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Days of Chaos

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Chaos". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander, the Doctor and the gang must deal with the fallout of Ethan’s spell, whilst trying to stop a group of demons from opening the Hellmouth

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Other Het
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Chapter One

Days of Chaos

Beta: Hawklan

Disclaimer: I do not own Xander Harris or any other characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV show or its related media, they belong to Joss Whedon and I also do not own Doctor Who or any of its related media, as they belong to whoever owns the rights. All other shows used in this fic belong to their respective creators or whoever owns the rights to them.

Pairing: Xander/Tara Doctor/Rose

Summary: Xander, the Doctor and the gang must deal with the fallout of Ethan's spell, whilst trying to stop a group of demons from opening the Hellmouth.

Notes: Takes place a week after the events of Night of Chaos so read that first before this one, this story will go into more detail on what the after affects of the Halloween spell on the town was.


(Xander and Tara's apartment)

Xander shot up in bed and was drenched in sweat from the intense nightmare he had just gone through again, the doctor's memories of the Time War haunted him every night. He looked to his side and noted that Tara was slowly waking up as well and he cursed not been able to avoid waking her in his distress. He turned away from her and leaned his head in his hands.

Tara awoke to find Xander once again troubled by the Doctor's memories, as he had been for the last week since Halloween. She ignored the guilt she still felt at being somewhat the cause of this and got herself up to her knees and pulled her boyfriend into a strong embrace. She had only gotten small bits and pieces out of him about what it was he saw at night. It was not much, but it had been enough to send a chill up her spine.

The idea of such a war in space with the entire universe at stake had been hard to grasp, but considering what she had seen when visiting the new Time Lord Colony she had been convinced he was no kidding. She closed her eyes and wished there was something to do to help him put this behind him, so that he could get a good night's sleep again.

"Are you okay Alex?" she asked opening her eyes.

"I will be in time," Xander responded, as he relaxed into Tara's embrace. "He has seen so much beauty, so much wonder and so much death," he explained with a smile. "It is hard to force it all back," he added, glancing up at his lover.

"I know," Tara responded. "Dawn's memories can be just as over powering and seen as she was the lover of Cernunnos, the god of death in her reality she saw plenty of it herself," she admitted. "And we are not alone in fighting the effects of what Ethan's spell brought down on us this time, more and more of your former friends in High School have come forward and admitted that they have been changed," she reminded him.

"I know and that makes me want to strangle Ethan all the more," Xander shot back. "Lucky for him the Doctor took him to the Shadow Proclamation, so he will not be able to cause such trouble again, however the damage is done," he continued shaking his head in annoyance.

Tara did not reply and just pulled Xander closer to herself and laid her head on his shoulder, she knew whatever Ethan had done to change the spell he used for Halloween had repercussions the chaos mage had not expected.

Now half the town was fighting to come to terms with what had been done to them. Buffy and Giles were working overtime to ensure that the affected did not misuse their new abilities and powers.

That was proving not to be as easy as Willow had suspected it would be. A few of the affected seemed to think these changes they had undergone would aid them in getting rich. One or two others seemed to want to make a name for themselves. It was adding a lot more trouble and pressure for the whole group.

"We will work through it," she finally spoke up again after a few minutes of silence. "Together?" she added locking their gazes.

"Always," Xander responded, leaned up and kissed her deeply, a kiss she eagerly returned.

A few seconds later they broke apart and Tara got him back in bed and she quickly cuddled up against him. Xander brought his arm around her and brought her closer. Staring into the darkness of their room he wondered just how much time would have to pass before he could control what he saw at night. Closing his eyes he focused on Tara's comforting presence and slowly drifted off, followed a few minutes later by Tara herself.


(New Gallifrey)

The Doctor watched as Rose and Romana talked quietly between themselves. They had been here for the last couple of days after a rather stressful adventure. They had ended up in the future and almost had been trapped there. They had fought a creature that resembled the devil in appearance, but its true threat had been its intelligence.

The group of people they had joined forces with, had mostly been killed bar three survivors, much to his sorrow. The loss of the Ood also played on his mind and Rose's as well, as they had not been responsible for their actions on the station.

He was still trying to work out who had chained the creature down in the pit in the first place. Who had come up with the system that had kept it there in the dark and most confusedly of all who had predicted he would arrive to end the threat of the creature all together? To many unanswered questions and he did not like that one bit. Leaning back in his seat he wondered what to do next, he needed a small break from such adventures, which is one of the reasons he had come home.

Home, now wasn't that a strange thing to be able to say again after so long? Thanks to Alexander's actions when he was transformed into a mix of his ninth and tenth incarnations, this colony of his people had survived the Time War. It was slowly gearing up to be a new Gallifrey, but at the moment it was nowhere near where they had been before the war.

The new council had decided they needed to create new technology including defensive and offensive weapons. He was split on that, but even he could not fail to see his people had fallen behind certain aggressive species, it was one of the reasons they had done so badly against the Daleks. No, he supposed if they wanted to avoid things like that, they had to start taking a more direct approach to the universe. This was no longer the golden era where they were the supreme race who had little to fear.

Rose glanced at where the Doctor sat and noted that he was still preoccupied with his thoughts and worries from their last adventure. She sighed and was still very troubled herself over what had happened. It had been one of the scariest adventures she had been a part of, since meeting the Doctor last year. The only thing that was more frightening was the fight against the Daleks.

"He'll be ok Rose," Romana's voice broke her train of thought and she turned back to the Timelady and managed a small smile. "The Doctor has been through many rough times throughout his life and this is sadly just one more," she explained. "It is the one major curse of being a Timelord," she stated with a strained smile. "We end up seeing so much, that at times it can just be too much for us. The fact that he survived so long on his own after the war, shows the strength of his character," she went on.

"How are your people responding to what the Doctor did to end the war?" Rose asked.

"We understand his choice Rose," Romana answered seriously. "Our people had been changed by the war into something we were never meant to be, what he told us about what Rassilon planned is just madness," she explained, as best she could. "The idea that nearly our entire race agreed with him is horrifying to us. We were supposed to be guardians to the younger races, with a strict policy of none interference and they betrayed that for their own survival," she stated and a little anger crept into her voice. "The Doctor remembered who he was supposed to be and to protect all of creation he acted and in so doing wiped out both the Dalek and Timelord races. That alone should have driven him insane, but he survived and kept going," she finished.

"But it wasn't worth the sacrifice was it?" Rose protested. "The Daleks survived and they came back," she reminded her new friend.

"I suppose in the end it wasn't, but by removing the corrupted Timelords he safe guarded all else in the universe, including Earth," Romana responded. "As for the Daleks, I fear we will never truly see the end of them," she admitted.

"Me neither," the Doctor's voice caused them both turn and to face him. "Davros created them to be the ultimate survivors and somehow I think they are still out there somewhere," he said bitterly. "I should have wiped them out when I had the chance back on Skaro. The Timelords ordered me to overt their creation and I refused, believing that by allowing them to live the universe would rally against them," he continued, lost in his memories.

The Doctor's admission shocked Rose somewhat, but then again she remembered the hatred the Doctor had shown when they had encountered the Dalek in Van Stratten's lab and again when they had fought the Dalek Emperor and his forces in the future. She had learned there was one race the Doctor would never show mercy to, never try and aide and always would fight against to the bitter end.

"Then we will just have to be all the more watchful Doctor," Romana responded, after a small silence. "If any of them are still out there, we will either find them or they will find us, but for now I suggest you put them out of your mind as best you can," she told her old friend, placing a calming hand on his shoulder.

"You are right Romana," the Doctor replied, shooting her a small smile. "I think tomorrow I will return to Earth and visit Alexander and see how he is doing in coping with my memories," he told them the plans he had come up with. "I also want to make sure there were no other affects of this spell on that particular town. I do not know what possessed that mage Ethan to cast such a spell on the Hellmouth of all places and then not once, but twice," he added with a shake of his head.

"Some people never know when to stop," Romana responded. "The Master was a great example of this, even after all he did, all he had caused he still tried to cause more destruction and more death," she reminded him.

The Doctor did all he could to block out his memories of his former friend and now greatest foe or at least he had been. The Master was long gone or at least he believed him to be dead. Getting up, he headed for his room after saying goodnight to Rose and Romana.

Rose watched him go, knowing he was fighting his memories. She did not know who this Master was, but clearly the Doctor and Romana did and he did not sound like a nice person. She thought back to what Alexander had told her and this brought a smile to her face, because thanks to what he had told her, she had hope. Getting up she headed for her own room, also saying goodnight to Romana first. She loved the Doctor, there was no doubt about that and thanks to Alexander she knew he loved her back.


(Magic Box, next day)

Xander walked into the shop side by side with Tara, both had been changed by their transformations not just in memories, abilities and experiences, but also in the way how they dressed. Xander wore the same clothes his combined Doctor persona had worn, whilst Tara, who had always liked skirts and jumpers, now wore a black body suit. Likewise the three tears she had painted under her left eye were still there. Somehow the magic had made them a permanent fixture, not that Xander minded as he believed it made his girlfriend look even more beautiful.

Already inside was Giles, who had also been affected by the spell Ethan had cast. Dressed more like his younger self he was also far more prone to anger and far less tolerant of their lack of seriousness in the face of any threats.

Buffy was at the table as well, reading through one of the books Giles had out, she too had been heavily affected by the spell. Her entire outlook on vampires had been changed, so even her working relationship with Angel had been affected, much to the vampire's horror. She was even more deadly in combat now and had begun to ask Giles to get her a pair of berrettas and a stack of ammo she could modify into vamp killers. It would seem that the knowledge she had gained from Selene was going to be far more helpful than they had first thought. He agreed that a more modern approach to their work was the right choice.

He noted Willow and Cordelia were absent and he recalled there had been a lot of tension since the spell on Halloween between them. He had not been able to get either of them to tell him why yet.

Joyce and Dawn were in attendance at the counter. Their own transformations changed them from support to actual help, should they need it. Dawn was now super fast and very good with swords and axes. Joyce likewise was great with swords and her outlook seemed to have been shifted to be more accepting of the changes they all had undergone.

Oz was also missing, but he was sure his friend would turn up as his transformation into Van Hellsing that night had made Oz have a deal for hunting the supernatural, who threatened to kill or cause trouble.

Heading for the table he sat down, joined a second later by Tara.

Buffy only glanced up at them and nodded a greeting, before going back to reading. He knew she was looking for a way to either control of remove the emotions that now caused the problems between her and Angel. He doubted she would find anything, not even he, with all the Doctor's memories, could think of a way to aide any of them.

"So Giles, do we have a list yet of how many people still retain the abilities and memories of who they were changed into?" he asked, getting right into the continuing problem at hand.

Giles sighed as he turned to face the younger man and sat down as well. "We are still gathering information, as well as getting visits from people. It seems that most of them truly do know what is going on in this town and just decided to ignore it," he answered. "It is frustrating, but not really surprising," he added with a shake of his head. "Anyway so far we have fifteen confirmed cases," he went on.

"Anyone we know?" Willow asked as she entered, having heard Giles' last sentence and joined them at the table smiling all the way.

"I am afraid so," Giles responded. "Amy Madison ended up being changed into Morgan le Fay, a powerful witch, which has increased her own powers and given her access to far more spells, than she had known before," he started, making Buffy and the others turn and pay him their full attention.

"Jonathan Levinson became Luke Skywalker and now possesses a real lightsaber and his friend Andrew Wells ended up becoming Darth Vader and also has a lightsaber," here he paused and seemed to want to laugh at the craziness of the situation.

"Why am I not surprised those two nerds ended up dresses as two sci-fi icons?" Willow commented with a smile. "I remember them always talking about Star Wars and Star Trek," she added, glancing at Xander who nodded, showing that he as well remembered those two.

"Kind of funny to hear you two talk like that, considering when we met you, you were thought of as nerds yourself," Buffy interjected with her own smile.

"Ah but we were not obsessed to the point of having nothing else in our heads like these two, Buffy," Xander shot back, pleased to see Buffy showed a bit more of her old persona. "Willow had her mind full of lusty thoughts about me and strangely enough my head was filled of thoughts about you," he teased.

"Oh like I am ever going to forget your crush on me," Buffy returned, noticing Tara did not even seem to mind the turn this conversation had taken. "Or Willow's on you, it kind of defined us back then," she continued.

Willow did her best to keep her embarrassment down, as she was reminded of how badly she used to have it for Xander and never being brave enough to make a move, she had just watched him from afar. Of course their fling later on had finally brought them together, but at the wrong time and they both felt for the wrong reasons. They had both paid the price for their actions at that point and she did not like thinking back on it.

"Yes well anyway, back to what I was saying," Giles interrupted, not wanting to hear them discuss old problems. "One of Dawn's friends turned up and explained she had become Gabrielle from the Xena series and is now an expert in fighting with a staff and a sword," he continued, glancing at Dawn who nodded, remembering the incident and having to tell her friend the truth of what went on in this town and on Halloween to change her so.

"Bloody hell, how many teens were hit?" Buffy inquired, glancing first at her sister and then at her watcher.

"Strangely enough out of her friends who went out on Halloween she was the only one who has kept the changes so far," Giles answered, somewhat perplexed by this. "I can only guess that the spell was tuned to certain people," he added, when he noted the others confused glances.

"Maybe we should have questioned Ethan a little more on exactly what he did to change the original spell he used the first time," Tara put in.

Before anyone could speak again, the sounds of the Tardis appearing startled them all. They turned to see it begin to fade in, before becoming solid. The doors opened and the Doctor and Rose soon stepped out, glancing around the store before joining them at the table.

"Hello," the Doctor began with what almost looked like a crazed smile. "Thought I'd pop in and see if there was any more damage from that spell," he explained his reason for being there.

"I'm afraid so," Xander responded. "We were just discussing the people who still have either their powers, weapons, memories and experience," he continued. "I doubt even now that we have the full scope of what that moron Ethan did," he said, letting out a growl.

"I see," the Doctor said and sighed. "Sadly not even I or the Timelords have any idea on how to undo what the spell has caused or we would have already done so with Alexander and Tara," he informed them, frowning slightly. "How about in your group?" he asked.

"All of us were affected and all of us have retained something from the transformations," Joyce spoke up for the first time "Yet not everyone involved retained anything. One of Dawn's friends did end up changed like us, but others did not," she went on confused how this could be so.

The Doctor was slightly puzzled, when Joyce explained this to him. He leaned back in his seat and considered possible explanations. Rose was just content to watch for now, she was pleased to be back on Earth again.

"Until we know what Ethan did, we cannot come up with a reasonable explanation for why it was so wide spread this time," Xander put in.

"Yeah last time no one retained anything at all, bar Xander," Dawn spoke up in agreement. "He remembered things about the solider he was possessed by and how to use weapons, just like the rocket launcher he trained Buffy to use to destroy the Judge," she continued.

"Really?" the Doctor asked in response. "That is interesting, but still gives us little to find out why this happened," he added before standing up and heading for the Tardis. "Rose stay here please, I'm going to visit the Shadow Proclamation and talk to Ethan," he added.

He didn't wait for a reply as he vanished inside the Tardis, which soon vanished, Rose was slightly annoyed at being left behind, but she knew he would be back. Looking back to the others she noted they looked slightly let down too. She guessed they had hoped he would have an answer to the problem right off the bat.

Before any of them could start a new subject the door to the shop was flung open and Cordelia rushed in, followed by Oz. Xander noted that the replica of the Witchblade was still on Cordelia's wrist and he remembered Cordelia's explanation that the blade was still real. Oz was wearing the Hellsing trench coat he had used during Halloween, as with the others, everyone had been affected within their group.

"We got trouble cooking," Oz growled. "We were up at Willy's trying to find out about any incoming threats," he added, as he stopped to lean down and kiss Willow, who only half heartedly returned it.

"What did you find?" Buffy asked, getting to her feet somewhat irritated they seemed to be doing her job.

"A group of demons are in town on a mission to open the Hellmouth," Cordelia was the one who answered, having taken a seat next to Willow.

Tara had noted the two females seemed to have developed a rather deep friendship since Halloween, the two characters they had been changed into, Aspen Matthews and Sara Pezzini respectively knew each other somehow and that had left a lasting mark in Willow and Cordelia.

"Damn it," Buffy cursed as she heard the answer "Why can't they get the hint that they will be killed for trying that?" she asked, expecting no real answer.

"Because the vampires and demons we usually fight tend to be dumb idiots, bar one or two exceptions," Dawn spoke up with a grin. "They forget that if they open the Hellmouth they fall to the bottom of the food chain and most likely will end up someone meal," she went on, causing Buffy to frown somewhat, as she detected some slight sarcasm in her sister's voice.

"It does seem to be our lot in life," Giles muttered, before he turned to Cordelia an Oz and then got serious. "Did you learn anything important about these demons, like why they want to open the Hellmouth?" he inquired.

"Something to do with resurrecting their dead god," Cordelia answered distastefully. "I don't think they give a damn about what happens afterwards, as long as their god is brought back," she added.

"Like you should expect anything more from demons," Oz snapped gruffly. "We need to track them down and exterminate them," he stated.

Xander flinched as he heard the word exterminate come out of his friend's mouth. It brought back all the memories he now had of the Daleks and Davros. He closed his eyes and fought the wave of horror and hatred that threatened to overwhelm him, when he felt Tara reach out and take his hand in hers he found something to focus on and began to calm down.

Opening his eyes he locked his gaze onto hers and gave her a thankful smile which she returned, he had to get a grip on these feelings and memories, before they completely sent him around the bend. He seriously did not know how the Doctor lived with everything, as the events he remembered actually happened to him. Focusing back on the new problem, he wondered what the best course of action would be.

"Calm down Oz," Joyce cut in, before anyone else could speak up. "Learn to control the new emotions and memories you now have, before you get yourself or others hurt or worse killed," she warned. "And that goes for the rest of you. You are not the people you were changed into and neither am I, so remember who you are supposed to be," she advised them all and she looked especially at her daughters, as she spoke.

Oz looked away, feeling slightly irritated by the put down from Joyce. He felt like he had two personalities inside of him all the time. It was worse than when he had to deal with being a werewolf. It was hard to keep his own persona in place over that of the experienced hunter.

"Ok we know the threat exists, but until night falls we can do little," Giles said, as he stood up and looked over the group. "For now I suggest we deal with some of the problems Halloween has caused us," he suggested.

"Such as?" Willow asked.

"There have been a few reports of people using their new abilities for less than noble deeds. A string of robberies has sprung up in town and I am sure they are the work of a few individuals, which were changed on Halloween," he explained. "I think it is only a matter of time, before they go from theft to more serious crimes," he continued.

"Any clues on who is behind this?" Xander asked, as he stood up ready to get to work if it helped distract him from the Doctor's memories.

"One of the contacts I've been talking to described one of the people involved," Giles answered. "I seem to recall meeting someone just like him back in Sunnydale High," he added.

"Who?" Buffy demanded to know.

"Warren Mears," Giles responded. "He was one of your classmates back in school who like Mr. Levinson and Mr. Wells seems to have a deep obsession with science fiction and fantasy," he informed them.

"I remember him," Xander said with a distasteful look on his face. "The guy was a creep, me and Jessie once ended up having to hang around with the guy during a detention and all he would talk about, were disturbing things he wanted to do to people he felt slighted him," he told them, his expression was somewhat dark. "He was nuts about certain things and talked like they were real, with no real connection to the real world," he added with a shake of his head.

"Threat level?" Buffy asked, trying hard to put a face to the name.

"Depends on what he went as on Halloween and what he kept afterwards," Xander responded. "But if anyone was to misuse such things, it's him. I suggest we do not split up in our search for him or if we do split, we stay in two groups," he advised.

"I agree," Giles cut in, before Buffy could reply. "Until we know what the young man retained, it is best if we can keep an eye on each others backs," he told them seriously.

Buffy finally nodded her head in agreement and after picking Willow and Oz, she left the store to begin their hunt. Xander looked back to see he had been left with Cordelia and Tara, not that he minded.

"Rose, when the Doctor gets back, tell him where we've gone," he said, before leading the others out as well.

Rose watched them go and was worried about what kind of problem they might run into, but she considered that as Alexander had the Doctor's memories, he should not encounter something to troublesome.
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