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Grunt Work

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Military Option". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: After a failed ascension what's a Slayer to do?

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Literature > HorrorbatzulgerFR151114,0181814665,52729 Sep 104 Oct 10Yes

Mad Minute

I called over to Tyler, "You still got comms?" he nodded, "Get a hold of Brigade, tell them that insurgents are attacking from the north side of the canyon and they are wearing black!"

"Got it Sarge!"

The Taliban commander was yelling at his troops to fire on the eblis or devils and ignore the Americans. The troops seemed more than willing to oblige. I started yelling in Farsi, "Aim for the eyes and throat!" and Giles and the commander joined in.

We were retreating across the canyon floor to the southern wall when the Apaches made their appearance. It looked like a wave of rakosh was pouring down the northern wall and now that people knew where to shoot them, they were dropping like flys. A couple of RPG gunners opened up and hand grenades were being used as well. The rakosh were so much faster than a normal human though they were across the canyon floor before the Taliban could blink. As they started their rush the Apaches opened up with a ripple salvo of rockets and blasted the ones still climbing down the canyon wall into paste.

I had run out of ammo for the AK so I was using the battle axe now, going into full slay mode. Faith was next to me with her knives and Giles had a broadsword out. A lot of the Taliban had fixed bayonets, and were doing their best to engage the charging rakosh in hand to hand. I heard US grenade launchers firing from above and saw my platoon opening up from the top of the south canyon wall. The axe got torn from my hands after I got it stuck in a ribcage, so I pulled the pair of entrenching tools and started hacking with them.

The Apaches had switched to their cannons and were continuing to lay down fire on the main group. Smoke and shrapnel covered the northern side. Finally the firing and the screams started dying out. Then a weird quiet settled over the canyon, broken only by the noise of the Apaches hovering a hundred feet up.

As the smoke cleared, we saw the canyon floor was covered with bodies, mainly rakosh. Tyler stumbled over to me.

"The Apache drivers are saying there are no more targets. Should they hold station?"

I looked around, "Tell them no and thanks! They saved our butts."

The commander walked over to me and stared at the goo dripping e-tools in my hands and the pile of bodies heaped around me and Faith, "What are you?"

"Me? I'm just a grunt."

After burning the rakosh bodies my platoon and the remains of the Taliban parted company. The LT wasn't sure what had just happened, but Mac persuaded him that we had assisted a unit of the Tajikistan army against border crossing Taliban raiders so he was happy, and insisted on writing the after action report. The battlefield absolutely reeked so it was easy keeping him away from it.

Faith and Giles took off to head back to England, and we called for a pickup as our OP was compromised. A week later I was on my way back to Evanston to get ready for the spring semester, a few letters of recommendation from the Brigade Commander and the Brigade Command Sergeant Major in my bag plus an offer to join 10th Mountain's Intelligence Battalion once I had graduated.

I'm still not sure what I'm going to do next, but I've realized I can't retire from stopping apocalypses so I shouldn't even try. They'll find me if I don't look for them. But, I'm a soldier now and I've got assets no Slayer has ever had before and damn it, I'm going to use them.

The End!

Cutter, Ballantine , and MacAllister's names are from the movie Gunga Din.

Troop Units (Infantry)
Battalion 3-7 Companies about 300-1300 personnel. Commanded by Lieutenant Colonel
Company 3-4 Platoons 100-140 personnel. Commanded by Captain
Platoon 4-5 Squads 32-40 personnel. Commanded by Lieutenant
Squad 2 Fireteams 8-10 personnel. Commanded by Staff Sergeant or Sergeant
Fireteam4-5 personnel. Commanded by Staff Sergeant or Sergeant.

AK-- AK-47 or Ak-74. Soviet Designed Assault Rifle. Very reliable and common.

AWACS-- Airborne Warning and Control System. A modified 707 with huge amounts of radar and surveillance and communications gear.

CEOI-- Communication Electronics Operating Instructions. Radio codes for identity verification.

E-5-- Sergeant's pay grade.

LDAC-- Leader Development and Assessment Course. Advanced Leadership course for ROTC.

NCO-- Non-Commisionned Officer. A Sergeant.

RPG-- Rocket Propelled Grenade. Soviet Designed Anti-Tank and Anti-Infantry weapon.

SALUTE-- Mnemonic for reconnaissance information. Size, Activity, Location, Unit, Time, Equipment.

TDY-- Temporary Duty

The End

You have reached the end of "Grunt Work". This story is complete.

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