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Summary: When the angels made contingency plans

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Supernatural > Multiple PairingsShulikFR152146,8491915337,6512 Oct 1017 Sep 11No


A/N A huge thank you to BuffyCharmed for making some amazing artwork-Ethereal

Ethereal 2


When they stood at the mouth of hell, staring at the abyss below them, hearing the wails of agony from the tortured souls bound to suffer for eternity- it was Castiel who had first spoken of their missing siblings.

“Do you remember-“ he had stood next to Balthazar, wings splayed out in all of their impressive glory and his sword filled with the righteous fires of Heaven, “do you remember Remiel? Leading us into battle?”

He did not know why he had mentioned their missing sister, only knew that at that very moment, he felt her absence sharper than before. Like a stabbing wound, still bleeding through his Grace- it was there, stark and lonely.

It must have been so much worse for Balthazar, who had been her second-in-command for as long as she had led the platoons. Who had trained their brothers alongside with her, soothed their fears when Michael and Lucifer had raged with her, had been the voice of reason- saying that she would be back, she had to come back.

“Which time?” Balthazar hadn’t looked at him, had only stared forward, into the abyss- where Dean Winchester’s soul waited for them.

“Ragnarok,” Castiel had bowed his head, staring at the flames licking up the physical manifestation of his being. He couldn’t feel the pain, only a curiously warm sensation, like a myriad of warm sparks travelling up his arms, into his wings. Flowing through him. “I, I feel that she would have done things differently in regards to the Winchester situation. She would have never let things get this far… Do you not agree?”

Perhaps it was thinking too much about things that were better left unsaid, but for some strange reason- Castiel had been thinking about Remiel lately, the commander that had left her troops. The betrayer that had left long before Lucifer had fallen.

It was strange, how much she had been on his mind lately when she had been missing for over a millennia.

The silence from Balthazar had stretched for too long and when Castiel had chanced a look at his brother, all he could see was the stormy expression on the older angel’s face. It made something twist within him, something human and base and Castiel hated feeling it.

Nevertheless, he tried to rectify the situation. “Brother… If I have offended you, please forgive me…”

He knew that Balthazar wasn’t there to fight him, he was there to lead the troops that would save Dean Winchester’s soul before the irrevocable could be done and yet, the look in his eyes- it was pure, rage filtered through grief and a longing so sharp that Castiel almost stumbled from the strength of the other angel’s emotions.

“You shouldn’t speak of things you know nothing about,” Balthazar had snapped, before cracking his neck, the feathers of his wings rippling with every movement. He craned his head upwards, looking up at the night dark sky filled with thousands of constellations, thousands of arrows pointing them home.

Castiel took a breath, cursing himself for letting a moment of weakness overtake him. Especially at such an important moment as this.

Somewhere below, Dean Winchester screamed a raw, painful sound and Castiel knew that it wouldn’t be long before he too fell.

“It’s time,” Balthazar nodded and behind them, a hundred of their brothers straightened their wings and pulled out their swords. They blazed in the night, like beacons of hope to all those lost to Lucifer’s folly.

“For Heaven!” Balthazar’s voice reverberated through them, like a striking bell of sound, echoing through the very depths of their souls.

“For Heaven!” the angels took up his cry, raising their swords above their heads, the flames licking upwards in a canopy of wild fire.

They surged forward, not surprised at the least to find a phalanx of demons hiding in wait for them- grotesque figures holding all sorts of hideous weapons, long tongue dripping human blood.

‘For Heaven,’ Castiel thought as he swung his sword, ‘for Remiel.’


Adam is the first one that sees Dawn walking back through the main gates, a tall, imposing figure by her side.

He takes a deep breath and slides his hand for the gun that Dean insisted he carry, checks the cartridge and tucks into the back of his pants though Sam had said that it’s a good way for a beginner to get a part of his ass shot off.

What’s he going to do though? Walk up to them, brandishing the gun like some crazy Oklahoman hobo? No sir, Adam’s just going to leave the outright to Bobby and maybe Dean if he’s in one of his moods. Adam’s just going to calmly walk up to them and ask where the hell she’s been and who the hell that is with her.

So he does.

He makes sure to wave at them once as he walks up, he’s already learned his lesson about startling someone that’s been trained to hunt monsters all their life.

Adam still has the bruise on his forearm as a reminder.

“Hey,” he calls to them, shielding his eyes against the rising sun- “what’s going on?”

Dawn groans and rubs her hand over her face, she gives the guy next to her a vicious looking pinch with the other one- “Behave yourself,” she hisses and steps forward. “Hey Adam,” she smiles genially, like it’s not at all suspicious that she’s just coming and going with someone that they’ve never met through what are supposed to be Bobby Singer’s strongest wards.

“Hey Dawn,” Adam smiles back at her and tries to get a better look at the guy, “so who’s this?”

He’s tall, about six one, taller than Dean to be sure and leaner- built to be fast, rather than strong and yet there’s an underlying current of strength and purity running through him. He’s also green eyed, with long curling lashes and a head full of wild hair.

Dawn sighs as Adam continues studying the newcomer, but finally just shakes her head and mutters something quick and inelegant under her breath before rolling her eyes and pointing at the young man- “This is Azrael, he’s on our side.”

And that’s when it hits Adam, why this guy seems familiar, why he feels familiar.

It’s because of Faith and Castiel, because this guy feels like them- like raw power and endless history rolled into one, like ancient wisdom and knowledge far beyond what humanity could ever understand.

“Holy shit,” he says to Dawn, taking a step back because the last time he had been this close to an angel, he had been tricked into agreeing to be a human condom for one, “you brought an angel to Bobby’s.”

“Weeelll,” Dawn draws out, looking skeptically up at the smirking guy (and who knew that the bastards smirked so damn much?

Certainly not Adam, who thought he had gotten a pretty comprehensive education in things angelic through his Sunday school teacher). “Technically?” she frowns and tilts her head up at him like she's studying him.

And then it hits him with the force of a Mack truck on coke. “Oh my god,” Adam yelps out in a manly way, a manly way- “you brought a fallen angel to Bobby’s house.”

“Umm…” Dawn slowly steps forward, holding her hands in front of her, palms open- placating him, Adam thinks hysterically, like a crazy person, “you need to calm down a little bit.”

“Oh my god,” Adam sucks in a shuddering breath of air and stares at the guy, who’s smirking, smirking full out now.

Evilly, he thinks and then he feels the urge to sit down pretty hard. “Dawn… Did you bring the devil to Bobby’s house?”

“Ahahha,” Dawn laughs out loud, pretty unconvincingly in Adam’s opinion and shakes her head, “of course not.”

Then why is she blushing Adam thinks frantically and takes another step away from them. This is a strategic retreat, definitely not the coward’s way out.

“You should probably tell your friend to relax a little,” the smug, definitely evil Lucifer-type says- “oh and also, Lucifer?” He gestures, “he’s a little shorter than me,” points to somewhere near his neck, “and he’s very, very blond.”

“See?” Dawn points to the guy with a helpful smile, “I told you that I didn’t bring Lucifer to Bobby’s. I’d never do that,” she finishes and beams, as if it’s a great accomplishment- not bringing the king of darkness to an elderly hunter’s home.

“No,” Azrael grins toothily and hadn’t Adam read a book about him? Something about the angel of death and sweet baby Jesus, isn’t that an ominous name. “You just brought his second in command.”

Something locks up in Adam, something terrible and frightening and it slides into place- like another piece of the puzzle, illuminating another part of the picture.

“Oh dear god,” Adam raises his eyebrows, having given up on the insanity about to befall them all, “Bobby’s going to murder you….”

“He can try,” beams the apparent heir to the throne of hell, and the ex-angel of death, wrapping one tanned arm around Dawn’s shoulders who groans and smacks him in retaliation like this is normal.

This isn’t normal, Adam thinks, not by a long shot. But maybe it’s the Winchester in him, sickly anticipating the rush of having people brandishing guns in his very near vicinity- either way, Adam lets it go. Grins even and snorts out, “I can’t wait to hear how you’ll explain this back at the house.”

“Oh laugh it up chucklehead,” Dawn grumbles and starts walking towards Bobby’s sturdy house, with almost a spring in her step.

Adam walks after her, even though he still feels pretty uncomfortable with the devil’s apparent second in command walking behind him- it’s still better to be near the entity you know, rather than the one you have no idea about.
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