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Still the Same, Part II

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Still the Same". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequel to my story "Still the Same." Buffy/Edward, of course. You need to read the first one before this or else you'll probably be mega confused. =] I rated it 18, just incase. =]

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The Rescue

A/N: Ahh, so here we are. We've come to the end of the line.

I upped the rating for this chapter due to the large and bloody battle scene. I hope everyone has enjoyed reading this story (both parts of it) as much as I have loved writing it. Thank you to every single person that has read it and reviewed! It means so much to me! I don't think I can thank you enough! :]

oh, p.s. i'm pretty positive that there's more spelling errors in here than ever before, however, it's 3:30AM and I'm far too tired to look for them all tonight. Just a heads up! :]

Chapter Fifteen: The Rescue


"Are you crazy, B?! Those girls aren't anywhere near ready to go up against a wooden post, much less ancient, all powerful vampires."

I had been listening to a barrage of insults and yelling for the last twenty minutes. Mostly from Faith.

Frankly, I was getting a little sick of it.

"Well get them ready! There's plenty of time left before we go. Get them out there and get them training with the wolves. With Jasper. With Emmett. I don't care who they are training with as long as they are training!"

"Buffy, I have to say...I'm agreeing with Faith on this. Those Slayers are definitely not ready. I think that our best course of action is to give it a few days---"

"Robin, I don't know if you heard me when you guys first got here or not, but let me explain this for you again. Dawn has been missing for weeks. Willow just did a locator spell and we know where they are keeping her. Therefore, we are going to get her. I'm not waiting anymore."

"They said---"

"That they would send a message? Yeah, well, I'm not interested in seeing what that message is, are you? You guys aren't getting it. I don't think that you realize how dangerous the Volturi are. They are intelligent and powerful--two very threatening assets. I'm not going to sit here and wait for them to kill my baby sister. I'm not waiting." I seethed, furious.

"Buffy, I just think that---"

"Robin. Get. Them. Ready." I fumed.

He walked up and stood in my face.

"I told you, Buffy, we're waiting. Those Slayers are under my control and I will not let them go out and get slaughtered because your sister got kidnapped."

"Stand down, Robin. You don't want me as your enemy. We're going. Tonight. At midnight. Now get them out there and get them training." I said, livid.

"Or else what, Slayer?" he responded.

"I think it would be wise for you to not anger the immortal Slayer, principal." I spat back.

Faith jumped in the middle of us, putting her hands up.

"Woah, B. Robin. Take it down a notch. Tension's getting a little thick in here. Take your corners, boxers."

Robin backed off and I turned away.

"Fine. If neither of you are going to help, then you may as well just get on the next flight out to Italy. I'll train the damn Slayers myself." I yelled as I slammed the door behind me.

I really wished that Edward hadn't run off on a last minute hunt. He could calm me down so easily. Though, on the other hand, I don't think I could've rallied the Slayers up in the short amount of time that I did, if I hadn't of been so angry.

Jasper, Emmett and I pushed the girls as hard as we could for four straight hours. Right up until sunset. It took Jasper and Emmett to remind me that the Slayers actually needed food and other forms of nutrition.

It shocked and amazed me on how quickly I forgot about petty little things like that without Dawnie around.

While everyone was in the house, I decided to sit on a bench outside and surround myself with peace and quiet, instead of the reigning chaos inside the Cullen's home.

Okay, well, semi-peace and semi-quiet.

My thoughts never really allowed total peace and thanks to the whole immortal slayer thing, my hearing was as good and super as ever.

It was good enough. Close enough to peace and quiet.

I'm not sure how long I was sitting outside, lost in my thoughts, when I recognized a familiar voice.

"Are you okay, Buffy?"

I turned and saw Angel standing behind me.

"Yeah, I'm alright." I patted the open space next to me and Angel sat down.

We sat in silence for several awkward minutes.

" is everything?" Angel asked, breaking the silence.

I laughed.

"Well, I can honestly say that things have definitely been better."

"Yeah? Why's that?"

"Oh, you know. Dawn got herself kidnapped by some vicious, big, bad vamps. Giles and Xander got themselves in the way. Willow's girlfriend, well, ex-girlfriend, betrayed us and offered up all of our secrets to said big, bad vamps. Oh, and Dawn has the hots for a kid that's part of a secret Indian tribe that turns into wolves whenever my husband and his family are around."

"So the usual then?" Angel smiled.

"Yup. Just another 'must-be-Tuesday' in Buffy world. I swear that it's not a normal week unless Dawn's been kidnapped."

I really appreciated what Angel was doing. Turning the desperate situation around a bit. Making me feel comfortable.

"Buffy, I want to apologize to you. For everything. Lying to you about Spike. Italy. The Slayer thing. Everything."

"Even spying on my wedding reception?" I mentioned, casually.

Angel cracked a smile. "Of course you would know about that. Edward tell you?"

"Oh please. I can sense you and Spike miles away. I knew you were there. I sensed you at the wedding first, but I banished the thought stat. I didn't want Edward getting upset. As it turns out, however, he ended up realizing you were there anyway. I'm sure you remember."

"I think Spike remembers it better. Edward roughed him up quite a bit."

"And you didn't try to stop him?" I asked.

"No, I thought Spike had it under control. Apparently, I was wrong."

I could hear the pleasure in Angel's voice as he reminisced about Edward beating up Spike.

"Ugh, you two. I swear, someday, I'm going to stick you both in a pit and let you wrestle it out."


"That stupid 'I'm-the-better-vamp-super-testosterone' thing that you two have going. Has anyone ever told you it's really annoying?"

"Once or twice." he smiled.

I rolled my eyes.


"Yeah?" I answered, semi-annoyed.

"I'm really happy that you became cookies."

I couldn't help it. I burst out laughing; remembering our conversation that seemed like it was so, so long ago.

It took a couple of minutes, but I finally controlled my giggle fit.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to laugh in your face but I just wasn't expecting that."

"It's okay. I understand. All I'm saying is that I'm happy for you. I'm happy that you found someone that loves you just as much as I did. Well, do."

I didn't acknowledge the fact that he said he loved me. I knew that already. Part of me still loved him too, and always would. But my non-beating heart belonged to Edward now and it always would.


"Except what?"

"Edward treats me waaayyyyy better. Hasn't tried to kill me or my family once. Yet."

Angel smiled a little at my joke. Even though his actions obviously still tore at him.

"He's definitely a keeper then."

I almost said something smart ass-y about sex and no lost souls, but I thought better of it and bit my tongue.

"Thank you, Angel. Not just for your apology, but for everything. Literally everything you've ever done for me. For us. For my family. Thank you. I don't know if I'll ever be able to convey how much I appreciate it, let alone pay you back."

"Don't worry about it. I'm on a path of redemption, remember? I help the hopeless."

I smiled. "Well, thank you for helping me when I was hopeless."

We sat in silence for another few minutes, the awkwardness all gone.



"I might have a solution on how to handle Dawn. I mean, after we get her back tonight."


"Have you thought about locking her in a cage?"


I had been standing in the shadows for a bit now. I hadn't meant to eavesdrop on Buffy and Angel's conversation. It just happened.

I had walked into the house, obviously looking for my wife, when Xander had informed me of the heated argument between Buffy and Robin. I wanted to find her immediately, to make sure that she was alright. Arguments like that always shook her up a bit.

I walked outside, through the garden, and that's when I unintentionally eavesdropped. I had never really heard them talk in this friendly of a tone before. When Angel and Spike started coming around again, keeping an eye on Dawn while we were gone, Buffy was still quite upset with the both of them.

It had taken her a lot of courage to call them up and ask for their help at that point. Yet, when she needed two soldiers for her army plan, they were the first two she thought of and she called on them without hesitation. Knowing that they would be there to help.

Still, it was odd, hearing their sarcastic banter. She laughed effortlessly with him, now that he had apologized. Now that he had accepted her choice to be with me, it was obvious that she felt comfortable around him again.

I stepped a bit closer and when I did, Angel must've caught my scent.

He turned towards Buffy on the bench they were sharing.

"I'm going to go back inside. Make sure Captain Peroxide is ready. Meet me on the battlefield?"

Buffy smiled as Angel stood up. "Have I ever stood you up?"

Angel smiled, then turned and walked back towards the house, nodding at me as he passed by.

I stood and watched Buffy for another few minutes, as she quietly stared up at the stars, a thousand thoughts racing throughout her mind.

I eventually walked over and silently sat down next to her.

She reached over and entwined our fingers.

"How was your hunt?" she asked, several minutes later, breaking the silence.

"Tasty." I joked.

She laughed. "Gross."

"You asked, darling." I smiled.

"That I did." she agreed, still smiling.

"How was your day, love?"

"Oh, the usual." she replied.

"Xander told me--"

"About me almost ripping Robin's head off?"

"Well, he didn't mention that part." I smiled.

She smiled back and we were silent for another few minutes.

"Are you jealous?" she asked, taking me completely by surprise.

I cocked my eyebrow. "Of Angel? No, not at all."

"Sure about that?"

"Yes, I am. Where is this coming from?"

"Well, I figure that you heard our conversation and I was just curious."

I laughed. "Why should I be the jealous of him when I'm the one who gets to hold you and love you for the rest of eternity?"

She grinned. "That's an excellent point, Mr. Cullen. mind is just so jumbled from everything. It's like I can't make sense from one thought to another."

I put my hand over her mouth to shush her. "Shhh. You don't have to explain, love. I know how hard this is for you. I know exactly what your mind looks like, remember? I get an exclusive preview of it. Of every single thought you have. And I understand all of them."

She leaned in and kissed me. "I love you, Edward." she whispered into my ear.

"I love you too, Mrs. Cullen." I smiled.

We sat, quietly entwined with one another, just staring up at the stars.

After another few moments, Buffy's phone started to beep.

She shut the alarm off and stood up.

"Time to rally the troops, soldier."


I paced quietly around the Cullen’s living room, my scythe in hand.

“I know that some of you are scared. I know how it feels. You’re new to this. Still getting adjusted. Well, in our world, there is no getting adjusted. You just go with it. Big bads pop up. We come up with a battle plan and smash them down. And then we do it all over again. It’s a daily fight that we were built to endure. You’re just a small handful of Slayers that Willow released. A small handful of girls in a sea of power. Make yourselves known. Make yourselves present. Right now, the bad guys are sitting high in a dirty warehouse thinking that they are going to win. Laughing at us for even trying.

Make them lose. Make them choke on their laughter.

I know that what I’m asking of you is unfair. I know that it’s not your war. However, if we don’t stop this now, it will be your war in the future. So, grab your weapons and let’s go. Let’s end this. Tonight. Everyone knows the plan. Jake, make sure none of you phase until we are securely in the building, got it? I don’t want them to sense your pack before we get there. I need a couple of volunteers to stay back and stay with Giles and Xander. I don’t want to leave them here alone, just in case. Anybody besides Andrew? Preferably a couple of people little stronger than him.”

“I’ll stay back.” Esme offered.

“I will too.” Carlisle said.

“I will too.” Angel said.

“Angel? Really?” I asked, shocked.

“Yeah, I owe it to Giles for…well, for Jenny. Besides, someone has to protect geek-boy. I figure that can be me.”

“Okay…I guess if you want to stay back. I mean, I was kind of counting on you grabbing Dawn and getting her out.”

Angel’s face lit up. “Really?”

“Yes.” I replied.

“Well, then. I guess I better tag along for the ride then.”

“I’ll stay back, since I’m not fond of the plan and all.” Robin said, quietly.

“Good. Faith, I’d like it if you picked out two or three of the Slayers to stay back with them. The rest of us should get going.”

Soon, we were out the door, running off to the address that Willow had found. We were within a half mile when Willow pulled me aside.



“When we get in there…if you notice that I’m getting a little too….bad, evil dark place Willow…with Kennedy….”

“Willow, you’ll be fine. You’re not a bad person. I mean, you’re half Goddess! You can’t be evil. Not anymore. “

“But, if it should happen…”

“I’ll stab ya.”

“Really? Gee, thanks Buffy.”

“What are friends for?” I smiled.

A few minutes later, we were at our destination.

“So, little sis, have you thought about how you’re going to do this?” Emmett asked.

“Well, I don’t want to just crash in without knowing what’s going on first. I don’t want Dawn to be in the line of danger.”

I stood quietly, thought for a minute and let a plan form.

I noticed Edward’s face light up into a small grin.

“Apparently, Eddie boy knows the plan.” Spike said, also noticing.

“Spike—don’t call me that.” Edward said, flatly.

“I’m going to go in alone first.” I stated.

“B…I have to say…I’m not comfortable with that.” Faith admitted.

“Let her finish.” Edward said, still smiling.

“I’m going to go in first, through the front. Edward, I want you and your family to follow me, but not too close. Faith, I want you and Spike to take the Slayers in through the back. Willow, I want you and Angel to take the wolves in through the side over there. When everybody is in their positions, just wait for me and follow my lead, okay? Angel, as soon as you see an opportunity, I want you to grab Dawn. Jake, you stay with him. I want the both of you to run her back to Carlisle as fast you possibly can, got it?”

Everybody nodded and went off in their separate directions.

I crawled in through a broken window in the front of the building and stood carefully on a landing. I stepped carefully, remembering what had happened last time I was in a building like this. I stuck to the shadows, examining everything that I saw. I could feel Edward and his family behind me, but they were faithfully silent.

This was definitely the right spot. What I saw sickened me.

There was a line of people chained to one of the walls, blood slowly dripping out of them. I couldn’t tell if any of them were alive or not. I looked around some more and noticed the Volturi members, sitting like royalty, on three throne-like chairs.

There were vampires sprawling all around the area, much like I had thought there might be.

I kept looking around and I finally saw Dawn. She was tied up and gagged inside of a cage. She had several gashes and bruises across her dirty, tear-streaked face. Her clothes were ripped and torn. I could see where her arms had been cut several different times. I felt my blood start to boil at the sight. I gripped my scythe tightly. It was very hard for me to wait, seeing Dawn like that.

I looked around and noticed that everyone had made it in and to their places. I turned back towards Edward. I nodded my head and he understood. He grabbed my hand and squeezed it tightly before urging me forward. I turned back to survey the scene one more time before making my final decision.

About ten vampires, including Felix and Demetri were surrounding Dawn’s cage. There were about ten or fifteen more next to the wall with the bloody people, feeding. Most were surrounding the Volturi members, in all their regality. At least twenty, maybe thirty. The Volturi sure knew how to travel.

I figured that it probably wouldn’t be too smart to just walk in the middle of fifty-sixty vampires, especially when they had my sister all tied up and hostage-y. I stood for a minute thinking when I felt it. The wood beneath my feet starting to crack and splinter. I quickly turned towards Edward.

“The floor is about to crack. Stay put and stay with the plan. I mean it. No heroics. Not while they have Dawn like that.” I thought.

Edward nodded and motioned for his family to step back.

I turned back towards the scene and looked down at the splintering floor. It was definitely ready to break. It just needed a little forceful push to finish the job. I kept my grip nice and tight around the scythe. I took a very unnecessary deep breath and stomped the heel of my boot down as hard as I could into the wooden landing.

It splintered immediately and crashed down, taking me with it.

I landed directly on my feet and dodged the rest of the falling wood.

I looked up and all eyes were on me.

I heard a single set of clapping hands and watched as the crowd of blood hungry vampires moved, making way.

Aro walked down through the line of them and stopped when he got to me.

“Bravo, Miss Summers. Bravo indeed. I see that you’ve found us. Such a shame though. I didn’t get to send my little message to you.” he said as he motioned towards the wall of bloody people.

“There’s always Christmas.” I responded, sarcastically.

“Ah yes, indeed. May I ask how you found us?” he questioned, curiously.

“Sure. You can ask all you want. You won’t get an answer, but you can still ask, if you’d like.”

“Miss Summers, I’d caution you to choose your words wisely as you are severely outnumbered in this situation.” Aro stated.

“I am indeed outnumbered. But have you forgotten that I can’t die?”

“No, I have not forgotten. You may not be able to die, but your sister can.”

I swallowed hard.

“No witty comeback for that one?” he questioned. “I told you that you didn’t want to make enemies out of us, my dear. You may not be able to die but I can and will ruin the rest of your existence. All it takes is one little jab with that hideous weapon you’re carrying and your precious little sister is gone. What is that thing anyway?”

“The end of your miserable existence.” I said, darkly.

“It’s a weapon that was forged in secrecy by a group of ancient women and hidden from the Watcher’s Council. It is a true Slayer’s weapon. Meaning that only a Slayer can hold it and feel it’s true power. It’s what made all of us ‘potentials’ real Slayers.” Kennedy said, as she emerged from behind a group of vampires.

Aro smiled darkly. “Thank you my dear.” He motioned towards Kennedy as she walked up towards me.

“Why don’t you let me give it a try, Buffy? I am a Slayer and everything. It’s partially mine too.”

I laughed in her face. “The day I let you touch this is the day that Willow gets a boyfriend.”

At the mention of Willow’s name, I saw something that may have resembled pain, flicker across Kennedy’s face.

Aro pushed Kennedy out of the way lightly and stepped back towards me.

“Hmm, it seems that we still have a matter to take care of. What are we going to do with you, Miss Summers? I could by all means kill your sister and watch you suffer. But that lacks finesse. Also, I’m very interested in this…power that young miss Dawn possesses. I would very much like to see what that entails.”

“It entails the entire world ending.” I said low.

“Well, how would you know that? Unless it’s happened before? Yes, it must have. Otherwise, how would you have known? Well, I certainly do not want that. I quite like my life, well, un-life, pardon the phrase, that I have going on here. Oh, I know! I could tie you down and make you watch as Felix tortures her. Slowly, of course. There’s no other way.”

“I’d like to see you try.” I said through gritted teeth.

“My dear, I seem to think that you forget. We are numbered at over sixty. You are but one.”

A wicked smile formed across my face. “You have no idea how wrong you are.”

As soon as I finished my sentence, all hell broke loose.

Edward and the Cullen’s jumped down from the rafters, which signaled Faith, Spike and the Slayers to ambush from the back, where they had been concealing themselves in the darkness. As soon as they ran out, Willow signaled Angel and the wolves to go, and they jumped through the side door they had been hiding behind.

It was utter chaos.

Complete rage spread across Aro’s face as he looked back at his two other members, who were obviously also enraged by the sneak attack. I didn’t have time to notice what they did as I was forced to duck a punch from a random vamp that had run up at me.

I killed that vamp with ease, only to be attacked by another one. After I killed him, I heard a whimper and looked up to see one of the wolves get bit. I chopped my way through a group of vamps and made my way over to where Angel was fighting off a feral female.

“Angel, as soon as you take her out, get Dawn, get Jake and get the hell out of here!”

“I’m not leaving your side, Buffy!”

I didn’t answer immediately, as I had been ambushed again. I stuck the stake end through one of the vamp’s necks, so that the axe end of the blade was sticking out. I then kicked the vamp hard so that he twirled around and chopped through a different vamp with the axe blade.

“Yo, B! I could use some help over here!”

I whirled around and looked towards where Faith was shouting from. She was currently in the process of being attacked by Demetri and two other vamps and had apparently lost her weapon. I reached down and pulled the scythe out of the now crystallized vamps neck and went on a dead run towards Faith. I leapt up, using a few vamps as ladders, and tossed the scythe towards Faith, who caught it perfectly. She swiped it through the two random vamps necks simutaneously while sticking the stake end into Demetri, who laughed.

“Stupid girl. I cannot die like this.”

Rose flashed up behind him out of nowhere and ripped his head off.

“No, but you can die like that.” Faith commented.

I heard several loud screams at once and looked up to see Marcus,Caius and Aro instantaneously ripping into the neck of several of the Slayers. My heart sunk a bit, but I had known that there were going to be casualties.

I looked away from them and around the crowded room, trying to find any sign of Jake fighting somewhere.

I finally spotted him way back trying to fight off several vamps that had cornered him.

“Faith! Toss me the scythe!” I yelled.

“Mystical weapon, coming right up!” she yelled back.

I leapt up and caught it mid-air. I ran and chopped into three of the vamps that were attacking Jake.

I looked back towards Dawn’s cage and sure enough she was still tied up inside of it.

I motioned to Jake in his wolf form and he immediately understood. We ran towards the cage. I broke the lock on it with one swift kick and the door swung free.

“Uh uh uh! I’m afraid that there will be no jail breaks tonight, kids.”

I felt a fist punch me down very, very hard. I looked up and it was Felix.

Jake lashed at him, but Felix easily knocked him aside and walked towards me. He knelt down and leaned over the top of me, laying on the floor.

He stuck his nose into my collar bone and sniffed up my neck line.

“For being clinically dead, you have an awfully appealing smell. I wonder, do you bleed, immortal one?” he breathed.

I lifted my leg up and kicked him in one easy swoop. I scrambled up and tried to reach over for the scythe, that had landed a few feet away. Felix grabbed ahold of my leg and pulled me back down before I could reach it though. He grabbed me by the hair and knocked my head hard into the floor.

“I asked you a question, bitch.” he yelled as he slammed me down a few more times.

I was starting to feel the effects of the beating I was getting. My head was throbbing, my eyes were burning and my vision blurred a little, forcing me to stay down.

Felix pulled a dagger out of his pocket and started ripping at my shirt with it. He looked up at me, with a seriously derived, sinister look in his eyes. With one easy slice, he stabbed me in the stomach. Blood poured out quickly.

And then Edward was there.

He picked Felix up by the neck and then forced him back down onto the floor, in a brutal manner. Felix kicked Edward off of him, but Edward never wavered. He landed right on his feet and attacked Felix again, even quicker than before. I instantly knew that this was Edward as a savage. In his natural vampiric state. His eyes lost their sparkle and became a deep black. His demeanor was nowhere near polite as he repeatedly slammed Felix between the wall and the floor. When he decided that he had had enough, Edward latched his teeth into Felix’s neck and ripped his throat out.

Edward immediately ran over to me. “Buffy, oh my god. Are you okay? Please be okay.”

He sounded hysterical.

“Yeah, I’ll be fine.” I said as I got up, pain beating through me in every direction. Blood was still leaking out through my stomach.

Edward held onto me as I stood up. “Buffy…”

“Immortal, remember? I’ll be fine. Get back to the fight. I need to find Jake.”

I spotted Jake leaning protectively in front of Dawn, who was now out of her binds and hiding behind him. A small group of vampires were seemingly closing in on them and Jake was growling fiercely.

I ran up behind the vampires and whistled. They turned around and immediately noticed the blood seeping out of my stomach.

“Want a free meal, losers?” I yelled.

It was certainly enough to get their attentions away from Jake and Dawn. I quickly motioned for them to leave but Dawn yelled her protests.

“Buffy! I’m not leaving without you!”

“Dawnie, don’t be stupid. Go. Now.” I yelled back.


“Dawn! Go! Now!”

With that, Jake grabbed her by the collar of her shirt with his wolf-mouth, tossed her up on his back and ran out the door before she could figure out what had happened.

With Dawn gone, I could finally fully concentrate on the fight. I turned my attention back to the hungry vamps that were still looking at me.


I turned to see Jasper holding the scythe.

I caught it as he tossed it to me.

Without looking, I wheeled the scythe behind me, taking out the vampires that had previously been trying to eat me.

I looked around and noticed that there were a lot less vampires around, but there were also a lot less Slayers around too.


I whirled around towards the scream. Marcus had a tight grip onto Willow’s neck.

“If you want the witch to live, I suggest you tell your friends to stop.” Caius stated.

“Everyone! Stop! Stop fighting! Please. Stop.” I screamed as loud as I could.

Everyone’s attention turned up towards the three ancient vampires, who now were holding onto Willow as a prisoner.

Several growls escaped from the Cullen’s and the wolves.

“This was a very smart plan, I must say I’m highly impressed, Miss Summers. Building an army up. Planning a sneak attack. A smart plan but a very unwise decision, I’m afraid.” Aro said as he walked down towards me again.

I looked towards Edward then towards Willow. Edward understood and gave a small, undetectable nod. He turned towards Emmett and the rest of his family and motioned as I had.

“I wouldn’t say unwise.” I retorted.

“More than a quarter of your Slayer prodigies are dead. I would say that’s unwise.” Aro stated.

“Casualities are a part of war.” I said, matter-of-factly. “My girls all knew and accepted that.”

Aro stopped once he got to where I was standing. I had the scythe hidden behind my back.

“I wonder, will you still feel that way when Marcus rips the life out of your dear friend up there?” he whispered.

“I wonder, Aro, how will Marcus and Caius feel when I rip the life out of you?” I countered.

“You have yet to defeat me, Miss Summers. Does it usually take you so long?”

“I never lose.” I answered.

Aro laughed. “Well, you could have fooled me. It looks as of right now like you are on the losing side.”

I made a quick hand motion to Edward. He grinned wide and growled low as he nodded to his siblings, Faith, Angel and Spike. They all rushed at Marcus and Caius together, causing Marcus to lose his tight grip on Willow.

I took advantage of Aro’s distraction and whipped the scythe out from behind my back.

“My name isn’t ‘Summers’ anymore, idiot. It’s Cullen. And like I said, I never ever lose.” I whispered into his ear.

When he turned back around, I swung the scythe as hard as I could, cleaving his head off in one easy shot. It rolled off and onto the floor, his body crystallizing immediately. I picked up the head and walked towards Marcus and Caius, who were now easily restrained by heavy, tight chains that Willow had conjured up.

I threw Aro’s head so that it landed perfectly on the ground in front of them.

“Blasphemy! You have no idea what you have done! There will be no one to rule over our kind. No one to strike fear and intimidation into their cold, undead hearts when they need it. Slayer, you have ruined it for the very people you are trying to save!” Marcus bellowed.

“Oh my God!! Do you guys ever just shut the hell up?! I mean seriously! You’re tied up in magical chains and I just set your leader’s head at your feet and you’re worried about management?!? I really feel that that is the least of your worries right now!” I shouted at them.

“Then, tell us, what should we be worried about?” Caius asked.

“If I were in your places, mates, I’d be concerned over the fact that the best Slayer in the world—no offense, Faith, love—is about to end your parasitic existences when she chops that axe blade through your necks.” Spike said.

“You know, Spike has a point.” I agreed.

Emmett walked forward. “Any last words before my little sis does her duty?”

“You will not get away with this, Slayer! The Volturi WILL be avenged!” Marcus roared.

“Oh, please. Who in their right mind is going to avenge you?” I snorted.

“There will be some. An uprising.” Marcus said.

“Yeah, well, let me know the time and the place and I’ll be there to stop that too.” I said.

Marcus and Caius laughed their evil bad guy laughter.

I picked up the scythe and aimed for their necks.

I stopped mid-swing, when a thought occurred to me.

“Buffy? What is it?” Angel asked, curiously.

I turned towards Faith and extended the scythe to her.

“Would you like to do the honors?”

Faith burst into a large grin. “Hell yeah, B! Let me at ‘em!” she said, taking the scythe from me.

“Oh, how convienent. Letting the second hand Slayer have a bit of glory in her pitiful life.” Caius said.

Faith turned towards him. “Second hand? Yeah, maybe. But pitiful? No. I don’t think so, kid.”

“If I were you, I’d be wondering why your supposed friend over here sent you off to do her dirty work while she galavanted around.” Caius retorted.

“I don’t wonder why. I know why. I volunteered. B is literally the best person I know. She’s done so much for the good of mankind by getting rid of scum like you. She deserved to have a vacation from it all.”

“Yes, that may be, however---“

“Ugh, bored now!” Faith interjected Caius by swiping the scythe across his neck. She did the same to Marcus before he could even utter a word.


We didn’t bother cleaning up the mess in the building. Not right away, anyway. We bid the wolves adieu and thanked them mercilessly for their help.

As soon as we got outside into the fresh air, Buffy collapsed down onto the sidewalk, sitting up against the wall.

I knew she wasn’t going to die, but that didn’t mean I wanted to see her in all the horrible pain she was in.

“Are you alright, love?” I asked softly.

“Sure. Just a minor stab wound in the stomach. I’ll be okay.” she responded as I pulled my jacket off and wrapped it around her, covering her up.

I’m not sure if she was being sarcastic or not.

Regardless, I carefully pulled her up onto my back.

Suddenly, a thought occurred to me.

“Willow, I didn’t see Kennedy in there.”

Willow’s eyes widened, as did everybody else’s.

Emmett pulled Faith onto his back and Jasper went to grab Willow, but she disappeared into the air before he could.

We ran straight to Carlisle’s, making it there in a fraction of a second.

There was something definitely not right.

I carefully let Buffy slide off of my back. As soon as her feet hit the ground, I whirled around, towards the bushes.

“Who’s in there? Come out.” I growled.

“Relax, Edward. It’s just me. And Jake.” Dawn whispered as she came out.

“Dawnie, what are you doing hiding in the bushes?” Buffy asked.

“Well, when we got here, Jake went behind the bushes there to phase back. As soon as he did, he pulled me back there with him and said that it wasn’t safe to go into the house. He said it smelled funny or something.”

“Smelled funny?” I asked.

“Yeah, it smelled funny.” Jake said, coming out from his spot in the bushes. “It smelled like…well, kind of like you, actually.” He added, looking at me.

Vampires. He meant that there were other vampires in the house.

Buffy’s eyes widened with shock as she caught onto what Jake was saying. We both ran as fast as we could into the house, with everyone on our heels.

When we got inside, it was a bit of a confusing state.

The two Slayers that Faith had picked out to stay were nowhere to be seen. I heard voices coming from the end of the hall. We followed them into the living room to find that Carlisle and Esme had Robin and Kennedy tied together, with Giles and Xander sitting far on the other side of the room.

Faith shoved past Buffy and I, to see what we saw.

“What the hell is going on?” she asked.

“Perhaps you would like to explain your actions to your girlfriend, Robin?” Carlisle said quietly.

“Actions? What actions? Why is he tied up?” Faith asked urgently.

“When Buffy and Edward came back from Italy, they shared with me a thought that they had been set up, not only by the Volturi, but by someone working outside of the Volturi.”

“Yeah, and we found out recently that it was Kennedy.” Willow added, as she glared at her former girlfriend.

“It seems that Kennedy had an accomplice.” Giles interjected.“It’s been Robin all along. He was right there in Italy, feeding them information about you, Buff. Before you even met the Cullen’s. He put it into Aro’s head to rope Kennedy into spying on us. He knew that none of us would ever do it, but Kennedy was a perfect choice as an outsider. It was his idea for Aro to kidnap Dawn, not Kennedy’s, like she had previously told us.”

Buffy sauntered up to Robin and grabbed him tightly by the throat.

“You have exactly five seconds from the time I let go of your throat to explain yourself.”she hissed. She dropped her hand down.

“I was searching for a potential that I was supposed to be recruiting. My search led me to Volterra. I ended up meeting with Aro and the other two. They convinced me to join them. The end.”

“Why?” Buffy demanded.

“If I had you taken out, then that would have automatically left everything in control to Faith.”

Willow stormed past the rest of us and pushed Buffy out of the way.

I could see that she was on the verge of becoming dangerous again. She was furious and everyone could feel it.

“You purposely pitted the woman I loved against all of us.” It wasn’t a question.

“I’m not saying anything else.” Robin answered simply.

All the doors around us slammed shut and the lights flickered of and then on again. When they came back on, Willow’s hair and eyes had darkened.

“It’s all your fault. You tried to have my best friend killed. You pulled my girlfriend away from me. You had Dawn kidnapped, tortured and God knows what else. You are a monster. Monster’s don’t deserve to live.”

“Willow, listen. You have to stop. He’s not worth it.” Buffy said calmly.

Willow didn’t respond. She just stared down at Robin.

“You know, I could squeeze the life out of your heart without even having to touch it.”

“Uh-oh…” Buffy, Xander and Dawn said at the same time.

Giles got up from his seat and walked slowly over to Willow, putting his hand on her shoulder.

“Willow, listen to me. No, listen. You have to stop this. Remember who you are. You are not this dark, evil creature that wants death, revenge and destruction. You are Willow Rosenberg. You are a bright and happy girl. You are an excellent Wiccan and, most importantly, a champion. You are half-Goddess and were made so by the Powers that Be. Don’t let them down. Remember who you are.” He said, calmly.

After several long, agonizing minutes, Willow released her magic. The doors all re-opened. Her hair and eyes faded back to normal.

“You’re a lucky man, Robin.” she said.

She turned towards Giles and hugged him tightly. “Thank you so much.”

Five Months Later

( Buffy)


I turned towards the sound of my name to see my little sister running at me, with Jake, Ally and Zach in tow.

“Can you believe it?! I graduated! I actually graduated!” she yelled excitedly.

“A graduation ceremony that didn’t end with a blown up school. I like it.” Xander said, looping his arm around Faith's waist.

“It’s a miracle that you finished all your makeup work on time.” Edward said, winking at Dawn.

It wasn’t even two days after everything had gone down before Dawn had Edward doing all her class work and make up tests for her.

“Are you riding back home with us, Dawnie?” I asked her.

“No, I’m going to go over and get ready at Ally’s house and then Jake and I will ride over with her and Zach after. If that’s okay, I mean.”

I smiled. “That’s fine. “

“Are Angel and Spike going to be there?” she asked.

“No, they left for Italy last night, after you went to sleep. Apparently, the P-T-B have seen it fit for them to take over for Aro & Co. Something like a more….peaceful government.” Faith said. “But don’t worry, I’m here. I’m actually thinking of staying too. Willow basically turned the apartment that she and Kennedy share over to me so I really have no reason not to stay. Andrew went back. He can handle the potentials.” she added.

Xander looked at the Slayer on his arm. "That's the only reason you're staying?"

"Okay okay, you might have something to do with it too." she smiled.

I turned back towards Dawn.

“Just make sure you’re home before the party starts. It’s kinda rude to be late to your own party.”

“Got it. See you later!” she yelled as she was being pulled away, towards Zach’s car.

She broke free though, ran back up to me and tackled me in a vicious hug.

“Thank you, Buffy. For everything. I don’t know what I’d do without you. I love you so much. You’re the best sister I could ever ask for. You’re never going to leave me, right?” she whispered.

Tears welled up in my eyes. Happy ones. “I’ll never leave you, Dawnie. Never. I’ll always be here for you. Always.”

The End

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