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Still the Same, Part II

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Still the Same". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequel to my story "Still the Same." Buffy/Edward, of course. You need to read the first one before this or else you'll probably be mega confused. =] I rated it 18, just incase. =]

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A/N:Okay so sorry for the wait! My little week break turned into a month long hiatus. haha my apologies =] Well, on to the usual. I don't own 'Buffy', 'Angel' or 'Twilight'. Stepehenie Meyer and Joss Whedon do, respectively.

Enjoy! =]


“How in the hell did I end up living with you, again?”

“Well, I guess the best things in life are free, mate.”

“So when you went crazy, after the First, you never fully recovered, did you?”

The bleach-blonde vampire laughed. “No, I guess not.”

“I just wish I knew…”

“What she saw in that git?”

“I mean, she gave me the whole cookie-dough---”

“If you tell me the cookie-dough speech one more time, I promise I’ll stake ya myself.”

“I’m just saying.”

“Look, I think she’s right. Yeah, we both love her. But she loves someone else. They’re getting married. I think we need to respect her for that and try to move on ourselves, like she said.”

The (original) vampire with a soul nodded and smirked.

“Still thinking that she’ll change her mind and come running back to you?”

“What? It could happen.”

“No, you’re right. She’s right. We have to leave her be. At least until she’s ready to see us again.”

“You mean no more nightly stalkings?”

The bleach-blonde vampire motioned down to the street below, where a young, blonde woman and bronze-haired man were fighting a vampire.

Angel rolled his eyes. “We should go, Spike. It’s going to be light soon.”

The vampires jumped down off of the roof top that they were standing on, into an adjacent alley way.

“So, are we ever going to let her know that we moved here? I mean, she’s bound to see us eventually.” Spike asked.

“We’ll be safe for awhile. The wedding’s tomorrow and the last time I had heard, they were going away to the islands for their honeymoon.”

“And after that? We can’t hide forever, mate. Someone’s going to see us and run off and tell Buffy. Knowing the way our luck has turned recently, I wouldn’t count on it being Xander, Willow or Giles.”

“No, you’re right. We can’t hide forever.” Angel agreed. “We’ll figure something out. Not tonight though. I’m tired.”

Spike let out a boisterous laugh.

“Oh yeah? Long night of sitting on a rooftop watching the Slayer and her love puppy pummel our brethren? You’ve most definitely acquired the right to be tired.” he said, sarcastically.

“Spike---shut up. Besides, if you didn’t want to be there, you could’ve left. Or not even come along at all.”

Spike stopped walking. “Whoa, mate. Let’s not go that far.”

Angel rolled his eyes again. “Let’s go, then, captain peroxide. I don’t want to end up as dust blowing in the wind. Besides, you and I both know that if it ever came down to it, she wouldn‘t pick you.”

“Psht, yeah, and she wouldn’t pick you either, tall, dark and brooding.”

They walked for a few moments in silence, which Angel thoroughly enjoyed.

“Though, I do have to say, I think that I’d probably fare a lot better than you.” Spike said, cutting into the silence.

“Are you delusional?”

“Considering everything you’ve done to her and her kin when you were evil, all that business in Italy and the fact that she hasn’t tried to contact you in months…”

“Yeah, well, you’re not so high on her list either, Spike.”

“Am too. When she was dead, I took care of the little bit. Watched out for her, protected her. Kept her safe and all that.”

“If I were you, I wouldn’t really use that as your dying plea, especially to Dawn. You made a sexbot of her sister.”

Spike cleared his throat.

“We better get underground, yeah. The sun’s coming up any minute.”
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