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Driving Me Crazy

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Summary: Dom is in Oxnard, looking for a distraction.

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Movies > Fast and the Furious, TheMissEFR21516,829407613,95423 Sep 1027 Sep 10Yes

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Disclaimer: Don't own or claim rights to Buffy or The Fast and The Furious

A/N: This is post-Graduation for Buffy, and pre-movie for TFATF.


He settled in his chair, and looked around the room. This place was far enough from LA that no one knew him, but close enough to get here in a couple of hours. And after that last fight with Letty, he just needed to get away, go look at some pretty boys.

And there were pretty boys to be had here. Plenty of servers wandering around in tight pants, and not much more, and the dancers up on the stage weren't hard on the eyes, either. Though the blond grinding away at the moment wasn't really his type. He shrugged, sucked back on his Corona, and waited for the next one.

The blond's song ended, and another song started, slow, and Latin-sounding. He looked up to see a new dancer, lean body covered in some mockery of a suit, with a hat tilted over his face. What he could see, Dom liked. Long, lean body, dark hair curled at the nape of the man's neck, and smooth movements as the dancer moved across the stage. He played with the hat for a while, on and off, before finally tossing it to the back of the stage and moving long, nimble fingers to the bow-tie. A quick movement left the tie open and loose around the man's neck, and then the hands were moving again, up and down his finely muscled torso.

Dom sat back and smiled. The boy had a body on him, though not carrying as much bulk as he, himself, did. The suit vest was now hanging by the man's wrists, restricting him as he moved around the stage. He treated it like chains binding him, and Dom enjoyed the sight of muscles moving under golden skin. Finally, the vest was discarded, and the suspenders were first snapped against his chest, before being shrugged off, to hang down, drawing the eye to that tight butt, and the interesting bulge in the front of his pants.

And the trousers. They weren't, apparently, the usual rip-apart pants. Instead, the man thumbed open the button, and, with deliberate slowness, pulled down the zipper, and simply let them fall to the ground. A random thought crossed Dom's mind that the rip-apart pants didn't really fit the slow, rolling beat of the song, anyway. And good, black trousers pooled at the pretty boy's naked feet had a somehow more intimate look that had him shifting in his seat with a wicked smirk.

The song ended, and a new one started, faster, but still Latin-sounding, and the dark-haired man began trolling for tips. Dom waited for his turn, then stared the boy in the eyes as he ran the folded note down that flat, ripped belly, and over the well-filled thong, before carefully tucking it into the front. Wouldn't do to damage anything vital, Dom decided.

He watched until the boy was safely back wherever strippers go when they're finished their session, then called over a server. “How do I get a private dance?” he asked.

“Uh, lapdance out here, or, like, ten minutes in a room?” the server clarified.

“Private dance,” Dom repeated.

“With Alex?”

Dom nodded. “That'd be the one.”

“Just give me a few,” the server asked, before quickly making his way out back. A few minutes later, he returned, and gestured for Dom to follow him.

The room was small, and it was simply furnished with a couch, and a table for the stereo. Dom made himself comfortable, and waited for the stripper. When the other man entered, he stood, and walked over, getting as close as possible, without touching. “Alex, right?” he purred. “Name's Dom.”

Alex stilled for a moment, then Dom saw the mobile lips pull up into a quick grin. “Seriously?” he asked. “Could you have a more appropriate name?”

Dom chuckled. “Haven't actually ever had that one,” he admitted.

“I aim to please,” Alex offered in a husky voice.

Dom smirked and let his eyes roam over the brunet's body. Yeah. This boy could please. He found his chair, and sprawled into it, waiting for the dancer to begin. This time, he put on a faster song, and began to lose himself in the dance. Dom watched, running his eyes over the boy. He itched to run his hands over the golden skin, to hold him down, to fill him. He was mesmerised by the lithe brunet, and, too soon, the music ended. As he looked on, the dancer's eyes opened, and he could see the arousal darkening the brown orbs. “What time do you finish up?” he found himself asking.

“Two,” Alex murmured.

“Meet you out the front?” Dom suggested as he stood.

Alex smiled. “Yeah.”


Dom leaned against his car and watched for Alex to come out. He saw the young brunet come around the corner, pushed away from the car, and waited for Alex to reach him. Once the younger man was standing in front of him, he reached out, pushed his hand into the lush, dark hair, and pulled him close to finally taste the mouth he'd been thinking about since he'd first seen the boy. Alex moaned softly, and opened his lips to Dom's kiss. He vaguely heard the sound of a bag hitting the ground, then felt hands grab at his shirt even as Alex pressed closer to him.

He ended the kiss, and looked at the younger man. Eyes darkened and lips bruised, he looked ready to fuck. “Into the car,” Dom growled. When Alex looked ready to argue, he went on, “I ain't leaving my car on the street. Get in and I'll drive you wherever. Unless you don't want this,” he added as a mild threat.

“I want this,” Alex was quick to reassure him. “And it's only, like, five minutes walk, but I understand about wanting to get this baby off the streets.” With that, he pulled away, and moved around to the passenger side.

Dom drove in the direction Alex indicated. “So you like cars?” he asked.

Alex shrugged. “I'd like to like cars, but I don't really know anything about them. Other than get in and go. Didn't have anyone to teach me anything about cars, and the one I got from my uncle lost its engine on the way into Oxnard. Hence me up on stage,” he added with a wry grin.

“You're good,” Dom nodded. “Hot.” He raked a glance over the younger man's body. “Definitely liked what I saw.”

“Thanks,” Alex mumbled. “Um, you should know I'm not really... I don't, uh, have a lot of experience. You know, with the sex.”

“How old are you?” Dom asked, frowning slightly.


“You had sex before?”

“Just a couple of times,” Alex offered.

Dom nodded. “You sure you want this?” he asked again.

Alex looked at him, and took his time before answering. “Yeah,” he murmured breathily. “Yeah, I want this.”

“Good. 'Cause I don't push anyone into it, okay?” Dom asked as he looked at the other man.

Alex gave a brilliant smile. “Cool,” he murmured. “And I really do want this. I just wanted you to know I pretty much don't know what I'm doing,” he warned.

“You sure about that?” Dom teased. “'Cause that kiss was something special.”

Alex grinned and ducked his head. “My ex was pretty adamant about that. And we spent a lot of time in the Janitor's closet, practising.”

Dom nodded, and parked the car. He followed Alex into his hotel room, then closed the gap between them. He wrapped his arms around the boy's waist, and began kissing and sucking his neck. Alex sighed, and sagged back against him while reaching back to run his hands over Dom's thighs. Dom let Alex go, and moved over to the bedside table to lay out some items. “Strip,” he ordered as he did so.

When Dom turned back, Alex was naked, and walking towards him. He smirked at the sight of that lean, muscled body, all his to play with. He ran a hand up Alex's chest, and around into the hair at the nape of his neck before pulling him in for another deep kiss. Alex ground against him, then began to tug at his shirt.

“You're wearing too much,” Alex murmured when Dom broke the kiss.

“So do something about it,” Dom instructed.

Alex smiled, and kissed him again, tugging his shirt out of his jeans. Working quickly, he stripped Dom, kissing his way down the larger man's body as he did so. Once Dom was naked, he knelt in front of him, and turned his attention to the thick cock in front of him. He ran a flat tongue up the underside until he reached the top, then sucked the head into his mouth. He swirled his tongue over the head of Dom's cock, flicking at the slit, before pulling off with a pop, and looking up.

“Fuck,” Dom murmured. “You sure you ain't done this a lot before.”

Alex grinned and shrugged. “You want me to continue?”

“Later,” Dom decided. “On the bed.”

Alex crawled onto the bed, then shot a look at the older man over his shoulder. Dom growled at the sight, and slid in behind the boy, grabbing hold of his hip. He thrust against the younger man, letting his cock slide between firm butt cheeks. Alex gasped, and pushed back against the movement. Dom chuckled, and grabbed the lube, squirting some on his fingers, and more at the base of his boy's spine. Without warning, he slid a finger into the tight hole, causing Alex to groan hard and drop his head. Dom stroked deep until his found his goal, and Alex cursed and tossed his head. Dom grinned, and worked two fingers into his boy's ass. Alex began to mewl and pant, and thrust back against the thick fingers, so Dom rewarded him with three fingers, twisting and flexing, working deep inside the other man.

Alex growled in frustration when Dom pulled his fingers out, then stilled when he felt the larger man's cock push in at his entrance. He panted, and flexed his fingers into the sheet as the thick cock slowly slid into him, not slowing until it was fully buried inside him.

“That's my good boy,” Dom growled. He stroked the boy's hip and waited for him to move. Soon enough, Alex was whining, and pushing back against him, so he pulled out and thrust back in again, setting up a rhythm. He watched as the muscles in his boy's back flexed and tensed, as Alex matched his rhythm, stroke for stroke, driving him harder than Dom would ordinarily go. His boy was strong, and delighted in a strong lover, that much was clear. He was tossing his head, and grunting in English, and Spanish, and other languages he couldn't pick.

Part of Dom wanted to close his eyes and enjoy the ride, but another part wanted to watch this boy, this man beneath him, this beautiful, strong man who would buck him right the fuck off if he wasn't strong enough. His boy wouldn't accept a weak lover, that was for sure. He reached around and grabbed Alex's cock, causing the younger man to toss his head back and roar. Dom grinned, and began stroking the achingly hard organ as Alex began to curse even louder, threatening dire consequences if he didn't get him off right the fuck now! Dom just stroked harder, front and back, as he rode the wild ride to completion, shouting when Alex came so hard it brought tears to his eyes. Three more strokes, though, and he was free-falling over his own ledge, and landed, pinning the smaller man to the bed.

“I should move,” Alex offered sleepily.

Dom tried to think about that. “Yeah?” he grunted. “Why?”

“'Cause I'm lying in the wet spot. And you're heavy. Like, really heavy.”

Dom chuckled, and pulled out of his boy before rolling to one side.

Alex turned his head, and scowled at him reproachfully. “I said 'should'. Didn't say I was going to. It's like 'I should do my homework,' or 'I should mow the lawn.' Nothing at all about actually doing it,” he pouted.

Dom slapped his ass hard. “Get up and clean off,” he ordered with a grin. “And throw a towel down. There ain't enough room for us to both sleep here and avoid it.”

Alex pushed himself up off the bed, and leaned over to give Dom a searing kiss. “Fine,” he muttered. “Bossy-boots.”

Dom ran his eyes over his boy, and growled. Alex stopped, and stared back at him, then shook his head. “Life I've lead, growls really shouldn't be a turn on,” he sighed.

Dom was off the bed and behind him in a flash. He slid his arms around Alex, winding one down to fondle his boy's cock and balls, and nuzzled his neck. “You like me growling?” he asked.

Alex leaned back into Dom's arms, and sighed. “Oh, yeah.” He reached back to run his hands around Dom's hips. “I am one sick puppy who really likes you growling.” Dom growled into Alex's neck, and grinned to feel his boy's breath hitch. “Think you're up to going again?” he whined.

Dom was pretty sure it was too soon for him to try again, despite his cock trying to get hard, so he opted to bite down on Alex's ear, and roll his balls in his hand. Alex shuddered, and pushed into the hand, so Dom began stroking his cock in earnest. He stood there, one arm hard around Alex's waist, the other hand working his cock, and nibbled, and sucked, and kissed Alex's neck, shoulder and ear, marking the boy as his. Alex's hands were trapped down by his body, and he could only reach around to Dom's hips, which he did, trying to bring the older man even closer, alternating between thrusting into the large hand, and grinding back against the hardening cock.

Suddenly, Dom changed his mind, and pushed Alex up against the wall. He kicked the younger man's feet apart, lined his cock up against Alex's still-open hole, and pushed. His boy whined, and pushed back, welcoming him back into his body. This time, Dom was determined to exert some control, so he gritted his teeth, and maintained an even pace. He closed his eyes, and rested his forehead against Alex's shoulder. All he could hear was the sound of himself and Alex panting, the sound of Alex's whines and he struggled to work Dom into a frenzy. He could smell their recent release, and their combined sweat, running down Alex's back, taste it almost. And he could feel Alex's rippling passage, firm muscles under his hand and mouth, strong fingers digging into his hips.

Dom felt like punching a hole in the fucking wall as he struggled to keep going. His balls felt like they were crawling all the way up into his body, and his cock was so hard it was in pain, especially as he pushed into this hard, tight body that kept wanting to suck him back in, and squeeze him tight. He felt Alex arch back, and heard a scream as the younger man spasmed like someone touching a live wire, except Alex was the live wire, jerking and shocking him, and fucking forcing him to come.

Dom collapsed against Alex, who leaned against the wall and sucked in huge breaths as he tried to recover. “If you're ever after a performance review,” Alex grinned shakily, “I'm willing to go with 'fan-fucking-tastic'. Which has the added benefit of being really appropriate.”

Dom chuckled against Alex's shoulder, and shook his head. “This wasn't just a one-sided thing, you know. I ain't done it like that in a real long time.”

Alex twisted to look at the older man. “So I inspire you, huh?” he grinned.

“Fuck, yeah,” Dom grinned in return. He pushed himself back and looked at Alex's body. He ran a thumb over a particularly vivid mark, and shook his head. “Don't think they're going to appreciate that,” he grunted.

Alex twisted, as if to try and see the mark. “Got a few days off, so that doesn't matter. Of course, if you were to keep giving me hickies, then I'd have a problem.”

Dom looked at the boy, at his boy, and thought about keeping this going for more than the one night. He found himself liking that idea a lot. Smiling to himself, he slapped Alex on the rump. “Clean yourself up and come back to bed,” he instructed.

Alex gave a brilliant smile, and finally reached the bathroom, where he quickly washed himself. He brought back a towel, and tossed it onto the bed before lying down beside Dom. The older man pulled him close, and tucked him half under his larger body. Alex smiled, and worked his way to a comfortable position, before sighing, and letting himself drop off to sleep. “'Night,” he slurred as he drifted off.

Dom looked down at the sated boy and smiled. He was feeling a lot better than he had hours ago when he'd peeled out of his driveway, a screaming Letty throwing something at the car. She'd sworn she was leaving, this time for good, and the thought didn't disturb him anywhere near as much as it had then. He looked down at his boy, the lush lips, the tight body, and grinned. Letty could go fuck herself.
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