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Cloning Dawn

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Summary: Buffy jumps. Dawn is Unmade. Or that's what would have happened if Dawn let it.

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Star Wars > Dawn-CenteredSithicusFR1323,8730203,24323 Sep 1028 Sep 10No

Rebirth on Kamino

Author's Notes: This is my first attempt at first person in a very long time. Hopefully it'll be good. I also finally discovered a good way to make a Star Wars crossover with BtVS that doesn't involve any of the group becoming a Jedi or a Sith or even a Smuggler or a Senator or just about any other cliches that would be used. Although quite frankly I feel that this is also a cliche in its own rights, but I don't think it's been done before.

Disclaimer: Buffy and all related characters belongs to Joss and M.E. Productions. While Star Wars is property of George Lucas. Yeah he's the one who's in charge of everything. Because he was smart enough to make the contract work for him.

My name is Dawn Summers. I am also known as The Key. My abilities included the opening of all barriers or doorways between dimensions – in order to accomplish this someone had to spill my blood at a certain ritualistic moment. I say included because currently I no longer have access to that ability.

My sister is Buffy Summers – also known as the Vampire Slayer. She killed a lot of demons and vampires in her day. But she couldn’t stop Glory.

Glory was a Hell-goddess from a dimension that we never really fully understood. But that really isn’t all too important for understanding my problem. You see Buffy Summers was my sister and she refused to let me die in order to stop this mother of all portals from ripping up the entire universe.

So after my Key powers were used Buffy jumped into the portal thinking her blood would stop it – because the Monks of Dagon made me with magic from her DNA. Nobody ever bothered to ask where it was the Monks would have obtained Buffy’s DNA from in order to use that spell.

Everybody assumed. And we all know what happens when you assume. That’s right.

Buffy sacrificed her life for nothing. Oh sure the portal closed. But as soon as her blood stopped flowing the power of the spell keeping me in my human form began to break down. Apparently the Monks did not get the DNA from any normal means – the spell in essence used Buffy’s soul to tie me into this human form that was Dawn Summers.

As long as she was alive I would live. See that’s why it made more sense for me to be the sacrifice, but would Buffy listen? NO! And she didn’t think either. I love her I really do, but Buffy and thinking is like Xander and algebra. Oh sure he can fake it when he has to, but it isn’t his strong suit.

This brings us back to my problem. Without Buffy to keep me in one piece I started to unravel. Parts of me went flying off into the multiverse. I could feel them slipping away as I started to become transparent.

In desperation I needed to find another Chosen One to link to if I had any hope of being alive. Unfortunately the prospects in my home dimension were really slim. Practically non-existent. I could choose Angel – oh sure like I wanted to be an undead vampire sibling – or Faith. She was the other Slayer. Psycho-Bitch Slayer sometimes. Definitely not someone I’d ever want to be related to.

That’s when a part of my essence from another reality let me sense the presence of an extremely powerful Chosen One. Even more powerful than Buffy.

Unfortunately – at this point I really couldn’t control myself too well – seeing as how I was unmaking myself at a rapid pace. So I really can’t be faulted for what happened now can I?

I was born. Not in the traditional fashion mind you – there was no possible way that I could have been born normally. Not when my choice for new sibling hadn’t even been conceived in the natural way.

My eyes opened up in a strange glass tube. Actually that isn’t accurate – I should say that I woke up in a strange glass tube with unusual demony creatures standing around. And a very wiggy looking shimmering blue guy standing next to them.

“Her accelerated growth has proven rather unconventional, Lord Sidious,” one of the demon creatures told shimmering blue ghost dude.

“Is she stable?” the blue ghost dude demanded in a slimy oily tone that kind of reminded me of Mayor McSnake.

The head demon guy nodded. He had this really elongated body with long arms, legs and a long neck, but a really tiny head compared to the rest of his body. “She is perfectly stable. There is one peculiarity however, she does not appear to possess any Midi-Chlorians,” the creature said.

Ghost Dude looked totally pissed at hearing that. “Then she is useless to me!” he roared.

“My Lord, she may not possess a connection to Skywalker through the Force, but that does not make her useless,” the demon quickly said trying to prevent imminent punishment – probably death – for failing the ghost dude.

“Yes…” Ghost Dude eyed me thoughtfully. “Can she hear us?” he suddenly demanded.

“No, Lord Sidious, she has no hope of hearing us,” the demon thing replied.

I feigned ignorance as to the words being spoken and glanced around to get my bearings. I needed to figure out where I was and how I’d gotten there. My last memories were of unraveling as Buffy died.

Ghost Dude smiled. It was a cruel calculating thing. “Then we can use her,” he said.

Demon guy smiled graciously. “Of course, Lord Sidious, what are your orders?” he asked.

“Have a squadron of your most trustworthy clones escort her to Coruscant,” ghost dude ordered. “It is time to introduce this… What is her name?” he wondered.

The demon thing eyed me briefly. “We have chosen a fitting name for the clone. From the Jedi Archives, we have selected this name based on Naomi Sunrider.”

“Yes, yes,” ghost dude waved his hand in impatience.

Demon guy took a nervous step back. “Soleil Skywalker,” he quickly informed.

Ghost Dude smiled his cruel smile yet again. “Perfect, it invokes memories of his mother’s name,” he observed. “Send her to Coruscant. We must prepare a suitable lie to make young Skywalker accept her as his sister,” he observed.

“Of course, Lord Sidious,” the demon said with a deep bow.

The conversation kind of stopped dead after that as I felt a jerking sensation through my glass prison. It rose up and made its way along a large mechanical track alongside a group of other identical tubes. These ones were all full of boys younger than me.

It seemed like I’d just jumped into a really big mess. And Buffy wasn’t around to help me. So I was going to have to figure things out for myself. No matter what they were calling me though I was going to keep my identity – at least Soleil was a name that had ties to my original identity – after all the sun rose in the dawn. And it set in the dusk.

And boy was I about to get a serious jolt of reality when I was let out of this glass prison.

Why? Because Dawn Summers just woke up in the middle of the Clone Wars. And to top it all off, she was a clone of this universes Chosen One, which meant that once again the big bads were going to be after me like nobodies business.

Darth Tyranus frowned as he turned to his master’s holographic form. “I do not understand what purpose cloning Skywalker can serve,” he admitted.

“Contingencies, Lord Tyranus,” Darth Sidious the Dark Lord of the Sith informed with a brief cackle. “As a member of the Sith order you must understand that every plan, every possible outcome must not hedge upon the occurrences of a single set of events.”

Darth Tyranus nodded. “Of course, my Lord,” he said. “What tale will we spin to ensure Skywalker accepts this new development?” he questioned.

Darth Sidious laughed. It was a mirthless laugh filled with cruelty and age beyond Sidious’ years. “The prophecy of the Chosen One speaks of one who will bring balance to the Force,” he said. “But the Jedi have long forgotten who it was that made this prophecy… And with the Dark Side clouding their inner sight it shall be simplicity itself to insert young Soleil Skywalker into said prophecy. A long forgotten data card perhaps detailing specifics lost to the Jedi Order,” he said smiling darkly.

“Master Yoda will be cautious of such a revelation,” Darth Tyranus reminded.

“Let me worry about that pathetic insect,” Darth Sidious snapped. “Now. How goes the war effort?” he demanded forcing a change of topics to prevent Tyranus from further discussing the current plan.

I was given clothes to wear that matched the ones worn by the boys – it was a tight fitting uniform that on me looked like it had been tailored to fit someone taller, prettier and with a definite curvy figure. Like it was my fault they cloned me into existence and had me grow up into a teenager, but didn’t bother to make specific sized clothing for my body type.

These cloners were in the process of creating and sustaining a Grand Army of the Republic – at least that’s what the chick Taun We told me when she fetched me out of my tube in the ‘awakening chamber’.

Taun We escorted me out of the sterile looking room with hospital beds and such and brought me to an impressively scaled room filled with identical men in white armor. They were grouped by squadrons – some of them were in the process of picking up guns while others were busy getting helmets to complete their ensemble.

“We shall bring you to Coruscant immediately,” Taun We told me.

“Uh-huh,” I returned with a nod.

“You must refrain from revealing your existence as a clone, Soleil,” she added with a soft frown. “If the Jedi ever discovered our tampering with General Skywalker’s DNA I fear we could be faced with grave charges,” she said wringing her hands together.

“Serves you right,” I muttered under my breath as I hitched up the too-large pants they’d given me. I didn’t need to give all the cloned men a show of what my underwear looked like. “What should I tell the Jedi?” I asked louder. If there was going to be a cover story it’d help if I knew it.

“That you are General Skywalker’s sister, and that you were spirited away by Watto when you were born to Shmi Skywalker a year after General Skywalker’s birth,” Taun We explained.

As lies went it was fairly simple. According to Taun We, Watto was this really ugly alien dude that had owned my new brother as a slave along with my mom after winning us… them… from Gardula the Hutt.

It was kind of amazing that all of this information was known to these cloners, but considering that scary Ghost Dude guy had been the one to engineer my creation… well it made sense that they’d know.

We stopped in front of a squad of the cloned soldier guys – Clone Troopers was what they were officially called – these guys were dressed in standard armor, but had colors to them and fancy looking skirt thingies.

“ARC Troopers,” Taun We stated addressing the clone dudes. “You are to escort Miss Skywalker to Coruscant, do not deviate from your flight plan and ensure that she is not harmed,” she instructed.

The lead ARC Trooper with the red colors on his armor nodded. “Understood, ma’am,” he said with a salute.

“This way,” one of the blue colored dudes told me gesturing towards a funny looking vehicle.

I stared up at it with surprise. If Xander were here right now he’d be whooping for joy – I was about to board an honest to God space ship – it looked nothing like what was shown on Star Trek. It kind of bore a resemblance to large troop transports used by the military, specifically the planes they’d used during World War two.

If – you know – a plane had humongous engines on the back and smooth armor plating. I allowed the ARC Troopers to escort me onto the ship. If I was going to be protected from all the nasties in this universe I was going to need my Chosen One protector – and what joy this time it was a big brother instead of a big sister – which meant he’d probably be ten times more protective and even more against any boys I decided to date.

Considering I ever decided to date someone in this reality. I’d rather find my way back to my original dimension and Buffy, but Buffy was dead and I couldn’t really go back there if I wanted to stay – well you know – human.

The prospect of being returned to a formless green glowing blob wasn’t exactly something on my list of things to have happen to me. Lose my virginity one night of wild passionate sex – preferably with Xander – prove myself to Buffy in a fight, maybe learn to control magic or something like Willow and Tara, yeah that was what I’d prefer to have happen in my life.

The ship trembled as it rose off the landing struts. I’d sat down in one of the seats next to the ARC Troopers and buckled in. One of the non-colored dudes had helped buckle me in with the ‘crash webbing’. I was off to meet my brother, and find out just exactly what a Jedi was.

I could hardly wait. I had such an incomplete picture on the way this universe worked – plus I’d already met the big bad, but I probably shouldn’t mention that in front of any of these clones since they were under his thumb. And how he managed that was another mystery I’d have to discover on my own.

“I hope my brother isn’t a total recluse or something, that’s all I’d need,” I complained as I settled in for the long ride between planets. Taking a moment to settle my thoughts I closed my eyes and thought of Buffy. She really hadn’t known what would happen when she jumped. “I’m sorry, Buffy, I told you it had to be me,” I whispered hoping that somehow my sister could hear me.

For a second it almost felt as though she was sitting beside me with an arm around my shoulder smiling a sisterly smile at me. But that moment was fleeting and the tears I started to shed were genuine.

“Goodbye, Buffy, mom,” I whispered to their spirits. Opening my eyes I thought for a moment I could see Buffy, and mom, and this really odd looking guy in robes with the wildest hair style I’d ever seen and a beard. The bearded dude was frowning slightly at me while Buffy and mom were smiling sad smiles. Then they all seemed to vanish. “Ok. That was weird,” I said to myself.

“Did you need something, Miss Skywalker?” one of the ARC Troopers asked me.

I shook my head. “No.” Shaking off the odd feelings I’d got when I saw that strange ghostly vision I turned to the nearest ARC Trooper with a slight quizzical expression. “Actually, yes, could I get one of those fancy guns?” I asked.

“Were you trained in its use?” he asked.

“No,” I returned with a pout. “I just woke up like thirteen minutes ago.” It might have been petulant of me, but I wasn’t about to go gallivanting around this galaxy without some kind of idea on how to defend myself. I wasn’t going to be a helpless damsel this time.

“Wrench, give Soleil your blaster and show her how it works,” he ordered one of the others.

“Yes, sir,” the one addressed stated with a quick salute. “Here you go, ma’am,” he said to me passing me one of his blasters.

So for my first act after waking up in a clone tube thingy I learned how to work a fancy sci-fi gun. Xander would be proud.

To Be Continued…
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