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Wish Granted

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Summary: If he only knew what would the slip of tongue lead to, he'd have never said the 'W' word. Or, perhaps, he would...

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Anita Blake > General > Action
Anita Blake > Multiple Pairings > Romance
TheMasqueFR21916,1101159,7837 Oct 1024 Jan 11No

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Chapter One

Title: Wish Granted
Summary: ‘Beware of what you wish for’, they say. In Sunnyhell, err, Sunnydale, this saying gets a completely new meaning. And one Alex Brown is about to experience the effects on his own shin.
Disclaimer: I don’t own the Anita Blake series, all credit goes to one lovely dark haired lady we all know and love. Regretfully, neither do I own BtVS.
Warning: This story may (and will) contain scenes of explicit violence and sexual situations. This latter includes male/male, male/female and, possibly, female/female relationships. Alex Brown is an OC from the Buffy verse and I’m planning on another BtVS character to appear later on.

Furthermore, I’ll be taking liberties with canon (both of them). It goes like that:

a) You’ll find that a certain character that’s supposed to be dead in the Anita universe is very much alive in my fic. I just love him too much to let him die.

b) The timeline in the Anita universe will be changed. I’m following the events of each book only loosely.

And, yeah, I hope you enjoy it.

Somewhere in Sunnydale:

D’Hoffryn, a demon boss extraordinaire, was not amused. Not at all. Sitting at a small café and sipping slowly from his glass of vodka, he was doing his best to look human. What was he doing sitting at a café at all? Well, that was another story.

“If it was anyone but you, I’d say you are brooding.”

He didn’t turn to look at the speaker and his voice didn’t even get the intended warning edge as he replied.

“I fear I’m getting old, Anyanka.”

There was a long pause. He knew this wasn’t like him at all. He almost chuckled at the irony of it.

“Well…who are you and what have you done to D’Hoffryn?” She tried to joke, but he could tell that his behavior had freaked her out. This lifted his mood a bit and he offered, in an almost friendly tone.

“Come, take a seat.”

And she did, albeit warily.

“So…” She started awkwardly, shifting in her seat.

“So nothing.” He parroted her mockingly. “You think you’re the only one who’s allowed to feel, eh, human once in a while? It’s been so long since…” He started wistfully but then he shook his head, willing the memories to go away. “You know what? I’m getting drunk tonight. You can join me or leave now.” With that said, he downed the glass’s content in one go.

She seemed to weigh him down but then she only shrugged and signed for a waiter to bring her some of the good stuff as well. She’d lie if she said she wasn’t even the tiny bit freaked out by the behavior of her boss. Okay, make it a lot. He was supposed to be all evil and bossy and devoid of emotions and not at all broody like he was now.

“So,” she drawled conversationally, “can you tell me what the heck is up?”

He gave her the evil eye but it didn’t have the usual, err, evilness behind it. Then he shrugged and admitted reluctantly.

“I’m bored.”

Heck, THAT was definitely something she wasn’t expecting. But, on second thought, everyone had the right to be bored, right? But she also knew that bored demons meant trouble. Trouble with giant ‘T’. It usually meant that the world was screwed. And she sorta kinda liked it too much to see it destroyed so she started thinking quickly.

“Let’s get some fun then.” She offered enthusiastically.

“Fun?” He repeated skeptically, like the word was foreign to his ears.

“Well, yeah. Lets, I dunno, grant some wish. Lets be creative about it. Very creative…” She repeated with glee, suddenly really getting into the idea.

“Hmm.” He made a non committal noise but she could see the gleam in his eyes. Yeah, she thought while rubbing her hands together, she’ll have so much fun with it.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Sunnydale:

Alex Brown could call himself an experienced man. He’d seen it all. Vampires, demons, fairies… After all, it was in his description of a hunter to, well, hunt them down. And he liked his job, the downsides included. So what the hell was he doing sitting in the hotel room and reading a book? And Anita Blake book, no less. He knew people who’d pay to see that. After they stop laughing their fat asses off, that is. The thing was, he was bored. Very bored.

Disgusted with himself, he tossed the book away and watched as it hit the wall. Pathetic. The Anita chick, he liked her at the beginning. The wit, the sarcasm, she reminded him of himself. But the last books were more like porn. Bad porn. Feeling silly for being angry at a fictional character, he still wished that she’d stop screwing the vamps and weres for just one minute and do some ass kicking. But no, she just had to get all pathetic about that Richard guy. He knew that the little Boy Scout was just the type of guy he’d hate instantly if he ever met him. Luckily, there was no chance of that happening.

He sighed in boredom. And then, he did something very stupid. He uttered a word he’d never dare to if he knew WHO was listening to him right now. Really, being on Hellmouth, he should’ve known better.

“I wish…I wish I was in the Blake chick’s shoes and show them how a self respecting hunter should act.”

The realization of what he’d done had hit him instantly. Sucking in a deep breath, he stilled and waited. Nothing.

He should’ve known that it was too early to feel relieved. He heard a suspicious sound behind him and jumped to his legs, instantly on alert. Upon seeing who it was or, more like, they, there was the only thing he could do.

“Oh hell…” He swore.

The female giggled with excitement and D’Hoffryn, for it was him, raised an eyebrow. Together, they said the words and he knew he was screwed.

“Wish granted.”
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