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Too Many Powers in the 'Verse: Firefly

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Fan Art

Summary: Firefly and Buffy crossover art. Might have some manips for other Firefly crossovers as well. Check 'em out.

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Firefly > FanartTwistedSlinkyFR73254062,15224 Sep 1029 Nov 11No

Relics: Dawn and Connor

Disclaimer: I don't own Angel, Buffy, or Firefly. Also, I don't own the original pics used in this manip.

Relics of Another Age
Eventual Dawn/Connor (I think) story that I might be writing in the near future. I've got a piece of it outlined, but sooo many projects on my list. So, I thought I would do some fanart to keep me inspired and reminded of this story idea.


Feedback is awesome, so feel free. Also, I have a version of this same manip without Connor in it, so if anyone would like me to post that, just ask.
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