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Summary: When Buffy goes to Forks, Washington when supernatural activity is suspected, she encounters vampires with superpowers, one who has a human girlfriend with a story dangerously similar to her own.

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Chapter Four

They made it to the house in a few short minutes and Buffy wasn’t far behind. Lights were on inside the house, which meant Dawn was home. Buffy breathed a sigh of relief. She quickly unlocked the door and stepped through the doorway. She wasn’t prepared for Edward to push her away in a burst of unseen speed. Buffy didn’t know what to make of it until his body froze up and twitched in uncontrollable spasms.

Part of her was grateful that Edward had saved her from the torment, but the other half had to roll her eyes at the chivalry.

Dawn was staring down at Edward, grimacing. Bella started to run to him, but Buffy held her back and pushed her behind her. If James wasn’t out hunting them down, she would have pushed Bella out the door and told her to go home. Instead, she tried to shield her as much as possible as she looked in the shadows for the person causing Edward the pain.


The young vampire came into the living room light and took her eyes off of Edward. Buffy stared defiantly into the red irises as they engaged in a staring contest. The vampire’s lips were curved into a sharp smile and paid no attention to Dawn as she walked quickly over to her or to Edward, who stood and blocked Bella along with Buffy.

“Jane,” Buffy repeated, “what are you doing here?”

The vampire raised her head proudly as she kept her stare fixed on the slayer. “You ignored our phone calls. After three missed calls and no returns, Aro was worried. He sent us to find you and make sure weren’t…improperly disposed.”

“’Us’?” she asked, knowing the answer as she as she had asked the question. A body stepped out of the shadow and Buffy sighed. “Demetri.”

Demetri was the best tracker in the world, and ever since he’d caught her scent in Italy, she always had this terrible feeling in the pit of her stomach that he could close his eyes and find her anywhere in the world. It didn’t help that the vampire fixated on her and her “aroma of death” as he put it.

He smirked as he fully came into the light. “Buffy,” he replied.

Dawn glared at the two new vampires then at her. “I told you not to ignore the calls.”

Boldly, Buffy stepped in front of the group. “I don’t have time for this. You’ve checked on me. Now tell Aro I don’t need a babysitter.”

Jane’s eyebrows went up. “You’re busy? And with a Cullen no less?”

It was when Jane’s casual gaze slipped past Edward to Bella, still half-hidden behind Buffy that she tensed. “What’s this?” she murmured.

When Edward fully stepped in front of Bella and snarled, Buffy rolled her eyes. She could have talked her way out of the situation, but when Edward did his rapid puppy impersonation, he blew it.

“She’s no one.” Buffy raised her scythe, trying not to wince as she pulled at her injured shoulder. The minuscule gesture caught the eyes of Jane and Demetri.

“You are hurt?”

“I got into a bit of a tussle. No biggie.”

Demetri took a step forward, his eyes narrowed. “A tussle?” His gaze sharpened on her scythe. “A tussle that required weapons?”

Buffy instinctively tightened her grip on the scythe. “Well, when a vampire tries to kill me, I’ll try to kill it back.”

Judging by the expression on Jane’s face, it was the wrong thing to say. Buffy felt heat on her legs and then the pain became sharp and stinging as it spread through her body. Her lungs burned and her jaw snapped shut as she held a scream in.

The pain suddenly stopped and she was taking in deep breaths, kneeling on the floor, one hand still clenched onto the scythe. Dawn was standing in front of her protectively, blocking her from Jane. Just as her little sister’s key-ness stopped Edward from hearing her thoughts, it stopped Jane from mentally torturing her.

“Broken our agreement already?” Jane asked lightly. “Or did you not understand that you are not to kill our race anymore?”

“A group of vampires attacked her. Now they’re tracking us,” Edward said. “If Aro was here, I would show him.”

“But he is not, and has sent us in his place.”

Buffy got to her feet, taking deep breaths. Her muscles still tensed in pain. “Then we can stay here and you can see for yourself. The vampire named James will be here soon. He pulled the whole ‘I will kill you blah blah blah’ thing after I got slash-happy with his girlfriend. I didn’t kill them.”

Demetri, ever the calm one, turned to Jane. “We have come all this way. Such disobedience against one claiming Volturi protection should not be allowed. And if it is as she says and they were not killed, they will surely be seeking retribution.”

It was the final promise of punishment that calmed Jane and she nodded at Demetri.

“While we wait, we shall get the whole coven together. I have a message for Carlisle,” she said primly. Buffy closed her eyes in defeat. Her secret was out now.

“We will meet you at the Cullen house. Do not be late,” Jane said with a stern glance at Buffy. She resisted making a face. Like she would try. “We’ll just have to retrieve you, and I do not think you will like my method of retrieval.”

As they walked out the door, Demetri gave her one last grin and shut the door behind him.

The house was quiet a moment before Edward whirled around and snarled—actually snarled—at her. “When were you going to tell us you were working for the Volturi? Did they send you here to spy?”

Buffy raised her scythe and pointed it at Edward, her own face hard as stone. “Let’s get one thing straight. I do not voluntarily work for the Volturi. We have an arrangement that more or less means they own me. Trust me, I hate them just as much as you do. I’m doing this to keep my family safe, and if you hadn’t gone all territorial Neanderthal just a second ago, I could have made an excuse for Bella and avoided this whole fiasco. Good job,” she said sarcastically.

Dawn was at her side and put a hand lightly on her arm. “You heard Jane. You know she’ll send Demetri after you for the hell of it. Let’s go.”

“You go,” Edward said firmly. “I’m taking Bella away from here. James is angry about Victoria and will try to kill you, then hunt Bella. I won’t let him hurt her.”

“And if you don’t show up to your house, Jane’s going to go fire bad, tree pretty on your ass and give everyone a taste of what you just felt. Who is more important?”

Buffy could tell Bella was terrified, but also worried for the Cullens. “Edward, I told you that I can’t leave. Charlie will alert the FBI and he’ll never stop looking. And what if James kills him?”

“As long as she’s with me, you know he won’t hurt her,” Buffy said. “If he tries, the Volturi will beat him down.”

Edward looked ready to run with Bella slung over his back. “Jane won’t care. She’ll be happy to let James pursue us for her own sadistic pleasure.”

“Aro won’t let her,” Dawn interrupted, and Edward turned an incredulous gaze to Buffy’s sister.

“You know Aro?”

Dawn snorted. “Who do you think gave us the protection in the first place? He’s infatuated with us. He can’t wait to turn Buffy into a vampire.”

A shiver passed through Buffy’s body. “Not going to happen.”

“Regardless, he won’t let anything happen to us, and Buffy has been able to get them to back off before.”

While that was true, the protection only extended to her slayers as long as they stayed away from the Volturi and that race of vampires. Buffy didn’t know how much this would press her luck. Yes, Aro was intrigued by them, but Marcus and Caius were of the opinion they needed to be put down. It wasn’t a happy thought.

Buffy could see Edward was slowly realizing that there was no way of avoiding Jane and Demetri, especially with the tracker so close by. He eventually nodded and they took the Jeep back to the Cullen house.

Once inside, Buffy noticed everyone gathered around Jane and Demetri, not outright surrounding them, but spreading themselves about in a defensive stance. Buffy made sure she went first, despite the fact that Jane could put her to the ground if she wished.

“Ah, you’ve arrived. Pity. Demetri was looking forward to tracking you down.”

Buffy just glared at Jane. “Yes. I’ve arrived. You can leave now.”

The self-satisfied smile on the vampire’s face told otherwise. “On the contrary. Carlisle asked how we were acquainted. I was just about to tell the story. Why don’t you regale us?”

Buffy tightened her grip on the scythe and kept her stony face. “How about I not?”

The sadistic grin on Jane’s face promised painful heat and Buffy would rather avoid that particular torture. “I have an...agreement with Aro. A few years ago, when we released the essence of the slayer, hundreds of girls who were potential vampire slayers became a slayer. We’ve been traveling the world, picking the girls up and training them. We were in Italy and a group of young trainees attacked members of the Volturi guard. When they were captured and almost killed, I intervened. It was decided that we would not hunt your race of vampire and we would be left alone.”

Demetri was in the shadows and Buffy glanced at him. He raised his eyebrows, encouraging her to finish the story. This was always his favorite part, the bastard.

“And to make up for the lives lost, I have to be their errand girl. I’m a non-official enforcer.” Buffy glared at Demetri. “And I have to check in with them when I change locations or else the bloodhounds get sent after me.”

Buffy didn’t dare look at any of the Cullens, instead turning her glare to Jane. “You’ve checked up on me, now run back to Aro like a good little lap dog.”

Jane was always proud to be called Aro’s favorite, so the insult didn’t hold much weight. Instead, she kept the cool smile on her face. “That was our original plan, but we are here now to address another issue.” With that, her eyes swiftly switched from Buffy to Bella. Her voice grew louder, to carry to all of the Cullens, even though they could easily hear her if she whispered. “You know our rules. Humans are not to know about us. If they do, they are either killed or turned.”

Any icy cold silence fell on the group, and Jane was practically beaming. Jasper was trying to calm everyone down, but Buffy was betting that was hard when he was probably feeling a bit pissed off himself.

Surprisingly, the only one who didn’t seem upset was Bella. She took a step forward before Edward pulled her back. She squirmed a bit and tried to shove him off, but he held on strong. With an irritated expression, she looked to Jane. “Then I’ll become a vampire.”

That statement was no better than Jane’s first declaration. The vampire looked put out that things wouldn’t end in the death of a human.

“Absolutely not,” Edward retorted. He quickly turned Bella back to him and gripped her forearms with too much force, only releasing her when Bella winced. “Bella, you don’t know what you’re asking.”

“Yes, I do, Edward. I would be equal with you,” she replied, a thread of desperation entering her voice. “It’s either become a vampire or die.”

Buffy was glad she was able to witness this part of the conversation, but at the same time, it was too personal to observe. For once, she agreed with Edward that Bella shouldn't become a vampire, but with the Volturi involved, she wasn’t sure if the alternative was much better.

Edward was clearly torn as well. “I don’t want you to become like me, Bella. I like you as you are. There has to be another way.”

Considering the talk they’d had earlier in the day, Buffy knew this was the wrong thing for Edward to say to Bella. Edward’s golden eyes turned to hers and she knew he heard the thought. Using all her knowledge from Willow on how to block someone from reading her thoughts, Buffy shut down her mind and broke eye contact.

“Then if you will not turn her,” Demetri said lightly, prompting everyone to turn their attention from Bella and Edward to him, “there is no other choice but death. We spoke to Aro on this matter after we left your house, and he agrees.”

Edward shoved Bella behind him again. Bella glared at Edward, but Buffy wasn’t sure if it was because he refused to turn her or because he wouldn’t let her speak for herself. “I will not let you kill her.”

“Edward,” Carlisle admonished. Even Buffy knew disobeying a direct order meant death.

“Oh, I will not kill her, and neither will Jane,” Demetri continued. Glittering, blood red eyes locked onto hers and Buffy felt her heart skip a beat. “We’ll leave that to our...non-official enforcer.”

All she could do was blink and leave her jaw dropped open. “You--what? I’m not...I don’t…” She couldn’t even form a complete sentence. “I don’t kill humans!”

Demetri’s smile widened. “Then we will dine on slayer blood. I’ve been wondering if the rumors your blood holds powerful aphrodisiac powers holds true. Void our agreement and this human will not be the only death.”

“There has to be another way,” Buffy said, pleading. There were still slayers in Italy, and she knew Aro could have them round up and brought to Volterra in hours.

“If you do not do your part, she will come to Volterra and her case will be handled there,” Demetri replied. “She is not permitted to stay here as she is.”

Dawn had a tight grip on her arm and Buffy could hear her gasping breath. “Buffy, you can’t let them--”

“I know,” she hissed before turning to Edward. “You have to do it. I hate the thought of her becoming a vampire but it’s better than the alternative. If she gets taken to Italy, they’ll just kill her.”

Bella turned her face up to Edward and was pleading with him. “Why is the thought of me being like you so terrible?”

He seemed so torn that Buffy almost felt sorry for him. “I don’t want you to be like me, Bella.”

The fight flew out of Bella. Her shoulders hunched and her stance deflated. “You would rather me be dead than with you forever. I’m just a shiny toy you can bring out and flaunt when there’s company.”

Buffy winced, hearing the version of her analogy come out of Bella’s lips in a harsh, accusing tone.

“Well it’s not your choice, Edward. It’s my life. I’ll decide what happens to it.”

“Actually, human,” Jane said tightly, “it really isn’t your decision. If you are not turned by your Cullen, you will die.”

Bella whirled around, glaring at Jane with an intensity Buffy had never seen before on the girl. “I wasn’t talking to you.” She seemed to catch herself immediately after the words left her mouth, and Buffy was prepared to stand in front of Bella and take the full force of Jane’s mental torture, but it never came. Bella didn’t fall to the ground in pain, only stared at Jane in confusion and a healthy dose of fear. Buffy slowly looked from Bella to Jane.

The vampire had the exact same look on her face when she discovered Dawn was immune to her powers.

“Bella is not susceptible to our...talents,” Carlisle began carefully. “I have a feeling such is the same with yours.”

“Fascinating,” Demetri said, peering at Bella in a new light. “I wonder if Aro could see her.”

“It doesn’t matter,” Jane snapped. “She is to be turned or dead.”

Bella turned to Edward, putting her hand on his cheek. “Will you? Please?” she whispered.

He was giving her a look to rival Angel’s brooding. Heaven help the world if they ever met. “Why can’t you be happy as you are?”

“Why can’t you be happy that I want to spend the rest of eternity with you?” she asked, her hand dropping from his face.

“I...” he trailed off, looking down.

Bella nodded to herself. “Fine.” She detached herself from Edward and walked up to stand next to Buffy. With a deep breath, she raised her head to meet Jane’s cool gaze. “I know that you want me silenced. Since Edward won’t turn me and Buffy won’t kill me, I’ll go with you.”

Buffy just stared at Bella with sadness in her eyes. “Why?”

“Because I think this is what I’m meant to do. And if I can’t do it with the person I love, well... then so be it.” It was quiet. So quiet the only noise she heard was Bella’s heavy breathing.

“What’s to stop us for killing you and not turning you?” Jane asked.

“Nothing,” Bella said honestly. “But I ask that if you do kill me, you do it away from here. I don’t want the Cullens suspected of anything. And I’d like a day to give my excuses.”

Demetri moved with a burst of speed to stand in front of Bella and she jumped. Buffy stood in front of Edward, not wanting this to escalate anymore. You made your decision. Let her make hers.

Buffy felt a tremor go through Edward at her thought, but kept her eyes on the vampire in front of Bella.

“You’re making a lot of demands for someone about to die.”

Buffy closed her eyes. So they weren’t going to turn her after all. Bella didn’t look him in the eye; instead she kept her gaze on the floor. “Then isn’t it not a problem?”

Demetri stepped away with a grin. “We will leave tomorrow.”

Jane made a face and looked outside. “We still have to deal with these two vampires who refuse to acknowledge Volturi protection. You have your day to make arrangements. Be here at sunset tomorrow and we will leave.”

Buffy knew a dismissal when she heard one. Jane and Demetri left first and everyone was completely still while they waited for them to be far away before speaking. She was going to stay and talk over what had happened, but when she saw the looks Bella and Edward were exchanging, she grabbed Dawn’s arm and started to pull her away. This was a private family moment they had no business being involved in. She stopped near Carlisle.

“I am so sorry. If I hadn’t ignored their calls, they wouldn’t have come.”

“It is not your fault,” he replied softly. “We are the ones who broke the laws. We would have been found out eventually, and Bella is meeting the end she would have met if she stayed with Edward. It is just coming at a much sooner time.”

She nodded. “We’re going to go home, and we probably won’t be here tomorrow. I expect to get a visit from them again before they leave.” Buffy turned back to the rest of the Cullens. “I really am sorry.”

Buffy and Dawn headed out the front door. She tightened the grip on her scythe just in case James and Victoria were still nearby and hadn’t been dealt with yet. On the way home, she kept her eyes on the road and tried to ignore Dawn’s crying.


Buffy was almost finished packing up the car. She came across Sam in the woods the night while on her last patrol. Doing what she could, she explained that the vampires killing humans were taken care of, and that the Cullens hadn’t done any harm to a human. She also relayed the message that Bella had gone back to Phoenix, the lie that she came up with to give to Charlie before going with Jane and Demetri to Volterra. They hadn’t heard anything since, and Alice was having problems getting a read on Bella. She said the only time that really happened was when someone wasn’t there to watch. That had been a black day.

She sighed as she put one of the last boxes in the car. This was a trip she was ready to forget.

When Carlisle’s black sedan pulled up and Alice stepped out, Buffy frowned. “Aren’t you supposed to be in school?”

The vampire gave her a small grin as she waltzed up the driveway. “We all took a week off claiming a death in the family. Edward is still refusing to come out of his room. The rest of the family is pretty upset too, and we figured we were liable to become to upset if we were with humans so soon.”

She nodded. Dawn was still upset about the whole thing too, and Buffy was convinced taking her back to Europe was the best thing, so she could be with the rest of their family. “Understood.”

“I knew you were leaving today, and I just wanted to give you this.” Alice held out a small piece of paper that had a date, time, and place written on it in neat script.

“What is this?” Buffy asked.

“I’m not sure. I just saw you here, reading a newspaper with this date and judging by the shadows, it was around that time of day. I recognized the landscape.”

The slayer looked up in confusion. “I’m supposed to be in Rome at seven in the morning nearly two years from now?”

Alice shook her head, and the distress started to show through. “I didn’t see any more than that, and the harder I try, the more of a headache I get.”

Buffy put the paper in her pocket and picked up another box from the ground to put in the car. “Thanks, Alice.”

“I wish I could do more, and I wish that you could stay.”

She gave her a smile. “I know, but this small town is cramping my style. Plus, now that this crisis was somewhat averted, I’ve been told I have another assignment. If you’re ever feeling restless, you and Jasper should visit. The whole family should. We could go shopping.”

It felt wrong to joke after what happened with Bella, but she couldn’t dwell on one lost. She’d learned the hard way that people would be lost to the darkness no matter what she did. She just had to keep on living.

Alice took a step forward and gave Buffy a hug, which she returned. She gripped the cold vampire tightly, more tightly than she would have dared with another human and felt the vampire increase her grip. “Thank you for trying,” she replied. “No matter what happened, this would have happened. I saw it, but this is not the way I wanted it to happen.”

Buffy nodded and took a step back. Alice got back in Carlisle’s car and started speeding off just as Dawn came outside. “Who was that?”

“Alice. Just saying one last goodbye.” Buffy put her arm around Dawn and pulled her into a hug. “Ready to go home?”

Her sister nodded. “Definitely. I’m done with Forks.”

“Think Giles will send us to Spoons?” Buffy asked innocently, and Dawn grinned, but the paper Alice handed her just moments ago burned in her pocket. That was in the future, and this was now. Buffy kissed Dawn on the forehead. “All right. Let’s get loaded up and head out.”


Notes and Acknowledgements

If you’ve gotten this far, then I want to say thank you for sticking with me until the end. It’s not necessarily a happy ending, unless you don’t like Edward/Bella.

My goal going into this fic was to make fun of Twilight and screw canon over, but do it in a way that’s not obviously making fun of it. I wanted to do it “realistically”, if that makes sense, or as realistic as sparkling vampires go. In the end, Bella got everything she wanted, and nothing ever happens that way. Hence, this story. I would like to think if the Buffy world and the Twilight world were merged together, this is how it could play out.

First of all, thanks go to my beta, best friend, and brain twin, jacyevans. This is my first fic writing Twilight of any kind, and she helped me with the canon, helped me keep my facts straight, and generally whipped this fic into shape. And despite her thoughts, I didn’t shoot her when she suggested I cut about 4,000 words from the fic in various scenes. Thanks to her, this fic is readable.

I’m not sure if I need to thank or kill elle_blessing for giving me this idea in the first place. I was original going to do an original fic for the VBB, but it just wouldn’t come, and after asking for ideas on Twitter, she totally twisted my arm (*cough*offhandedly suggested*cough*) into doing a BtVS/Twilight fic. While I have serious problems with the way Twilight was written, I thought this would be a good way to hash out my frustrations with it. So thanks for the suggestion!

My artist and mixer, dhfreak and burningchaosare so amazing. Both are pinch hitters and came in at the last minute to deliver spectacular art and music for this fic. They both have their own post holding their goodies, which can be found here and here. You both are amazing and I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

The End

You have reached the end of "Displaced". This story is complete.

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