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Xander of the Amurites?

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Summary: Xander dresses as a hero from a Civilization 4 mod.

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Disclaimer: BTVS belongs to Joss Whedon, Civilization IV belongs to Sid Meier and Fall from Heaven 2 belongs to Kael.
A/N: Challenge 5420: Turn - based Crossover I have also partly mangled some physics from Michio Kaku's book “Hyperspace”

Xander decided to forgo his soldier costume since it was rather cliché and go instead as Govanon, the wizard teaching hero from the Civilization mod Fall From Heaven 2. He figured it would be better than going as a clubman. A little odd because going as a soldier would have been better, but it would regain some of his man cred that was diminished when Buffy took out Larry for him.

Now, just to put it together, Party Town wouldn't have the stuff so it was off to Ethan's the newer lower priced costume store in town. The costume had taken most of his budget, for some reason the robes commanded a higher price, maybe there would be a lot of wizards running around.

The robes fit fine in each boot, he tucked a regular stake. Satisfied with his costume, Xander started walking towards the Summer's residence.

At 1630 Revello Drive, Xander rang the bell and Joyce Summers opened the door in a 1950's housewife's dress.

“Hello and who is this Gandalf the Grey, Xander?” Joyce asked.

“No Mrs. Summers this is a wizard from a game.” Xander answered.
“Well, then let me get Buffy and Willow.” Joyce said as she turned and bellowed “Girls!, Xander is here!”

Xander just watched as the girls came down the stairs not saying a word to keep in line with the enigmatic wizard persona.
Of course when Herr Snyder started blabbing about not talking to the children, Xander got angry however, he remembered the golden rule of wizardry Be subtle and quick to anger.

Xander vowed to make Snyder pay. For his first defiant transgression he turned to the kids as soon as Snyder was out of range.

“Ok kids, now to get extra candy, remember tears are a powerful tool. You can go for the you missed me routine but its risky and best saved when you are sure there is chocolate. Now off we go for candy!”

As the little group of hellions cavorted through the streets of Sunnydale another mage worked his fell magic.

Space and time warped, in some places Planck energy was exceeded for the spell to work breaching the various dimensions, in others concepts were pulled from different galaxies. Nonetheless, Chaos ensued as what was out became the inside.

Govanon came to this earth due to a quantum perturbation. The various other costumes came from other places.

Govanon sat up and cataloged everything he felt, it wasn't from Agares that he knew, it felt more like Hastur's work with Chaos mana. His father had warned him about Hastur's more unpredictable spells, which is why he preferred flame and body augmentation magic. With a word, he was encased in Kilomorph's embrace, another and he augmented his body with Aeron's strength.

He knew that Aeron was the God of murder and assassins now, but he had been one of strength and speed. He used that speed to good effect to run to the side of a red-headed woman. Maybe she was one of Bhall's worshipers that hadn't turned into an orc?

In any case, he sat near the damsel and with Sirona's Sight examined her and found her in an out of body experience. Since it was forced it would be bad to disturb her in any way, unfortunately shielding her in any way would require him to stay rooted to the spot to maintain it.

When he heard a scream from a Elohim woman he decided to go to her aid and laughed long and hard when she was cowering away from a dwarven mechanical calling it a demon.

“My dear maiden, that is not a foul beast from the Hells but a mechanical construction.” Govanon said fighting to regain his composure he used in front of Valledia and the Council of Arch-Magi.

“What does it want good mage?” Lady Elizabeth asked terrified.

“Nothing, it merely serves as a means of transport in this age. However, it seems we are far from our accustomed places, therefore I will ask you to accompany me until we can return to our favored areas.”
Govanon said.

“Thank you sir mage, my father will certainly reward you once we reach my estate.” Lady Elizabeth said.

“It is only my duty fair lady.” Govanon said bowing while summoning a fireball.

“Down!” Govanon said as he threw it into a vampire that burst into dust.

“Stay at my side! We must find a sanctum!” Govanon yelled as he raised a potion to his lips that would allow him to cast another spell. He readied his Sidar hunting knife by unsnapping it's sheath under his robes.

He saw the Bhallist woman and shouted, “Over here! We must seek a sanctum, as one of the wise I implore this thrice!”

“Xander you've got Buffy, god she's useless, listen go to her house. There's a key under the rock statue.” Willow said.

“My thanks spirit. I will cure you.” Govanon grabbed Lady Elizabeth and proceeded up the hill to the indicated domain. A gesture moved the rock, another brought the key to his hand and in under two minutes they were in.

As Govanon ushered the Lady in, he began preparing to immerse himself into this magical effect. Once he had the Lady Elizabeth inside the dwelling, it took no time at all to align himself with the flows of magic.

After announcing that he had found the source of the problem and summoning forth a guardian from the Earth, he left to follow the flow to Ethan's.

By the time he got there, he saw the door had been broken down and the mage lay on the floor cowering in front of a physical adept. He cared not and launched a flaming rock at the bust of a strange god.

The magical focus shattered, but not before it left knowledge in the young magus' mind.

He knew everything, histories of Erebus, the sagas of Kylorin, everything! Knowledge was not to come without a price though. Xander collapsed where he stood.

A/N:Next part is forthcoming, Erebus is coming to Sunnyhell!

The End?

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You have reached the end of "Xander of the Amurites?" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 25 Sep 10.

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