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Burn Notice Drabbles

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Summary: Michael, Fiona and Sam meet the most interesting people.

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Television > Burn NoticeAwesomeGeekFR1333650114,24528 Sep 103 Feb 12No

A Spy and a Hunter

Summary: Sam Axe gets Michael to help out an old friend.
Disclaimer: Burn Notice is copyright Matt Nix, Fox Television Studios & The USA Network. Supernatural and all related characters are copyright Eric Kripke, Kripke Enterprises & The CW Network. No infringement intended. I own nothing.
Word Count 100
Note: You can find more of my stuff on The Rooftop.

Michael Weston watched the man in front of him closely before asking, “Let me get this straight, you were forced into this contract and if you try and get out of it, they will kill your brother?”

Nodding, the man replied, “That’s about the gist of it.” Growing nervous under the stares of the two men and the woman in front of him he explained, “Sam said you were good with stuff like this, and could help me.”

“Of course he did.” Michael smiled through gritted teeth. “So, what exactly was this contract for?”

“My soul.”

Dean Winchester
New Client
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