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Found In The End

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Summary: Sequel to 'Lost In The Middle'

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Lord of the Rings > Gunn-CenteredCanadaBFR151512051,5805 Dec 035 Dec 03No
Title: Found In The End

Author: CanadaB

Disclaimer: I don't own any of it. They belong to someone else.

Rating: PG-13

Distribution: Whoever wants it, just let me know where it ends up.

Pairing: Dawn/?, Gunn/?

Spoilers: After my fic "Lost In The Middle".

Feedback: Please!!!!!!

Notes: Dawn in 17, almost 18. You really ought to read "Lost In The Middle" or you'll be the one that's lost. indicated thoughts

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Part 1

Dawn looked around her bedroom trying to make sure she hadn't forgotten to pack anything for her trip. She still couldn't believe that she was getting to go to another dimension for an entire month without her sister. Of course, she was only going to visit the Hobbits, Merry and Pippin, in the Shire of Middle Earth and Charles Gunn was going with her, but still, no over-protective Slayers. With one final glance around her room, Dawn picked up her bag and headed down to the front room where Anya would open a portal to the Shire.

Dawn entered to find the front room of the Angel's mansion a flurry of activity. Buffy was worriedly pacing while Haldir tried to get her to stop making him dizzy. Willow was frantically questioning an increasingly annoyed Anya about the portal while Legolas sat off to the side smiling at his mate's loving concern. Xander was walking in from the kitchen mumbling to himself about how much he would like the Shire, or at least the eating schedule of the Shire. Giles was giving Gunn some last minute fatherly advise for the trip; while Gunn, Dawn could tell, was using all his self-control not to roll his eyes at the Watcher that had readily 'adopted' Gunn into his 'family'. All in all, Dawn couldn't help but grin at the antics of her family.

"You ready to go Summers?" Gunn nearly yelled, grateful for the interruption of Giles' lecture.

"Waitin' on you," she retorted, releasing some of the tension in the room, causing everyone to smile.

Gunn picked up his bag from next to his feet, swung the strap over his shoulder and wandered over to Dawn. Buffy threw her arms around her younger sister.

"Buffy . . . air . . ." Dawn managed to choke out. Buffy quickly let go of her sister. Dawn was immediately hugged by Willow. "Willow . . . air . . ." Dawn knew she should be used to death-grip hugs from the Slayers, but it still managed to knock the wind out of her. Dawn smiled at the two Slayers knowing that no matter what she may say to everyone else, she would miss them while she was away.

Legolas gave Dawn a quick hug, as did Haldir and Anya. Xander tried to match the Slayers in strength with the hug he gave her, Giles too. The girls gave Gunn hugs, though not so bone crushing as they did with Dawn. The guys all shook his hand and wished him well. That only left one thing to be done. All eyes turned to Anya as she opened the portal.

As the Shire came into view, so did Merry, Pippin, and two Hobbits that Dawn didn't recognize. The others in the front room seemed to know them all and vice versa, if all the enthusiastic waves were any indication.

Dawn felt Gunn take her hand and she looked up to meet his questioning gaze. She nodded slightly and together they took their first step into Middle Earth.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Should I continue with this story? Please let me know.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Found In The End" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 5 Dec 03.

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