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Imhotep's Key

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Rainbow in Sunnydale". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: (Part 2 of ROS)(Buffy/Rainbow Six/Mummy) Anck-su-namun is back and she has discovered that the key to bringing back her master is living in Sunnydale

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Literature > Action > Author: Tom ClancyJoeBFR132390,2201010180,9605 Dec 0311 Jul 07Yes

Chapter One

Imhotep’s Key Chapter 1
By Joseph Black

Disclaimer: Red Storm and Tom Clancy own Rainbow and Characters. Joss Whedon owns Buffy and Characters. Anyone else belongs to me. I make no profit of the following except to have a little fun.

Spoilers: Buffy to present. Rainbow to Bear and the Dragon.

Authors note 1: I am adjusting the Buffy time line slightly, this fic starts just after “Never Leave Me”, moving things back about a month.

Authors note 2: I can’t seem to get Fanfic to except my special formatting. So anytime you see this ‘{*} anything inside is in a foreign language. And if you see this [*] it’s some ones thoughts.

Authors note 3: This is a continuation of the story started in ‘Rainbow Over Sunnydale’. It would be helpful to read that fic first.

Authors note 4: To the moderators, I know that this fic should be over in the multipule crossover area, but I got perimission from Jinni for it to be here.

Note to Reviewer: Anon, it would require a spoiler to let you know what is going on. If you want to know send me your email address and I'll tell you.

Thanks to all that reviewed. Constructive criticisms always welcomed. Flames cheerfully ignored.

Radisson Hotel and Convention Center
295 N. E Street
San Bernardino CA
2145 hrs

President Jack Ryan stood behind the podium in his trademarked blue jacket, tie, and white shirt. He finished his prepared speech by saying, “Questions?”

Reporters immediately shot to their feet trying to get his attention. When Ryan said, “Tom?” Pointing at Tom Donner, John Plumber’s ex-partner, everyone else sat back down. Bob Holtzman listened to Donner’s question with half an ear as he was trying to decide if he wanted to run up to Sunnydale after the press conference and look around.

“Mr. President,” Donner began, “Senator Kincaid has responded to the charges you leveled against him earlier today. He called them unfounded and partisan mud-slinging. He claims that you are just trying to stifle dissent. How do you respond to that?”

Ryan had been taking a drink of water as Donner asked his question. He replaced the water glass on the try before answering. “Tom, I think that the Senator’s record speaks for itself. I support everyone’s freedom of speech, and the right of an American to dissent to what his or her government is doing is one of the most cherished rights that we as Americans possess. But what Senator Kincaid is doing is not dissent, which implies that the person taking the stand has studied the issue and has reached the decision that the government is wrong and must be resisted. In Senator Kincaid’s case he has simply set himself up as the Anti-Me, it doesn’t matter what position that I take Senator Kincaid will take the polar opposite with no rhyme or reason to what it is. In one case he even lobbied against a bill that HE introduced that I agreed was a good and needed piece of legislation. That’s not dissent, it obstructionism. As far as the partisan mudsling-charge goes, how can I be partisan? I don’t belong to either of the main political parties. Mud Slinging is defined as making malicious or slanderous remarks about another person. The charges I leveled against Senator Kincaid are taken right from the congressional record. I am lobbying against Senator Kincaid because I think that he is an unnecessary roadblock in the smooth running of this government. He has attempted to block every piece of legislation that I have introduced since the reinstitution Congress and there is every indication that if he is reelected he will continue this trend. As we have seen several times in my Presidency we do not always have the time for such theatrics. I feel strongly that he needs to be removed before we find ourselves in another such situation. Next?”

The reporters surged back to their feet with hands raised calling, “Mr. President!”

“Bob?” Ryan said pointing at Holtzman.

For a moment Holtzman toyed with the idea of asking, “So Mr. President, what’s going on just down the road in Sunnydale?” But that was a question that he wasn’t going to ask till he already knew the answer. So instead he asked, “Looking at what State Senator Burstan is saying he is at least as strong a critic of you as Senator Kincaid, would you really be gaining that much from having him elected?”

Ryan nodded, “Good question,” he conceded. “I think though that you are doing State Senator Burstan a disservice by comparing what he is doing to Senator Kincaid actions. Thomas Burstan opposition to me is based on a logical thought process, not political ambition. He believes that I have on several instants overstepped my Presidential authority. But he has also praised my efforts on several other issues. With that I believe that I will be able to work with Thomas Burstan and reach compromises with him. That will be an improvement over Senator Kincaid. Next?”

Holtzman sat back down and wrote up the notes to his question, while listening to what the other reporters were asking. There was something else there, he could feel it, After about twenty minutes Holtzman glanced at Congresswomen Sheila Tucker, he decided that if she didn’t get reelected she could go into acting because she really didn’t look all that unhappy that the only questions concerning her and her candidacy where from the local reporters, and even some of them were going with questions about the Ryan-Kincaid feud.

When the Press Conference ended with the Sergeant-at–arms saying, “Thank You Mr. President!” Holtzman headed for the outside, he wanted to get some fresh air before he went in and covered the meet and greet that Ryan would be doing. Outside the entranceway he found numerous of his colleagues who had not yet kicked the smoking habit stocking up for the time that they would not be able to smoke inside. This annoyed him a little, after all he quit, they could too. Not wanting to breath in the second hand smoke he headed around to the back of the building. He spotted a picnic table lit by a streetlight and headed there. He had just about reached it when he realized the area was already occupied by someone. Holtzman noticed with annoyance that this person was also smoking. He had just about decided to do a walk around the outside of the convention center when he happened to notice the persons press pass, it said, “Sunnydale Press.” Holtzman took a second to look the man over, brown hair, dark eyes, medium height and build, wearing a decent suite with brown jacket and tan pants. Walking up to him he held out his hand, “Bob Holtzman.”

Jurgis Ewel had watched the other man approach him and had come to the conclusion that he was going to ask him for a cigarette. In surprise he dropped his and held out his hand, “Jurgis Ewel. I’m sorry Mr. Holtzman I didn’t recognize you. I read your column as often as I can, but you don’t look like your picture.

Holtzman smiled, “I keep it ten years out of date on purpose. It’s easier to get people to talk if they don’t recognize you.”

Ewel smiled, “If I ever become a big time columnist I’ll have to remember that.”

Holtzman nodded, “I’ve been working on a story and Sunnydale came up in it.”

Ewel looked interested, “Anything I could do to help I would be happy to.”

“Thanks,” Holtzman said, “I’m working on a story on Eric Shallot’s disappearance.”

Ewel frowned, “I wasn’t aware he had disappeared. When was this?”

“Last year. He was working on a story and had a lead that led him to Sunnydale; he checked into the motel and then went out. No one ever saw him again.”

“Man, can’t believe I missed that one,” Ewel said, “I can ask around and see if anyone knows anything”

“Thanks, “Holtzman said, “I’ll quote you as a source. I was thinking of running up and doing a quick look around after the press conference tonight.”

Ewel frowned, “That’s not a real good idea, we get a lot of unexplained deaths in Sunnydale. It would be better if you had someone to show you around. I’d offer but my editor wants this story on his desk first thing in the morning.”

Holtzman nodded, he had mostly come to the same conclusion himself, but it was nice to hear a local confirm his decision.

“If you can come out later in the week I would be happy to show you around, there’s not a whole lot to see,” Holtzman offered.

“I’ll see if I can get my editor to cough up the money for a plane ticket.”

“So do you know why Shallots came to Sunnydale?” Ewel asked.

“He was following a lead for a script he was doing. He came across some information that indicated that one of the main players had been in Sunnydale right before and he was interested in finding out about him.

“So how long have you worked at The Press?” Holtzman asked he wanted to get a better read on him.

“A little over three years, I started there right before the high school blew up,” Ewel answered.

“I hate those kinds of stories,” Holtzman said, “What happened there, I checked the our archives, there was a blip the day it happened, then it was like everyone just forgot about it.”

“I wasn’t there when the explosion happened. The Mayor had a crony on The Press that covered his appearances. I heard about it on the TV and headed over. I got there about thirty minutes after the blast so all I got to do was interview the survivors. I still remember one. I caught her as she was exiting the crowd and asked her what happened, and if she was all right. She looked at me and said, “Fire bad. Tree pretty,” and then headed off down the street.”

Holtzman smiled, “I’ve had interviews like that. It’s usually a Congressman though.”

Ewel smiled. “We never really found out what happened just before the blast. The people who survived didn’t really talk about it. The crony disappeared without filling a story. It looked like he hit his apartment, packed, and was gone in about fifteen minutes. His cameraman was found in an autistic state with his camera smashed and all of his film exposed,”

“Did you buy the gas explosion story?” Holtzman asked.

“Never heard any other explanation for it, and no one at the paper was interested in looking for another one,” Ewel explained. “Personally I expected it to be blamed on gangs on PCP.”

Holtzman looked confused.

“Anytime there is a violent incident the story that the local cops give out is that it is gangs on PCP. They’ve gotten better about it in the last couple of years, but looking through the morgue it was just about standard for any number of crimes.”

“Like what?” Holtzman asked. He had noticed when going over the back stories that it did seem that Sunnydale had to have one of the biggest drug problems in the country with the number of times that excuse had popped up. Which was interesting because it had never made the list of troubled cities on national polls. Then again Sunnydale seemed to be good at keeping out of the public eye.

Ewel began explaining a number of cases he had come across. They had been doing a give and take for about five minutes when they noticed a black Ford Explorer pull up next to the loading dock of the hotel. Holtzman had noticed the Secret Service agents that had been guarding the entrance and had half expected to be rousted out of here. One of the agents entered a pool of light at the corner of the dock next to the stairs and Holtzman recognized Andrea Price-O’Day waiting for it. Six people got out of the vehicle, four men and two women. Holtzman recognized two of them, The First was John Clark, and he was dressed in a blue sport coat and gray pants. Getting out of the driver’s door was Riley Finn, he was dressed in a dark polo shirt and khaki pants. The other four he didn’t recognize. Two were women; well one was a young blond woman, petite, dressed in a suede skirt and a dark top. The other woman was taller than the first and dark haired. She looked younger too and was dressed in a floral skirt with a black top. The two men were split in age too. The first was younger, black haired, dressed in a dark top, either navy or black with tan slacks. The older man was taller than his companion with graying hair and seemed to be wearing tweed. Andrea went met them at the top of the stairs and shook Clark and Finn’s hands and was then introduced to the others. Holtzman thought he saw some hesitation when it came to taking the small blonds hand but he wasn’t close enough to be sure. She then led them back inside the building and the other agents resumed their positions.

Holtzman turned back to Ewel and found him looking at him. Ewel smiled and said, “You tell me who you recognized and I’ll tell you who I did.”

Holtzman thought about it and decided that it would be worth it to know who Ryan was meeting with this late. “Remember the story that Elliot Shallot was looking into?” Ewel nodded that he did. “The tall blond was the story. Shallot was working on a screenplay for a docudrama on Samantha Webber. You might remember her, she was the only survivor from a Peace Corp group that were killed when the village they were in was attacked by drug dealers.”

Ewel thought about it for a second, then said, “ I kinda remember it, never caught most of the details though.”

“The guy’s name is Riley Finn he’s an Officer in the US Army, he was supposedly down in Mexico on leave and escorted her home. It must have been some escort too; they ended up married a couple of months later. Shallot discovered that Finn supposedly was a TA in Sunnydale a month or so before the escort so he came down to Sunnydale to find out if his source was right. He disappeared the first night he was here.”

Ewel looked thoughtful, “Sounds like he found something.”

Holtzman nodded, “Or something found him.” He then looked at the other reporter.

Ewel smiled, “This is the night for coincidences. The blond?” Holtzman nodded. “She was the interview I told you about from the school explosion.”

‘You aren’t think of any numbers right now are you?” Holtzman asked.

Not seeing the relevance Ewel said, “No.”

“Ah well. I was hopping we could get together another psychic flash and split a lottery jackpot.”

Smiling Ewel went on, “Her name is Buffy Summers. I met her again at the new school. The old Principle was killed in the explosion so they had to hire a new one. His name is Robin Wood, a little young but he seems to know his stuff. He has some ideas for improving parent participation that I am looking forward to see if they work.”

“Like?” Holtzman asked.

“We’re having a big exchange program this year right before Christmas. He is going to bring exchange students in from all over and then right before they leave he is going to have this big awards banquet/parent teacher’s night to draw the parents in. It’s going to be impressive from the sounds of it.”

“Who’s paying for it?” Holtzman asked. Sunnydale didn’t seem to be that affluent of a town.

“Wood got corporate sponsorship for the event. The Nakatomi Corporation has always been interested in educational experiments. They are footing most of the bill.”

Holtzman nodded, “When this event goes down send me your notes and I’ll see about running it in The Post under your byline. If nothing else I’ll mention it in my column and source you.”

“Thanks, I will,” Ewel told the reporter. “Her name is Buffy Summers, her story is kind of impressive too. She got kicked out of her high school down in LA after she burned down the gym. She got in here and got into trouble a couple of more times while she was there.”

“What kind of trouble,” Holtzman asked.

Ewel filled Holtzman on Buffy being suspected in the death of two different people. The first had been someone who had been dating her mom who turned out to be a serial killer. Buffy had killed him accidentally in the middle of fight when she had pushed him down the stairs. At the time no one had known what he had been up too and there had been talk of first-degree manslaughter charges against her. After a search of his home had turned up the bodies of his previous victims charges had been dropped. The other was in the death of a still unidentified Jane Doe that had been killed in the school library. Her friends had been able to clear her once they had recovered from the wounds they had received in the attack.

“After she graduated she went to UCSD. Her mother was diagnosed with a brain tumor two years ago and ended up dieing from complications from the surgery a couple of months later. She dropped out of school and has been raising her sister since. Robin Wood hired her because he thinks she has a touch with kids and is using her as a councilor at the school. That’s one that I’m not sure about, but so far I haven’t been aware of any complaints against her.”

“Dang, that sounds like it would be a hell of a human interest story,” Holtzman said.

“I thought so,” Ewel said grimly.

“What do you mean?” Holtzman asked.

“I was warned off,” Ewel replied.

“By who?” Holtzman asked.

“My editor. He suggested that looking into Ms. Summers background might not be the healthiest move I could make.”

“You take his advice?” Holtzman asked now becoming really interested.

“Right now.”

“Let me know what you find out.”

“Does this mean we’re partners?” Ewel asked smiling.

Holtzman nodded, “On this story anyway.

“The older guy, His name is John Clark. He’s an assistant to President Ryan.”

“What is he a troubleshooter?” Ewel asked.

“That’s a fair description for what he does,” Holtzman agreed with a straight face. “I didn’t know anyone else.” He saw no reason to let Ewel know that the head of the President’s Secret Service Detail had met them.

“I know most of the others. The brunette I don’t know but if I had to guess I’d say that was the sister. The younger guy is named…it’s something weird… Harris is his last name… Xander, that’s it. I think he’s the foreman for a construction crew in town. The older guy I’m surprised to see. Last I heard he was back in England. He’s the old high school’s librarian, his name is Rupert Giles.”

Holtzman managed to hide his surprise. That had to be the guy that John Plumber had said that the US was refusing to hand back to the Brits over that bombing that had happened in England. What could all of these people have in common, and why were they meeting with President Ryan?

Holtzman and Ewel exchanged contact information and then headed back into the rally to go back to work. They separated in the lobby. Holtzman went looking for Plumber to tell him that the man his friend in British law-enforcement was looking for was upstairs meeting with Ryan, and that he was accompanied by some locals from Sunnydale. He thought about hanging out and confronting Clark on his way out, but no one really knew that he and Clark had made contact on several occasions and he wanted to keep it that way.

Ewel went toward the men’s room. As he entered the door he glanced in the direction that Holtzman went off in and smiled. That aught to keep The Slayer occupied for a while.
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