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Drifting Through Your Mind

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Summary: House has an encounter with Faith...and she comes back for more

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Television > House, M.D. > Faith-CenteredChristyFR1541,464055,4982 Oct 1027 May 13Yes

First Encounters

Title: First Encounters
Author: Christy
Rating: FR15
Fandoms: Buffy/House
Word Count: 200
Pairing: Faith/House (eventually)
Disclaimer: I do not own anything Buffy or House related...just borrowing them for my nefarious, kinky, perverted reasonings. Don't worry, I won't hurt 'em...much ;)
Distribution: TtH and
Summary: A few little drabbles about House and Faith...just a little exercise to myself to branch out beyond the Alissa-centric House fic I've been working on lately

The first time he'd seen her was when Cuddy'd persuaded him to do his clinic hours. He'd promised himself he'd see four patients before sneaking off to catch some of his soap. That idea went right out the window once he walked into Exam Room One and found her sitting there looking pissed.

"What seems to be the problem, Miss Wilkins?" he asked, glancing down at her chart so she wouldn't see him checking out her leather clad ass.

"I was sparring with my friends and, dumb ass, I forgot to jump back when they lunged," she explained, pulling her shirt up just enough to expose a tanned, flat stomach with a nasty gash across it, still oozing blood.

Hosue couldn't help but wince as he stood up and stalked closer. "What the hell were you playing with- a machete?" he demanded as he pulled on gloves and grabbed antiseptic.

Faith didn't wince as he cleaned the cut before stitching her up. He placed a bandage over it, just in case, and disposed of the detritus. She just pulled her shirt down, hopped off the table and tossed a "Thanks, Doc" over her shoulder as she sauntered out the door.
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