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Xander and Willow Wedding

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Summary: Go read the story "Supreme" by RngrThorne. This is my attempt at a sequel.

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Chapter One

This is my first attempt at a story on this site. If I keep the chapters short I might be able to do this, wish me luck, maybe Hallie is listening.

Check the reviews by me on the stories that RngrThorne wrote, he gave me permission to write in this 'verse.
It is also why I listed him as a co-author, hope I got that right.

Oh and I don't own any characters you may recognize, or the series they come from.
Joss Whedon owns Buffy and Marvel owns Dr. Strange and the other mystical characters. I don't.

Alexander Lavelle Harris known to his friends as Xander was nervous, very nervous. He had faced vampires, demons, and much more, but he was still almost shaking. Xander has faced the "powers that be", almost godlike entities without his nerves shot like this. Our hero had become Sorcerer Supreme of his dimension and could call on the Vishanti and others for aid but none would help him with his current problems...

What you might wonder was so bad, so dangerous that such a man as Xander was sweating?

Simple, he had asked Willow to marry him and she had said yes.

Why would that worry him? Three words, potential in-laws...

Or does in-law count as one word?

Most would not think the Rosenberg's were worth this much worry and they would be right. It was not the Rosenberg's that Xander

had to face. They were out of town yet again sure they had visited since Willow had said yes but even Willow missed them then. Does a visit of less than an hour count?

The same Chaos spell that had made Xander the Sorcerer Supreme also changed Willow. Our favorite redhead was no longer human but a child of the Faltine and sister to Clea a Sorceress the equal or even better than Dr. Strange.

Now who are the Faltine to rate this much angst? The are the race of energy beings that Dorammu and Umar were once part of. The Faltine were mystical powers that were called on for the "Flames of the Faltine" spell, flames that needed no fuel or oxygen, primal flame that could burn any substance. And there was not just one Faltine but many, a whole race of beings, all godlike in power.

I know it is painfully short but then I'm not much of an author, more to come later. Thanks.
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