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She Never Knew

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Summary: They were everything she never knew she wanted. M/M/F The Losers Noncross

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She Never Knew

Disclaimer: I don’t own the Losers, movie-verse or comics. That’d be Sylvain White or Andy Diggle.

Author’s Note: This was a prompt from Bite Sized Bits of Fic, an lj community. It became rather long, so it gets its own post. (Prompt: The Losers, Aisha/Cougar/Jensen, Everything she never knew she wanted) This follows the movie-verse, not necessarily the comics.

At first, it was because it couldn’t be Clay, not after everything that happened in L.A. And it couldn’t be Pooch because he was so married it hurt to watch him pine sometimes. That left Jensen or Cougar and Jensen was, frankly, the easier target. She never expected Cougar to try to intercept her and for all three of them to get what they wanted.

And, at first, it was totally just going to be sex. Aisha al-Fadhil wasn’t sunshine and roses, happily-ever-after material and, besides Pooch, neither were the rest of the Losers. So it was supposed to be fun, something to fill needs and downtime. Until Jensen presented her to a little girl with his shining blue eyes and Cougar shot a man from five hundred yards away before he could carve out a piece of her flesh. And whether it was because they let her into their family or into their team or whatever, she realized they’d made her theirs and, more importantly, that she actually wanted to be theirs. Because they were definitely hers.

She ran her tongue along the thing scar that marked where her bullet had grazed Jensen what felt like ages ago and he hissed as Cougar did something filthy to him just out of her line of sight. It was her favorite spot on his entire body and he knew that because she’d told him the first time she’d gotten him naked. That spot was hers, indelibly marked into his skin.

He wound his hand into her loose hair and brought her in for a kiss and he muttered against her lips, “You’re both such freaks.”

She waited because she knew Cougar liked it best when Jensen was distracted. She waited until Jensen arced up with a startled huff before pulling at his bottom lip with her teeth. He whined, kneading her shoulder.

“Mmm,” she hummed lazily as Cougar’s hands wrapped tight over her hips and angled her towards Jensen’s cock. He might have been more interested in fucking Jensen most of the time, but Cougar never left her out. Her back bowed as the head pushed in, followed inch by slow inch. Cougar pressed tight against her back suddenly, balls deep in Jensen, causing Jensen thrust up with a shout and then they were moving. The rhythm was a little off but it suited them and Aisha straightened up until her back was flush against Cougar’s front. He wound an arm around her, hand coming up to curl tight around her throat.

She gasped for breath and Jensen groaned, grinding up against her. “Kinky fuckers,” he hissed, reaching out to guide her hips as her thoughts started to float.

Cougar lowered them slowly, not releasing her throat, until their bodies dragged against one another and her mind went black, stars the blue of Jensen’s eyes the only thing keeping her with them. She barely felt Cougar’s teeth clamp onto the flesh where shoulder met throat as he reared against Jensen’s willing body with a final deep groan, but the sharp twist of her clit sent her up and away, where not even the blue could reach her.

She came back to Jensen laving the stinging mark on her shoulder, hand kneading along her skin. The shower was running, which told her where Cougar was, but Jensen’s cock dragged hot and hard along her hip, trailing cum across her skin as he shifted against her. She lifted a shaky hand to fist in his hair and he shifted over her, pulling up to drag her deep into a kiss before capturing both of her wrists above her head and shoving in. No finesse, no warning, no questions. Cougar liked to leave his mark, Aisha liked to fly to pieces, but Jensen was the one that would leave them all walking bowlegged.

Mini climaxes rocked her body, still recovering from going away, as he rutted against her, breath bellowing as he strove to reach that final mark. She thrust up against him, hands straining for something to hang onto. His hand loosened around her wrists as his thrusts got harder but shorter, rhythm shattering as his need built. One of her hands got loose before he tightened his grip again and she slid it over his slick shoulder, down his corded back, and three fingers slid into his ass, twisting to nail his prostate.

He whimpered and jerked, face dropping into her shoulder as his hand slid from her wrist to twine with his fingers with hers. His other hand yanked her leg up his hip as he shoved and Aisha arched, twisting her fingers again. Pressure was starting to build and he seemed to know that because he pulled her leg higher and undulated against her until pleasure spilled over and her fingers flexed and twisted of their own volition. He ground against her, hissing, as he finally let go.

His hands were shaky as they petted her face, down her sides, up her legs. He shifted just enough not to smother her and petted.

The soft clink of porcelain on the bedside table caused her to look up. Cougar stared down at them through a curtain of hair, his hat safely hanging on the bedpost. He bent a brushed a soft kiss against her swollen lips, murmuring, “Mi querida.” He pressed a hard kiss to Jensen’s shoulder. “Mi corazón.”

Then he dragged a cool rag over their skin as Jensen mumbled something about Latin lovers and needing to learn Spanish and didn’t they have software for that? Aisha just ran a hand through his hair as she wrapped the other around Cougar’s bare thigh.

They were everything she’d never known she wanted.

The End

You have reached the end of "She Never Knew". This story is complete.

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