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Heartbreak Mate

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The Tribe of Ten". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Their genes were used to create a stronger species, and old betrayals makes it hard on the reconnect. Offshoot of Distinction of Species.

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Supernatural > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Dean Winchester
Television > Dark Angel > Dawn - Centered
JmariaFR1833,832072,75729 Sep 1013 Nov 10No

Just a Dream

Title: Heartbreak Mate
Author: Jmaria
Rating: FR-18
Disclaimer: Joss owns his people, Lora Leigh owns the Breeds, Kripke owns the Winchesters. (Cameron owns Dark Angel)
Summary: Their genes were used to create a stronger species, and old betrayals makes it hard on the reconnect. Offshoot of Distinction of Species.
Spoilers: General series through Bengal’s Heart, and the anthology Hot for the Holidays. Series for Buffy, au!season 4 for Supernatural.
A/N: Flashback!

Heartbreak Mate
Just a Dream


This could not be happening. Dawn dry-heaved into the garbage can. There was nothing left for her to throw up. She hadn’t been able to keep anything down for the last two days. She so hated the flu. Which was weird - considering she’d never been sick a day in her life. At least, not in the real seven years of her life. In the made-up monk memories, she’d had everything from the sniffles to chicken pox to strep throat. But super Key Dawnie didn’t get sick in real life.

So what the hell was making her so sick? She jerked upright and felt her stomach trying to crawl back up her throat. Her moans must have gotten pretty bad, because suddenly someone was behind her, pulling her hair back.

“I hate to ask this Summers, but what you have isn’t contagious is it?” Violet Day, better known as her slayer Vi, asked quietly. “Because I have a date on Friday and I would really not like to be hacking up a lung on him.”

“God, what the hell is wrong with me?” Dawn groaned as slumped back down.

“I don’t know, but maybe you should go to a doctor.”

“Doctors creep me out,” Dawn shuddered, thinking back on Ben/Glory.

“Yeah, well, you dying on me isn’t going to be easy to explain to Buffy or Faith,” Vi rolled her eyes.



Quentin Travers paced along the halls of the Manticore labs. His operative inside the New International Watchers Council had sworn that the girl had been given the fertility drug. And his magicks contact had assured him the attraction spell was 100% accurate. They already had two biological references on hand - given to him as gifts from the Demon Azazel. The sons of John and Sam Winchester were already under his thumb. What he needed were pure biological offspring of Dean Winchester.

And, unlike the first two - he needed it to be genetically pure of the mother’s contaminating DNA. Which was why he’d chosen the Key to be the host.


“Test it again, because I cannot be - I’m always safe!” Dawn’s voice squeaked as she glanced down nervously at her stomach.

“Ms. Summers, we‘ve run the tests twice already,” the doctor said calmly.

“No - I can’t be pregnant. I - I’m on birth control! And I‘m not even dating anyone!”

“Ms. Summers, you’re roughly ten weeks along.”

Ten weeks pregnant. Her eyes shot down to her traitorous stomach and thought back two and half months. She and Vi had been coming back from Sanctuary to Cleveland. They’d stopped at that backwoods bar, and she’d met up with him again. Dean Winchester. They’d met briefly before - him treating her like a kid when she was training with Faith and Robin after Sunnydale fell. She’d irrationally crushed on him. Fast forward five years. Her and Vi, dancing to some old rock tune in front of the pool table. Dean’s eyes on her as she swayed in time with the music.

Fast forward three hours later, her taking the walk of shame to her room from his. Vi had only raised her eyebrow as she munched on pizza with Sam, who was gushing on about Faith. Sam had a crush on her - which made him oblivious to the crush Vi had on him. And suddenly it all crashed down on Dawn’s head.

“Ohmigod, he didn’t use anything!” Dawn started hyperventilating. “I don’t have like, any STDs or anything?”

“Other than the baby? No. Everything else seems to check out. However, we are going to admit you overnight, just to replenish the fluids you lost and get you started on a vitamin regimen.”


“You have to call him,” Vi pointed out as the nurses started hooking her up to the beeping machines. “And you definitely have to call Buffy and tell her, because I am not falling on that sword.”

“I can’t believe he didn’t use anything,” Dawn groaned.

“And why didn’t you remind him? You give the Slayers the safe sex speech all the time.”

“I thought we did - it’s weird, because I remember pulling one out -” Vi snorted at this, which earned her a glare from Dawn. “And him putting it on.”

“But you guys did it more than once. Sam said he caught you guys in the bathroom of the bar, which was why he hunkered down with me and the pizza. And we made it through Killer Klowns, so you were gone for awhile after the bar.”

“God! I can barely remember that night,” Dawn blushed - remembering a bit too much of some things and not enough of others.

In the end, after Vi had been told to leave for the night, Dawn did call his cell phone. Oddly enough, he didn’t answer. And since it wasn’t something she could just leave in a voicemail, she hung up and decided to try again in the morning.


Dr. Imogen Sealy was pulling out her own cell phone and dialing Quentin’s number. He picked up on the second ring.

“Did she arrive safely?” Quentin demanded.



“Ten and a half weeks along, two heartbeats. She confirmed the father’s name to the red-head -”



“And extraction?”

“The safest time to extract would be around twenty-six weeks. Any earlier would cause too much damage, and with Winchester dead and his DNA gone we would need it as undamaged as possible,” Sealy said quietly.

“And she won’t leave Cleveland.”

“No. The compulsion charm will keep her in one place, as long as she takes the pill daily.”

“Excellent. Keep me informed -”

“Sir, there’s one little hiccup.”


“She tried to contact Winchester.”

“That’s not a hiccup. The man’s dead.”

“His brother’s not.”

“He’s being engaged by a lovely little demon. We don’t need to worry about Sam Winchester.”


After two weeks, she still hadn’t told Buffy. And she’d tried non-stop to contact Dean. She’d even called Sam’s cell and e-mailed him, telling him she needed to talk to Dean. Finally, she broke down and called Bobby Singer. The crotchety old hunter had been the only one to answer.

“Summers, what can this old hunter do for you?” Bobby asked sadly.

“Everything okay Bobby?”

“No,” Bobby took a shuddering sigh.

“What happened?” Dawn frowned, hand on her stomach.

“You know the Winchesters?”

“Yeah, I’ve been trying to get a hold of them, actually,” Dawn’s hand shook.

“Dean died. Couple months back.”

“What? How -”

“Hellhounds - demons. The usual.”

“Oh,” Dawn clenched the phone tightly. “Explains why he wasn’t answering my calls. And Sam?”

“Sam - I haven’t heard from him since the night Dean died,” Bobby sighed. “He lit outta here, ready to burn the world down around him to avenge his brother.”

“Oh, god,” Dawn closed her eyes, sniffling into the phone.

“What did you need them for?”

“Something stupid,” Dawn gave a tiny hollow laugh. “Dean, uh, borrowed one of our texts and I needed it back. One of the younger girls has a report due on it.”

“Oh. I might have a copy of it here - if you know which one it is?”

“Giles has another copy of it - just didn’t want to fess up to losing his book. But, uh, thanks Bobby.”


After hearing about Dean, Dawn wasn’t sure what she could do. Vi was the only one who knew whose baby it was, and that was only because she’d been there when Dawn had found out. Giles, Buffy and Faith knew she’d gotten pregnant. Faith because she’d been around Dawn in the weeks following the news of Dean’s death - and she’d seen the vitamins. Nicolette, Faith and Robin’s daughter, was only a year old so the combinations of the vitamins was familiar to Faith. Giles and Buffy had only been told afterwards.


When Dean was pulled out of Hell nearly eight weeks later, Quentin had Dr. Sealy scrambling with her witch to get the Key back into the hospital. The phantom bleeding and nausea got the girl rushed into emergency. The fact that neither Vi nor Faith were family helped them keep her secluded.

“We need to do this quickly,” Sealy licked her lips in excitement. “The father is inbound in two hours. They need to be extracted and safely transplanted.”

“That puts them at significant risk -”

“We’ve already begun the therapy. They’re strong,” Sealy shook her head.

And just like that, they ripped away the twin sons of Dawn Summers.


Dean didn’t arrive at the hospital until the next day. Giles and Buffy were on their way from London and New York, and Vi had been by Dawn’s side since the doctor gave her the news. She’d been heartbroken. Dean stormed into her room, eyes angry and haunted as he stood at the edge of her bed.

“Dean?” she whispered brokenly.

“You did it,” Dean accused quietly, his eyes hard and cold as he took in her pale form. “You got rid of the baby.”

“No!” Dawn shook her head. “I didn’t mean to -”

“You killed our son,” Dean rasped out. “I thought they were lying.”

“No. They said you were dead -” Dawn sobbed, certain he was a ghost come back to haunt him for failing to keep their son safe. With a look of pure disgust, Dean turned and stomped out of the room.

“Dean?” Vi’s voice came from the doorway.

“You saw him?” Dawn hiccupped.

“Sam just called looking for him - but I didn’t believe -” Vi shook her head.

“He told me I killed our son.”

“Oh, Dawnie, no. You didn’t -”

“I didn’t keep him safe!” Dawn sobbed hysterically.


An hour later, Dr. Sealy calmly explained to her sister, Faith and Vi about how these things just happen unexpectedly sometimes. How it was no ones fault, that it was just nature’s way sometimes. And then she left St. John’s and the very much broken Dawn behind to take care of her premature sons. She had to ready them for their ‘enhancement genes’.
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