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Summary: Cordelia agrees to Xander's offer for a ride to LA after graduation. They fight, they love, and things go crazy.

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Almost There



++Xander POV++
As Cordy ran off to find the girl, I stalked toward the two on the lawn. The one in the suit, who had started this whole mess, was nowhere to be seen.

As the zombies approached, I noticed two things instantly. They were both really chewed up, and neither had a speck of dirt on them. I was thinking there wasn't any African-voodoo-whatever involved with this, just my usual bad luck.

The mask zombies had died when they'd received enough damage, judging by the wounds on the second guy, that wasn't the case here. His neck had bone sticking out of it, like he'd tried a freakin' Exorcist twist.

I reached the first one, and slammed the axe into his forehead, it instantly collapsed to the ground. "That was pretty easy." I muttered as the second one came up for his chance.

"Xander!" Cordy's panicked voice called out to me.

Fun time was over, I kicked the slow-moving thing in the leg, causing him to lose his balance. Down on his hands and knees, it was an easy shot to the back of the skull.

Ripping the axe free from the second zombie's head, I headed toward the sound of her voice, and the area the rest of the things were heading in.

As I came up behind the four walking corpses heading towards Cordy, I watched as she clutched the girl with one hand, she shoved a female in a bra, with ripped up stomach back with her umbrella, causing it to fall over. Behind it, I could see a huge guy trying to climb through a broken window.

I quickly realized what had happened, she'd been so caught up in saving the little girl, she hadn't noticed she was being surrounded until it was almost too late. I shouldered into one, knocking it to the ground, and buried the axe into the head of another.

Luckily, unlike the one's from Buffy's birthday party, these things were real slow and extremely stupid. My favorite kind of bad guy.

"Go for the head Cor!" I called to her as I continued to fight with the others.

~~Cordelia POV~~
A loud bang on the gate distracted me, giving mommy a chance to grab my ankle. I almost fell over, but managed to shake her off.

"Go for the head Cor!" Xander screamed as he fought with the one's from the front lawn.

"Don't look." I told the girl, before stabbed the metal point of the umbrella down into the mother's head repeatedly. As I pulled it free from her skull, I heard a loud thud. Looking up, I saw the father had fallen out of the window, and was now getting to his feet.

The thing was big, so I backed up, wanting to get more room. Another loud bang came from the gate, and I turned in time to see it just miss my face. Then the bloodied and shirtless thing was falling forward, knocking us over, and landing right on top of us.

"No!" I was only able to hold it back with one arm on it's shoulder, the other was pinned beneath the girl. I kept it as far away as I could, but it was trying as hard as it could to bite her.

The thing had no face, not even eyes. It just kept snapping as I tried desperately to keep it's teeth away from the girl's neck and shoulders. "Xander help!"

"I'm trying Cor!" He yelled back.

I could hear him struggling with the other ones, and then, my hand slipped off of the thing's blood-slicked shoulder. It came down on top of us, and immediately bit into the little girl's neck. She made a horrifying scream of pain, as I tried to push the thing off of her.


I heard him yell, and he must have broken free. Shortly after, he grabbed the zombie under the chin with both hands, and yanked him back. Before he could help us further, the daddy zombie came at him.

Clutching the little girl, I rolled over and laid her on the ground, trying to do anything I could to help her. Her mouth was moving as she tried to speak, but all she could do was spit up more blood. All I could do was hold her hand as she died in front of me, helpless.

I heard movement to my right, and saw that thing getting back to it's feet. He was going to pay for this.

"I could use some help here!" Xander yelled.

I ignored him, as I grabbed a large rock from a nearby garden, as it came at me, I raised it up, and swung, catching it in the side of the head. It tried to get back up, but I beat him to it. "You!" Thunk. "Mother!" Thunk. "Fucking!" Thunk. "Bastard!" Thunk.

I stared down in hatred at the thing, most of it's head was now a pancake. I brought the rock down one last time and sneered. Thunk. I wanted to kill every last one of them.

"Cor, I really need your help, now!"

Looking over at Xander, I could see he was in deep trouble. He was pinned to the ground on his side, his left hand barely gripping the thing's neck. He was barely holding the large zombie's head away from him.

I picked up the rock again, and quickly headed toward them, I wasn't going to lose anyone else.

++Xander POV++
"I could use some help here!" The big zombie was the size of a linebacker, and he had me pinned. The only thing keeping his teeth from me was the very loose grip I had on his neck.

Cordelia had picked up a rock, and I figured she was coming to help. Instead, I watched her viciously attack the zombie that had bitten the little girl. She continued to pound it's face into the grass as she cursed like I never thought she could.

I had a sick feeling as the zombie continued to snap at me, the girl must be dead. I had to put that aside though, as I could feel my fingers quickly cramping up, I was running out of time. "Cor, I really need your help, now!"

Cordy got to her feet and charged us, rock in hand. When she got close enough, she used a hard, two-handed swing that clipped the thing on the side of the head. As it tipped over, I helped by shoving him off of me, and trying to find my axe.

I finally grabbed it up two feet from my head, I planted my other hand to get up, but something grabbed it. It was the goddamn linebacker again. I swung the axe around, and buried it into his cheek, almost cutting the head in half.

"Come on you assholes!" I heard Cordelia scream.

Getting to my feet, I could see her swinging wildly at anything that moved. One little slip, and they'd have her on the ground. Christ, the way she was acting, I was half-expecting her to get dragged down through a floor vent.

I grabbed her around the waist and pulled her back, barely ducking the rock as it came at me from over her head. "Cordy, it's me!"

Once she stopped struggling, I let her go, she turned back to me with tears in her eyes.

"Xander, I-"

"I know," I tried to assure her. "But we've got to move." There were three coming at us now, if we didn't hurry, I was guessing there would be plenty more behind them.

After we quickly dispatched the remaining three, I told her to go back into the house.

"But you can't-"

"I won't be long, I just want to make sure the car's ready to go."

She was going to keep arguing, but I stopped her. "Get our stuff and those people ready to go, okay?"

After thinking it over for a moment, she nodded.

"Go, I'll be right behind you." With that said, I watched as she took off around the corner of the house. I just hoped the rest of us could get out of here in one piece.

I scanned the ground, seeing bodies, or pieces of them, scattered everywhere. I finally found the one I was looking for though. The still-pink, bottom half of her nightgown stood out amongst the blood and death.

I'd wanted to get Cordy out of here, because I knew it was only a matter of time before that little girl got back up. I didn't want her to have to see what I was about to do either. I gently closed her eyes and stood back up. "You're with your family now." I told her corpse, before I brought the axe down on her skull.

I sighed, and walked toward the front of the bed and breakfast, it was better this way. Her body shouldn't have to be walking around like that. I reached the door and gave a look up and down the street, I could see more of them coming, we were running out of time.

Opening it up, I was assaulted by loud screaming, and the sound of a struggle. How the hell had they gotten into the house?

~~Cordelia POV~~
I couldn't believe this nerve of that bitch. Xander had bandaged her husband's arm up, and she had refused to open the door to let me back in. If it hadn't been for Mrs. Hathaway, I'd still be out there.

The woman even had the nerve to say that Xander and I had endangered her and the others by going out to help the girl. I was absolutely disgusted with her, and everyone else in the house now.

"A little girl just died out there!" I screamed in her face. "And all you people could do was sit in here and hide like a bunch of cowards!"

"You couldn't even save her!" Laura shot back. "Why don't you go back upstairs, and whore-it-up with that boyfriend of yours, or is he dead too?!"

I hauled back and slugged her, knocking the loudmouth on her ass. I rushed her, but someone grabbed me from behind, holding me back. While I fought against the arms, I dug into her that much deeper. "If I get my hands on you, you're going to wish you were dead bitch!"

As I continued to try and get loose, I looked back at who had me. I saw it was the overweight businessman who I'd seen when I came down earlier. Who knew the guy had that kind of grip?

The bitch got back to her feet, all she could do was glare at me. I was a survivor of the Sunnydale class of '99, what was she going to do to me?

"What the fuck is going on in here?!"

We all turned to see a very angry looking Xander, axe in hand. With the amount of blood he was splattered with, you could swear he was an axe-murderer. Then I realized, I probably didn't look that much better.

"She's crazy!" Laura screamed. "She attacked me for no reason at all!"

He ignored her, turning instead toward the guy holding me. "Let her go."


Xander held his weapon up. "Who's holding the axe smart-guy?" He growled.

I was quickly released, and I joined Xander at his side.

"You okay?" He asked, not taking his eyes off the people, as he placed an arm around me.

I returned the hug. "Yeah, they-"

"Later Cor." He said simply, before giving his full attention to the rest. "There are plenty more of them coming. You people need to get your shit together, and be ready to leave in five."

A grumble started amongst the crowd, I didn't know what they were expecting though.

"Stay or leave, it's your choice people." He told them, before we headed for the stairs and our room.

++Xander POV++
"We're going light, only what you can carry in one bag." I quickly sorted through my stuff, luckily, I didn't have much.

"Are we really going to take all of those people with us?"

I was surprised to hear that from her. She'd never been the type to just ignore someone in trouble, even when she was still playing the princess. "Cor I-"

"They could have helped, Xander." She insisted angrily. "That little girl would still be alive, even if just a few of them had bothered."

"There's at least one family with kids, and Mrs. Hathaway is in her sixties. They couldn't help, and we shouldn't leave them."

"I know," She whispered. "It's... I didn't even know her name Xander..."

I dropped my stuff and went over to her, wrapping her up in a hug. "I'm sorry Cordy, but it's not your fault. You did more then anyone else around here would, or could. Instead of dying alone, she had you."

Cordelia sniffled. "I just wish I could have done more, that's all."

I could hear screaming and other stuff going on down below, things were getting worse fast.

"I hate to be a jerk about this," I told her as I pulled back. "But we've really got to go."

"Okay." She said as she wiped her eyes, and went over to her stuff without another word.

We made it downstairs soon after, with one bag each. The place was in chaos, arms were reaching through broken windows, and people were either fighting them off, trying to help the wounded, or just standing there, doing nothing.

I could see an older, raven-haired woman, with a nasty shoulder bite. She must have been standing too close to the window or something. What looked to be her husband was tending to her, while others were trying to shove the zombies back with whatever they could find.

"There's no time for this, we need to go out the back door, now!" I ordered.

"But what about our cars?" A woman asked.

"We can't just leave them!" The guy that had grabbed Cordelia, complained.

"He's right, do you want to fight your way through the front door, or have a running start from the sides of the house?" Cordy called out, before the two of us headed for the back door.

~~Cordelia POV~~
It hadn't taken much convincing after our words had sunk in, to get everybody to fall in line. He'd gone out the back, to check which side we had a better shot of making it on. Everybody was going to either pile into Xander's car, or Henry's SUV, since they were the biggest, and easiest to get to.

The bunch of us, including the bitch, and her husband grouped together at the back door. He wasn't looking so hot right now, I was guessing he was in shock or something. Everybody who could, had grabbed whatever weapon they could get their hands on.

The parents, with the four and eight year old's, kept a close hold of them. Their sole job was to carry them to the vehicles, the rest of us would help cover them. After what I had already seen today, I was determined that the entire family was going to make it.

Since I had lost my less then trustworthy umbrella, I'd settled on a cane, it had been Mrs. Hathaway's late husband's. Looking around as we waited for Xander's go, I could see some were less impressive then others. I couldn't help but have a bad feeling, just seeing the way they held them.

I could see Mrs. Hathaway shaking next to me. "Don't worry, just stick with me and we'll make it." I told her with a forced smile.

She turned to me, a sallow look on her face. "You don't think my Stuart is out there somewhere, wandering around, do you?"

My heart broke for her, I was a horrible thing to think that someone you cared about was out there like that. I wasn't even sure if it was worse then having one vamped. "No, I haven't seen any with dirt on them, I'm sure he's still at peace."

She gave a small smile, and squeezed my hand, which I returned in kind. "Don't worry," I assured her. "Xander is really good at this stuff, he'll get us through."

Before she could respond, the back door opened, revealing a haggard looking Xander. "It's go time people." He informed us, before stepping aside to let us through.

This was it, I just hoped we made it out of this alive.

A/N: Being so close, I figured this was worth repeating:

On October 31st, The Walking Dead will be premiering on AMC at 10pm Eastern time. For a 4.5 minute trailer, you can easily find it on YouTube.

If you've enjoyed this story, I feel you'll definitely like the show. Give it a try, I've been waiting ten years for a zombie TV show to come out.

A/N 2: I've recently added a new chapter to one of my other stories, 'Headhunters', if you get a chance, check it out.


The End?

You have reached the end of "Walkers" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 25 Oct 10.

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