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Mr. Giles

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This story is No. 5 in the series "Halloweenfest 2010". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander slips something into Giles pocket on Halloween. Original Karate Kid movie

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Movies > Karate Kid, ThetexaswookieFR715362112,8915 Oct 105 Oct 10Yes
Don't own Karate Kid or BTVS.

This is a crossover with the original version not the new version.
My start of Halloween contribution.

Giles groaned as he looked at his flat. Before last night he had loved the way his home looked now though he was thoroughly disgusted with what it looked like. He was going to make Xander pay somehow for everything that he had done to him last night. He was still unsure who he was angrier at Xander or Ethan for the changes that had been forced onto him. He looked down at the tea he was fixing and letting out several choice words. Instead of the usual earl gray that he prepared for himself there was a nice cup of jasmine tea. He heard several complaining voices and looked at the assembled scoobies. There was one nice new side affect to this whole mess and it was the new training methods that he had picked up from the one he had been possessed by.

“Giles, come on we’re tired already.” Xander whined at the man.

Giles smirked at the teen.” Xander-San, you need to ignore the pain and focus on the task at hand now back to painting the walls. Up and down, up and down.” He then turned to the others and gave them looks. “The same goes for the rest of you do not lose your focus on your tasks. Buffy-Daughter, focus each nail need only one blow and you need not worry about destroying the walls. Willow-daughter, you need to go side to side with that brush.” The watcher ordered them.

Willow and Buffy glared at the dark haired youth in anger.” Xander, I really hate the fact that you slipped that bandanna into his pocket.” The slayer informed her friend.

Xander glared at them in return. “How was I supposed to know that this would happen? I just found that thing in the bargain bin. I mean Ethan was so willing to sell me the thing. I thought that it was cool then there was the fact it was a good idea.”

Replacing Giles handkerchief that he cleans his glasses with a bandanna had seemed like such a good idea at the time. Too bad he had used a ninja one which happened to look just likw the one from the old karate kid movies. Xander had thought it would be a funny gag instead it had backfired and now they were being forced to go through training.

Giles shook his head at the group as he used a pair of chopsticks and snapped them at a fly and watched them as they snatched the insect out of the air. His students had much to learn in the arts of karate before he could send them back out into the streets of Sunnydale and the sooner he got them to a level he was happy with the sooner that he could get back to more enjoyable and important things like fishing. "After you are done with this you still have to sand the floor, wax the car, and study Miyagi family secret for Karate.” The answering groans were enough revenge for the Watcher for now.

The End

You have reached the end of "Mr. Giles". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking