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Change of Address

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Summary: Someone has had all they can take of a certain strange town. (mystery crossover)

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Television > Surprise CrossoversWyseQuackFR1321,0230223,7216 Dec 037 Dec 03Yes

Addendum: The Answer Revealed

Change of Address 2

Title: Change of Address

A Buffy the Vampire Slayer/ mystery crossover fanfic

Author: WyseQuack


Date Written: Dec 2003

I honestly thought everybody - well, almost everybody, would be able to deduce the crossover once they'd read the entire story. The show in question had a lot of staying power, so I thought most people would at least know of it, and a little bit about it.

From the responses I've gotten that doesn't seem to be the case. A lot of people know the show I'm referring to, but a lot of others are baffled.

So, the show in question is

Spoiler Space





Murder, She Wrote
starring Angela Lansbury as Jessica Fletcher

set mostly in Cabot Cove, Maine

I guess I'm showing my age, or something. I really thought it was a very recognizable show, but I guess it pre-dates a lot of the readership here.

Also, where I could, I've deleted some reviews that, in my opinion, gave away too much about the ending. If you're wondering why your review disappeared, that's probably why. I appreciate the feedback, but I want to minimize the chance of the story being spoiled for other readers.

Thanks for understanding, and happy reading.


The End

You have reached the end of "Change of Address". This story is complete.

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