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There For You

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Summary: Things catch up with two Hogwarts students on the run from Death Eaters.

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Harry Potter > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories > Theme: DramaJmariaFR1514190166324 Sep 1024 Sep 10Yes
Title: There For You
Author: Jmaria
Rating: FR-15
Disclaimer: J.K. owns them all. Not me.
Summary: Things catch up with two Hogwarts students on the run from Death Eaters.
Words: 331
A/N: Apparently, watching youtube makes my mind take weird turns…so while I was watching about two dozen Draco/Luna vids, my mind was wandering to Deathly Hallows. Which made me think of Luna in the dungeon with everyone else. And seriously, Youtube? Not one Dean/Luna vid? Kinda irritated me, but a lot of things involving DH tend to, so meh.

There For You

She’d been standing staring out at the ocean for hours. He didn’t know how long he’d been watching her stare out at nothing, but the sun had begun to dip below the rise of the ocean and a stiff breeze tangled the pearlescent strands of her hair around her. For the first time in months, his fingers ached to put pencil to pad and sketch.

A smile - one he only seemed to wear around her - had him rising to his feet to stand beside her at the cliff’s edge. He stretched a hand out to touch her, to bring those all-seeing eyes on his face. And he was startled to see the pain and the tears where wonderment and stars had been when they were trapped in a dank dungeon together.

Dean wasn’t sure how it happened. If she had been the one to move to him, or if he had pulled her to him. But Luna was in his arms, her face buried in his chest as she sobbed brokenly - everything that had happened in the Malfoy Dungeon hitting her at once. His arms wrapped around her, burying his own face in her hair and muttering nonsense words that he had used to calm his younger half-sisters down back before the world went to hell.

Luna’s hands dug into his back, holding onto him for dear life. She couldn’t break in front of just anyone. She couldn’t grieve over what had happened in front of Harry - not when so much was counting on him and his strength. She couldn’t grieve in front of the young Weasley couple, because then they would know all of the awful things that had been done that they couldn’t even begin to guess at.

But here, in Dean Thomas’s arms, she could grieve for what had happened. For those they’d lost - for those they might still lose. And truthfully - it was the first time they’d honestly seen one another.

The End

You have reached the end of "There For You". This story is complete.

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