know. Precisely,” he added, conscientiously. “There are a number of spells one can use to remove or suppress a memory. Lethe's bramble can be used to remove traumatic memories, but this... This is the wholesale suppression of over six months of memories. This... This is very black,” he shook his head, furious.

“In- Intentions have a great deal to do with it,” Wesley offered. “If she thought she was doing it to remove Xander from a very dangerous situation, that would alter things.”

“Very well,” Giles snarled. “So it's dark grey instead of black. The fact remains that Willow has played with his memories, and I sincerely doubt it was with his approval.”

“Fuck, no,” Dom growled. “He never wanted to come back to this place. But … spells? She's a bruja?”

“He said that?” Giles interrogated, ignoring Dom's question. “He clearly said that he never wanted to come here?”

Dom nodded. “He told Angel, and he told your blonde bitch that LA was home, and he didn't want to go back to Sunnydale.”

“He was adamant,” Angel added. “And it was definitely Xander. Didn't look the way he used to, but it was still him. Have the death threats to prove it,” he added with a half-smile.

Giles and Cordelia both smirked at that. “Well,” Giles decided, “we should...” he waved at the door. “Oh,” he added, in afterthought, “you should know that Spike is here tonight.”

“What the hell?” Angel demanded, pushing forward towards the door.

Giles stopped his with an hand to his chest. “He's fine. He's been … muzzled. De-fanged, if you will. Buffy never told you?”

Angel frowned, and shook his head.

“We can discuss the details later,” Giles decided. “I just thought you should know about his presence, and that he's not a threat, so you don't need to do anything. He is, of course, still offensive.”

Angel chuckled ruefully. “Wouldn't be Spike if he wasn't.”

“And, Dom,” Giles went on softly. “I believe he is starting to remember you. He's mentioned seeing someone in his dreams. Someone whose description you match.”

The group returned to the porch, and entered the house. Buffy frowned when she saw Angel's group. “What are you doing here?” she asked, suspicious. “Is there some kind of problem? Did Cordy have a vision?”

“Yep,” Cordelia nodded. “I had a vision of bitch-slapping the pair of you, before tying you to a stake and making s'mores. It was a fun vision,” she sighed, smiling.

“And can I just say 'huh'?” Buffy asked.

“That might be my fault,” Dom smirked as he moved to where Buffy could see him. “I think we had a real bonding moment. Now where's my boy,” he growled.

Buffy glared at the man, then shrugged. “I don't know why you're asking,” she sniffed.

“Buffy,” Giles began before Dom could shoot back a response. “Do not embarrass yourself by trying to hide what you did. We are not stupid, you know. You somehow persuaded Willow to perform a memory spell on Xander, causing him to forget his time in LA. He had already begun to remember due to an after-effect of the Joining spell. Do you think you could hide this altogether?”

“He belongs here,” she snarled. “He belongs with us. It's not safe for him out there.”

“Don't you think I get to choose where I belong?” Xander asked softly.

Dom shifted again so that he could see his boy. His hair had grown out, and he had returned to the loose and daggy clothes he'd worn when they'd first met. But worst of all was the pain and confusion on his face. “Xan?” he called softly.

Xander walked forward jerkily, as if dreaming. He raised a hand, and hesitantly touched the cross around Dom's neck. “I... I don't...”

Dom cupped his hand around his boy's face, and Xander let his eyes flutter shut, and leaned into the touch. “Hey,” he murmured. “That's okay. You didn't ask for this. I know you didn't. I know that now.”

Xander opened his eyes, and took a breath before stepping back. “I, I can't be here right now. I, I just can't.” With that, he slipped past them and scooped something from a bucket under the hall table before hurrying out of the house.

Giles quickly walked into the kitchen, then returned, followed by a black-coated blond. The blond swept through the foyer and out the door. “Two birds with one stone,” he nodded to Angel. Then he turned to Wesley as he fished his keys out. “I want you to take Buffy and fetch Willow, and Tara if she wishes. I believe they are at Willow's parents' place tonight. Willow has a good deal to answer for, as do you, young lady. Now, how about we say hello to Joyce,” he nodded to the others. “She should know she has guests.”


“So we going anywhere in particular?” Spike asked when he caught up with Xander.

Xander grimaced as he glanced at the vampire. “Just needed to get out of the house.”

“Saw Peaches there, along with his gang. Know what that's about?” Spike asked.

“Not the faintest,” Xander answered tersely.

“So what's got your knickers in a knot, then?”

“Willow did something to my memory. Buffy got her to do it.” Xander shrugged. “I think it has something to do with the big guy who was there.”

“Baldy?” Spike asked.

“Shaven,” Xander corrected immediately, then stopped, and looked at Spike guiltily. “Well, uh, you can see. You know, where the hair should be. If he didn't shave.”

“Uh huh,” Spike murmured, eyeing the boy. “Right. Yeah. 'Cause that's believable.”

“Well you can,” Xander argued defensively.

“So... You don't remember him?”

“Didn't,” Xander explained. “Still don't, really. Just, sort-of remember bits. Him smiling at me. The way he looked,” he added with a soft smile.

Spike turned to look at him, eyes narrowed. “You like him,” he observed. “'Like-like' as you gits like to say,” he added, causing Xander to blush. “Mind you, he's very shaggable, in a very 'dom' kind of way. If you like that sort of thing,” he shrugged. “What now?” he demanded, noting the boy's goofy smile.

“I told him his name was appropriate,” he grinned. “His name's Dom. I know his name!”

“Oh, hells,” Spike moaned. “You're going to start remembering, now, aren't you?” he demanded, disgusted.


By the time Spike and Xander made it back to the house, it was obvious there had been a 'vigorous discussion.' Buffy was flushed and furious, while Willow was still teary-eyed. Joyce was also very angry, the corners of her mouth pulled down and her spine stiff. Cordelia, on the other hand, was positively glowing with satisfaction, while the shaven-headed stranger, Dom, was looking at her with approval. Angel looked, frankly, constipated, though Xander wasn't sure how he managed that, what with his liquid diet.

Xander walked into the lounge room. “So do I get to know what happened? And why you raped my mind?” he asked.

Willow gasped. “No, Xan. Not that. Not … that.”

“What, then?” he asked. “You came in, without my consent, and you … played with my memories. You … did something to the thing that makes a person just that particular person. How is that not rape?”

“No,” Willow whined softly.

“It was for your own good,” Buffy hissed. “You were running with a street gang, for God's sake. Look at them,” she demanded. “How are they appropriate for you? And a boyfriend, Xan? You're not gay. Everyone knows that. You've lusted after me for forever, you had that thing with Willow, and you dated Cordelia! Though, if anything could turn anyone gay, that would be it,” she sneered at the brunette.

“Yep,” Cordelia smiled brightly. “I just spoiled him for any other woman.”

Xander chuckled. “The only woman for me,” he nodded. “I was an idiot to screw that up.”

“Well, duh!” Cordelia snorted. “But that ship has sailed, dweeb.”

Xander looked at Dom, slight frown worrying his face. “Yeah,” he said softly. He dropped his gaze to the floor. “Um, we … we need to talk,” he muttered nervously.

“Kitchen or sitting room, Xander,” Joyce declared.

Xander blushed and nodded, then led Dom back into the hallway, and to the sitting room at the back of the house. When they were in the room, Xander cleared his throat. “Um. I live here, so Joyce is like my mom, now. Which is way cool, since my own mom would never be this cool, and Dad really hates, uh, gays.”

“So you're not living in the basement?” Dom asked. “Good.”

“I told you...? Huh. Guess I told you a lot,” Xander shrugged.

“Yeah. Had to work on ways to stop you talking so much, sometimes,” Dom smirked.

“Really?” Xander asked, curious. “How'd you do that? 'Cause I'm sure Giles would love to know that trick.”

Dom stepped closer. “You really want to know?”

Xander frowned, puzzled. “Well, yeah. Unless it involves pain. Not a fan of pain,” he shrugged.

Dom nodded, smiling, and closed the gap. He cradled Xander's head in his hand, and watched as his boy's eyes fluttered closed again, and he relaxed. He brushed his lips against Xander's, and was pleased when his boy's mouth opened with a sigh, and then he kissed him.

It was like nothing had happened. Like he had never gone away. Dom had Xander in his arms, his long, lithe body under his hands, and those strong fingers running over his body. Xander's hands slid down to his hips, and pulled him closer as he began to grind against the larger man. Dom couldn't believe how much he'd missed the intensity and sheer strength of his boy, those lush lips against his, and, he groaned into the kiss, his cock thrusting against his own.

Suddenly, Xander pulled away, eyes wide. “I was a stripper?” he shrieked.


“No, Giles,” Xander sighed. “I'm fine. For the forgotten-how-many-eth time, I'm fine. And I spoke to Cordy a few days ago. Spike's still not house-broken to her standards, but then, he's not living with her, so that's okay.” He listened to the ex-librarian, ex-Watcher, but his attention was being diverted by the large hand that was meandering South of his waist. Or maybe meandering wasn't the right word. Heading straight in, maybe. “Uh huh,” he grunted, screwing up is face as he attempted to pay attention. Dom nibbling on his neck certainly wasn't helping. “Yeah. Uh huh.”

“Are you paying attention, Xander?” Giles asked.

“Yeah,” Xander gasped. “Why wouldn't I be?”

“Dom's there, isn't he?” Giles asked with a smirk.

“Maybe?” Xander offered. “Kind of? Yeah?”

“Very well,” Giles grinned. “I shall let him have you.”

“Okay,” Xander agreed quickly. “And say hi to Joyce and Dawn, and tell her her crush is inappropriate. Dom is mine, not hers!”

“Goodbye, Xander,” Giles laughed.

Xander thumbed the disconnect button, and tossed the phone aside as he twisted in Dom's arms, and claimed his mouth, holding his smooth head with one hand. The other hand pushed into Dom's pants to fondle his already-hard cock. “You are a complete bastard,” he hissed when he broke the kiss.

“I wanted to fuck you,” Dom smirked. “Not listen to you yammer on to the Brit.”

“The man is like my father,” Xander scowled. “You don't like to know anything about your parents screwing, and you don't want them to hear you screwing. That was a very bad thing!”

Dom chuckled, a sexy-evil sound at the best of times. “How about I make it up to you, then?” he offered.

Xander's eyes widened. “How?” he demanded breathily.

Dom smirked, then dropped to his knees. He opened Xander's jeans, and pulled them down to his thighs before cupping his balls in one hand, and gently grasping his cock in the other. He then took Xander's cock into his mouth and began to suck.

Xander reached back blindly for something to support him, and luckily found the wall. He moaned as Dom swirled his tongue around the head of his cock, and looked down to watch the performance. It was about then that he noticed something. “Fuck, Dom. The door's open!”

Dom released Xander's cock, and looked up. “You want me to stop?” he asked, voice low.

Xander looked from him to the open door, and back again.

“I stop now to close the door,” Dom warned, “I ain't starting back up again.”

Xander whined. He glanced at the door again, then back at Dom. “No,” he whimpered. “Don't stop.”

“Good boy,” Dom murmured approvingly, then turned his attention back to Xander's cock. He ran his tongue up the underside of Xander's heavy cock as he rolled his balls in one hand. He then sucked the head back into his mouth, teasing the slit which was now weeping. While he was doing this, he added a finger of his free hand the his mouth to wet it, then ran it over his boy's tight hole. Xander moaned, and pushed back against the questing finger.

Xander began to swear softly, in languages including, Dom now knew, Latin and Sumerian. He'd been impressed when he found out his boy could read bits and pieces of those fancy languages, thought Xander was quick to say it wasn't much, just a little here and there. Still.

Dom began sucking harder, rolling the tightening balls, and rubbing his thumb across the tender area behind Xander's balls. He had a plan, and he was going to stick with it. Soon enough, he had his boy shouting and coming into his mouth. Dom swallowed it down, and stood up to claim a kiss, which Xander freely supplied, before cleaning up the trace remnants of his orgasm. “Strip,” Dom ordered. “Bed.” Xander panted, and nodded.

Dom closed the door before joining Xander on the bed – for all he might tease Xan, he didn't need people staring at his boy. He stripped off quickly, and gathered his supplies, then laid down between Xander's spread legs. “You want to know what impressed me so much, that first time? The reason I decided I wanted you?”

Xander frowned, and nodded. Dom had never explained this before.

“It was your strength,” Dom explained. “You pushed me. There you were, not much more than a virgin, and you were fighting me, making me prove I could do it, could fuck you into the ground. You wouldn't take shit from just anyone. I had to be strong enough. And I don't fuck weak people. Letty was strong, too. But you? You're perfect.” With that, Dom leaned forward, and caught Xander's lips for a deep kiss.

Dom pulled back, and looked at his boy's body. Lean, tight. He ran a hand over the muscle he saw there, harder, now, than when they first met. He tweaked a nipple, and heard Xander's breath hitch. He looked up at his lover, and smiled, before smearing some lube on his fingers, and moving down his body.

He slowly opened his boy up, working his fingers in smoothly and deeply. Dom looked up from time to time, to watch Xander writhing on his finger, head thrown back, shoulders working. He speared Xander on three fingers, then four, as the younger man grew louder in his compliments, his complaints, his blessings and his cursings. When he was completely satisfied, his covered and lubed his own cock, and, with a hand to Xander's hip, smoothly slid into his body.

Dom pushed Xander's legs over his shoulders, and lifted his hips up to lie on his knees. Xander opened his eyes, and Dom saw that they were black. They were both still and panting, Xander waiting for Dom's next move. Maintaining eye-contact, Dom began to move. Slow, deep strokes that hit Xander's gland more often than not. Soon, though, Xander began to toss his head, moaning and sighing, while Dom dropped his head to his chest, and gritted his teeth. He was determined to last. To give Xan his best.

Time stopped, and Dom lost himself in the feel of his lover's body. There was nothing else worth considering but the man beneath him. The strength and beauty he'd claimed for his own. The long, hard cock that lay hard and weeping, flat against that muscled torso. With effort, he released a hip, and covered Xander's cock with his hand. He held it there as he fought to gain sufficient control to stroke and not clench, but even that seemed enough as Xander groaned, and bucked up against his hand. Xander reached out, and covered Dom's hand with his own, and began helping Dom bring him off.

Xander's words had tapered off to a near-whisper, and Dom noticed that they had changed. No longer the pleas and curses, he could hear his name, a fervent prayer. He listened, trying to make sense of the quiet words. Finally he made it out – “Love you so much.” With a roar, Dom threw back his head and came, his sudden movement against Xander's cock being enough to bring the younger man to completion as well. He shuddered, and let Xander's legs drop of his shoulders, before falling forwards to lean on his elbows. He held himself like that until Xander opened his eyes, and smiled.

“Hey,” Xander murmured breathlessly.

“Hey,” Dom returned. Then he smiled. “Love you, too,” he murmured, then kissed his boy.


A/N: Suggestion for the s'mores dialogue came from LadyFoxFire.

The End

You have reached the end of "Driving Me Crazy". This story is complete.

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