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Xander and Willow Wedding

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Summary: Go read the story "Supreme" by RngrThorne. This is my attempt at a sequel.

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Marvel Universe > Dr StrangeRuneFR1321,326153,58223 Sep 101 Oct 10No

A bridesmaid, not a bride...

I don't own the Greek Gods, but I do think they have been around long enough to be public domain.
I don't own anything from H. P. Lovecraft, I'm still sane, well almost.
I don't own Harry Potter or even a wand. Life is just not fair...

Buffy sat at a table filled with books. Doing research with a smile gracing her face, wait, books, research, Smile?

Well first the research was being done at home and not in the library, second the books were not dusty tomes on demons and other wiggy stuff. All but one of the books were new, some were glossy zines and catalogs.

No they were not shoe catalogs, well not most of them...

And the not-new book was the most useful book ever made, and I'm not talking about the "Key of Wisdom", "Ghorl Nigral", or even the original "Book of Eibon".

No it was the Yellow Pages.

Buffy was researching for the mundane things needed for Willow's wedding. Flowers, caterer, shoes, bridesmaid's dresses, decorations, lingerie, shoes, 'toys', silk slippers, and other stuff too.

So this was Buffy's kind of "research".... fashion and fun!

There was only one thing wrong.

If you looked really, really, really closely, or had Joyce's eyes, you could see it was not a 100% smile.

Ever since Halloween, when the wonky spell had changed the world and Willow had become a child of the Faltine, Buffy had been a bit bummed out. Witchey Willow was now Super Sorceress Willow and had easily seen the curse that gave Angel his soul, she had also seen the loophole, one moment of perfect joy would end the curse and Angel would become Angelus. Our favorite redhead had worked on finding a way to fix that loophole but had finally told Buffy she could not.

Spells involving souls were sensitive and Willow did not want to screw up. Souls spells needed divine or satanic magic to work. Satanic meant dealing with a demon lord or old one, Willow just was not going there EWW...

And divine magic? While she was good, and even a Faltine now, Willow was not a goddess or even the priestess of one.

Buffy had been upset when she learned Willow could not fix the curse, then her best friend suggested she ask her "sponsors".

When the 'powers that thought they were' had been kicked out, Buffy had stopped being a slayer. Because she had died once the remains of the slayer spirit had concentrated in Kendra, the last called slayer. Even Kendra had not stayed a slayer all that longer. The whole chosen thing had been based on a spell from the former 'powers that could have been' and since they were gone it did not last very long.

This had changed when Buffy came home to find Hera, Athena, and Artemis in her living room. Buffy was a Chosen Champion again, but this time She had not only been chosen, she had gotten to choose.

Life was good, Willow was getting married, but she(The Buffster) was a bit lonely, Angel was off in Britain, Xander was keeping Willow huggy and happy, she(Buffy) needed a hug too, her Mom was healthy, Dawn was a cute brat, Xander was marrying Willow, Her Boyfriend was in England, oh boy she needed a HUG, Angel's mission might last 7 years!, Dawn was talking to her Mom about some boy, Willow was really lucky she was getting Xander, that 3000 year mission had let him grow into a hunk, this wedding would be great, WAIT!, Dawn and a boy?!, No Fair!, Angel was not here!, she(buffy) really needed her boy-toy too!..., Now a hug would be good but a kiss(ah Angel) would not go amiss either, Ok maybe life could be better.

At least she was getting ideas for when she could marry Angel. First a bridesmaid, later a bride, Yeah that would work.

While Willow could not close the curses loophole, Hera could. Having a Goddess who listened when you asked a favor was cool, it was even better when you were the chosen of the Goddess and she was pleased with your work. The 'powers that formerly were' never listened, not until the Lion Roared anyway. So Angel was off in the land of Tea and Tweed on a quest to defeat some MoldyFart dark lard guy. If only she could help but Hera explained that for it to count Angel had to do the thing by himself. Still seven years were a long time, she so needed a distraction, well there was still more to plan on Willow's wedding...

Yes it would be nice if I could do dialog and descriptions of scenes, if you want to change or co-author this with me leave a review saying so. Asking RngrThorne would be a good idea too.

Update on disclaiming: Many things about the storyverse H. P. Lovecraft wrote in are shared with other authors. There was a small circle that freely borrowed the names of arcane books and other ideas. While I have hinted at some of Lovecrafts work so far the book of eibon is really from Clark Ashton Smith. And I found the Key of Wisdom seems to belong to Artephius, whoever that is. The owner of the Ghorl Nigral, is unknown to me, I found it listed with other fictional grimoires in the Wikipedia. I'll try to keep things straight, but with the mess lawyers have made only GOD really knows who owns what....

The End?

You have reached the end of "Xander and Willow Wedding" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 1 Oct 10.

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