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In The twilight After Halloween

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Summary: Even not getting his costume from Ethan's saves Xander from chaos of Halloween or the changes that will affect his life forever. The strength and speed are cool, the thirst and eyes not so cool.

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Twilight > Xander - CenteredxandersgirlFR1556,55143516,48425 Sep 108 Oct 10Yes

Chapter One

In The Twilight After Halloween

I don't own BtVS or twilight.

Chapter 1

Xander grumbled as he stomped down the stairs to the basement. It had recently become his sanctuary from his drunken parents ever since he'd discovered they wouldn't follow him as they couldn't manage the steep stairs down when they were drunk, which was most of the time now. He'd come down straight after he'd got back from school as he wasn't in the mood to deal with his so called parents at the moment.

He was annoyed bordering on pissed at the troll that called himself a Principle. Where did he get off volunteering them to escort kids on Halloween. Wasn't the whole point of volunteering that it was voluntary? Now he was stuck escorting kids Trick-or-Treating and he couldn't even get any candy for himself, as he wasn't mean enough to deprive kids from the sweet stuff. That wasn't even the worse part, oh no, the worse part was that he'd have to spend some of his near non-existent allowance to buy a costume, so he wouldn't even be able to buy any candy later either! He was doomed to an existence without junk food for the foreseeable future.

Was that being over dramatic? The junk food junkie that was Alexander Harris didn't think so. He lashed out at the nearest object. His foot hit the side solid oak chest, and he spent the next minute clutching at his foot in pain and cursing. It was only after he'd calmed down that he noticed that the latch of the chest had come lose and the lid was slightly open. With a curiosity that can be dangerous on a Hellmouth, he opened the lid all the way.

There on the top of the chest lay, in a protective plastic bag, a black suit, complete with a white shirt and black tie. It had clearly been his father wedding suit. Xander stared at it for a moment wondering how it had survived not being pawned off for alcohol. Then a thought occurred to him, and he smiled. He'd need a pair of sunglasses, which he had in his room to make it work but work it would. He sent out a silent thank you the god of junk food who'd heard his plea.

The phone rang, Xander closed the lid and raced upstairs knowing his parents wouldn't be in a state to talk to whoever it was at the moment. He picked up the receiver.

"Hello?" He said.

"Xander." Willow said.

"Willow!" He said with a smile.

"Me and Buffy are going into town tomorrow, to get our costumes. There's this new place, Ethan's or something, that looks good, and cheap, because of... well... you know your... er position and all, and we thought that well.."

"Will. It's alright I got a costume," Xander said.

"You do?" Willow said excited. "What is it?"

"A surprise."


"Will. Don't worry you'll see it tomorrow night anyway," he said.

"Oh ok," she said. "Bye then."


Xander straightened his tie and knocked on Buffy's door. It was answered by Buffys mother.

"Hello, Mrs Summers, I'm agent X defender of Earth from illegal aliens of the ET sort. Is Miss Summ..." Xander trailed off as he noticed Buffy coming down the stairs in full 17th century gown and a brown wig. He opened and closed his mouth a few times. The Summers women exchanged looks and giggled at his reaction, this jerked him out of his revere.

"Wow Buffy, more is most deftly more!" he said finally. Buffy smiled.

"Thanks. Do you think Angel'll like it?" she asked. Frowning at the mention of deadboy Xander nodded.

"He'd be more of an idiot than I already thought, if he doesn't," he said. Seeing Buffy frown he hastily added. "So where's the ghostly form of the Willow?" He asked. Safely distracted Buffy smiled a secret smile.

"Things are a bit different. May I present..."

"Boo!" Willow said when she jumped out from round the corner at the top of the stairs in fall ghost costume.

"Willow." Buffy said deflated and disappointed.

"That's a might fine boo you've got there." Xander said.

"Thanks." Willow said as she walked down the stairs.

"But Willow," Buffy said. "Your not meant to be a ghost!"

"You can't beat the classics, Buff," Xander said.

"Says a Blues Brother," Buffy said. Xander took on a hurt look.

"I have you know I'm a Man in Black."

"And what does a Man in Black do?" Buffy asked.

"We save the world from the nasty ETs, but most we look cool."

Later in front of the High school.

Xander looked at the kids he was going to be taking Trick-or-Treating and notice one was looking upset and depressed that was so not right for Trick-or-Treating. Xander crouched down in front of him and saw he was wearing wicked looking red contacts.

"Hey, what you meant to be?" He asked the kid.

"I'm meant to be a vampire, but mum couldn't get the teeth to fit." The kid said sadly.

"Well, I think the red eyes make you look scarily demonic." Xander told him.

"Really?" Xander nodded.

"Really." The kid smiled.

"Thanks mister." He said.


Xander didn't know what happened, one minute the kids he was watching over were doing normal kid things, the next things turned very Hellmouthy. Suddenly the plastic masks didn't look at all plasticy and very real, and he didn't want to find how real the teeth were any time soon. This was defiantly something for Buffy to deal with or maybe Giles. But most defiantly not him. Xander took a slow step backwards away from the group of mini-demons. Unfortunately that just drew attention to himself.

"Shit," he said when the mini-demons looked at him. He raised his hands in placating manner. "Easy there, mini-demon, ex-kiddies. Nothing of interest here, I'll just be going," he said turning to run away to find Buffy. He barely got two steps before something stopped him and he felt a sharp pain in his wrist. He looked down to see one of the kids attached to his wrist. He could feel something very important to his continued existence being drawn from him. The kid was drinking his blood! Xander tried to pull away, but the kid tightened his grip, and Xander heard and felt the bones in his arm snap. The agony of broken bones shot up his arm and covered the slight burning that had been there before.

Suddenly a brown blur knocked into the kid that was drinking Xander's arm and wrenched him from Xander, who landed heavily onto his back. There was a lot of snapping and snarling, but the kid didn't come back. Xander lay on his back the pain from his arm and the loss of blood making him very unwilling to move.

"Xander!" Xander looked to see Willow running towards him a very short skirt and small top. I must dying, to see something that good. Xander thought. "Oh my God, Xander, your bleeding!" Willow almost screamed. That snapped Xander back to reality.

"I'm ok Will, just broke my arm." He said pushing himself up to sitting position with his good arm. It was then that the burning feeling he'd felt before his arm had been broken came back, and spread to encompass his entire body. "!" he said, his arm that was holding him upright gave out and he fell back down. But he barely felt the impact with the ground as the burning rapidly took away any other feelings and even his vision.

"Xander!" He heard Willow frantically yelling, but it was like she was behind think glass. He could hear someone screaming, but the burning was to great for him to realise the person screaming was himself.

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