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The Prophecy

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Summary: An ancient prophecy brings three people together in a race against time to save the world. Ancient forces collide to correct what went wrong. B/Tomb R./Witchb. cross

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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

(Demon Bar)

Xander jumped to the side as the vampires attacked, twisting as he went he raised his magnum and opened fire, hitting one vampire dead in the back. He had loaded up with some simple, but effective rounds which caused huge damage to vampires.

He quickly rolled over towards the vamp and staked it, turning he saw one of the women had backed up against the wall and was firing her pistols with almost complete accuracy. However what surprised him were her bullets dusted the vampires she hit, even more surprising was the weapon the other wielded. It was a bracelet on her wrist which seemed to grow sharp barbs and spikes and it also grew and expanded into amour for the woman, this was a strange occurrence even for him.

Lara quickly reloaded, having trained for quick reloads just in case she ever ran into such bad situations, she slammed her foot into the privates of another vampire which charged her, just as she finished and watched in satisfaction as it fell to the floor moaning. Taking only a second she put a bullet right through its brain dusting it. She noted Sara jump over another vamp and use the Witchblade to basically decapitate it, whilst the young man helping them dodged two quick blows before ramming his stake into the vamps heart he was fighting.

Sara growled as she plunged the Witchblade right into the heart of another vampire, heading towards the leader of the attacking group. Xander noted this and moved to back her up.

He dropped his magnum, which was now empty and pulled another stake and engaged another vampire, allowing it to land a blow to his face he backed off, making the vampire over extend its reach and then he quickly twisted around and staked it in the back right in its heart.

Sara used the Witchblade's barbed tentacles to rip another two vampires to pieces and then jumped at the leader who caught her in the chest with a back kick. She managed to direct her landing and landed back on her feet.

Lara moved forward and took out two more vampires, who were trying to sneak up on the young man who was now covering Sara, ensuring no other vampires got to her from behind, so she could concentrate on the leader. This impressed her and showed that he must be one of the good guys. Suddenly she noted his eyes widen and in a motion almost too quick for her to see he flung one of his stakes at her. She ducked angered only to hear the sound of a dusting vampire behind her, turning around she noted the ashes of the vamp slowly sinking to the ground.

Glancing back at the young man she gave him a thankful smile, which was returned with a simple nod, as he attacked another vampire. She raised her pistols and fired again, taking down two more bring the total down to three left. Putting her pistols away she grabbed a stake which the man must have lost and attacked the only remaining vampire not engaged in a fight, as it tried to attack the young man from behind.

Sara attacked again. She dodged the vampires kick and dropped into a crouch. She tried to sweep his legs from under him, but he jumped right over them. Growling in annoyance she attacked again and caught him in the side and pushed him back.

Xander caught his target with a kick aimed at its knee cap. This allowed him to place a powerful elbow into the things neck before staking it. He turned to see Lara ram her knee into the vampire's face she now had on the ground, breaking its nose with a painful sound and then stake it.

The leader growled as it noted the last of his force had been taken out and knew if it stayed much longer, he would be next. However if he fled the battle, his master would kill him anyway. He lashed out again catching Sara in the face and sending her onto her back. He jumped at her intending to sink his fangs in her before she could recover. However as he came down he saw her raise the cursed Witchblade and extend one of its barbs into a spike which pierced his heart. He screamed in agony and pain before bursting into dust.

Sara jumped back to her feet and shook her head at the over confidence of the vampire, it was one she had used against them before as they always seem to think they would win.

"Are you alright, Sara?" Lara's concerned voice made her turn to see her friend approach with the young man, who had helped them, as well as being a target at the same time.

"Yeah I'm fine," Sara replied. "You know the blade can absorb a lot of damage, still I am sure I will have a sore back tomorrow," she added with a grin, making Lara chuckle. "So you would be Xander Harris defender of the Hellmouth," she said, while turning to the young man. "Don't suppose you have any clue why they tried to kill all three of us do you?" she asked.

"Actually I do have an idea, but I doubt you are going to like it," Xander answered. "Neither of you," he added. "But we can't talk here. More of them could turn up," he added, before collecting his forgotten magnum. "I think we should go somewhere we can talk in private," he suggested.

Sara and Lara exchanged unsure looks before deciding to give him the benefit of the doubt. They turned and left the club with Xander close behind. None of them noticed a shadowed figure watching them from the roof of the club. It shook its head and then vanished.



The Mayor contemplated his options even with Faith now off on the trail of Harris. He was concerned that she may not be enough to stop him, especially if he met up with and allied himself with the other two mentioned in the prophecy.

His people had found it in the wreckage of the watcher's house buried very deep. Clearly Rupert Giles had wanted to keep it from him as much as possible. Thee years he'd had people going through the school and watchers house to find any useful books, magical items or weapons he could use and only now had they found this very interesting and worrying document.

Maybe he should hire some outside help to also track them down, he also thought about finding the item described in the prophecy. However he would have to choose carefully what help he hired. Others would be on the look out for some way to remove him from power. The Terrakans were out of the question, as they could be bought off or given a contract of greater compensation to remove him and vampires were easily killed so his army of hired help were not suitable.

Thinking it over carefully he suddenly smiled as he remembered there was another faction of assassins he could hire. They were descendants of the original group the Hashshashin and gone into hiding after almost being wiped out. They were locked in an on going war with the remains of the Templar Order, who most people believed to be extinct. He knew better, they continued to survive and thrive. They were a threat he would one day have to deal with, maybe a deal with the Assassins could be made that aided them both.

Another prospect that could aide him was hiring the bounty hunter Mikhail Larson, someone he had used before. As he thought over these plans, he changed back into his full demon form. With Faith out of town he did not need to have the illusion of being human on as much anymore. He also knew once Harris and the other two were killed, Faith would have to be dealt with as well, no matter that she seemed committed to his course, she could become a threat and so in the end he would order her death.



Faith suddenly shivered as she paid for a hotel room and while she glanced around the area, she wondered what the hell she had just felt. It was cold and sent a tingle right down her spine. It usually happened when something threatened her, but she could see and sense no threat in the area, frowning she wondered if maybe it was Xander and whatever it was he may do that the Mayor seemed to think was a threat.

Entering her room, she threw her bag onto the bed and headed for the shower, stripping out of her clothes as she went. This whole business made her think back to the betrayal. The death of most of the Scoobies and the subjugation of Sunnydale sometimes did make her think about what she had done. Betraying her calling, her first watcher and even Buffy and the gang, but she still felt justified in doing it, as none of them had truly accepted her. No, that wasn't really true, a small part of her argued, as she turned the water on and let it drench her. Xander had tried and so had Angel, but it wasn't enough.

Their true loyalty was always to Buffy and the group as a whole and she was left on the outside more often than not.

She closed her eyes as she remembered stabbing Buffy, getting her back for almost killing her when she had poisoned Angel on the Mayor's orders. She recalled seeing Red drained, after she went catatonic from seeing Oz killed, the whole lot of them was put down and only one had escaped.

Somehow, someway Xander had escaped and now she was been sent to finish what had started three years ago. Buffy and Giles were no longer a threat she knew and she wondered what Xander would think if he knew their fate.

After shutting the water off, she dried herself off and then changed into some new clothes. Jumping on the bed she wondered just how much Xander had changed over the three years he had been hiding. Was he truly a threat, as the Mayor believed or was it that he was over reacting? Again the small voice added another thought that maybe the Mayor was trying to remove all people who knew the truth of who and what he was and that meant maybe she was next.


(Sara's apartment)

Lara kept a close eye on Xander as she made them all a cup of coffee, whilst Sara changed clothes. The one downside to be the bearer of the Witchblade her friend had complained about was the amount of clothes it ended up destroying. The Witchblade was great for forming amour around her that could defend her from almost anything, but it ended up shredding her clothing to do it. She smiled as she remembered just how many times she had listened to Sara complaining about this particular problem.

Turning around she brought the cups over to the table and put them down and noted Xander seemed tense and uncertain and was also tired. He quickly took one of the cups and took a deep gulp as Sara came back out from her bedroom. They both took seats across from him and took their own cups of the table. Sara wondered just what it was Xander knew and why that vampire seemed so intent on killing them.

"So Xander," Sara began. "What is it that you know about why these vamps wanted us dead?" she asked.

"I'm afraid that there is no easy answer for that, Sara," Xander answered, recalling both women's names. "It goes back to what went down in Sunnydale three years ago, which resulted in the deaths of every last one of my friends and the complete damnation of my home town Sunnydale," he added.

"Can you please explain that?" Lara spoke up.

"Sunnydale is the home of the Hellmouth, a mystical portal to hell," Xander answered, but was stopped from going further by Sara who interrupted him.

"The Hellmouth is closed and has been for the past decade," she said angrily. "One of the blade's former hosts was a Slayer who helped closing it," she explained.

"Well clearly the blade has been out of circulation for a bit, as it was almost opened five years ago and could be opened anytime by the Mayor who managed to complete an ascension ritual," Xander shot back. "Why he has held back for so long I don't know, but my friends including the current Slayer at the time died trying to stop it. I was sent away by her watcher due to something he had found just before the last fight," he informed them.

Sara swallowed deeply at the idea that the Hellmouth was no longer closed and not even defended anymore. The blade showed her images of what could happen if this Mayor decided to open the damn thing. Clearly something big had gone down and maybe something even bigger was yet to happen, she really did not like this turn of events.

Lara was somewhat confused on the major details, but she could tell what had been said so far was bad, just looking at Sara's face told her that and the sound of Xander's voice showed how badly it had affected him. She might have just found herself in a really big spot of trouble and she really did not like that.

"What did he find?" Sara asked, turning her mind back to their conversation.

"A prophecy, an old one, which may give us an opportunity to destroy the Mayor and avenge my fallen friends," Xander replied. "But it will not be easy, as he has the help of an army of demons, vampires and more importantly a fallen Slayer," he went on, his gaze becoming darker.

"You are telling me a Slayer has gone rogue?" Sara asked, shocked by the prospect.

"I'm afraid so," Xander said with a nod. "She was called after the previous one was killed, who had been called because my friend had a close call that almost killed her, however I managed to bring her back with CPR. So we suddenly had two Slayers. This new girl had lived a hard life and it only got worse when her first watcher was killed," he explained running a hand down his face. "She came to Sunnydale and helped out for a while, however she had problems with most of the group, especially her fellow Slayer that only got worse. In the end she turned on us and helped the Mayor," he sighed, as he said that, fighting the memories it invoked.

"My god," Sara said, fighting the outrage she felt from the blade at such a betrayal.

"Anyway back to what Giles found. The prophecy stated the last warrior of the mouth of hell, the bearer of the blade of witches and the one who seeks things better long forgotten will find the hidden treasures to defeat that what was believed to be unbeatable," he repeated, what Giles had told him, for the first time since he had heard it.

Sara and Lara exchanged looks again, this time a much longer and deeper one than before, both of them knew that the description of two of the three mentioned in the prophecy matched them completely and the other clearly meant Xander. What was not clear to them was why they were needed to be a part of this, and then suddenly Lara's mind locked onto something.

"You said hidden treasures will be found," she said. "Maybe the artifact we've been tracking in that cult's hands is one of them," she suggested, which made Xander pay closer attention to them.

"My contact at the club was telling me of such an artifact and the cult who had it, and I had the same thought, but the vampires distracted me from getting anything further from him," he told them.

"Then maybe we should try and find your contact and see if he has anything else to say on the matter that may help us infiltrate the cult and get that artifact," Lara put in. "We then can continue to discuss the prophecy and what it means for the rest of us," she concluded.

"I agree," Sara said with a nod. "Do you have any idea where he may be?" she asked.

"I've got a good idea," Xander responded, pleased to have a direction and also pleased they had not dismissed what he had to say out of hand. "When do you want to go?" he asked.

Both Lara and Sara stood up and just looked at him to which he smiled and stood up as well. He finished his coffee and then turned and headed for the door. Sara took one more sip of her own drink, before putting her cup down and followed him. Lara downed her own drink in one go, before she followed as well.



The figure walked into the warehouse and headed straight for his master's office. Going straight in he hoped his report would not end with his death, as his master was prone to killing the bearer of bad news.

"Well are they dead?" his master's voice echoed all around the darkened room.

"I'm afraid not my lord," he answered. "Jake and his force were all killed and I saw all three champions leave," he added.

"So they are just as dangerous as I would expect," the master responded with a chuckle. "Prepare my followers for an assault on the cult. We must get the artifact before the champions do," he ordered.

"Yes my lord," he said with a bow and quickly lefty the room, wondering yet again why the artifact his master wanted was so important.
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