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Heartbreak Mate

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The Tribe of Ten". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Their genes were used to create a stronger species, and old betrayals makes it hard on the reconnect. Offshoot of Distinction of Species.

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Supernatural > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Dean Winchester
Television > Dark Angel > Dawn - Centered
JmariaFR1833,832072,75829 Sep 1013 Nov 10No

Save Me

Title: Heartbreak Mate
Author: Jmaria
Rating: FR-18
Disclaimer: Joss owns his people, Lora Leigh owns the Breeds, Kripke owns the Winchesters, Cameron owns Dark Angel.
Summary: Their genes were used to create a stronger species, and old betrayals makes it hard on the reconnect. Offshoot of Distinction of Species.
Spoilers: General series through Bengal’s Heart, and the anthology Hot for the Holidays. Series for Buffy, au!season 4 for Supernatural.
A/N: The dark side, how Dean was told, and meeting the boys - and just who is protecting them from beyond the grave?

Heartbreak Mate
Save Me

Quentin Travers stared down at the current crop of Breeds - or as they were called in this installation, Transgenics. Of course, the name was utterly foolish. Any fool could connect them to the Genetics Council. This group of X5’s were of course teeming with Winchester offspring. Lydecker didn’t appreciate his close observation of what he considered his creatures, but Quentin had been in collusion with the Genetics Council and Azazel long enough to not give a rat’s ass about a lowly Warden.

He had a vested interest in four of the X5’s. The Summers-Winchester twins of course had been procured by his order. Azazel had arranged the eldest X5’s existence after he cut the child from his own mother and burned her on a ceiling in front of the father. And of course, there was John Winchester’s biological son in their tender care as well. Or, rather, his genetically advanced clone. In hind sight, the boy was far inferior to the sons of Mary Campbell. He’d died in his first foray against demons after all.

But Adam, like his eldest brother Dean, was cut from the same cloth. Soldiers who would take orders, and who would not question their authority. Not like so many who had in Travers’ own checkered past. Such as Sandeman, Sealy and Walsh. Sandeman’s own bastard creature slithered around below ground. Joshua. That horrid imperfection. Sealy had dared to treat it as she would have the infant and toddler X5’s - as a worthwhile soldier to be trained and used. While being brilliant at genetics manipulation, she’d had to go for assisting in it’s creation and continued survival.

Quentin turned his attention to the screen where sons of the Winchester line trained. X5-493, X5-599, and X5-751 had been grouped together. Only X5-494 was separated from them.


Dean’s years in hell had been one awful unspeakable act after another. And it had worn him down to a nub. But the worst part - aside from him taking up his torturer’s blade as his own - had been the knowledge that he had a kid up there in the real world who was being tossed away like garbage.

His hands tightened on the wheel as he remembered Alistair telling him of Dawn’s betrayal. He didn’t want to believe it - not until Pamela Barnes the psychic had mentioned her being forced into a decision. He just hadn’t thought that decision was her pulling the plug on their son.

And it had been a boy. Alistair had told him as much. A little boy who could have been so much like Ben. And to be honest, he’d expected better from Summers. This unexpected summons from the IWC, and even Faith Lehane’s threats of siccing Connor on them weren’t enough to make him stomach being in the same room with the girl who’d thrown away the last living relic of Dean Winchester.

“What the hell do they want with us anyway?” Dean snapped as the drove up to the winding road to Sanctuary.

“I’m not sure. You hung up on Faith,” Sam answered for the fifth time.

“You think they’ve got a ghost problem?” Dean frowned.

“Nope. Wouldn’t need us, and knowing Jonas Wyatt, he probably would have had the ghost licking his boots and jumping to attention like everyone else around here.”


The man - the Breeds in general - reminded him way too much of his former life. His pre-Hell life with his dad. The Breeds were really just trying to be like Sam had been when he’d gone off to Stanford. Trying to be normal even though they and everyone else around them knew they weren’t even slightly normal..

“I hate when she’s all secretive,” Dean griped.

“Yep. Said that about a hundred times now, too, Dean,” Sam rolled his eyes.


Joshua sniffed at the air, his young face looking for the familiar carrier of the scent. A pretty blonde girl shimmered into view, her hands beckoning him forward. The ten year old scooted forward carefully, making sure to keep downwind of the other cages that held more feral Transgenics.

Oh, baby boy,” the ghost girl sighed, skimming a hand an inch over his head. Joshua crooned his head up, as if he felt her loving caress. “I need you to get ready, okay? Can you do that for me?”

“Joshua can do that,” he whispered, nodding his head vigorously.

I need you to find the four lost boys” the ghost pressed a finger to his forehead, giving the boy the faces he should be seeking. “They’ll try to keep the others together - but the raid will happen soon. Be with them when it happens Joshua.”

“And the others - the other X5’s?” Joshua remembered his father speaking of the female X5 repeatedly.

Guard them and don’t let them out of your sight until these two arrive.”

Images of a pretty brunette lady and a man who looked like an older version of two of the boys popped into his head. Names followed as well: Dawn and Dean.

Protect them, son,” Cassie Newton’s ghost whispered sadly as she slipped back into the ether.

“Yes, mother.”


X5-493, known secretly to his fellow X5’s as Ben, shifted in his sleep. A cool hand slid over his forehead. Ben turned into the touch, making no noise as his eyes blinked open owlishly.

A pretty blonde woman smiled down at him, dressed in all white. She glanced over her shoulder at where X5-599 - Zack - too was waking up to another pretty blonde all in white. The same was happening with X5-751 - Seth - three bunks over. Ben’s eyes widened curiously, but he didn’t speak out.

“You’re such a strong believer, Ben,” the woman by him whispered quietly. “We need you to believe in a rescue for just a little bit longer, sweetheart.”

“Are you the Blue Lady?” Ben whispered.

No, baby,” a tear traced it’s way down her cheek. “I’m your grandmother.”

“X5’s don’t have grandmothers. We were created - not born -”

“You were born, Ben. To my daughter. Don’t you ever believe what that man has told you. You are not destined to be their soldier. You were meant to be a Summers, and you were meant to be a Winchester. We are getting you out of here.”

“All of the X5’s?”

Every last one of you. But we need you to trust each other - no matter what you all look like. Can you do that for me, Ben?”

“Yes, grandmother.”

Thank you Ben,” Joyce Summers pressed a ghostly lip to her grandson’s forehead. She knew that it was asking a lot of a little boy, but it had to be asked of him, and of his cousins and brother.

They just had to wait a tiny bit longer for their parents to come and save them. Until that happened, the five blonde women would look out for their boys.


Dawn heard the scrunch of boots on the gravel behind her. She half-turned to face Buffy, her arms crossed.

“It’s late, and we don’t know who’s out in those hills, Dawnie,” Buffy said quietly.

“I’m not a Breed, I don’t have a target on my back this time, sis,” Dawn gave her a half-hearted smile.

“Dawn, worrying about them coming isn’t gonna make it easier.”

“It’s not that,” she lied.

“Oh, then what is it?”

“Everything. The Breeds and the Council and your wedding. It’s a lot to take in, you know?”

“Graham’s been pestering me to marry him for a few years, so I call bluff on that one,” Buffy chuckled.

“The fact that your pregnant helps a bit in his favor,” Dawn’s eyes turned away from her.

“Dawnie, is that what’s been upsetting you?”

“No. I couldn’t be happier for you two!” Dawn sighed. “We always thought kids wouldn’t be in the cards for any of us. Me especially. But I’m looking forward to more nieces or nephews to spoil. It‘s just - everything. The Breed kids, Oz not having Key memories, their ordeal in Asia. Everything, you know? All at once.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Heartbreak Mate" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 13 Nov 10.

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