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Forgotten Fragments

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Summary: Just odds and ends of drabbles, comment-fic, etc. I've posted in various places, thought it was time to put them in one place. Mostly non-Buffyverse

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Multiple Crossings > Non-BtVS Crossovers(Current Donor)MarcusRowlandFR1542,030173,1432 Oct 1030 Jun 14No

Five Times Donna Wanted to Slap the Doctor

All characters belong to their respective creators / media companies / etc., this story will self-destruct in ten seconds if you try to make a profit from it.

Five Times Donna Wanted to Slap the Doctor

Marcus L. Rowland
(for a challenge by HonorH)

2: Every time he got broody about Rose - the poor girl was about a fiftieth his age, what the hell was he thinking?

1: The third time he shouted "Run for your life!" - she couldn't because she was too busy running.

4: When she noticed that they were stuck in another bloody time loop and experiencing events out of sequence again.

3: The fourth time he told her about the wonders of Gallifrey - she can understand being homesick, but the place is gone and could never have lived up to that billing anyway.

5: As he took her memories. Some things are worth dying for.


Doctor Who
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