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Cloning Dawn

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Summary: Buffy jumps. Dawn is Unmade. Or that's what would have happened if Dawn let it.

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Star Wars > Dawn-CenteredSithicusFR1323,8730203,24123 Sep 1028 Sep 10No

Arrival on Coruscant

Author's Notes: A shorter chapter compared to the first one. I will be completely honest here and let you all know that I have literally no idea where this story is going. I have no plans for it beyond the basic premise. Hence why it's in first person for the most part. I'm trying to write something that could have the potential to build into something epic if not made to suffer conforming to any one set of parameters.

After all the Star Wars universe is vast and as we see in this chapter, Dawn is just a small tiny speck in the middle of a vast and Galaxy Encompassing war.

That being said... Here's Chapter Two...

Coruscant. A planet full of buildings that tower above even the tallest buildings on Earth. You’ve seen the World Trade Centre, well before the terrible vicious attack by terrorist jerks – think that, but ten times larger and even more impressive.

I’m talking a world where you’ve got buildings upon buildings – buildings whose foundations go down like ten or twenty levels and then turn into the rooftops of older buildings – some of them condemned and barely able to support the weight.

If it weren’t for the construction droids relegated to working in the lower levels shoring up the ferrocrete – whatever the heck that is – their infrastructure would completely collapse.

And then you’ve got the vehicles – air speeders, space ships, troop transports, one man skiffs or speeder bikes, lumbering giant capital ships – I’m talking something that ol’ Gene Roddenberry couldn’t have envisioned in a million years.

A world where I was just a tiny insignificant speck in the grand scheme of things. I stood on the landing platform wondering how little old Dawn Summers of Sunnydale could have become Soleil Skywalker of Kamino – and stuck meeting up with her brother in the middle of a planet out of a George Orwell nightmare… or something like that.

The ARC Troopers escorted me to the Jedi Temple – a building that was just as impressive as anything else on the planet – made even more impressive by the fact that it wasn’t trying to outshine the others. It was a simple looking towered structure with five pillars, four smaller pillars surrounding the points with a fifth larger one in the centre.

I looked up at this impressive looking building from the landing platform and once again wondered just what a Jedi was to have such an impressive looking temple. They were definitely bigger than those Monks of Dagon guys that made me the way I am today.

If you – you know – don’t count the fact that this shell I was currently inhabiting as far as my soul went was actually cloned on Kamino and probably wouldn’t have been as on the ball as I was considering my experiences back in good ol’ Sunnyhell. Nope – Soleil Skywalker would have been a fish out of water on this world.

“Miss Skywalker, follow us,” Wrench ordered taking point.

I followed in step with the ARC Troopers who led me up the steps of the temple and towards the front door. Standing there – as though they’d been expecting us – were a group of aliens in robes.

Yeah aliens not demons. I really had to fight my instincts now that I was in a Sci-Fi dimension, but hey Clem had been nice and he wasn’t human. Then of course there’d been Spike.

One of the aliens looked like an ordinary dark skinned human – and technically he was human – but since he wasn’t from Earth he was still an alien. The other two were decidedly less human. One of them was a green skinned dude with dreadlocks for hair – an aquatic species apparently according to Wrench.

The other dude was a conehead. Except he did have some hair unlike the characters portrayed in that Dan Aykroyd picture.

“Your message said this was urgent,” the dark-skinned bald dude said with a frown.

“It is,” ARC Trooper leader guy said. I still didn’t know all of their names, Wrench was the only one who’d been signaled out in my presence.

His blaster was still slung in a holster over my hip.

“We rescued this girl over Utapau,” ARC Trooper leader guy explained. “She was being transported aboard a Separatist Slaver’s ship. When we took her to Kamino to get her checked out we were told she is General Skywalker’s sister.”

All three Jedi guys seemed shocked to hear this news.

“How is this possible?” the bald guy asked.

“We’re not sure. Perhaps this file we recovered from the Separatists ship will be of some use,” the ARC Trooper captain explained holding out a data card.

Conehead took it with curious eyes. “We shall contact General Skywalker only after we have verified this information,” he informed.

“In the meantime we shall place this girl in the care of Master Fisto,” bald guy informed.

“Master Windu, have you forgotten?” Master Fisto asked. “I have recently been ordered to Mon Cal to aid the Mon Calamari in a crucial conflict against the Quarren Isolation League.”

Bald guy frowned. “I had not forgotten,” he admitted. “I simply chose to omit that particular bit of information. I see no reason why she should not accompany you,” he informed.

Leaning in closer he whispered the next part and my eyes narrowed. I hated being left out of the loop. They probably didn’t trust me to remain inside their temple in case I turned out to be a spy or something. Considering the big bad had instructed that I be brought here after he cloned me from this Skywalker person I figured it made sense. I wouldn’t have trusted me either back home.

“It is settled then, young Miss Skywalker shall accompany you to Mon Cal, Master Fisto,” conehead said inclining his head in my direction. “Once we have verified this information we shall instruct General Skywalker to meet you there,” he added.

“As you wish, Master Windu, Master Mundi,” the green guy said with a formal bow. “I shall take charge of her now, ARC Trooper,” he added with a big smile that kind of reminded me of a shark.

Great. Two seconds on the planet and I was already being carted off to another alien world. And by the sounds of it, it was one of those water worlds. I just hoped they had good breathing equipment for humans on this world because I wasn’t about to drown.

“Yes, General,” ARC Trooper said inclining his head.

“Well. Thanks for the lift,” I told them with as friendly a smile as I could muster.

“Good luck, ma’am,” Wrench said.

I could tell he was smiling beneath that helmet of his.

“Come along, Miss Skywalker,” green shark-like teeth guy said. And I’ve got to stop with the name thing, I was not Buffy, I was not going to act like Buffy.

“My name is Soleil Skywalker, Master Fisto,” I told the guy.

“I see,” he returned with that same smile from before. He wasn’t as put out as he’d pretended to be.

“So… uh, where exactly are we going?” I asked thirsting for knowledge.

Master Fisto grinned and wrapped an arm over my shoulder steering me back towards the closest landing platform. He then proceeded to begin lecturing me on the planet Mon Cal or Mon Calamari as it was also known – named I supposed after the more dominant of the two native sentient species that lived there – I kind of zoned out after the first thirty minutes.

This was going to be one of those kinds of days.

Mace Windu watched the retreating form of the girl with suspicious eyes.

Ki-Adi-Mundi chuckled slightly. “Not all coincidences are to be considered a part of some Sith Conspiracy, old friend,” he said.

“I know that, Master Mundi,” Mace said. “But something about her feels… off,” he remarked searching for the words to express his unease. He couldn’t quite figure it out.

“Come. Let us study this data card and determine if it is accurate,” Ki-Adi said with a slight smile.

Mace nodded and followed his fellow Jedi back into the temple. “I hope Kit can keep her out of mischief,” he muttered.

To Be Continued…

The End?

You have reached the end of "Cloning Dawn" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 28 Sep 10.

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