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In The twilight After Halloween

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Summary: Even not getting his costume from Ethan's saves Xander from chaos of Halloween or the changes that will affect his life forever. The strength and speed are cool, the thirst and eyes not so cool.

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Chapter 5

In The Twilight After Halloween

Chapter 5

*Xander's ability*

When Xander finally snapped out of the shock of what he'd just done and how he'd felt about it, or rather the way he hadn't felt about it, he ran. After a few minutes he stopped and blinked in confusion, he was in the warehouse district of town, but that was halfway across town how the hell had he got here in a few minutes, which should have been impossible. But considering everything else that had happened since he'd woken, it wasn't that big a shock really. He started walking again, he just had to get somewhere away. Considering that every time he thought about going back to Giles's the burning in his throat flared painfully, he didn't think it would be a good idea until he figured this out.

He was just about to open the door of the nearest warehouse, when a scream ripped though the night. Xander looked in the direction of the scream, just in time to be assaulted by the most enticing smell. He recognised it as the smell he smelt at Giles's, just before he'd lost control and attacked Deadboy. Once again he felt everything else, the burning, the strange liquid filling his mouth and the strong instinct telling him to find his prey. Before he realised it, he was following the scent. He tried to stop himself, he'd already figured out that if he found the source of the scent someone would die, despite the lack of guilt for the last time, he didn't want to kill anyone. When he turned the corner, he saw it, five figures at the far end of the alley, only four of them weren't human. Four men were surrounding the last, who was cowering against the wall. That was the only one that had a heartbeat and it was the heartbeat the destroyed the last of Xander's resistance to his new instincts. Instantly Xander found his teeth buried deep within the neck of his prey and blood was pouring down his throat smoothing the burning there. With a deep feeling of satisfaction Xander gulped down all the blood that was available. All too soon, in Xander's opinion, the blood stopped coming. With a growl Xander dropped the now empty body and savoured the moment without any burning, but it didn't last very long. He looked down to see the body, of the second person he'd killed tonight and again didn't feel anything. Emotionally speaking he might have well have just eaten a Twinkie.

"Hey, asshole!" A voice said from behind him. Xander turned to find four very pissed off vampires. "That was our dinner, you just ate." Xander tried a smile, but knew that it came out as a grimace. As even though he didn't feel any guilt over killing them, he still knew it was wrong on a intellectual level and he really didn't want to do it, at the same time knowing that he would.

"Couldn't stop myself," Xander said honestly.

"Guess we'll just teach you a lesson. Huh boys?" the same vampire as before said.

"Sure thing, Marion," another one said. Marion turned his head a growled at the other vampire.

"I told you not to call me that!"

"Sorry boss," Xander for his part blinked and looked at the very male vampire called Marion. He couldn't help himself, he broke into laughter.

"Don't laugh at me!" the vampire said.

"Sure, Marion," Xander said, not stopping in his laughter. "Is Robin Hood coming to save you?" And roared in laughter, this was just to good, and after the shocks to this night he'd really needed to laugh about. By this point the vampire was almost pouting.

"I don't need anyone to save me!" the vampire screeched. "I was sired by Angelus himself!" Xander stopped laughing when a voice he didn't recognise boomed in his head. *No, he wasn't.* Unsure what to make of that, he mentally shrugged and went with it.

"No you weren't." Xander said. The vampire looked as if he was going to pop.

"Yes I was!" he said. *Nope.* "And I'm over a hundred and I've killed a Slayer!" *He's less then ten and has never even seen a Slayer.* Xander closed his eyes for a moment and shook his head against the voice in his head, was he going crazy as well as everything else?

"Oh, fuck it, let's just kill him" Marion said, and rushed Xander. Taken by surprise Xander just raised a hand, and was shocked when he felt it enter the vampires chest. Xander stared at the comically bugged eyes Marion. Acting on impulse Xander closed his hand on vampire's heart, which was in his palm and pulled his hand out. He stared at the heart which was sitting in his hand for a moment before it, and the vampire in front of him turned to dust. The remaining vampires looked at each other and rushed him as one. Xander dodged the attacks with more speed and agility than he ever thought possible even for a Slayer. Seeing an opening Xander struck hitting one of the vampires in the face, ripping it's head from it's shoulders in the process.

"What the hell?" Xander yelled as the vampire turned to dust. Another vampire tried to attack him as he stood there stunned. But Xander caught his arm like he'd been moving in slow motion, this was way to easy. Then Xander jerked the vampire violently to the right, sending him crashing into some dustbins ten feet away. That would have been fine, if Xander had let go. Xander dropped the now severed arm as if it had burnt him. It was that moment that the last vampire chose to do the only sensible thing, and ran for his unlife.

The vampire that Xander had relived of an arm, was staring and where his arm had been and then Xander and his blood red eyes.

"What are you!" he yelled. Xander bent and picked up a piece of broken crate.

"I don't know." Xander said and throw the wood and it hit the vampire dead in it's heart. Xander turned and ran up the nearest fire escape and was on the roof before the dust settled. He sat on the roof and waited for the dawn.

Giles had come into work early so he could look though some of the demonology books that he only had at the library. There hadn't been any mention of a demon that matched Angel's description in any of his books. It was hard to believe that the rather goofy young boy could have become something as dangerous as Angel had described. He'd just made himself a cup of tea, and was just about to start on one of his oldest books when the phone rang. Cursing as he almost got hot tea down his front Giles made his way to the phone. Who on earth would be ringing at this time in the morning?

"Hello, Mr Giles speaking," Giles said as he brought up the receiver.

"Hi, G-Man," The person on the other side said. Giles didn't recognise the musical voice, but there was only one person that called him that infernal nickname.

"Good lord, Xander?" There was a short chuckle from the other side of the line.

"Yeah, the one and only," Xander said.

"We have been worried," Giles said. "Are you alright? Where are you?"

"Wow, G-Man, have you been taking lessons from Willow?"

"Well. I..." Giles said flustered.

"Never mind," Xander said with a hint of amusement. "I'm not alright on an epic scale but I'm dealing."

"Come back and we can help," Giles said. There was silence on the line, for so long Giles thought maybe Xander had left.

"I can't come back." Xander said, his voice was filled with pain. "It's safe where I am." Giles frowned.

"Safe from whom?" He inquired.

"You don't get it," Xander said. "People are safe from me, where I am."

"I don't understand." Giles admitted. There was another silence, but not as long this time.

"If I go near anyone with a heartbeat I will kill them, I can't stop myself."

"Dear lord, Xander I..." Giles trailed off, there wasn't much you say to that.

"I killed two people last night," Xander said, Giles paled at that. "Drained them of blood, like I'm a vampire but I'm not, well sort of."

"What do you mean?"

"I'm dead, no heartbeat, not breathing sort of dead." Giles took off his glasses and pinched he bridge of his nose as he couldn't clean them one handed.

"I'm sure we can work something out." There was a snort from Xander.

"I waited for the sun this morning," Xander said.

"I presume, that as we're talking, it didn't go as planned." There was another snort this time of amusement.

"I sparkled."

"Excuse me?"

"When the sun hit my skin, no burning, no imitation of the human touch. Just an imitation of the human diamond." Giles pinched his nose again, after he'd translated the American teenagernese in his head, he'd never heard of anything like that before.

"Even so, I sure we could..."

"I'm leaving," Xander interrupted and continued quickly so Giles couldn't interrupt him. "I'm not safe to be around, until I get a grip on this thirst. I'll come back when I have." The boy was hiding something Giles could tell, but it wasn't likely that he could get him to talk if he didn't want to. Over the time he'd known him, Xander had made quite the impression on Giles. The boy covered it up rather well, but Giles could see under all the goofiness and irritating humour, Xander had a strong intelligence and an even stronger heart. He would have made a very good Watcher one day, if this hadn't happened.

"Is there anything I could say to change your mind?" Giles asked.

"There isn't," Xander said. "Thanks for understanding."

"I don't really. But I know you wouldn't do this if there wasn't any other choice," Giles said.

"Yeah, you know me." And for once there wasn't a hint of a joke, Xander was being totally serious and that in it's self made Giles decide to not press the issue any further. "Send my love to the girls," Xander said.

"I will," Giles said. Knowing that it could be a long time, if ever, before he'd hear from the boy again. "And good luck."

"Thanks, Giles." Xander said, using Giles's name for once. "See ya around, man." Xander said and with that the line went dead. Giles sat down heavily after he replaced the receiver. A small tear escaped his eye, for the young man he'd come to respect over the short time of knowing him and would be proud to call a son in another time.

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The End

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