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Imhotep's Key

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Rainbow in Sunnydale". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: (Part 2 of ROS)(Buffy/Rainbow Six/Mummy) Anck-su-namun is back and she has discovered that the key to bringing back her master is living in Sunnydale

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Literature > Action > Author: Tom ClancyJoeBFR132390,2201010180,9605 Dec 0311 Jul 07Yes

Chapter 2

Imhotep’s Key Chapter 2
By Joseph Black

Disclaimer: Red Storm and Tom Clancy own Rainbow and Characters. Joss Whedon owns Buffy and Characters. Anyone else belongs to me. I make no profit of the following except to have a little fun.

Spoilers: Buffy to present. Rainbow to Bear and the Dragon.

Authors note 1: I am adjusting the Buffy time line slightly, this fic starts just after “Never Leave Me”, moving things back about a month.

Authors note 2: I can’t seem to get Fanfic to except my special formatting. So anytime you see this ‘{*} anything inside is in a foreign language. And if you see this [*] it’s some ones thoughts.

Authors note 3: This is a continuation of the story started in ‘Rainbow Over Sunnydale’. It would be helpful to read that fic first.

Authors Note 4: I want to apologize for how long it took to get this chapter out. End of quarter stuff at school and Holiday activates really cut into writing time. I hope to get at least one more chapter out before school starts again.

Thanks to all that reviewed. Constructive criticisms always welcomed. Flames cheerfully ignored.

Clark followed the group as Andrea led them to were they would be meeting with Jack. The way Buffy had acted the night before when he told her that the President wanted to meet with her had been a riot, he thought that she was going to bolt for the door dragging Willow behind her. He had managed to calm her down explaining that Jack just wanted to meet and talk to her, it wouldn’t be a diplomatic function. She had smiled weakly looking relived and then saying good night had lead Willow out. He had waited with Pat and the others as Andrew and Pete were being worked on. Covington had been done inside an hour, he had been sent home with prescription for painkillers and antibiotics. Alistair, Ding and the others took Pete back to the motel to get some sleep. Alistair had Benton stay behind to be a bodyguard for the General. Clark had tried to send him on too but Benton was adamant, he was staying. Pat gave him a run down on what had happened out on the road and all that Willow had done. Clark was impressed. He was also kind of curious, the KGB had supposedly played around with this stuff back in the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s. If they had he wondered why they hadn’t been able to make it work. He knew they hadn’t because if they could of done some of the things that Pat had described there is no way he would be standing here. He told Pat about running into his friend Crudge, Pat remarked that if the big demon kept popping up like that he could be a serious problem. Clark agreed, but hoped he took the hint and left them alone.

A pretty Hispanic Doctor came out of the operating area and approached Clark and Pat, “Which one of you is the FBI agent?” She asked.

Pat identified himself.

“Andrew made it thru surgery. It’s still too early to tell if he will make it though. The bullet nicked his liver, and we had to take out his spleen and about six inches of his large intestine. If he manages to fight off the infection then he should be okay.”

“How soon can we transport him?” Pat asked.

“I’ll be able to tell you better in the morning. Right now I would say at least a week,” Dr. Sanchez answered.

Pat frowned, turning to Clark he said, “I’ll have to call Dan and see about getting some more help out here. I’ll stay until they get here so we can cover Wells till he can be moved.”

Clark had agreed with him and told him to feel free about using either Murphy or Connors, the local FBI agents to spell him. Pat thanked Clark then asked Dr. Sanchez where Wells was recovering at. Clark had left then and gone back to the motel. As he was walking to his room he noticed that two different curtains were pushed back as he walked to the end rooms that he was sharing with Ding. He found Ding asleep and quietly had changed out of his clothes and slipped between the sheets.

Clark awoke the next morning and saw that it was after nine. Ding’s bed was empty and there was no sounds coming from the bathroom so he assumed that Ding wasn’t in the room. After taking a shower and changing into clean clothes he went out and found the door to the room that Frank Miller and Cory Unger shared open. Sticking his head in he had found Miller and Unger lying on their beds watching CNN on the tiny television on the room’s dresser.

“’Morning Sir,” Unger said, “The Colonel left us behind to let you know that the unit was over at the warehouse getting it set up for Xander’s crew that will be showing up tomorrow.”

Clark nodded and thanked the Sergeant. “I’m heading over to the Summer’s residence once I grab some breakfast. I’ll probably be there for a couple of hours.”

Unger nodded that he understood. Clark headed down the stairs and was getting into his car when he saw the two of them now wearing jackets were locking up their room.

Clark grabbed a quick breakfast that his wife probably wouldn’t of approved of and headed for Revello Drive. He parked his car and headed up to the door. Annabelle opened the door and smiled embarrassedly at him, “Good morning General,” she said as she stepped out of the way, “I want to thank you for saving my life last night. I also want to apologize for putting you and your men’s life in danger.”

“Thank you Annabelle,” He said as he came in and looked around. The other two potentials and Anya were in the living room going through some thin volumes, Clark didn’t recognize them from yesterday. Giles was in the dinning room talking to someone on his cell phone.

Turning to the teenager he said, “Just please don’t do it again.”

Annabelle smiled ruefully, “Not much chance of that, Buffy laid down the law last night when we all got home. If we want to leave we’re free to go, but if we stay, we fight. I’m staying.”

Clark smiled at her, inside though he cringed, young girls weren’t supposed to be on the front lines.

Kennedy snorted, “Yeah that was some speech, right out of Patton.”

“I rather liked it,” Molly said. The only tenseness that happened last night was when Alistair had said that Molly would be staying with him and Giles had pointed out that she would be safer with Buffy. Ding had stepped in and agreed. When Covington had also came down on Ding’s side Molly’s Uncle had been forced to agree. He made arrangements to have lunch with his niece the next day though. “Especially the end. It gave me something of an uplift.”

Kennedy reluctantly nodded, “I liked the, ‘It’ll Swallow me whole and it’s going to choke on me’ part myself.” Molly nodded agreeing with the other black haired potential.

Annabelle returned to her chair and picked up the volume that she had been reading. “What are you researching now?” Clark asked.

Dawn answered from her corner, “The First, this is all that Giles could find in The Council’s Library before it blew up.”

Clark winced at the slim amount that they had. An idea occurred to him, “I could talk to Jack, he has some contacts inside The Vatican, maybe they have some stuff on this thing.”

Giles said into the phone, “One moment please. General Clark I would appreciate if you not involve The Vatican in this. They have been trying to penetrate The Council since The Middle Ages and I’d prefer if they stayed on the outside.”

Clark turned to face the Watcher, “At this point I would think that you would want all the help you could get.”

“It may come to that, but The Catholic Church would demand too high a price for the information.”

Clark sighed; he could see he wouldn’t be winning this argument so instead he asked, “Where’s Buffy? I want to talk to her about tonight.”

The girls smothered giggles, Clark looked around and saw that even Dawn was getting into the act.

Dawn took her hand down from her mouth and said, “She’s upstairs with Willow trying to decide what to wear. She’s been up there for about two hours.”

Clark thanked her and headed up stairs. Once she was sure that Clark wasn’t at the top of the stairs Dawn put down her book and went to Giles. “Why do you really not want the Vatican involved? Their library is supposed to be second to none,” she asked the Watcher.

Giles sighed and took off his glasses and pinched his nose, “How do you think The Church would react to the fact that Willow and the others resurrected Buffy? That it was even possible for humans to do it?”

Dawn gulped.

Clark stopped at Buffy’s door and knocked, “It’s John Clark,” he called.

“Come on in,” Buffy’s voice came from inside.

Clark opened the door and entered the room. The first thing he noticed was the mound of clothes on the bed. Buffy was over by her closet dressed in a pair of jeans and a blue t-shirt and was holding a peach colored dress. Willow was leaning up against Buffy’s dresser her hair pulled back into a ponytail and dressed also in jeans and a pink patchwork shirt. “What do you think?” Buffy asked Clark.

“Nice, kind of formal though.” Clark replied.

“I am meeting The President,” Buffy reminded him.

“This will be a working meeting Buffy, just wear what you would to work. Jack isn’t a stickler for formality, plus if you wear formal wear he won’t be able to relax around you. Trust me you’ll score brownie points if he’s able to relax a little.”

Buffy frowned not sure if she was going to take his advice, still she had that suede skirt that she had picked up last week. “Okay, but if he gets upset then I’m going to blame you.”

Clark leaned back against the wall, crossed his arms and replied, “I’ll take my chances. On a related subject, have you decided among yourselves who’s going?”

Buffy began putting clothes back on hangers and hanging them back into the closet. Clark knew they all had to come out of there but looking at the mound he didn’t see how. Still his wife and daughters seemed to be able to perform the same magic so maybe it was intrinsic to the female of the species. “It’s going to be Giles, Xander and me,” she said from inside the closet.

“You’re not going?” Clark asked Willow in surprise.

Willow shook her head, “I’m still not recovered from last night so I wouldn’t be a whole lot of help, plus someone has to watch the potentials.”

Clark nodded, it made sense, Willow was probably had the most defensive capabilities of any of the Scoobies, plus from what Pat had said when she went on the offensive she wasn’t too shabby either. “Can I make a suggestion?”

Buffy stuck her head out of the closet and said, “Sure.”

“Take Dawn with you.”

Buffy frowned, “Dawn?”

Clark nodded, “She’s smart, and has pretty good instincts. She’d be good to have around.”

Buffy picked up nodding when Clark stopped and said, “And?”

“And… Andrea is a little nervous about you and Jack in the same room with each other. You bringing Dawn will show that you aren’t planning anything.”

Buffy thought about it for a couple of seconds and then frowning said, “I don’t like using my sister as a voluntary hostage.”

“You wouldn’t be doing that, rather think of it as a peace offering,” Clark replied. “Andrea gets paid to raise paranoia to unbelievable heights. This would show that you appreciate what she is going thru.”

Buffy nodded returned to putting clothes away.

Turning back to Willow he said, “That was some good work you did last night.”

Willow blushed, “I almost lost it last night.”

“But you didn’t,” Clark pointed out. Willow still wasn’t convinced.

“Out of curiosity, who all could you cast that spell on?” Clark asked.

Willow shrugged, “Just about anyone, why?”

“Some times we deal with people who might be playing both ends against the middle, it might be nice if we could keep track of them.”

“What I used last night wouldn’t help you that way at all,” Willow said, shrinking into her self a little.

Clark seeing that she was uncomfortable didn’t want to push too hard, but also wanted to know the answer to her statement. “Well yeah I can see were you might not want to track the double agent, but I was wondering if you could set it up so that someone else could.”

Willow shook her head, “What I meant was that I’m not tracking Soma and his thugs at all. I planted a suggestion that if they didn’t do what I said a red mark the shape of my thumb would show up on their forehead and if they let it go long enough it would start to itch or burn. I didn’t have time to do anything fancy, I needed to get Andrew to the hospital, so I had that one worked out from when I was in my ‘magic is the answer to all things’ phase and we had a shoplifting problem at The Magic Box. If I hadn’t wowed them with what I had done before I doubt that they would have been impressed.”

Clark looked at the redheaded witch with respect. He definitely needed to get her on the payroll. “You know what I said yesterday about if you ever decide to lose your amateur status? Don’t call anyone else, call me.” Willow smiled at the older man.

While they were talking Buffy managed to get her clothes back to were they were supposed to be and coming out of the closet she headed for the door. “Dawn needs something new to wear so we are heading for the mall. Kennedy mentioned about wanting to do some clothes shopping too so I might as well take any of them who want to go too,” she said as she breezed thru the door, “Want to come?” She asked Clark.

Clark stood up straight and shook his head, “I want to see if Giles has time for ‘Hellmouth 102’.” Buffy shook her head that anyone would rather talk about the Hellmouth than shop and headed down the hallway, “Dawn! Get your things you need a new outfit to meet The President!” She called down stairs. Dawn’s exited squeal was the answer she got from downstairs.

Clark smiled to himself remembering the young girls excitement that looking at the bounce in her stride she still hadn’t got over. Andrea stopped and opened a door to a conference room. She smiled at Clark and waved him in as he came even with her. The first thing he saw as he entered the room was a huge table. There was still space in the large room to comfortably walk around the table, but only just. Clark had to bite his tongue to keep from laughing, “[I said distance Andrea, but lord!]”

Buffy was thinking similar thoughts. She realized that the table had to be the Secret Services answer to her and Jack in the same room. She thought that she wouldn’t tell the Agent that she could probably pick up the table and hit The President with it.

To a certain point agents on the detail almost had to be mind readers. Andrea didn’t need much to pick up the amusement off of Clark and the bemusement off of Buffy. Good they saw what she wanted them to see. Under the table was a flash-bang device rigged to go off if the table was moved more than four inches in any direction. If what Dan had told her about Ms. Summers senses were true it should have more effect on her than anyone else. In case that didn’t work she had stopped at FBI Armory in LA and talked to the guy in charge. She hadn’t been overly specific on the nature of the threat, just that it would be short range and she had to be able to hit a nimble target. He had an answer ready for her. It was a double-barrel shotgun, sawed off to five inch barrels. She had pointed out with the way shot would spread out from that short of a barrel she would be as great a threat to her principle as the assailant. The gunsmith had smiled and showed her what the shells would be loaded with. It was a six-inch circular net made of piano wire with #4 fishing weights attached to it. She had test fired the piece with two and three-quarter inch shells and been impressed by the size of the holes that the rounds had left in the targets. She had the gun loaded with three-inch magnum rounds and eight-inch nets. She really didn’t expect Buffy to try anything, especially with her sister along, but her motto had always been, “Better to have and not need than need and not have.”

She motioned the Sunnydale crew to the other side of the table then took her seat next to the one with the Presidential Seal. Buffy found her seat without problem. It was directly across from the presidential chair, it was also adjusted so that a short person was at the proper level for the table. Dawn sat down next to her, then Giles and Xander. On her other side Clark sat down next to her, then Riley.

“The President will be awhile yet, we snuck you in at the beginning of his meeting with people after his speech. While we are waiting I was wondering if you would be willing to answer some questions?”
“Sure,” Buffy replied.

“I want to talk about some of the precautions that I have been taking against supernatural threats. Since I just found about this stuff the day before yesterday I thought it would be a good idea to talk to some experts before I put anything into effect.”

“Anything we can help with we would be happy to,” Buffy said.

“Okay then this is what I have done so far,” Andrea dived right in.

About forty-five minutes later Ryan had just finished shaking hands with one of the local dignitaries when he turned to Arnie and asked. “Do I need to meet with anyone else?”

Arnie shook his head, “No that’s the last of them.”

“Okay then I think I’ve left Ms. Summers waiting long enough,” Ryan said and headed for the door. His detail let everyone know that he was moving and cleared the doorway for him. He found Congresswoman Tucker surrounded by some of her supporters and said to her, “Congresswoman, I want to wish you good luck next Tuesday and I want to apologize that your event was somewhat overshadowed by what I did earlier today.”

Sheila Tucker smiled broadly, “That’s okay Mr. President. I understand how important it is to be a team player. Sometimes you have to support the team.”

Ryan smiled and made his good-byes. There was a round of applause as he exited the room. Once pass the reach of the press and their microphones Ryan turned to his Chief-of-Staff and asked, “What bill does she want my support for?”

Arnie smiled to himself, his boy was growing up. There was a time that Ryan wouldn’t have recognized what the Congresswoman was saying. “She wants support on the Irrigation Bill.”

Ryan frowned, stopping and turning to his Chief-Of Staff, “I thought that was up in the Washington Area?”

“It is, Sheila is doing a three way deal between her, Congressman Witchel in Washington, and Congressman Beumont in Kamas. They all have some hot potatoes so they’re switching.”

Ryan nodded wearily, “Okay no big then, I was going to support the bill anyway.”

“The environmentalists aren’t going to like it.” Van Dam warned.

“Arnie, in this case the farmers need access to the water. I’d rather back the people growing our food. But just incase the environmentalist had a point I sent Benton out to look into it. His study indicates that given normal rainfall patterns for the area by the time the farmers need the water that fish that the original rules were put into place to protect will be far enough along in it’s life cycle that the lowering of the water levels in the river will have a marginal impact. I’m going with my Presidential Science Advisor on this one.”

Arnie nodded already rehearsing the strategy that he would use to deflect the criticism that this move would generate.

Ryan had become so used to just following his Secret Service Detail he sometimes wondered if he found himself alone in some part of these sprawling hotel complexes if he would be able to find his way back to where he started. But his guide seemed to know where he was going and Jack soon found himself being led through a door into a conference room. Jack stopped just inside the door and just stared at the table in it. He wondered briefly, which of the Navy’s carriers had sacrificed its flight deck to make it? Andrea and everyone were standing and he looked at the too innocent expression on her face and had to stop himself from making a comment. Instead looking across the table at the people from Sunnydale he smiled. The small blond smiled back and Jack started around the table. Andrea snarled to herself, and followed her principle.

Giles and the others saw the President coming and got up and let Buffy thru. She met Jack Ryan about half way down the length of the table and stopped looking up at him. Jack smiled down at the small blond, and held out his hand. Buffy smiled back and carefully took his hand. “I’m Jack Ryan, and on behalf of myself, my family, and the country I want to thank you for all that you have done.”
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