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The Prophecy

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Summary: An ancient prophecy brings three people together in a race against time to save the world. Ancient forces collide to correct what went wrong. B/Tomb R./Witchb. cross

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RazialFR15412,9990165,61927 Sep 1029 Mar 12No

Chapter One

The Prophecy

Author: Razial

Beta: Hawklan

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or any of its connected media or characters, I do not own Tombraider or any of its connected media or characters; I do not own Witchblade or any of its connected media or characters. I also do not own any other characters used in this fic unless I created them, they belong to whoever created them or owns the rights to them.

Pairing: Xander/Lara/Sara

Summary: An ancient prophecy brings three people together in a race against time to save the world. Ancient forces collide to correct what went wrong.


(Sunnydale, 3 years ago)

Alexander Harris could only watch in horror as the Mayor transformed into a huge snake, granted they had been expecting this since the fight had begun, but to see it in the flesh was still enough to make him feel a lot of fear.

He stood his ground next to Willow and Buffy, which nodded at him and he raised his hand to signal the rest of the students to ready themselves for the fight ahead. He pulled his own crossbow from underneath his chair and hoped they could pull this off.

As the eclipse came upon them and the vampires attacked them from the rear, he got separated from Willow in the growing confusion. He jumped out of the way of a charging vampire and as he turned he unleashed the bolt from his crossbow and fired it at the exposed back of the attacking vampire.

He had the brief satisfaction of seeing the creature dust, before he saw the horrifying sight of Cordelia being flung against the wall of the school with enough force to leave a trail of blood running down it. As he tried to move to help her, he was intercepted by Faith who brought her dagger down right in front of his face. He backed off, but still received a jagged cut down his left eye causing him to cry out in pain, as he looked up at the fallen slayer, who just grinned dementedly at him, he realized they may lose this fight.

Getting back to his feet he attacked Faith, but was easily blocked and received a kick into his chest which knocked him backwards. This gave Faith the chance to kill him, but her blow was blocked by Buffy's timely intervention.

Nodding his thanks to Buff, he ran to Cordelia and checked her pulse and was horrified to find none, she was gone. Closing his eyes in pain he looked around for Willow only to see her fighting back to back with Oz against numerous vampires. More seemed to have turned up to reinforce the Mayor's forces. He glanced back to see Buffy and Faith locked in a deadly fight, which was at a speed he could barely follow. Looking for Angel he saw the souled vampire trying desperately to keep other vampires off Buffy, as their allies were brutally cut down around them.

Finally he looked for Giles and saw the watcher guarding the detonator for the explosives they had rigged in the school. He had multiple crossbows around him and was just barely keeping the vamps off him.

As for the snake/mayor it remained in the centre of the field and was watching the events with a certain satisfaction.

A scream made him turn back to Willow and Oz, only to see Oz now on the ground trying to stem a wound in his chest, whilst Willow franticly defended him.

He killed another vampire, as he went to help them, with a well timed shot to its heart. Stopping next to Willow he noted he was too late to help. Oz's eyes stared blankly back up at him.

He fought hard to suppress the emotions he was beginning to feel and concentrate on the fight, but it was getting hard to think. Willow's crying made him snap into focus and he got back to his feet and tried to get her to stand up as well, but she refused to move.

"Willow we got to go," he snapped, as he reloaded another bolt, just in time to kill another vamp that had just killed Harmony by snapping her neck like a damn twig.

Willow refused to move or even acknowledge his presence, as she cried over Oz's body. A growl behind him made him turn in time to be knocked over by another vampire. He shouted for Willow to help him, but she did not even hear him. As he struggled for his life, he could only watch as another vampire came up behind Willow. It grabbed her and pulled her up without any resistance.

He could only watch, as Angel rushed to save her only to end up been impaled on a stake by Faith, as he went past her, Buffy who was slowly getting back to her feet froze as she watched him turn to ash and then she redoubled her attack on Faith.

The vampire sank his fangs into Willow and began to drain her, again there was no reaction from the red head and Xander realized she was catatonic. He tried to push the vampire off him, but it refused to be moved until he managed to bring his knee into the things privates. The vampire rolled away in agony and he quickly pulled his last stake and thrust it into the vamp's heart, dusting it. As he turning to help Willow he paused, as the vamp dropped her body to the ground grinning at him. Overcome with rage he charged and surprised the vampire enough to knock it to the ground and staked it.

He stood up again, turned to Willow and checked her pulse, but like with Cordelia he found none at all. He wanted to cry as he realized that his lifelong friend was dead.

Looking around he saw that Buffy was still fighting Faith almost right in front of the Mayor. Turning around, he stumbled over to Giles, who was now lying on the ground fatally wounded. It was over he realized, they had lost.

There were only a few students and parents left, including surprisingly Wesley, but he knew they would soon be cut down as well.

"It's over Giles," he said, as he pulled Giles to him. "We lost," he said with a shake of his head.

Giles weakly shook his head and gave a tired smile to his young friend. "No Xander it's not over, at least not for you," he whispered, and pulled Xander nearer to him and signaled to listen to him. "I found a prophecy which suggests there is another way to stop the Mayor, but it can only be achieved if you leave now and save yourself," he explained, knowing he did not have much time left. "I know what I am asking will be hard for you, but if you have any loyalty to us at all, you will accept this duty," he stated.

Xander swallowed hard as he took all of this on board and wanted to immediately object and refuse. He looked around to see Wesley brought down by Faith who cut open his throat. This made him look wildly around for Buffy and then finally found her on the ground, wounded with a knife sticking out of her stomach in front of the Major, who seemed to be enjoying watching her slow death.

He wanted to help her, but Giles held him back with what strength he had left. Xander looked down and noted the shake of his head.

"Listen to me. If you don't do this, we will have died for nothing," Giles stated weakly, "The prophecy goes like this," he went on. "The last warrior of the mouth of hell, the bearer of the blade of witches and the one who seeks things better long forgotten will find the hidden treasures to defeat that what was believed to be unbeatable," Giles told him, before breaking into a coughing fit.

"Go Xander and avenge us," he then pushed Xander away.

Xander weakly tried to protest, but the look in Giles eyes made him turn and run. As he ran tears began to run down his face and his emotions went wild, as he fought to keep control. He found a racing bike with the keys still in the ignition and the driver dead beside it. He mounted the bike and took off, heading away from Sunnydale and his dead friends as fast as he could.


(Present day, New York)

Xander shot up from his bed screaming, as he again suffered that particular nightmare. Three years may have passed since he lost every single one of his friends, but that did not lessen the pain a bit.

Leaving Giles and Buffy to their fates had been torture to him. He had only gone because of Giles' insistence that he had to carry out the prophecy, but so far he had no clue where to find the other two spoken of in the prophecy Giles had told him. He had searched libraries, both normal and magical. He had found contacts in both worlds, but so far nothing, he was beginning to lose whatever hope he had left.

Sunnydale was now nothing more than a whispered myth. It was hidden by a powerful magical shield that stopped anyone from breeching it. Although he suspected he could bypass it when the time was right, if Giles prophecy was right, what truly weighed on his mind was the thought that Buffy and Giles may not be dead and were now prisoners of the demonic Mayor and the demented Faith. They could have been brought back from their wounds with magic he was sure. The urge to go back and find out was strong, but he refused to betray the silent oath he had given to avenge them and so he stayed away.

Wiping sweat from his brow he got up and headed for the bathroom of his motel to have a warm shower, it sometimes helped keep the nightmares away. Was he ever going to be free of them again he wondered? Sighing as he stripped off he slipped under the warm water and allowed it to drench him. He prayed he wound discover a clue soon, before he went insane from his memories. Ten minutes later he came back out and he was dry he clothed himself again, placing his trench coat back on he decided to hit the local demon bar again in hopes he would finally find something.


(Police Station, New York)

Sara Pezzini watched as her friend Lara Croft paced up and down, still complaining about the problems she had encountered in her latest adventure, what disturbed her was that the artifact Lara was after, was also the one she had an interest in as well.

The cult she had tried to infiltrate had been involved in a number of murders and robberies in the area, she knew there was more to them than simple power plays. This cult was old and she had found records of it in certain areas she went to when she faced problems related to the Witchblade. It was kind of funny to see Lara so frustrated, as usually she was very laid back and in control of herself.

"I think what we need is more information," Lara finally said, while dropping into the chair opposite Sara.

"What we need to do is work together," Sara countered. "This cult is dangerous Lara and whilst I know you can usually handle yourself, I think you should know it has supernatural connections," she explained.

Lara grimaced, hating to hear this as she knew it would be all the harder to get a hold of the artifact she was after. She leaned back in her chair and considered her options. Finally she nodded her head in agreement, at least teamed with Sara she had a better chance of success than before and she got on well with Sara. Having worked with her on several occasions they had formed a close friendship and knew how the other worked. Sara smiled in response and stood up.

"Ok let's check out a local demon bar I know," Sara said. "I get a lot of information on supernatural events there," she added at Lara's questioning looks.

"I so do not like the sound of that," Lara commented, not looking forward to be in a bar full of demons, but willing to go if it got her some answers on how to get to the artifact.


(Demon Bar)

Xander took a quick look around the bar, taking note of what kind of demons were in the bar. He noted a few vampires and for a few second he fought the urge to kill them on sight. Finally regaining control of himself he looked away and ran a finger down the scar over his left eye, the only physical reminder of the battle that had cost him so much.

He now had an even greater hatred of vampires in general and if he saw one he would usually go after it and kill it, but he knew if he wanted answers in here he would have to play by the rules and so he turned away and went deeper into the bar. He failed to notice one of the vampires take an interest in him and begin to follow, he also failed to notice Sara and Lara's entrance into the bar. The vampire paused as it watched the two women follow the young man's path, it cursed as it realized who they were and just what they were after.

It turned around and left the bar before it reached into its pocket and pulled a phone out. It called up its master and reported the sighting the three prophesized champions.

He listened to its master's orders to watch and follow the three, until help to kill them arrived. They could not be allowed to gain control over the artifact the cult currently had control of. Finishing the call it turned and went back into the bar and began to search for the three. He found the two women at the bar trying to get information out of the bartender, whilst the male was off to the side talking to a Bracken demon, it knew to be an information broker.


Sara was growing frustrated by the bar keeper's reluctance to talk and by the look on Lara's face she shared this feeling: she took a quick glance around the room and for a few seconds locked eyes with a young man in the corner, who was wearing a trench coat and had a scar down his left eye.

In those few seconds she saw a tortured spirit and one who had gone through hell, breaking contact she looked away and noted all three of them were been watched by another. The Witchblade easily showed her that the person was a vampire, glancing at Lara she noted the adventurer had tensed and so must have also realized they were being watched. She glanced to the male and noted his hand was now resting at his hip, taking a closer look she noted he was armed, so he too knew about the vampire.

Xander kept a close eye on the vampire trying to covertly observe him and the two women, while he continued to listen to the bracken demon. Currently he was learning about a cult and a dangerous artifact they were in possession of.

This sparked some recognition in him from the lines of the prophecy.

Suddenly he was aware of more movement in the club. He turned slightly to see more people flooding in and he began to suspect he and the women were about to be attacked, he glanced to the woman who's gaze he had caught before and was not surprised to find her returning his look, which showed she had come to the same conclusion. His demon contact also noted the movement and quickly fled, cursing his luck he turned and faced the approaching group and noted they were all vampires.

The two women soon flanked him, yet he felt no threat for either of them, the music in the club cut out and people began to rush out. The bartender also fled, which surprised him as usually they tried to enforce the rules of the place. Clearly whoever these vampires were, they were dangerous and well known.

"Can I help you?" he asked, placing his hand on the hilt of his magnum.

"You can die," the lead vampire, who had been spying on them, said in reply, as it joined its brethren. "The three supposed champions must never claim the artifact," it spat.

"Champions?" Sara asked, already ready to activate the Witchblade. "What makes you think we are these champions?" she asked.

"You cannot fool us witch, we know who you are," the vampire responded. "Sara Pezzini, bearer of the Witchblade, Lara Croft ‘The Tombraider' and searcher of lost things and last but not least Xander Harris, former defender of the Hellmouth," it continued with a sick sort of smile.

Xander's mind however was going a mile a minute as he thought over the descriptions the vampire had given. They matched what the prophecy had said. It had to be divine intervention that he had run into them here or the biggest cosmic joke ever, but he was now sure that the two women were the others mentioned in the prophecy and whatever this artifact was that the cult had, was what was needed to stop the Mayor.

He pulled his magnum and a stake and readied himself for battle. They had to survive this if he had any chance of fulfilling Giles' last wish.

"Well I am impressed," Lara responded as she pulled her pistols and prepared for a hell of a fight, but at least pleased she had loaded up some demon killers before coming into this place. Bryce's creations were very useful in dealing with vampires, as well as demons.

"Die," the vampire spat before ordering the attack.



Faith lay on her bed having enjoyed another round of torturing her favorite prisoner. Sometimes she got bored being in Sunnydale, as there was no resistance to the Mayor's rule. There had been none since the battle three years ago during his ascension to a pure demon. His rule had been harsh on the remaining humans, bar those who chose to serve him which was not many.

She sometimes wished for a bit more action. Her thoughts were disrupted by the appearance of Andrew Wells, one of the humans who had sworn to serve the Mayor. She did not like the meek idiot who seemed to think he was a big thing because he could summon demons. She noted he could only summon small demons and nothing major. She believed he was kept around almost as a joke. He informed her that the Mayor wanted to see her and she quickly jumped to obey.

She knew he was probably using his magic to appear human again, it was something he liked to do when speaking with her and she appreciated the gesture. It showed that he truly did care for her and she had made the right choice in siding with him. She pushed away any doubts or thoughts on what her first watcher would have said, if she could have seen her now. Entering the Mayor's chambers she noted he was indeed in his human form again, smiling in greeting he guided her to a chair and then sat at his desk.

"Ah good to see you well and rested Faith," he began, leaning back in his chair. He was pleased that he had been able to find the spell and artifact that allowed him to change between his demon and human forms for certain things. "I have a mission for you away from Sunnydale. One I think you are suited for," he added.

"What do you want me to do?" she inquired, actually looking forward to be out of the town for a while.

"I want you to track down Xander Harris and kill him," the Mayor responded grimly. "We know he survived the battle at my ascension, well I have now found some disturbing things which paint that he may become a threat and so I want you to kill him before he gets the chance," he explained.

"Xander a threat?" Faith shot back with a laugh, finding the idea very humorous, until she noted the Mayor was not laughing and she quickly stopped.

"People change Faith and Xander has more than enough motivation to want to do us harm if you will recall," the Mayor reminded her with a short glare at her. "Now I suggest that you prepare yourself and then leave. The sooner he is dead the better off you are, and if he is in the company of two others, kill them too," he ordered.

Faith nodded, somewhat chilled by the look in the Mayor's eyes before he went back to the friendly demeanor he usually used with her. She got up and headed back to her room. He had not exactly told her much about what Xander might do to cause them trouble, but still he seemed intent on wanting him dead and that was enough for her, so she decided to work out where her former lover would go.
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